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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18 Empty KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:10 am


Sunkissed » October 11th, 2018


(Part 1 of 4)

FRANK: Me and Delta basically just want to say “Goodbye.”

We are going to start our call. And the way I told you that we’re going to start tonight is two conversations between me and Delta. The reason I do that, is because it allows you to hear the progress of our Teams study, and how we put together the things that come in.

Now if you remember last Monday, when we were with you, we told you that we didn’t care who the Prime Minister was. All we wanted was a seated government. What happened the following day? On Tuesday? The following day. What happened?

They announced the Prime Minister. Mahdi. Interesting, isn’t it?

​Then, we also told you on Wednesday’s Conference Call, after I did my Product Call, we did a little dessert. Remember that? And I told you that the most important thing for us is to see that the Lower Denoms’ get replaced. Because they’re worn and torn. And it’s really important, as part of the Monetary Reform, the redenomination. We told you to go to the Turkmenistan article and you’ll see what’s going on.

Well, Lo and Behold! When we were done with that Wednesday Conference Call, the next day… What did you get? What did you see?

An article that tells you that they have distributed the 250, the 500, the 1000… the Lower Denoms!

You see how we time our Conference Calls? You see how we time our information? Our Study with you? In our opinion, of course.

Today’s your Monday Conference Call. And I want to tell you some things. But they will probably be the last things I ever tell you.

To set up tonight’s Conference Call, please pay close attention, because you’re going to hear information in these recordings that will be valuable to you.

This whole Conference Call is in my opinion, of course. We know that don’t we?

Please enjoy Recording #1.

FRANK: Alright, so you haven’t had the chance to go on the Forum yet?

DELTA: No. I went earlier, but not for the last hour or two hours, I didn’t go.

FRANK: Okay. We’re gonna talk with I-Team, Delta, but first, I just want you to know… Are you on the computer by any chance?

DELTA: No I’m not. Surprise me. (laughing)

FRANK: Okay, start with page 11, and go to post 203. Actually it started with Post # 202. I get the calls this morning, and they’re telling me, “We’ve got the articles up.” And I said “Let me read them.” So I read them and I realize, “My goodness! This is the first part that Walkingstick and I-Team, have told us very clearly, that in this month, and we felt it was this week!

We really felt that it would be this week, that they would release the lower denoms! You know, the 250, the 500, the 1000, and those are going to replace the worn and torn! Okay. That’s nice.

But… if you remember the article, that came out last month, not only said about this happening, but they also said that after that, they would be introducing the new smaller category notes.

So today, I believe they are showing us the first part of what we told the family. That you’re going to see the Lower Denoms that replace the worn and torn. That does not mean a change in the rate.

Today, article:

“The Central Bank raises large amounts of the new form of the category of 1000 dinars.”

They’re talking about the Lower Denoms.

“The Central Bank announces the launch of large amounts of Small Denominations of the currency.”

“The Central Bank decides to put large quantities of Small Groups in a new way.”

​Iraq is being changed to design one of it’s currency and posed a significant quantity.”

“The Central Bank intends to introduce large quantities of Small Groups in a new manner.”

And on top of it, it tells you that this new currency, coming out, in other words, the Lower Denoms, that are going to replace the worn and torn, Lower Denoms, it says that this deal, this new arrangement, will be done in a new and old format without discrimination.

In other words, Delta, in my opinion, right there, they just telegraphed, that next week, or within this month, very shortly, the NEXT GROUP is going to come out!

The Small Notes, the 1, the 5, the 10, the four coins…the one that requires a change in the rate!

Right now, they’re talking about replacing the damaged currency, with the new Lower Denomination that they just reprinted. This is exactly what we told the Family. And now the next thing, is Article 2, that will tell them, and now they’re also going to introduce the 1, the 5, the 10, and the et cetera, and THAT requires a rate change, and that’s going to happen on this date, and this is how you’re going to go pick it up, etc., etc. Article # 2.

Are you looking at it right now?

DELTA: Yes. Actually, it looks like they show basically, one of the notes and it looks like the design is different, which is, we know they’re going to do that. That’s what it looks like. It is… notes. It is 2018 so this is one of the new ones.

FRANK: The new one. And look at the picture. This picture on Post # 203, shows you the new safety features. That fine. But I also got another picture with all the other ones: the 250, the 500, with all their safety features.

This is HAPPENING.. right before our eyes!

The way that it’s been told to us by our Teams, and the way that we have been sharing it with the Family. If this is holding up to be true, the way that we’re interpreting this, and that’s why I needed you to read it, in Arabic. If this is holding up, then NEXT WEEK, Delta, or the week after, sometime in this month, they’re going to introduce the other ones that will exist in a NEW FORMAT, without any discrimination. In other words they will co-exist with no problem. But it requires a rate change, when they introduce the next batch, which is the Small, the new citatory of the small denomination which requires the lifting of the 3 zeros.
This is impressive!

DELTA: It is. And it looks like a target for the release. I’m going to go and probably later, and read it in detail to see what’s going on.

Here’s what’s going on too, what I get out of this too. It looks like the 1000 dinar is going to last for a long time, because for them to spend the money in printing, and this is a new design. So looks like, basically, for all of those denominations are going to be forever, until they phase them out, exactly like the US had before. This is exactly what they told us, and it looks like absolutely, you’re right.

They are going to come up with the 250 and 500,000, but first they’re looking at the other ones, because you all know that the other ones required the rate changes. This is really significant. Really amazing.

FRANK: iTeam told me yesterday, that they were expecting this, this week! Boy they got it right, to the very edge, Thursday and then Friday, and here it is.

I already called Walkingstick and left him a message. I’, waiting for him to get back to me. I know, all he’s going to say is “Yep.” I told you. This is the sequence. This is what would happen, and now, the next thing is that Second Article, and the releasing of those Small Notes.” Wow.

And all because, the Final Suitable Environment has been established within that government. In my opinion.

I’ll tell you what? Do you have any other comments about this?

DELTA: This is actually what we’ve been waiting for. With the Chat and the CC and you and me, and all of us, and I-Teams, and Walkingstick, we told the family that we were expecting them to release this… I was really expecting some news this week. So it looks like we got part of it this week. But, we know that Alak told us he has a plan to modernize the currency in circulation, and delete the zeros. Let’s see what next week is gonna bring us. We’ll see. The other article, did You say there’s more pictures of the 1000?

FRANK: I’m only releasing so much. Starting with 203. It’s got those and maybe tomorrow I’ll release more. What we do now we only release a bit at a time. If you give them too much, they eat it all, get an upset belly, and they ask the wrong questions, so for now, this is what we’re gonna be putting out. I’ll send you the rest of the stuff too if I can. Okay?

DELTA: No problem sir. That may be needed. We know that they are about to make their move. For them to print Lower Denominations, even the 250, 500, and even the 1000, this give you an indication that the rate has to increase. But definitely a lot of stuff going on. It looks like, for the suitable environment, like you said, and that is an excellent point.

It looks like the CBI the rates will start gradually to make their move and we’ll see what the next move is going to be.

