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Dan Eckland/Camdoc  GCR/RV Highlights for October 21, 2018 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dan Eckland/Camdoc GCR/RV Highlights for October 21, 2018

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Dan Eckland/Camdoc  GCR/RV Highlights for October 21, 2018 Empty Dan Eckland/Camdoc GCR/RV Highlights for October 21, 2018

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:41 am

Dan Eckland/Camdoc  GCR/RV Highlights for October 21, 2018 Dan_ca11



Dan's Daily Update

October 21, 2018

GCR/RV Highlights

Sunday Afternoon:

Lots of last-minute procedural items are being completed this weekend. We still expect full liquidity, and release of the toll free numbers to make exchange appointments, by Monday.

The info I am hearing is that a multinational treaty was signed 2 years ago, which makes the RV a tax-free event. HOWEVER, since the ZIM is not being treated as a currency, it is possible that it may be taxed.

We do hear that there will be fees on the exchange of ZIM; 1.5% goes to the ELDERS and 0.5% to the exchanging bank. We understand that it may be possible to get a waiver for the bank fee.

90% of you will walk in to your exchange, get paid, and walk out. For the 10% who have humanitarian projects and intend to use the majority of your funds for those, negotiations of rates, capital controls (including structured payouts) and other things will be available. You will need to be prepared to explain your desires and intentions in order to negotiate successfully.

Emergency needs, such as housing, security, and health needs, can be discussed initially to make sure that you will have the funds necessary to take care of these things. The emergency needs should include that which you need in the next 3 days.

Teams to assist you in handling your money will be available from the bank or trust company you choose to work with.

Intake and security. Bring two government issued picture ID’s (passport, drivers license, etc.). If you want to play it safe, bring official certificate of birth if you have it, SS card, etc. Anything that will help confirm your identity.

Default benefits and perquisites packages will be available for you. Most of you will accept the packages that the banks at the exchange or redemption centers have prepared for you. Those of you who want something specific will be able to negotiate those as well. Keep in mind that you may be charged or taxed for the perks you accept.

There will be stations at which to discuss security and legal issues and requirements, and financial advisors will be available for your team of for immediate assistance. You will be helped to create your own team of wealth and investment advisors, or you can do this on your own.

When you leave your exchange, you will be authorized to take up to $15,000 in cash. If you ask for more than $10,000, a FinCEN form will need to be completed and security will require that you have a safe or secure location to put it. They will advise you not to leave with so much cash on your person. It is not likely necessary for you to carry that much cash, as you will be given a debit card that is pre-loaded with $100,000 and offered a credit card – AmEx platinum or black centurion.

Up to 7 bank checks and 7 bank transfers will be available in the last station of your exchange. Make out a list of to whom you want the checks or wire transfers made before you go in to exchange.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to learn more about how to handle your money thru educational programs offered by your bank or thru the trust management company you choose to work with.

Sunday Evening:

We have reports of buyer’s private planes picking up the exchangers.

Q Anon’s base in 8chan is receiving ongoing attacks to deny the world of the information posted there.

On a personal note, as they do periodically, once again Cabal shills are rising to attack me personally, and confuse those who have grown to know and trust me and the information I strive to provide. I will provide a response to their attacks in the Dinar Update Skype rooms, listed below.

I see that evil is raising her head again in an efort to
distract and confuse you. Someone is once again
parrotng false stories about me, and they hope that
it will cause you to lose faith in your process
regarding the RV.

So, I will once again address the
old problems, with one new one for the list. As
many of you know, the Cabal frequently messes with
me, preventng my emails from reaching you, etc.
Obviously, I would have shared these facts with my
detractor if she had asked, but she seems to have
not had the intenton of arriving at the truth, but
only at denigratng me personally.

1. I did have an integratve alternatve and
allopathic) medical practce in Alabama. I
actually had several of them, in diferent cites,
and I usually worked with a chiropractor and
acupuncturist in these practces. I provided
biochemical support to the patentts healing,
and the chiropractor and acupuncturist provided
structural and energetc support to the nervous

One day, I was visited in my ofce by an
investgator from the Alabama Chiropractc
Medical Board. He told me that I was devaluing
my license by working with a chiropractor, and
that I should turn “statets evidence“ against my
partners. I laughed at him and showed him the
door. I believe that this is where my problems
with the medical establishment began.
I should also point out that in one of my ofces, I
worked with an acupuncturist, who had
experience in pain control and addicton
treatment from his previous work in Texas. We
started treatng people for the rising number of
opioid addicton cases in the South, and had
some success. But I admit that I was not the
primary addicton specialist in this practce, and I
relied on his experience.

