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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Collapse"  10/7/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Collapse" 10/7/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Collapse"  10/7/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Collapse" 10/7/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:44 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Collapse"  10/7/18 Alexan11


America got a lot whiter Saturday with the Senate’s Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Bitter sweet for Human Angles, good in the sense that we have a 5-4 majority now in the Supreme Court, which was a major required GESARA mandate and why his candidacy was pushed at all costs.

And that it pushed us closer towards our redemption moment. Wonderful.

But it’s a very bad moment in what the country was put through to get there.

Brutal path.

Especially if you’re a woman or person of color, regardless of who did what to whom, anyone that’s not a man or white or both, have been unjustly penalized for all the evil that generations of Anglo Draconian colonizers have caused.

Collateral damage they say. I say it’s not loving. Not God. But I understand men with guns often must step in to protect those without.

Human genocide wasn’t an option either, so... open wide and take the medicine. Still not love though. Never will be either.

Nothing will stop BRICS/Trump agenda now as its crating an illusion of a whites only country again. That somehow America is going back to the morality of the 1950s.

But it can’t. Too many people of color now, immigrants and generations of families.

So what gives?

It’s a trap. Bait. For the white supremacists to happily take as the NPTB uncover latent obstructions to progress.

Q, Q Anon and Q plus too. All traps.

Even the Kavanaugh appointment and confirmation was a psy-ops designed to flesh out latent evil. Total trap, designed to isolate for slaughter whatever hellions remained in the western world.

But Human Angels didn’t fall for it. No, we fought. Resisted. Preached and prepared. Sadly, the collapse we feared is upon us.

And only time and the removal of Trump can begin the healing process for America. Both are coming to their end.

That moment will come. It will. All rage burns out eventually because it’s not love. And what’s left is for us to deal with.

No wonder Trump minions are pushing China harder and harder on trade sanctions, all to set up subtly but traumatic diplomatic suicide.

No more mineral sales. No more bond purchases. No more USD favor. And the Draconian Democracy ballon just bursts.

Many Americans don’t know that their economy is 100% dependent on China (and Africa) for the rare earth elements (REE) that contribute to making every single product in the industrialized west.

Like every nation.

This places the entire western corporate community under China’s thumb because they control 97% of the REE production they determine who creates relevant technology products in the new global military and business supply chain.

Sure China owns 1.8 Trillion of US Treasuries, which is nearly 40% of the gross American sovereign debt… and the Peoples Republic Bank of China could have started selling off those assets in bulk years ago, just as Russia has already done in order to de-dollarize before they collapse the global bond market in one trading week.

No the restriction of mineral sales are much much worse. That’s the long game. That is dangerous. And why you might end up holding your community’s financial salvation in your own hands.

People just don’t know. And they don’t care to know. At least not yet. But they will and might offer up initial discontent to your leadership... but they will follow you because they won’t have another monetary choice.

And we in turn must be gracious and humble. We must. Because we control their fate. Overnight. Because they wanted things to stay the same and we wanted change. And things changed.

Now how this collapse will roll out and when it will arrive are unknowns. But slow or fast, it’s coming and soon.

November 4th is the final performance mandate for GESARA. So we’ll see.

Could said collapse happen by this week? Hopefully not. But maybe. All economic signs are pointing to an impending melt down like 2008.

But this time it will be much worse, and won’t end with a TAARP bailout. No, not until GESARA is completely accepted and implemented globally will the pain stop this time around.

The mortgage apocalypse was a preview of what is here now. And the BRICS ready and able to collapse the American way of life just as America’s military and Treasury has collapsed so many other countries.

So many others. Making this US collapse payback and morally just for business unfinished.

Are you prepared for this to happen? No one is.

Do you have alternative investments like gold, silver, emergency market bonds and currencies?

Yes you do. Their called RV currencies and bonds. And they are in your hands because the BRICS intends to collapse western civilization.

So if you’re reading this, you have a shot at staving off personal collapse. But if not, the world around you will dynamically regress while the unawakened scream in horror.

As you instantly become their only hope and reality for sustenance. It’s time to get your head around that reality manifesting. Not easy certainly, but necessary now.

No one can continue to prefer illusion over truth. Ignorance over knowledge. Death over life. Literally no one.

Simple as that.

However, I doubt you’ll see a massive UST bond sell off, but yes it would put us another step closer to our redemptions. No the Chinese have more subtle ways of destroying middle and upper class American wealth that was stolen from indigenous peoples (FYI: Monday is Indigenous Peoples Day).

Now are you prepared to service that entitled community if all goes to hell in an economic hand-basket? Remember, there won’t be a government bailout this time. No Federal aid either. Just currency and bond redeemers on the street.

So do the best you can. But understand this is the exact reason they kept selling RV currencies and bonds all these years.

The NPTB needed Human Angels at the street level given what they were planning to do to the western world. (Canada, US, Europe, Australia, Israel).

Basically the Anglos.

