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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26 "Dessert Notes" by Sunkissed 10/17/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC w/ Frank26 "Dessert Notes" by Sunkissed 10/17/18

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26 "Dessert Notes" by Sunkissed 10/17/18 Empty KTFA CC w/ Frank26 "Dessert Notes" by Sunkissed 10/17/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:09 am


Sunkissed » October 20th, 2018



(Frank26) We now walk into a completely separate Conference Call. On Wednesday’s I guess I’ll start calling it Dessert. Many of your are with me in the study of currencies around the world, especially one of them, the Iraqi currency. And as you know, we talked to you a couple of days ago.

You saw the article that told about the Symposium, that was being held by Mousawi, one of the well trusted economists in Iraq. They were having the Symposium at a University where there were hundreds of students.

And they were talking about the Iraqi Currency. And I want to clarify to you, very clearly, they were not talking about the Small New Category currency with the Fils… that are soon to come out in article 2.

What they were talked to them about is the currency they are distributing right now. We call it the Lower Denoms. The ones with the 3-zeros; the 250, the 500, the 1000, and so forth. And they were explaining to them, why they’re doing this. When the Symposium was complete.

Hold on a second. I’m kinda curious. “Hey Tink, how many people are with us right now?” Hmm. Interesting. Alrighty.

Then I will talk and tell you that when the Symposium was over with, they opened it up to Questions and Answers. The Questions and Answers were not there with the Media. It wasn’t for the Media. It was for all of those that were attending. There were hundreds of students. The young generation of Iraq.

Plus, my friend Walkingstick’s firm. The Members of his Firm that own banks. Remember? All those men. I don’t know if there were any ladies, but let’s just say all those people that represent the ownership of the banks with my friend’s company, with their firm in Iraq. I will also say there were other. There were hundreds of student. My friend’s bank owners. And others. And I am not privy to tell you who else was there.

What they did was they opened it up to a Question and Answer period. And they asked point blank questions.

When it came time for my friend Walkingstick’s firm to ask questions, well, there was not mistake in the questions. And the reason why is because these are Bank Owners, who have been told about the New Small Category Denomination that is supposed to be coming out along with the Fils. SOON.

And it’s not like they wanted to know “Are you going to do this?” No. Not at all. In fact, if anything, they were bored. They only wanted one question answered. When? When, are you going to release the Small Category Notes with the Fils, that you told us about?

Now when it comes time to answering questions, like from Mousawi, a well trusted and respected man, that has worked with the CBI for many years, he has to be very careful how he answers the questions.

Why? Because the whole Monetary Reform, the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar, is well calculated.

Come with me, as I take you through just a very small example, of what happened Monday night, that went on for hours.

Mousawi, we represent our banks here, with such and such firm, our companies, and we’d like to ask you a few questions.

Yes. Please. Go right ahead.

When will the Small Category Notes, that you’ve been telling us about, along with the Metals, Fils, for the Monetary Reform come out?

Now the interesting thing is that question became the pattern to answer the same way with almost every question that was presented to them.

They responded by telling my friends firm, bank owners, that the process…”That process” that you ask about, is “on-going” with the CBI. It is in motion right now.

That’s very good. And when do you think these Small Category Notes with the Metals, for the Fils, when do you think they are going to be coming out?

By they way, this call is in my opinion. The answers that I’m repeating are paraphrase to the best of my ability.

He responded in a sense by saying:

We are in the education process, as we told you. And that education process continues with Alaq. And we have every intention to reform our currency, as we told you.

And then when it came time, talking about the Fils, he once again used that same format, of the first question asked of him, by saying that as far as the coins of the Monetary Reform, it’s definitely in process. And it has well progressed.

You’re curious aren’t you family? And wouldn’t you have started out with that same question yourself?

Here’s another question that my bank friends asked:

Your intentions to reinstate the currency.. is this correct? You are going to reinstate your currency?

To which Mousawi said: We are a proud people. (Notice the political tone). We are a proud people. Iraq is a Sovereign people. And we are to have a sovereign currency.

Now family, look at your notes from Monday. Doesn’t that sound word for word what we told you? A Sovereign Currency for a Sovereign Country.

We are Sovereign as a people, and we are going to have a Sovereign currency, and yes! We most definitely plan to be international. Yes! We are working with Alaq to do this… SOON.

When I read that in the report SOON, I put a M next to the N, I made it SOOM. For you Old Timers at KTFA, you can laugh at that can’t you? How ‘bout a third question before I leave you?

Sir, okay. Thank you for answering our first two questions. I’m glad it’s still on-going. I’m glad you’re going to be proud of your currency. I’m glad Alaq is working with ya. I’m glad you’re going to be International.

But, if I may ask a third question: What is the value of the currency going to be?

Oh Snap! Oh Snap!

That’s my kind of question. Actually, all three of these are my kind of questions. Is it your kind of question family?

Nobody knows the date. Nobody knows the value. And when he answered the question, he continued with the same format by saying the following, as well paraphrased as I can with my notes. You see these questions are asked and they are written down in a note form, and then the note forms are sent to Walkingstick; and then he puts the report out, and he gives it to me.

What is the value of the currency going to be?

Well, we are undervalue with our currency right now. It is not the true value of the dinar. We should equal the US dollar.

Actually the note here says: We should be US Dollar.

But the proper translation is: We should equal the US dollar. You’ve seen in the articles.

I’m not going to give you anymore questions family. I’m not going to give you anymore answers. I’m going to wait until Monday. But I want you to notice something in these first three questions. Are these not the kind of questions you would ask?