One day, the acupuncturist did not come to
work, and my massage therapist found him dead
in his room. No reason was given, no cause of
death was found for this 50 year old healthy
man, but there was also no investgaton done. I
contnued to work with a few of the addicts we
had been working with, but one of them stole a
prescripton pad from me and wrote some
prescriptons for herself.

Being the niece of the local sherifts chief
investgators, she was well known to the local
narcotcs investgators, and she quickly agreed
to set me up for a stng operaton.
Sometme thereafter, I was suddenly arrested in
my ofce and sent to jail. The charges were 12 c
counts of “unauthorized distributon of a
controlled substance”. It didntt seem to mater
that I was authorized by both state and federal
narcotcs licenses to prescribe the narcotcs I
was using to taper her down from her additons
level. I was sent to jail. I remained in jail for 90
days, untl I asked my public defender why I was
in jail when I was obviously not guilty of the
charges. Since I was by law only allowed to stay
in jail for 90 days before a judge had to review
my case, my public defender had a judge
diferent from the arrestng judge review my
case, and I was released with all 12 c charges
dropped. But my practce was destroyed.
c.Alabama medical board decided that they had
not been able imprison me, but they needed to
come after me for my alternatve medical
practce. My lawyer, who had been friendly
with the investgators, suddenly failed to appear
at the medical board hearings. Numerous laws
were broken by the medical board in their
examinaton of the case against me.

example, by law, hearsay is not admissible as
evidence, but as I protested against their use of
hearsay instead of evidence, or sworn
depositon), they informed me that “We use
hearsay all the tme”. When I protested again,
the state law against using hearsay was

The board required that I receive a psychiatric
examinaton. But, instead of a psychiatrist of my
choosing, or one acceptable by both me and the
board, they demanded that I see a psychiatrist
IN ANOTHER STATE, who was in a business
relatonship with a member of the board. This
obviously tainted examiner had been prohibited
by US 羲ederal District Court from testfying as an
expert witness, yet the Alabama state medical
board allowed only him as a witness. This
tainted, out of state psychiatrist decided that I
was so mentally deranged that I was ineligible
for the mandatory physician rehabilitaton
program ofered by the state. He also, without
any evidence whatsoever, declared me to have
molested a child. The child or circumstances
was not declared.

This practce of accusing someone of being a
pedophile or child molester is apparently
common in the methods of the Cabal, as they
seek to make those who do not succumb to
their pressures to not use alternatve practce
measures. There is no defense against these
baseless accusatons, as the recent charges
against Judge Kavanaugh reveal. In any case,
contrary to the mandate of the state law of
Alabama to keep the specifc fndings of their
hearings private, the fndings of this board is
loudly displayed when my licensure status is
queried, and it has been shared with all other
state medical boards.

3. With a medical educaton and no possibility to
practce medicine, I was ofered a job in creatng
a laboratory in South America. After consultng
with the local public health establishment, we
started receiving donatons of the discarded
afterbirth placenta and umbilical cord) from the
mothers of healthy newborn babies. We
learned how to separate the stem cells from the
residual fetal blood in the umbilical cords and
the cord tssue itself. I obtained a license from
the 羲DA to import these cells into the USA, and
did so several tmes. This was totally legal and
above board.

Several people requested purchase of the cells
in their own research. One of them was a
lawyer who said that his son, who had a birth
brain injury, had had marked improvement
when he received similar cells in Mexico. He
even testfed before congress, and on radio
programs, on behalf of stem cells. He asked if
he could receive the cells for his son from our
source after I imported them to the USA. He
agreed to take responsibility for the
administraton of these cells.

When I went to deliver the cells to him in the
USA, I was met by a camera crew from 60
Minutes and ambush journalist Scot elly,
wearing a big master mason ring. elley and
crew tried to make me run away, by stcking
their cameras inches from my face, for example,
but when I refused to run, they flmed a 39-
minute interview with me. Of that interview,
only 4 minutes of it were used in a totally onesided
ant-stem cell bash piece. Their primary
oppositon expert was a doctor from Duke
University who testfed on TV that there was no
medical indicaton for stem cells in the
treatment of children with birth brain injuries.
Yet, her own history showed that she had
administered the same stem cells to hundreds of
brain-injured children, some of them with
marked improvement. Of further note was that
her own research was funded by fzer, and each
of the plays of the 60 minutes video shown to
slander me was funded by fzer.