This blow would create a new set of white people problems as both their wealth and arrogance would permanently be dried up, maybe even before they woke up Tuesday morning (Monday is also Columbus Day / Federal Holiday).

Think of this as a reverse 9/11 — Lehman Brothers attack. Too radical for your passive Christian ears? Too destructive to dare consider? Too conspiratorial to process? Or worse, too Yosef anything more than internet fodder?

Well then consider this:

“The US share of global GDP now stands at 18%, a significant slide from the 30% seen after World War II.

The Chinese economy has quadrupled to 16% since 1950, while emerging markets like the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and others account for 60% of global GDP.

Despite this, the US dollar is predominantly used by some 60% of countries, accounting for 70% of global GDP transactions because of the old and defunct Bretton-Woods system.

Sure the Chinese yuan has become more widely used, but it still accounts for just 1.84% of total global reserve currencies in Central Banks worldwide, while US dollar reserves are 62.25%, and that’s the USD’s lowest level since 2013.

So the hard math supports my collapse claim. The imbalance is obvious, and the only question left “when.”

Because “if” is immanent now. The collapse grenade pin has been pulled but not yet thrown. Thus “when” is just a matter of timing.

So let’s go there shall we by exploring “why.” Let’s go beyond conspiracy theories like mankind not walking on the moon and MLK never being shot (he was just a CIA plant to achieve African capitulation during the Civil Rights Movement—check out all the unconcerned faces on the ground in Memphis).

Reminds me of the HAS family as the Children of Trump fall for yet another victory rally.

Folks, Trump is giant psychological operation (psy-ops) designed to achieve capitulation just like the MLK psy-ops.

Trump controls angry white population dissent, while the NPTB parents gently applied the needed GESARA compliance changes, and even forcing some into existence like Kavanaugh.

His confirmation creates a conservative SCOTUS majority—and you saw how hard that was—imagine what a banking enforcement might look and feel like.

Talk about brutal path.

Donald exists soullessly to absorb hidden white rage and burn it out as to avoid future violence, or worse, total revolt by the population majority (baby boomer white Christians over 40).

Naturally Russia and China know this, and created not one but two puppet Presidents they could control, one to attract attention and lead a false white Christian revolt, only to deflate it last second with personal scandals when the initial mission was accomplished.

Hopefully, confirming Judge Kavanaugh was the last big GESARA change needed and we can begin removing the orange stain named Trump.

Ultimately they will have insert another Presidential operative, but this one will be a real politician who understands the world had already changed over a BRICS Alliance authority—and that a new foreign power structure controls all western and world affairs now.

You see, WW3 has already been fought, won, transitioned and most to all of America has zero idea anything occurred.

Hence why Americans are deemed asleep. And why they are destined to be shocked awake when the truth of the last 100 years is made known in the next 100 days.

That’s why the NPTB selected Paul Ryan to mop up after Trump. He is calm. Deliberate. Polite. Knowledgeable about all American interests. The opposite of Trump.

Seems the NPTB wanted a total contrast from Trump, and the more polished statesman Ryan fit the bill.

Ryan is still a Russian and Chinese puppet understand. But at least he’s a post RV puppet dancing for America’s new world relevance. And not part of Trump’s pre-RV circus.

So to review: The BRICS Alliance runs the entire Trump circus, and have systematically downsized not only the US economy, but at the same time re-moralized our courts, transitioned our form government (no longer a Democracy and more of an Autocratic society like Russia and China), neutered our military worldwide, fired and hired all new corporation boards, flipped our media messaging system, even changed our cable television and internet content… without many to all Americans even noticing because the Trump puppet show was far more entertaining.

The world has been been exposed to this never ending reality show and can’t turn away from the Trump rhetoric as a result—as it makes one either over engage or detach from all news.

Gotta give the NPTB credit, that’s one heck of a psy-ops. Well done.

Because not only is America dead broke and has been since 2008. We are intellectually dead as well.

And we won’t be made whole economically until after our new gold backed money is allowed to flow freely. Which currently it is not.

Or until Africa releases the entire Anglo world from permanent mineral poverty—whichever comes first I suppose.


Little things like rocks mean more than money. Who knew? Well they did. And now you do... right before the collapse.

So combine that with the fact America no longer mines or refines vital strategic minerals/rocks that allow the manufacture of critical technological products for the military, or any other industry which limits our national ability to create value for the international market; and the truth is we are dead as a nation, and the USD currency and UST bonds we think we hold are really worthless junk.

Quite honestly, it’s embarrassing to be an American if one is awakened beyond the tribal conspiracy theorists and the oceanic volumes of mass ignorance.

Knowledge is lonely. It leaves no one to talk to and forces all to flee.

Too harsh? Too rude? Too hateful? To angry and troll-esque?

Maybe, but it’s still true.

Human beings have the individual historical memory capacity of a goldfish.

So which is it for you?

Let the entire American consciousness stay sound asleep and give them infinite money supplies or awaken them all at once with an economic collapse to get their attention?

Can’t be both.