FRANK: Let me hand up the recording. Because I know I-Team is dying to talk to us and rub this in. They also got the Prime Minister right with Mahdi. So I’m 2 for Zero with them. But, who cares. Alright. Thank you buddy.

By the way, can I just say it once: Ta-da Freaking Da!

DELTA: And if I can answer back “Yep!”

FRANK: By the way, what I just showed you on the LiveStream camera, I promise that I will show you again (he is referring to the picture of the Money-Changer in Iraq). I’m not teasing anybody. I’ll explain that picture as we talk tonight.

End Recording #1


(Part 2 of 4)


DELTA: Frankie! Frankie!

FRANK: Hey! Brother! How you doing today?

DELTA: I’m good my friend!

FRANK: Isn’t it interesting on Monday, we told the family that we don’t care who the Prime Minister is. All we care about is to have the government seated, because that would be the Final Suitable Environment for the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar. The following day, on Tuesday what did we get? A Prime Minister. Mahdi. Perfect! Exactly the way we set it up for them to see it.

Then! Thursday! what did we see? Um.. we’re going to go ahead and replace these notes that are worn and torn, 250, 500, in other words, just like we told ‘em! You are going to see the introduction of the Lower Denoms. It will not see a rate change. And they see that Thursday. Today is Friday.

What did we tell them that they would see next? The Small Notes.

The lifting of the 3 zeros that requires that exchange rate changing, in order to in order to introduce the new category of the Small Notes. And Lo and behold! You find another article last night, EXACTLY saying that! Correct?

DELTA: Absolutely!

FRANK: Are we on schedule or what?

DELTA: Yes. Of course, I mean, they are, and trying to do a very smart and brilliant idea and how to do that, because remember they had a relationship before. And they were questioned a long time ago you know. How are you really going to get all those 3 zero notes. They have trillions and trillions of them. We know that, over there. So they came up with this brilliant idea, that they are going to restrict the currency that they have, which is the 250, 500, and 1000. And then what’s gonna happen is when the rate is going to increase, what are people going to do, they’re going to co-exist. Now you are going to have more change to give back.

FRANK: That is brilliant! That is just brilliant!

DELTA: Basically, it is the smartest way to do that. A lot of people that ask, what are they doing. I’ll be honest with you, a lot of people, basically predictions how is this gonna come out. But nobody knows EXACTLY how they’re gonna do it. But either way, up ahead, it’s going to come to our benefits. And of course, also benefit Iraq.

The plan of the Central Bank of Iraq.. and I do believe they changed the plan, because remember before was the idea, to either way, lift the 3 zeros and phase them out, and come up with 1, 5, 10, 20, but they had an issue with that, because they don’t want to shock the market; they want to make sure that everything comes out gradually, whatever they decide.

And, it’s important, that everything is going to co-exist so that way it does not have any kind of issue that way. Like what happened when Saddam Hussain changed it and only gave 3 months for this situation. Now it’s totally different. And this is really a brilliant idea they’re doing here. And I can see, after yesterday, that article too, that had the pictures of the New 250; it will be the same thing that have the date of 2018. The 1000 dinar note has a lot of questions on the Forum, about it. Remember we did talk about this.

The 1000 Iraqi Dinar, in the middle, they do have a verse from the Quran.

FRANK: And that’s what I responded to you today. You know that was a clue right there! In order for them to remove the verse of the Quran, it has to remove the specific currency that they’re trying to get rid of. That was another hint!

DELTA: Absolutely you’re right. And here’s the good news. The good news is for the New Notes. A lot of people don’t know that. The middle of it, Frankie, that’s basically the Assyrian flag, which is Babylonian. Remember I’m not Assyrian, I’m Babylonian. The origin, the ancestor of Iraq, was Assyrian. That in the middle of it, you’ll see, that basically the rivers running through Iraq, and this is basically the flag of Assyrian and babylonians. Which I see a lot of Assyrians right now, all over the Social Media by the way, and on the 1000 Dinar Notes, is getting a lot of attention from the Assyrians.

Especially in Iraq and outside Iraq, because if you don’t look at it specifically, and you have to know what it is, like they changed that basically to an Assyrian and Babylonian flag. What Assyrian have right now. So this is going on. But the good news again, so the people don’t panic, the Central Bank of Iraq, specifically stated that everything is going to co-exist until they phase them out. And this is what I tried to say yesterday.

And now, with them, of course, coming out with this 1000 dinar note, I should explain to a lot of people, because some of the people still don’t understand how it’s gonna work. A lot of them, they think it’s a LOP and again it’s not a LOP.

For them to place more 1000 dinar notes, this gives you the indication that the 3 zero deletion, is coming off the exchange rate. Not from the currency. Otherwise, they never would have printed these. It’s not even a question now. Why they’re printing the 1000 dinar notes if they are going to get rid of them? Because it’s going to come off the exchange rate, and not from the currency by itself. This is really good news!

I do believe it’s not the 250 to 500,000 because I told you a while back Frankie, they stated that for them to delete the zeros, is gonna cost them about $150 Million Dollars. I showed the proof last time and the financial statements from the CBI, in just two months they printed about 108 million; but from last year they started printing. So this is it.

They spent like $100 Million Dollars to just print the 250 and 500,000. That’s nonsense. No way. That would be stupid. That’s very bad business. We know that’s not the case. What they are trying to do here. This is really a brilliant idea. Even Alak, in his best confidence stated. A lot of countries right now, they’re not printing any more large bills, because of counterfeiting, and people they can see them. Right now they have a lot of Lower Denominations and you increase the rate, It’s going to be hard for Iraqi citizens to store this currency, like all of the 25 and 10 thousand.

This is a brilliant idea. What I expected was gonna be full confirmation, should be coming out from the Central Bank of Iraq, I believe this Sunday, they’re going have more details.

Now for us of course, this is very important, but of course, we are waiting for the events for them to change the rate. We do believe, that along the way, the rate will change before they introduce the other Lower Denomination. That’s what we are looking for right now.

FRANK: I talked with Walkingstick about this. I said “Did you see what happened Thursday?” He said “Yeah. It’s what I told you.” I said “Did you see what Delta put out there this morning?” And he said “Yeah. It’s what’s next.” I said “But, isn’t the second article next?” He says “yes.”

“Alright, well, if they’re telling us about the Lower Denoms, the 250s, the 500s, the 1000s. Those are the Lower Denoms, that are going to replace the worn and torn ones, that part is already done isn’t it?”

He said “Did you look at the article that says that they DID THIS, not that they are going to? Where is has been done?” And I’m going “Yeah. I did see that.”

So the next part we’re looking for Delta, and we already know this, but it’s the second article.

It will give them the date of when the value is going to go up.

It will tell them when they have to go to the bank.

It will have the pictures of all the New Small Category Notes and the Coins, with the descriptions

It’s even going to explain to them why they are reinstating their currency.