As for me, shortly after the “60 minutes” piece
was aired in the USA, an armed government
crew visited our laboratory and removed or
destroyed all of our equipment. We have never
been determined to have broken any laws.
There were no charges that I know of against me
for any of my actons. However, it is also
notable, that at the same tme, there was a New
York baseball pitcher from the Dominican
Republic with a rotator cuf tear in his pitching
shoulder. A physician in 羲lorida was aware that
there was stem cell therapy underway in the
Dominican Republic, and few this Dominican
ball player back to his own country to receive
stem cell injectons. As a result of his treatment,
the pitcher got completely beter and went back
to pitching baseball, but the 羲lorida physician
lost his medical license. This demonstrates that
the whole campaign against stem cells had
nothing to do with the success of their
treatment. It was only to prevent people from
having access to this successful treatment
modality. Even today, the same kind of umbilical
cord stem cells are used with success in Texas
and in anama, among other places.

4.As one of several trustees in a Trust, I have been
involved in facilitatng more than one group
currency swap. Initally, like everyone else, we
thought that we would be done in a year or so,
so our contracts were writen with that in mind.
In one of our swaps, we submited our currency
to the buyer, and like everyone else, we have
been waitng for the fulflment of the buyerts
contract with us since then. Since our trade has
actually happened, and the funds have been
received from the buyer in Safe Keeping Receipt
form, we are unable to access those currency

When we realized the currency trade was taking
longer than our contracts had allowed, we
provided an updated contract so that our
benefciaries would contnue to be covered by
contract. There were a few people who refused
to upgrade their contract for the currency swap.
That put us in a rather awkward positon. In
some cases, I was able to refund their currency
buy purchasing new currency out of my own

In a couple of cases, involving several
quad of Zims, I was not able to do so. The
benefciaries refused to sign the new contract
for the exchange, and they refused to follow the
contract they had already signed as far as
contract mediaton. We ofered to pay them as
soon as we were reimbursed, or to refund their
currency when we were able to purchase
currency, after the RV. They refused to comply
with the conditons of the contract, and I have
no ability to return their several quad of zim
apparently worth $7000 at the present tme).

I have been homeless most of the last 5 years,
and those in my Trust will recall that I have
sometmes asked for funds to help me survive
when I was in the US, or in other countries.
Several members of my trust have assisted me in
this way. Some of them will recall that for a
month, I lived outside, under bushes with the
raccoons, while during the day tme I worked on
their contracts and the exchange.

Now, we hear that again, contrary to the
conditons of the contract which they signed,
they have ignored the methods of mediaton,
and supposedly gone to the 羲BI. I think it is
highly doubtul that there is such a case against
us, but if there were, we are confdent that in a
law suit, we would be victorious.

5. 羲inally, we have a group of c0 some people
known as THEMCO who entered into one of our
currency swaps. They requested to join the
exchange, but then, after the currency had been
submited to the buyer, and before we have
received payment for it, they asked for their
currency to be returned.

We explained as above that the currency was in
the midst of being traded, that we no longer had
the currency in our possession, and we were
awaitng payment, which would come when the
funds for all the ters were released. We believe
that tme is at hand, and we did not then have,
nor do we today have, funds sufcient to
purchase currency to refund the claimed
currency out of our own pockets.

But this group again rejected our explanaton.
We then gave each individual member of this
group the opportunity to contnue with the
trade, to enter into arbitraton according to the
contract), to receive their expected proceeds at
the culminaton of the trade, or to receive their
currency back, when we were able to buy more
currency at the end of the trade. Neither this
group as a whole, nor any of the twenty some
members of the group, made any efort to come
to any kind of resoluton. They merely
demanded refund of the currency which they
had donated to our trust, to be exchanged on
their behalf.

We gave this group wholly, and each of its
members severally, several chances to work with
us. They refused to do so. As codifed in each
statets laws, as its Commercial Code, these
members were adjudicated to be in default with
commercial code 3-5012  through 505. As such,
they have surrendered all rights to further
actons and this mater is adjudicated to be fnal.
As for Judy Byingtonts allegatons that this case
is under investgaton by the 羲BI, we have no
evidence that is true. No one has contacted us
about mediaton according to the contract or
the Unifed Commercial Code, and no lawyer or
party to the contract has contested any
elements of the contract.

I recently received a leter from a person who
signed it as Bev Simms, which is also the name
of an atorney in UK. This leter listed a link to
an artcle by the 羲BI regarding the Sterling
Currency case, and said ‘YOUtRE NEXT…t. We do
not know who this person is, if she represents
anyone, or why she would choose threats
instead of conversaton.

In closing, I am not a pedophile, I have not raped
anyone, especially a child, and I declare that this
above statement represents the truth, as well as
I know it.


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Dan Eckland/Camdoc  GCR/RV Highlights for October 21, 2018 Empty Re: Dan Eckland/Camdoc GCR/RV Highlights for October 21, 2018

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:42 am


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