This is why the road to wisdom is narrow and uncertain, and why so few began walking it, with only a handful left to keep walking and arrive at the ancient gates of wisdom.

Is that really you? Or do you just want 800#s so you can enrich yourself?

Be honest.

Chances are no it’s not really you. Mathematically speaking at least.

But if you are indeed a truth seeker there’s now no way you can associate with anyone pro-Trump—were just too close to the transition and walking such an arduous path is purely a solo spiritual experience.

Because with every Trump rally I see on TV, I question why I keep looking at this overt ignorance?

The answer is I stop staring at the train wreck. It’s just that hard to look away. But look away I must because I’m done arguing with folks about how the Trump psy-ops was created to dismantle America, and pointing out obvious facts of his pre 9/11 treasonous cabal past means absolutely nothing to them.

Long live white power!

Time to just walk away and never return to that frequency. Trump may be a necessary evil, but he’s still evil. And his followers are as well.

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan and the House passed 1,000 pieces of legislation since Trump came into office.

And he’s the one actually rebuilding America with new GESARA laws—across every spectrum of the American experience—getting little to no credit because Trump is there hourly to absorb all global media attention.

But think about it, honest stewardship should get no p@attention. While deceitful celebrity by nature demands it all. It’s the definition of anti-Christ actually.

Just the way Chinese, Russian and African Elders designed it to play out I suppose. Fatten up the American white pig before slaughtering it.

Let the west pound their chests and in-fight between one another for power, while they position their nations , economies and races to re-take control of world affairs and eliminate all the remaining military threats anonymously as the good stewards of humanity they are.

Ryan, therefore, lays in wait for his moment to arrive on the scene as a Presidential figure as the Trump psy-ops winds down and is mercilessly dismantled by the Obama controlled deep state.

We anticipate the Trump Presidential puppet show to be end shortly after the mid-terms, and pick up steam after the 2018 holiday season and the new Congressional start date of January 3, 2019.

And we anticipate he will be made gone permanently sometime between April and September.

It’s as though the Chinese, Russians and Africans made some kind of deal with Obama (and Ryan) before leaving office in 2016, that the BRICS Alliance would get two full years to shame and reform western society, embarrassing specially the United States as an obnoxious bully, who over reaches power, while at the same time also destroy American diplomatic soft power in the process.

But once the two year grace period ends, the pride that came before the fall will be removed.

Historically speaking, the anti-Christ always comes before the Christ does.

This goes for Netanyahu in Israel too. Both are dangerously prideful leaders who will now be revealed as exactly what they are… controlled operatives of mass destruction, baiting the unawakened prideful Anglo masses into a clandestine trap only to burn out their rage before they all fall.

Sad, sad, sad. But true, true, true. What will you do, do, do?

Guess there’s nothing more to say but wait it out.

Even Zimbabwe is enduring unnecessary economic and physical suffering waiting due to last ditch Anglo rage. The African Elders just sit back and watch as the western world burns its pride out and is forced to conform fully to all GESARA mandates—which means the gold standard only African minerals can support.

All go or none go. The easy way or the hard way. Makes no difference. Both reach the same end point. Death to cabal energy and relevance.

When does this cathartic process complete?

Nobody really knows, only the higher intelligence authors of the master plan have a clue and they aren’t telling.

So we wait. Or you don’t. The universe moves on with or without your agreement or compliance.

Lots of very good intentioned humanitarians are right now jumping off the band wagon late in the game. It’s sad. But so what.

Their sacred covenants were something else as it turned out, not to fully know about modern events or participate endlessly in serving the light.

They are our Junior Angles. We thank them. And wish them well.

But Human Angles can’t get off the band wagon, no matter what or the harsh consequences endured by staying in the vibration of service and the command leadership position it demands.

Chosen means bound. And the elders knew this and why they gave us the opportunity to serve as they have—bound to healing the soul of the world.

They protected the resources and delivered the blessing. We are to disburse it and grow the army of mercy workers. Soviet. Beitso.

So stop looking at the money is my advice. Stop looking at everything Trump or news related if you can.

Just keep an eye on the markets and Trump / Netanyahu’s fall from grace. The end result is unavoidable—and that’s western moral collapse being known publicly.

Once that reveal process finally begins, starting with Rod Rosenstein being fired and the Mueller Investigation breaking publicly of both Republican and Democratic Anglo sin (after the mid-terms), then its ok to start paying attention again to events as then it is again worth your time.

Until then, let the orange storm pass because other geopolitical and macro events and rapidly finalizing as the NPTB prepare to release the historic sum of capital.

Trump controls nothing. America controls nothing. Anglos control nothing. They, however, are 100% controlled.

Wish I had better news, wish everything came sooner or when you wanted it to… but don’t give away another day on the Trump puppet show. Because that’s exactly what our new foreign masters provide for the western children on a daily basis.

God is with us.....yosef

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Mnangagwa rejects Mines and Mineral Amendment Bill

The Mines and Mineral Amendment Bill, which sailed through Parliament…

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