I mean, it’s gonna go DEEP! And I said, well when that Second Article comes up, that’s when the rate changes. And he said “No.” And I said “Well, I guess not, because you said there are safety features right?” And he said “That’s correct.” Just because the information comes out, it does not mean that the rate has to go up. It CAN, YES! When the Second Article comes out. But he’s telling me “No. No. Do not expect the rate to go up.” And I said “But they’re already telling you that things are going to come out! I mean the one that Delta brought us, is telling us they’re going to come out!” And he said “That’s right. They’re telling you now, and they are about to tell you more in the Second Article to the citizens. But that does not mean that the rate has to go up at the same time.”

​And then he says “After that… After the Second Article, VERY SHORTLY AFTER that second article, BOOM! Then you can have a change in the rate.” And the reason why, he said “It’s because, shortly after that Second Article, those small notes are going to be released to the citizens of Iraq. The Second Article will tell them where to to and when to go, and pickup these Small Category Notes, because on that date, is when the rate changes.”

I told you! I told you! I told you! They have a date. And they’re shooting for it!

I just wanted to tell you that Manny. I’m going to share that tonight on Friday Team Chat as a Map for what we expect in this month of October.

DELTA: (inaudible)… now if you read this very carefully. Like I said earlier, What is the deletion of the zeros? Deletion of the zeros is lifting the 3 zeros from the exchange rate. It should be one event.

FRANK: I understand. And it can be. He said “When the second article comes out, with all the information, it literally tells you, we’re reinstating our currency. Yesss! They can come out with the rate change at that time.” But he’s telling me “No. This must NOT FAIL with the citizens! This must be perfect with the citizens! They are willing to continue baby-step them, and treat them gently, in introducing what they need to do.”

So, to tell you the truth Manny, I don’t care. Just like I didn’t with the Prime Minister.

We are not waiting for the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.

We are now WELCOMING IT!

DELTA: That’s a good point. This is an excellent point and we know that. I mean, we know they’re done. You just think about it, we have a good indiction from the $108 - $110 Million Dollars to print the currency, from them announcing, and coming up with the Lower Denominations. I mean, even if they don’t come up with more than the 250, 500, at this rate, it just doesn’t make any sense. The thousand is not even 0.83 cents. And theres a lot of talk, of course a lot of rumors flying around right now in Iraq. When they come up with the 250 and 500 that we know now, that it is true for some of them, in full-force, starting next Sunday that they might change the rate.

They might change some rate, like they might give us some sucker rate at first, as some call it, and then gradually increase, basically, coming up with different currencies. Because, remember Frankie, they don’t want, here’s the point: If they introduce the 250, 500, and the 1000, and basically, they are. They’re printing more. If they don’t change the rate really fast? Then a lot of people will smuggle those small notes out of the country. And you don’t want them to do that, because you can buy them for cheap, like they say all the time. So they’ve got to act very fast, otherwise those currency, they’re gonna be smuggled to Iran, Turkey, Jordan. And that’s really going to be a problem.

FRANK: Shortly after Article 2, or WITH Article 2. That’s all there is. And that’s the next thing we’re looking for! That’s it! The one about the Lower Denoms replacing the worn and torn currency that they have right now. They did not insinuate. It told you! “Oh! we’ve already done this.” Oh! Okay. That’s good. The Prime Minister, Mahdi, I think he’s the reason why all of these things are happening so fast. I know he’s not the Prime Minister in power… yet. And I’ll be honest with you. I don’t even know, like I said on Wednesday’s Conference Call, I said “I don’t even know how long Mahdi’s gonna be the Prime Minister.” Well, sure enough yesterday, there was an article that said, they are going to give him a year and a half to do everything. Well, that’s interesting.

DELTA: Absolutely. They give it to him because, like I said, there was some kind of issue with Abadi, Maliki, and Iran. So this is someone exactly…

FRANK: It was a smart political move. That’s why it caught us off guard.

DELTA: Absolutely. If he doesn’t succeed… they have no issues with Mahdi. Really very nice. Really a very good guy. Also issue is he’s very weak. That is the only problem. His personality is very weak. He’s not powerful like Abadi. He’s 76 years old. He was supposed to get this a long time ago. They promised him, probably, to give it to him. Sadr wanted Abadi actually. He wanted Abadi so bad. But for some reason, something that happened behind closed doors.

FRANK: Because the United States got their foot stuck in this, and whatever they said to do, is being done. And hey… I’m the first to salute this and say “Sir, yes sir. Let’s do it. Mahdi let’s go!”

DELTA: Absolutely. Because then it’s the only way. Remember they have to go. They have to move on with the plan. They have a date and they have to go with that date. But in order for them to have a 100% suitable environment, they have to make sure that nobody can complain.

Because remember with Abadi, they some people with reservation. But for them to keep going forward with the monetary policy, they have to go with Mahdi for now. And you never know, he might be good. And if he’s good, he’s going to continue. In a year and a half, they might change it.

But for now, the most important part is that they complete the Monetary Reform. The US, the World, and everybody, including Iraq, they want to make sure that this gets finished. They had to put someone ASAP. So with Mahdi, the one that nobody had objection for now, is to keep it going.

Now we have a government. We have a parliament. So they have no issues now. Even though Mahdi, doesn’t have the power like I said, when he forms the new government, which is for us is a done deal: A Suitable Environment.

Number 1: And just look at the timing of the CBI. If the CBI did not have a Suitable Environment, they will never release those notes.

Number 2: Remember, they already released the 25,000, 10,000. 250, 5,000, What’s the difference? Why are you making a big deal all this time? Why spending $150 Million for just 250 and 500,000?

FRANK: That’s funny .. that’s funny. We are going to look back at these days. We’re going to laugh at these days, and I feel that it’s really, really, right next to us. Let’s see what these knuckleheads do. Thanks Manny.

End Recording #2


(Part 3 of 4)

FRANK: Okay Family. Now you have the introduction to the core of our conference call for tonight. And i pray you were able to understand our conversation between me and Delta. When I was first addressing you, this whole conference call is in my opinion. Correct?

When I was first addressing you about 30 minutes ago, I wanted to give you, I suppose a THEME for tonight. I always like to do that. I guess if we’re going to call our Conference Call anything tonight, let’s call it this:

The Mother of all Time Frames

You know we don’t give you dates. You know we don’t give you false hopes. And if we share something with you, we do our very best to support it as much as possible with the articles.
Tonight, yeah, I’d like to call tonight’s Conference Call The Mother of all Time Frames.

KTFA-KONA Family, God brought you to KTFA for a reason that is far far beyond just the study of the Iraqi Dinar. I hope and I pray that in the last years that we’ve been together, that many of the other branches of yourself, have reached out to the world. And I pray that those branches, are chain reaction starts, of nothing but good and positiveness in this world.

The Monetary Reform of the Iraqi Dinar, in my opinion, is at a point where I am not longer waiting for it. I am welcoming it. I am embracing it.

Last Monday’s Conference Call, based on the recordings you just listened to, really walks right into today’s Conference Call door.

The only thing that I seek. The only thing that I sought last Monday, was a government seated. And then you know the rest of the story.

The Lower Denoms introduced, they did.

And the Smaller Notes, with the Coins, they will.

And between that is Article 2. Defining it for the citizens of Iraq.

