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 "High Level Show and Tell" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26  10/13/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"High Level Show and Tell" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 10/13/18

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 "High Level Show and Tell" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26  10/13/18 Empty "High Level Show and Tell" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 10/13/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:53 am


Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018

opinion piece .....

Financial expert: Deleting zeros from the currency is a correct procedure .. but not at the present time

confirmed the financial expert Safwan Qusay Abdul Halim, on Saturday, that the current economic situation does not allow the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the currency attributing this, the conditions of the unstable Middle East and the possibility of a local currency are illegal looking for a way to enter the system Local banker.

"The Central Bank of Iraq is trying to restore confidence in the Iraqi currency and the introduction of the international currency market and facilitate the task of calculations by deleting zeros, stressing that the current economic situation is not allowed because of the unstable conditions in the East Middle East and the possibility of illegal domestic currencies looking for a way to enter the local banking system. "

He pointed out that "the project can disrupt the monetary policy and the value of the Iraqi dinar, so the procedure to delete zeros is a correct procedure, but the current government to choose the appropriate time to replace the currency and transparent and subject to the highest degrees of control.

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Alaq announced earlier the existence of a plan to delete zeros from the local currency, noting that "this plan needs to deliberate steps, so as not to be exploited in the work of fraud."

Al-Alaq said in a press statement that "currencies with small categories, may lead the citizen to bid farewell to banks in the difficulty of storage."

"The central bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, but this plan needs to take deliberate steps, and a stable situation in full so as not to be exploited in the work of fraud and others.


Sunkissed » October 13th, 2018

Your thoughts?

Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018

Nothing more, then ... a rumor, as the article states... The mindset of certain parties/ politicians that continue in their attempt to disrupt the monetary/ economic reform for their own personal gain ... coupled with members of parliament and others disputing the CBI Governor's signature on the notes .... Regards ..

MilitiaMan » October 13th, 2018

"The next phase of currency reform is the conversion from old cash currency to new. The authorities must decide—at first privately—when the currency exchange will begin, when it will end, and whether or not to cap, in absolute terms, the amount to be exchanged." Final Article #81

We see in the link and WS highlights above, effectively and clearly showing the phase we are in and FA81 supports it. They have chosen the appropriate time, as they video was apparently from the CBI as well as others out to the public. This is a step in the process of the roll out.

Diliberate steps are studied, known and on purpose. They facilitate the manner in which they are doing it by deleting the zeros from the exchange rate. Facilitate is to make easier.

The video describes and shows them returning small amounts of currency for large amounts, thus, as it is stated above the citizen to bid farewell to the currency because the large amount of notes requires storage, whereas, smaller categories require far less storage and not to mention that, they have been educated that their Ki cards will also save on the wearing out of the currency, so it is effectively cheaper into the future for not having to print so many.

That is also talked about in the FA thread, as well. WS as told us imo that the calculations have been done, and there may be support in the short term to show the GOI is in support of this and pronto.. Yesterday thread there is an article about Abadi talking about the 2019 budget to be done by 10/15/2018. The convergence of it all is fascinating imo ~ MM

Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018

Mawazine News / Publishes draft budget next year


Published / Mawazin News / draft draft law of the budget of 2019 approved by the government and sent to the House of Representatives.


Budget can be found by clicking on the following link:

ImWright1 » October 13th, 2018

Budget must have a rate...

MilitiaMan » October 13th, 2018

That is true, however, will they expose it to us this time? I would like to hope so! ~ MM

Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018

Iraq reaches "stability" after four decades of chaos

The appointment of Saleh and Abdul Mahdi as a moderate peaceful option

14 October 2018


Don961 » October 13th, 2018

University of Ceyhan to host a symposium on the Iraqi currency next Monday


Economy News Baghdad:

Next Monday, the University of Ceyhan will host the economic symposium "The Iraqi Currency", which will be presented by Dr. Hamam Al-Shamma.

An official source for "Economy News", "The University of Ceyhan will embrace next Monday the work of the economic dialogue seminar (the Iraqi currency what and what) and cast the international economic expert Hammam al-Shamma."

He stressed that "the lecture will be about the importance of enhancing confidence in the Iraqi currency in light of the major challenges facing the global monetary system as a result of the economic war between the major powers." He pointed out that "the workshop will be attended by high-level figures from various quarters link

Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018

F .... per con .. more/ expanded coming..Thanks Don.....

Frank26 » October 13th, 2018


Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018

No problem... we will save you a seat ..

MilitiaMan » October 13th, 2018

A high level show and tell on Monday, interesting. Timing of the 2019 budget that needs to be addressed by the HOR by the 15th, Monday. Confidence comes from a strong currency and 1190 is not strong, by any stretch of the means. An international rate (calculation) applied accordingly along with the new small categories with metals will do the trick, just as the economist told us that he doesn't mind the Alak signature on the currency, just get it to, or at least 1:1... lol ~ MM

Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018

These university seminars continue, to be expanded.. very shortly..

MilitiaMan » October 13th, 2018

So get the High-Level players done at the start, and then they can filter down information within the chain of command so to speak, is that it? ~ MM

Walkingstick » October 13th, 2018


The danger of illiteracy in Iraq has been raised

Sunday 14 October 2018

Illiteracy is the diminution of human dignity , not the dignity of the ignorant in reading and writing and is blind , and al - Atrash and k of lost sense of his senses , and the phenomenon is widespread illiteracy in society a serious scourge threatening its security and safety and to be aware of and deal with them wisely, and Iraq from countries that have recently been plagued by the spread of this dangerous phenomenon ,

and according to the latest release from the UNESCO report (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) that the rate of illiteracy in Iraq has reached more than 47%, and this ratio frightening must shake thrones and stir jealousy in the hearts of politicians with all denominated as t p d this ratio of the highest rates In the world, and this is due to several reasons, including the deterioration of economic, security, political and social Conditions.

The accumulation of wars, emigration, internal conflicts, displacement, physical destitution, low standard of living, and the failure of the government administration to manage the education file as a complete failure after Iraq was one of the best countries in the world in the file of combating illiteracy where he received five awards in 1979 from UNESCO after he was able to reduce The illiteracy rate is below 10% and surpasses countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and Spain. Link

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