The bank owners from my friend’s firm know darn well, that the Monetary Reform is in action… is moving forward. They know that.

Notice all of these first three questions didn’t even ask if you’re doing it. They went straight pinpoint: When are you doing what you told us you are doing? And for how much?

Please notice that there is no denial of the Monetary Reform and the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. And please notice that the ADMISSION. Notice the ADMISSION! that it is in progress right now and SOON… to be released.

These questions also by the way have to be asked in a proper manner. Believe it or not, there is a format. There is a way that these questions have to be asked in a continuing certain manner without offering insult to the person that’s going to answer them.

Because, if you push it too hard, you’re not going to get an answer, in fact you probably would get a misleading answer.

Let me give you an example. Here is a fourth question:

Mousawi, what about the on-going training for the Iraqi Currency? You know the Lower Denoms, you know the 250, 500, and so-forth. I mean, in other words, when are we going to see Article 2? The answer was very short

Classes to begin.

Now that’s short, but it is extremely direct. That was a good answer.

They answered the questions the best as they could. As long as the questions were asked in the best manner that they could.

But here’s another key for you to really think about. Remember I told you they took the articles - the escorted articles for article # 2 - and they converted it into the video, to reach the rural areas, looking directly into the camera and saying “Yeah. We’re doing this.”

Well… I want you to think seriously about this:

They answered the questions, at least four that I’ve given you so far, the best that they could. And it was nice to hear a voice, behind all of the recent escorting articles from the CBI, that have been clearly stating that the education of the Monetary Reform is alive and in progress. This is a hot topic.

It’s a very hot topic. In fact, after the Symposium, Mousawi was surrounded by many people. He had a big crowd around him.

May I also say that Mousawi is now going to be, imo, this favorite economic person, that has been in favor of the reforms, been working with the CBI, been the voice of the CBI to the citizens, and part of their education. May I now say imo he will be sitting on the Board Of Directors of the CBI.IQ

Why? Because as I told you on Monday’s Conference Call, Mahdi will surround himself with the right people that he needs to get the job done.

Yes. They talk about maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday, to sit the government. But they won’t. Now don’t get depressed about that. What does that have to do with the Monetary Reform? It would be nice to have it. But look, go back to the days of Maliki. Go back to the days of Abadi?

Did you ever see a fully seated government? No. Fascinating isn’t it? Do you expect Mahdi to give you a fully seated Government too? In my opinion, Noooo. Why? What Cha doing Monday? That would be a long lecture to help you understand that. But know this, Saleh is the new President of the Republic! What happened to Alawi? One President. What happened to Najafi. Another President. What happened to Maliki? The other President.

Hey Alawi, Najafi, Maliki?


I’d like to make you an offer that you can’t refuse.


Um, you guys should retire.


You guys should retire from the government of Iraq.

We don’t want to.

Well, we’re gonna force you guys to retire. If not, look at this…….

Okay. Okay. We retire. We retire. But who’s gonna be the President? We the three Presidents! Who’s gonna be the President?

Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered, Salih…

Fine. Okay we leave. We want to keep our heads on our shoulders. We leave. Bye-bye

Alawi, Najafi, Maliki, yeah, we’re forcing you to retire but we’d like to add one more caveat to that.


We’re forcing you to retire with no benefits.

No benefits? No immunity? No nothing?

Nothing. What goes around comes around sucker. In the meantime….

GE how’s your stock?

President Donald Trump told Iraq, you give GE, you give Siemen contracts. Do you understand this? Trump basically threw the American troops, that have given their lives to FREE Iraq in the last 10 years, into the face of Iraq!

Iraq gave GE (which is more important to us) and gave to Siemen these contracts, worth BILLIONS. $15 Billion, in fact.

Wall Street went crazy today. Because of what GE received.

And because of Trump’s statement to Iraq: Give GE contracts! You owe us a lot!

Don’t you love a return for your money family?

I should stop I guess, but… I have fun talking to ya.

Can I tell you one more thing. In my opinion family. WINK. WINK.

In my opinion family… Mahdi may resign before the GOI is even seated. I mean he might, he might not, it’s just my opinion. You know why it’s my opinion? Because it’s a rumor in Iraq. He’ll just walk away. The opposition must not make his job a pain in the donkey! Let him seat his government, partially or fully, as those that were the CORRUPT - the three that we just spoke about - are forced to retire.

Security and Stability — LINED WITH GOLD!

Yes my friend’s firm asked many questions. And there are many questions. And maybe by next Monday, we might consider sharing that information with you. It wasn’t just the students. There were many more in attendance. This information is already out. When the media will release it, I don’t know.

And by the way, you know what else was at that meeting at the Symposium? Billboards. Really? And white Board Screens. Really? And overheads, showing the Lower Denoms that are being released right now to replace the worn and torn lower Denoms.

Okay. That’s enough. It’s getting late. But I want you to remember, what we taught you on our Conference Calls.

You have to understand: Currency, Coins, Metals, Fils.

And you have to understand the difference between the Lower Denoms and the New Small Category Notes, and the Fils that will accompany them. If not… you will be lost.

And, I’m seeing a lot of people posting on our forum, that are lost.

Thank you for coming tonight.

There will not be a Friday Team Chat. I will be with you on Saturday for our Team Chat. And I will be with everyone else on Monday for our Monday Conference Call.

I thank God, in the manner that we started this call, that we end it by thanking our Heavenly Father for protecting us and surrounding us and being with us tonight.

God bless you KTFA-KONA, that I love so much.


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