It has been quite a day. By the way, I know the difference between the word THRU, the word threw, and through. I know the difference between all those words. For those of you that are members of my forum, you know what I’m talking about.

I have a feeling Family, that YOU who study with us, you can tell what is going to happen, with this reform, by the way the notes are being released, by the way our study is being released. By the tempo of our Conference Calls.

When you consider the management of so many different point of views, of so many different people, at KTFA, and how I have communicated with many of you, by our CCs, then you realize that God did it all. Because I certainly could not have. I credit our KTFA staff. I credit our Teams.

Our mission is accomplished family.

I told you that I wouldn’t go through the door of the reinstatement of the dinar with you. I told you that I would meet you on the other side.

Our Mission is accomplished with you. And KTFA now seeks God’s Missionaries next.

I do not offer you a date. I will not tell you it’s going to happen on this date. That would be rude and crude and stupid. Let alone illegal. but, if my Detroit lions could actually beat the Green Bay Packers, that I saw yesterday, then maybe nothing is impossible in our study, huh?

As you heard, very carefully, broken-down, for you, that right after our Conference Call on Monday, a week ago today, the thing that we sought the most, the sitting of the government, the announcement of a Prime Minister, was announced to you on Tuesday. Wasn’t it? That’s pretty good timing, huh? What a coincidence, right?

And then we also told you a week ago, that the most important thing we seek is Article 2. But before you get Article 2, they will replace the worn and torn currency. They will release the Lower Denoms, and replace the 250, 500, 1000. They will replace them.

Well, Lo! and behold! On Thursday - there it was! That article can now be found in our Final Article thread. The Lower Denoms that we told you, that would come, before Article 2, to replace the worn and torn existing currency that is in the hands of the citizens right now, that they’ve had for over 10 years, that is almost transparent pieces of paper now. They told you Thursday they’re disturbing them. Actually they told you that they HAD distributed them.

And… Family, those new ones that have been introduced on Thursday, right on schedule, the way they wanted it, they will co-exist in the market with what? With the next set of currency that is about to be released. That they already told you would be released the month of October. Remember the article? It’s in our Final Article thread. CBI “We intend to introduce the Small New Category Notes next month” I would say they are right on schedule with what they have to do.

So, when they introduce the Small Category Notes, that will require a change of rate.

Those notes will co-exist with the notes they released on Thursday. Now the interesting thing? Is that, the Small Denominations is definitely going to change the rate, add more purchasing power to the citizens. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a good goal, but it’s also going to do something else.

Very simply let me tell you this….


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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18 Empty Re: KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:10 am

(New information that Delta doesn’t have right now either):

​So the next thing that we await. The small category notes that will require a rate change.

They will co-exist with the ones that were released this last Thursday. The releasing of the Small Category Notes, yes, will add purchasing power to the citizens. But, it will also do something else. Guess what it is?

It’s going to draw back into the CBI the 25K, the 10K, the 1000, the 500, the 25,000 notes. Yeah.

It’s going to be a long process. Probably about 2 to 3 years. Where both of these currencies - the ones that were released Thursday - where both of these currencies, the second currency that will be released after Article 2, they will co-exist. And the Small Notes will be serving the roll of drawing in the ones they released on Thursday.

Well, wait a minute Frank, how stupid is that? Why even put out the ones that they’re going to try to draw in, when they introduce the Small Notes?

For education. For the education of the citizens. Do you realize that there are thousands and thousands of Iraqi citizens that live in rural areas, in mountain areas, and they don’t have electricity, and they don’t know jack about what’s going on.

Would you prefer they wait until they told and educated everybody? And then, lift the 3 zeros? Oh no Frank. I’m tired of waiting. So is the Central Bank of Iraq. And so is the United States of America.

Isn’t that wonderful? Now why is it, that they would also introduce these Lower Denoms? To replace the worn and torn. Okay. So that they have something in their hand that they can use. Okay. So that they and also collect the ones that they’re releasing… the Lower Denoms. Okay.

But, why else?

You see because the CBI does not want to introduce fractional banking. The goal is to educate the citizens on the Monetary Reform. Can you imagine if they also introduced fractional banking? How much is that? It’s $1.35. “How am I going to pay you $1.35? I’ve got 25K notes, I’ve got 10K notes, I’ve got….”

So, Family, they will co-exist for quite a while. And like I told you, the ATMs will dispense the New Small Category Notes. Even gold. But not one coin. Not yet. No fractional banking.

They want to draw in the ones they’re putting out right now in the first place. This is pretty good! They’re covering all their bases with the citizens aren’t they? Why?

Because, it must not fail with the citizens.

It must not fail with the citizens!

By the way, it’s a lot easier for the citizens to also bring in the 500 and 1000, versus the 25k and the 10K. This has been thought out very carefully. This is for the purpose of removing the 25K, the 10K, the 1000, the 500, the 250. The ones they have released on Thursday. The ones that are being used right now to bridge the citizens, in their education, from the Lower Denoms to the Small Category Notes. You will not strip them of the lower notes, just because you introduced the Small Category Notes. All Hell would break loose! There would be a traffic jam bigger than the planet Jupiter in iraq.


Are you with me so far family? Do I have your attention? Does this make sense? Because it’s really important that you understand. We’re closing the door of our study with you. I really need for you to understand. If you don’t, I’m not going to be able to help you.


Then also understand, that when they redenominate, they revalue at the same time.

Now that these Lower Denoms heave been distributed last Thursday. As you know, the next thing that we seek, is Article 2.. and article 2, will be before, will be prior to the release of the the Small New Category Notes.

It is important that you understand all of this, because I. will. not. teach. anymore.

​The Second Article, which is the only thing we are waiting for, will tell the citizens very clearly… just like the one on Thursday told them about the Lower Denoms… Will tell them very clearly, the DATE of the redenomination along with the revaluation, and it will be in great detail.

This Second Article will have:

Pictures of the Small Category Notes, of the Coins, with description and labeling.

It will give them the date of the redenomination with the revaluation

It will let them know the locations of where they can pick up these New Small Category Notes, and their Coins.

It will tell them even the reasons.

Let me explain why we are redominating and revaluing and reinstating. Let me teach you why this is happening to your currency right now.

Thats all going to be the next phase Family. The next step that’s coming to us.

Thursday, is the latest thing that we’ve been waiting for. The introduction of the Lower Denoms to replace the worn and torn Lower Denoms. It’s what we’ve been expecting. It’s what we’ve been expecting with confidence.

Now I want you to have the same confidence and expect Article #2. The way I’m telling you. The way we’re telling you. In our opinion. The way it will show and define very clearly to the citizens the redenomination of their currency, with the revaluation via the Small Note Category being introduced to them. And with me saying Ta-da freaking da!

They replaced the old with the new Lower Denoms, 250, 500, 1000, etc. But just like we told you, when they would introduce those… when they would introduce the Lower Denoms, to replace the worn and torn Lower Denoms, there would be no rate change. Correct?

What there a rate change Thursday? No. But, what did we say?

When they do the next part, article 2, it doesn’t mean they have to do the rate change. It is telling you that the Small Category Notes are coming out citizens.

