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Post by Ssmith Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:53 am


In order to prevent prosecution, PM Abadi and PM-Desigate Madhi are setting travel bans for those politicians who have been accused of corruption.

Sterling Currency Group has been convicted of fraud, let’s see how the civil case unravels


Briona:  If Iraq is banning the corrupt politicians from travelling, then I imagine half of the old regime are now grounded.

Red:  Think about this …the Marshal Plan has been done many times before , some on a small level and some on a grand stage, the IQD is the eighth or ninth time it has been done on the main stage before all the world to see. Only this time because of GWB we get to participate and so we shall …

AtLast-51:  has anyone noticed that when Iraq talks about something a whole lot, that’s what they are focusing in on? with that being said did anyone notice that they are talking a whooole lot! about their dinar, it’s value, it’s place in the middle east and the stupid signature… just say’n. we have never been closer

SwamyJack: Atlast51 I think you are right on track with that observation on the dinar values … hopefully we are on the front poach and our finger on the doorbell

Harambe: CNBC: Oil falls more than 2% as markets fall, US crude stockpiles clim​b https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/11/oil-markets-global-stock-markets-us-cr​ude-oil-inventories-in-focus.html

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