But when they DO introduce those Small Category Notes, to you citizens, they will automatically lift the 3 zeros. There will automatically be a rate change.

We seek Article #2, to introduce us to the Small Notes, prior to the release of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Are you with me family? So far on that? So far so good? I don’t want to rush anything for you.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, the article that we now seek. Because we are done with the Lower Denoms, replacing the worn and torn. The Article that we seek, is well calculated. It is well written out. It has been in preparation, because they have a date Family.

This Article that we now seek, defining the Small Category Notes, it’s not just arbitrarily that these Lower Denom articles are coming out, and now the Small Category Note Article that is soon to come out.

All of these articles that we told you are precursors of Article # 2. Because the article that you got on Thursday, and the article that we call number 2, that’s going to be coming out soon, with the Small Category Notes are to explain the co-exsistance of both of those denominations, that will co-exist together for a specific time.

And I’ve already spent my time teaching and going over that with you. But, I want you to know that these Lower Denoms articles, could have been released years ago. But they chose to release them now, on Thursday, for the purpose, to redeonominate, and to revalue, and to reinstate the Iraq dinar, along with the Lower Denom article that is now out.
The focus now, is the redenomination, for a specific manner, to reach the revalue and reinstatement.

​That Turkmenistan article, that we have in our Final Article thread, in our Forum, is precious. Because nobody else on the Internet has it. Nobody else on the Internet talks the way we do, nor teach the way we do. That Turkmenistan article, is your golden road. Click your heels as many times as you want, but you should know it forwards and backwards, to understand what we’re doing right now. Or what they’re doing right now.

The Turkmenistan article is almost word-for-word of how it is going to go, and how it is happening, right now.

PLEASE NOTE: The dates in the Turkmenistan article are not indicative of Iraq’s time-frame, in the process of their Monetary Reform. You understand that. When they take about the middle of the year, the beginning of the year, fine! That is a completely different animal for their currency. DO NOT GO BY THOSE DATES and create your own false timeline. We introduced the Mother of all Timelines tonight. I’m done. My mission will be accomplished with you.

The process, in which the Turkmenistan article Is a wonderful guide. BUT DO NOT GO BY THE DATES THAT THEY GIVE YOU. Don’t go by ANYBODY’S DATES that they give you. Do not believe in a prediction.

The timeframe that we give tonight is a guidance.

I want you to know, that Walkingstick and my Teams would like for you to know that in our opinion.. the Buzz, the Word, the Talk, The Skuttlebutt, whatever you want to call it. The Buzz right now is, that they went way outside of their constitution to put Mahdi in as the Prime Minister. Is that a bad thing? Not when you are in control.

And, in my opinion, certain names that you will recognize, will soon be put in other places, specifically for the success of the Reforms. This is happening right now as I speak to you. It is a shuffle of many Technocrats, to be put into positions for the Reforms. And the Monetary Reform, right now, is, in my opinion, the hottest thing in Iraq.

You’ll read this very soon Family. And you will see names that are familiar to you that are being put into positions of great authority with that government. This is what is needed. And this is what Mahdi is doing right now. Mahdi is sitting down the Central Bank of Iraq and the word is, the buzz is, that they want the Second Article released within an accepted time-frame, prior to the redenomination of the currency; Somewhere within the next 4 - 6 weeks.

This would give the citizens time to realize what is and what has happened to their currency. In other words, education. Since last year, up until this very second. And now, maybe about a month and a half for them to recognize, and realize, what has happened to their currency.
By then, 4 - 6 weeks, the Central Bank of Iraq would be very comfortable with pulling the trigger, with lifting the 3 zeros from their exchange rate. Because they have already given them, many weeks, of the Second Article, with great description. It must not fail with the citizens Family.

I know that the only thing that is running through your mind right now family, is “he said 4 weeks… he said a month!” “He said a month and a half!” I know that one month to 6 weeks, is the only thing that you just heard me say.

But.. you have to realize my Teams cannot, will not, pinpoint a date for you! Walkingstick and I also ask you KTFA-KONA…


iI can happen before this opinion of 4 - 6 weeks time-frame, that I’m calling The Mother of all Time-Frames.

The timeframe can be drawn in, it can be shortened, indeed! But, we, my Teams are not in the mood to talk any less than 4 - 6 weeks with you. Let’s call this a margin of respect for each other! As we continue on our study with Faith.

But the next time, if we meet on Monday next week, that Conference Call will only talk to you about Article 2. And if we see anymore GOI seating, which we feel in our opinion, we’ll see, some AMAZING names, come up very soon.

Theres also something else that we should see between now and next Monday. In my opinion, look for Mahdi to meet with the Central Bank of Iraq.

So, somewhere from October to November. We got 4 - 6 weeks. And I do remember they told us that THIS MONTH, at least within the last 4 weeks of last month, they would introduce the Small Category Notes. I mean, we have the article don’t we. Yes, we do. So, October… some part of November, 4 - 6 weeks.

An opportunity to pull the 3 zeros and add value.

An opportunity to educate the Second Article to the citizens of Iraq.

The second article if for the Iraqi citizens… not for you! Only indirectly for you. Because in my opinion, the international community already understands this stage. The education of a new currency. Of a redenomination. With the purchase power! Is what in my opinion, will take a little extra time, to sink into the minds of the citizens.

Because it MUST NOT fail with the citizens!

If it does? We’re all screwed!

60% of the population of Iraq is under the age of 25 years. Are you kidding me? That’s what war does to a country!

The ages of 25 - 45, it’s only about 20%. You’re looking at about 80% of Iraqi citizens that live and exist today, in that country, that have never ever seen a currency with value for them! It must not fail with them. They have never owned currency with value! And you have 80% of the population the may not fully understand, especially an uneducated, especially in the rural areas, this revaluation, this reinstatement, must not fail with the citizens! How many times have I said that tonight?

This is the reason why you are now seeing a shuffling of Technocrats of powerful and important people Family, within that government, because It is the Final Suitable Environment for the Reforms of Iraq.

These Technocrats are being put into position, because I promise you, the United States of America, along with Sistani, gave them to Sadr. And that’s he they picked Mahdi, because he was the best guy to put those guys in. And you will soon see these names. And you will soon see Mahdi visit the Central Bank of Iraq and talk to them. Mahdi. Nice name.

And you know what? The citizens are seeing this? That Mahdi is sitting. A government they can trust? Are you kidding me? Did you see that name? Did you just see who Mahdi just put in? Yes. We got hope! It’s not Iranian influenced anymore. We the citizens of Iraq, our confidence is building, in our own government. Can you believe that? They’re putting in new people. Mahdi is doing this. It’s not the same old thieves. This new Leadership. This new Technocrat.

Not that I’m trying to raspberry, no. What I’m about to say is also the talk that he only has about a year or year and a half to do this and then he’ll be replaced. In fact, there’s already talk within some of the political people that .. I don’t know. You think we should keep Mahdi as Prime Minister? These are the things we told you on Monday. He’s a conduit. He’s abridge. He’s too old to do this, but he’s been brought in by the Powers that be, to accomplish his mission and a specific amount of time.

The GOI sitting perfectly is a must. Because the CBI is sitting perfectly.

It’s not your father’s government anymore Iraqi citizens. It’s YOUR government. KONA if my wife doesn’t have confidence in me, why should she be my wife?

If the citizens of Iraq, don’t have confidence in their government. They surely will not have faith in their currency, in this redenomination, and revaluation, that leads to a reinstatement of their currency with value!

This is not about you nor me. It’s about the citizens of Iraq to understand what they are about to be involved with. To understand the things that you as a student, of this investment, already fully comprehend.

​The redonimination needed to be sound in its support by the Central Bank’s reserves. And the project with the Central Bank, of introducing the currency, to rival the American Dollar. By George if they didn’t do it.

My mission is accomplished with you. We are closing the door of studying the Iraqi Dinar with you tonight. We’re only waiting for the Second Article. Next Monday, if we need to meet, we will talk about the Second Article, and yes, any seating of the government.

If you go back to Saturday, (October 06) Post 190 on page 10, you will see that it almost said word for word of what I just said “That the redenomination needed to be sound, in its support by the Central Bank’s reserves. And the project of the CBI, had to introduce the currency to rival the American Dollar.”

Family, they are talking about 1:1. An oddly ironically enough, this is old ancient news isn’t it. But it falls into exactly what we are talking about. What the Second Article is going to soon bring to the Iraqi citizens. And, as a side-bar note to this page, please do not forget that we told you, the Iraqi Dinar, when it’s revalued, will be priced in, with gold.

I don’t want to go into it deeper. It’s not my job to teach you about gold.

KTFA-KONA, the first quarter of 2018, was when they established the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. This whole Conference Call is in my opinion. The first quarter of 2018, was when they established and the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar and in my opinion, in the last 6 months, so much has happened, that will never be in print for anyone to read. For whatever reasons.

And it’s not necessary for us to know, how we got to where we’re at right now. Only to know, and to realize that right now that the IQD is coming to the international world. If they had not taken the steps in the first quarter of 2018, that I shared with you in my opinion, then there is no way that you would be reading the articles that you are reading today, nor the ones that are in our Final Article thread.

You come to KTFA to learn our opinion family. But at this point, my Teams, especially Walkingstick, are going to ask you, very very politely, do not share your opinion, about our opinion, of our time frame.

Talk about the seating of the government. Talk about the meetings. Talk about anything you want. But DO NOT TALK ABOUT A TIME-FRAME.

Do not talk about a date. Do not add ANYTHING about what we have given you tonight or our staff with remove it, INSTANTLY!

We cannot afford KTFA, to have somebody, among us, to give predictions of dates, like other “Gurus” do! The most that we are doing is offering you a time frame, of when we believe the Second Article will come out.

Do not share your opinion of what we just gave you.

Let the 4 - 6 weeks go by!


Walkingstick and all of our Teams want you to know that once the second article is out…
We are all out.

We are giving you The Mother of all Time-Frames, and we will walk with you, but we will NOT walk through that door with you. We will wait for you on the other side, where in all honesty - we are at right now.

Embracing, and WELCOMING, the Second Article.

It is because of our team; it is because of our FAITH in our Study; it is our way to support each other. We do not find fault in our Study, in our opinion.

We will be too busy by the way. My teams and I will be too busy.

KTFA will transcend. And we will advance into the Kingdom of God.

**Holding up a brochure: The Voice of the Martyrs:


And we will go to the whole world. To the Whole World, to teach the word of God.

We will then also print and post on our forum, the locations where you can go and exchange. It’s possible that we will even have some nice places for you to go, that might to offer you nice numbers. Be your own student.

At that time, I will have somebody answering my phone for me. I will only accept phones and I will only talk to the people… that I choose.

To finish this up, because we want to bring in Delta. And we all want to hear what Delta has to say, because there was another article that came out - about 2 hours before the Conference Call. Did you all see it? Fascinating article! Delta will talk to you about it in a minute.

Pay attention to the articles on Mahdi. Because, Mahdi’s a unique case. He was put in as Prime Minister, illegally, breaking the constitution laws of Iraq. But.. it’s important to understand, that, that’s okay. When you are in control, you can control everything, can’t you?

Sistani was the one that put Mahdi in place; because Sistani and America thought that was good. Mahdi then comes in and he is telling the citizens, I have a desire for our government to prosper. I have a desire for our Reforms to do well.

Mahdi, may not stick around; because to be honest with you, in the beginning he was nothing more than just a clerk. His job right now is to form the government, because he’s advanced far beyond a clerk. His job is to help the government, put the Technocrats in their right position.

And Sistani, told Sadr, “You’re going to pick Mahdi.” And it caught us all off-guard.. but we all like it. In fact, Sadr even said at one time: “I’m for Mahdi. And, I’ll tell you the truth, if we don’t do something about our government, I’m gonna tell the masses, to go out into the streets and protest that you haven’t formed a government!” So Sadr, tells Sistani, “Your forming a government with Mahdi?” “Yes we are.” “That’s cool! Let’s do this!” Sadr’s job, as you know by now, was to sit the government. Even by disobeying the Consitution. Just sit the government, man! Mission was accomplished. By the powers to be - and that’s all that matters

We look to see what Mahdi does. And we look for a meeting between Mahdi and the Central Bank of Iraq, between NOW and next Monday. But between next… 4 - 6 weeks, you’re looking for the second article. As much as I want to reduce the timeframe for you; I will not.
By the way, have you noticed that nobody’s complaining about Mahdi? You’d think they would, huh? You know WHY no-body’s complaining about Mahdi? Not citizens. Not Sadr. Nobody. Because he had the blessing from Sistani and the United States of America.


(Part 4 of 4)

Now, we bring in Delta:

DELTA: Frankie! Frankie! I’m here!

FRANK: Ladies and Gentlemen Delta’s article that he is going to talk to you about right now and whatever else is in my brother’s heart, based on what he heard tonight.

It’s not a leak Family any longer. These are my last words to you. Delta’s article is not a leak, any longer, in my opinion:

What the CBI releases from now on is intentional. Not for us, but for the education of the Iraqi citizens on their Monetary Reform.

DELTA: I do agree with you 100% Frankie. Family, I feel it is very important for me to come today, because some confusion as far as the Lower Denominations and what’s going on. And a lot of questions going on back-and-forth. I’m gonna cover that first and I’m gonna cover all the criticism of the economists.

First of all, we told you family, that all of the currency is going to coexist, and we did say before the deletion of the zeros is gonna come off the exchange rate. And we see the confirmation for them to come up with the 1000 dinars. So I know that some of you are confused, because you are asking if they are going to delete the 3 zeros, why are they having more thousand dinars and 10,000 dinars printed?

Remember, they are all going to co-exist. And this is more confirmation, even for some of the “Gurus” who believe there is going to be a LOP. This is going to put the LOP to die — especially for those who were not convinced before. This will convince you 100% that they are going to increase the value and there’s NOT going to be a LOP.

And the way they are going to do it, is they are going to phase them out. Remember there is a lot of them outside. They cannot cancel them. They don’t want to do any kind of (inaudible), so they needed a plan for them. So they are going to delete the 3 zeros from the exchange rate, and from there they are going to phase them out.

Number 2 is, the Central Bank Governor, Alaq, we all know, is does a tremendous and excellent job, since he has took the place there. But, he did a mistake in a lot that could cost him, uh the government of the Central Bank of Iraq. Of course that’s not going to effect the Monetary Reform, like Frankie, Walkingstick, and all of the Teams said. The Monetary Reform is going to move forward no matter.. nothing’s going to stop it.

And I think Frankie has given you a time-frame of I think between 4 and 6 weeks. And like Frankie said, nobody knows the date. And the rate is going to change, because it’s going to increase, no matter what.

But believe it or not, a lot has happened in the last 24-48 hours; because here in Iraq, it’s a mess right now, since they’ve introduced those new currencies and I’ll explain to you why.

First of all, Alaq, he’s still acting Governor. Now a lot of people were shocked in Parliament, because he put his name on the currency. And they’re talking about that he’s not supposed to put his name there.

But the Central Bank of Iraq, they came up today, and they explained why they did that. And they showed some examples, some countries, that their Governor, they put their names on the Bank Note. The problem is, he’s not the Governor.

You remember Abdel Basset Turki, he was the Governor in proxy. When they re-printed those denominations, the 25,000, the 10,000, the 5,000, it was during his term. He did put his signature on those Notes, but not a Governor; it said Governor in proxy. In Arabic we say (Arabic word). That’s what he had on those notes. Even Dr. Shabibi, didn’t have his name on them. He had only his signature, which is a famous signature, on those old notes of 2003; it has a heart. So that was his signature there.

So, what I do believe happened here: The Central Bank of Iraq, can do anything they want. But, A lot of government. A lot of Economists. Inside Iraq, they’re asking to remove the currencies, for whatever reasons. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. We don’t have to worry about that.

But this, will probably in the long-run is gonna cost Ali Alaq his job. Remember, as the CBI Governor, he was a good candidate for that; but this was a big big mistake. This is amazing, how a stupid mistake, will destroy him. All of the accomplishment that he did, I do believe this is going to hurt him in the long-run. It’s not going to hurt the Monetary Reform, because it’s going to go forward.

The problem is, with some people, it comes down to it. I mean Prime Minister Abadi (inaudible), but this Alaq, looks like, if you notice, even the last year or so, the guy has changed. (inaudicle) .. in the picture. He looks like a nice dude in a 10,000 suit. So this guy is a show-off. A big ego. And he wanted to put his name on the currency. Big mistake. He can’t do that. That was a big mistake. And then, he did not even put the proxy. Basically, he cannot do that.

And then some people are backing him up, because of the accomplishments of the Central Bank, which was under his watch, and he did a really good job, but this was a mistake. And, I do believe in my opinion, and you know before I was very solid, and I said I do believe this guy, he will probably get the nominee for the Governor of the Central Bank. But I believe this, is going to cause a problem. Because he has a lot of people now who distrust him.

The article you left a message about, and that was really very interesting. It was actually a tweet; but there was an article about it. And this is exactly what he meant by that article (there were some translation issues):

“I don’t mind to put your name and designs with gold, and only one condition, if you could make the Iraqi Dinar equivalent to one dollar.”

This guy was making fun of him, saying I’ll accept anything, if you made these out of gold, if you could at least revalue 1:1.

And this gives you an indication, that everybody in Iraq, everybody knows. They are waaaay behind this. This is going to come to our benefit BIG TIME. And in my opinion, because of this (because that was like a challenge), Alaq is not a fool. (inaudible)

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq, they are independent from the Parliament; they can do anything that they want. But this simple act that he did, basically, he could have put a block signature on it. Why did you have to put your name? This caused a lot of problem.

But, what’s going to happen now, in my opinion, personally, based on this article and things that are going on in Iraq right now, that (??) is going to come to our benefit BIG TIME,

​So Alaq, he has to prove, to everybody right now that, “Delete the zeros. Delete the Zeros. Okay. Where is it??” And Alaq says “Okay.” And they are saying “You’ve accomplished a lot of things. But you didn’t give us the Currency Reform! That’s more important than you put your name on the currency.” So that is why. And of course there’s a lot of people, having the same issue, because this is WAY overdue. It’s getting ridiculous right now. You come out talking about the New Notes and everything, but you have to reinstate the currency, you have to go International, THEN you might have the respect of a lot of people.

Of course the author of the article is really a very good friend of Alaq. He’s the head of the Iraqi Private Banks and Association. He came out today and had a lot of respect for Alaq, because he’s done a lot of countless things. He’s the soul of Iraq. He did a lot of things and no-one is questioning that. The only mistake that he did, that now he’s acting like Saddam Hussain, to put his name and not even, particularly, an actual Government Actor; he’s basically a Proxy there.

Remember, the government, they can fire anybody they want, just like that. But even if they take him out, the Board of Director of the CBI, have a plan, they have everything done. But again, I came in today, just to explain to you, what’s exactly, right now, going on in Iraq. And there’s some people against him, some people for him; but over-all, in my opinion, will cost him badly. Big, big, mistake for him, to do whatever he did on those Notes.

But again, the Central Bank of Iraq is independent. No-body can do anything. But.. they’re going to have a LOT of pressure on the government now, to probably take him off the Proxy too. Which, that is going to come later, I believe.

There’s an article, I’m not sure if it is released or not, because some of them were talking that, the reason he did that, was because he knew they were going to have a New Government coming up, and he knows he’s going to leave, so he wanted his name on those Notes, forever. Like a Legend. So that’s why some of them, are talking about that, and they want the Parliament, the government to punish him somehow, because he wasn’t supposed to do that, illegally. So, that’s what I have Frankie. if you have anything, we can go back and forth me and you.

FRANK: Well, to be honest with you, you answered the questions that we wanted. It’s a shame about Alaq. It’s a shame about the Eagles. It’s a shame about you know, what he wants and so-forth. But, it’s interesting that the byproduct was beneficial, because it leaked-out, even though I said it’s not a leak.

What I mean is that, the article said “Just get our currency like the American Dollar. That’s a 1:1 ratio right there.” And that is EXACTLY what they’ve been talking about. That it is their goal. So whatever negativity Alaq created, it brought out, once again, what everybody knows is going on with the Iraqi Dinar. Is that about the gist of it?

DELTA: Absolutely. You are right Frankie. And now, like I said, believe it or not, whatever is happening right now, what Alaq did, is actually good for all of our investment. This now is going to be like a challenge. And now, the Board of Directors of the CBI, right now, are defending Alaq. It’s all over the news. This article right now? This is nothing. I mean, just in the last 24 hours, there have been more than 200-300 articles talking about the same thing. But either way, there’s so many articles, so many media, now this one, is coming to our benefit. Like this guy, telling him “I’ll even accept your signature, and your name, even your designs in gold in the currency, as long as you basically revalue the currency, and do 1:1. What are you waiting for?”

So everything is good. And one more thing, remember the Central Bank of Iraq, when they told everybody, and by the way, we’re going to reconstruct the currency AND delete the zeros at the same time. Remember, the Central Bank of Iraq, (inaudible), they’re going to do that.

So basically, when the Governor, Alaq, said to everybody, we’re going to reconstruct the currency that we have AND delete the 3 zeros. And delete the 3 zeros, means I’m going to revalue and reinstate. Because we know now that they are lifting the 3 zeros from the exchange rate.

We’ll do that, but Alaq is in really big trouble. So we’ll see what’s going to happen there. But either way, it’s good. All indications, they have told us EXACTLY what’s going on AND, remember Frank, when I told you earlier trust the Central Bank, anytime when they told us something, like when they told us, “Next week, we’re going to release the Lower Denominations.” Whatever they have right now. They did.

And then they said “That’s going to include lifting the 3 zeros” with-in the time-frame you gave the Family. This is what I had. Either way, it’s good news. And a lot of pressure on Alaq and the Board of Directors of the CBI to move faster. Because, you see Frankie, like I said, there’s no leakage anymore. Everybody’s saying the same thing. Everybody has been waiting for SO MANY years! And every time they come in with an excuse, at one time it was Daash and ISIS, now you have a Suitable Environment. And that’s why you have everybody CHALLENGING the Board of Directors to basically DO SOMETHING. Because they have been waiting forever for the reinstatement.

FRANK: Well, I’ll tell you what, I guess we should call it an evening. I want to thank you, my dear brother for coming. You know we have almost 3000 people, when ya combine LiveStream and the phone listening right now. And it’s Malaysia, Spain, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Germany, I mean, it’s EVERYWHERE where they’re listening to us right now.

And I think the best way for me to close tonight’s Conference Call is by saying that I want to stop. I want to close the door on our Study. I don’t want to bring in anymore files, anymore topics. Unless something MAJOR happens. Sure, we’ll talk about it. But, the only thing that Delta and the rest of our Teams are looking for, is what we call the Second Article.

And of the thousands that are with us right now Delta, there is one individual that is being a real pain. Of course, we won’t draw attention to them.

But, that’s the other reason why I don’t want to go any further. I don’t want to answer no more questions. I mean, how much more clear can it be, that we are waiting for the Second Article that will have the pictures and the description, and the date, and everything… that they want.

They don’t need it from me. So we’ll let them go through the door and once that article comes out, THAT’S IT. The umbilical cord is cut.

We will post things on our Forum, where they can go:

What Banks
Good rates
Phone numbers
Bank Managers
Things of that sort, to follow-through to help out.

But tonight, I’m calling it The Mother of all Time-Frames. There’s no need for us to share with anybody what we opinionate. Especially when we have one or two that are going to throw things in our faces. Now, do you have a comment about that, because I’m sending you something right now. You got your phone? Brother, look at your phone.

Statement given to Delta on his phone.

We have a lot of people that send us a lot of information. But we share very little of it to be honest with you family. What I’m going to do right now, is show you something that I feel good about, because it really overlaps.

Ladies and Gentlemen I’m going to share something with you, and then we’re going to end our call for tonight. I don’t normally, “outside” information. I stay within my Teams. For verification. But I have been communicating with this person every now and then. And they sent this to me. I was pleased that they sent it to me. It says the following:

“Frank this is actual money-changers in Iraq.” It’s their table family, their desk, when you walk into where they sell currency. They’ve got it all laid out. It’s a bit of a primitive method, but it works for them. So the currency is laid all across this table. And he says:

“This is an actual money changer in Iraq. My friend, so and so, that street money vendor, says that they are being told that the Smaller Denomination Category are supposed to be delivered to him next month. We did a FaceTime with him, and this is the pictures we are able to get during our conversation with him.”

Frank holds up picture of the Money-changer and his table.

So this is the set-up of a Money-changer, in Iraq. And my friends are telling me, that they are telling them, that they are going to be delivered the Small Category Notes next month. Well, that’s nice. That would put us somewhere in our Mother of all Time-Frames wouldn’t it.
DELTA: This is similar to a picture I sent you also of a man basically in his shop. This is how they change their money on the street. But this is actual.

FRANK: It’s important that the Family realize that this is currency from around the world. This is not the Small Category Notes that we are waiting for that the Second Article will explain.

I do believe that more than likely, they have already, in that exchanger office, have the Lower Denoms that were distributed on Thursday.

DELTA: I do agree with you 100%, and all of our Teams that mission accomplished and there is really nothing more to talk about. I mean, this is it. You are correct, we’ll see what they are going to do. All the indications and everything is telling us that, they HAVE to do this.

And this is the good news that the Central Bank of Iraq they have to do this, not for us, but have to do this for the citizens, for their own Nation. And as you see, I mean, they even have their own citizens, their own economy, and everybody wants this to go forward. They have to reinstate. Just like any other Middle Eastern Nation, they have the Pride in them. The goal. I’m better than you. For them to still be here is very shameful now for their country. Their currency is worthless and you cannot even deal with it outside the country. And that’s a problem. Everything’s there. It’s been many years for us, but believe me the reward is going to be really great for all of us.

I just want to thank you and Tink of course, Walkingstick, I-Teams, everybody that have been with us since Day One. I love you all and hopefully, we’ll talk to you in the future.

Thank you very much.

FRANK: And I want thank you, Delta, for all that you’ve done. God bless you my friend. I cannot wait to be with you again! Because every time I’m with you, I enjoy my time. We laugh a lot, and we are just very grateful for life. And we’re grateful for our families. You and I have a lot of common traits. The only difference between you and I, is that you’re good looking, and I’m a little bit on the ugly side. But that’s okay.

DELTA: Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ve been growing my ponytail too.

FRANK: Hey! Speaking of ponytails, there was this tragedy that happened last night. By accident, we were cutting meat, and uh, a meat cutter just sliced off my ponytail! So, I’m sorry man. I don’t think you’ll be able to cut my ponytail off okay?

DELTA: Well, you’ll have to make one very fast!

FRANK: I also want to thank my wife, for all these years of sharing me. She’s a good soul. Someday when you get to meet her, you’ll fall in love with her like I have. Someday you Ladies can go shopping with my wife and she’ll show you how she uses coupons. I mean she’s a master at it. She’s a good soul. And to be honest with you it was Jesus Christ who saved my soul. But it was my wife, who gave it back to me. So that I could apply it to my Lord Jesus.

I also want to thank KTFA staff, and all of its members. Thank you so much you guys. You’ve been with me for 10 years. You’re pillars of KTFA. I want to thank the Memberships. All of you that have been a part of us, that have been customers, friends. Thank you so much.

And a special salute to our friend Walkingstick. Who right now, sits, with a lot of dignitaries. With a lot of special people. Walkingstick, you’ve been a true friend, until the end. And I thank you for taking us this far.

Gentlemen, if there are any Ladies among you, we all salute you. And we all thank you, for what you’ve shared with us all these years in your opinion. Thank you for guiding us straight. Thank you for letting us have Walkingstick.

Okay, KTFA Family, KONA: We’re done.

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