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 "Watch them all Come" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 9/27/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Watch them all Come" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 9/27/18

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 "Watch them all Come" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 9/27/18 Empty "Watch them all Come" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 9/27/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:40 am


Walkingstick » September 27th, 2018

BR....Trump addresses reporter as 'Mr Kurd', and Kurds are delighted

President Trump referred to a Kurdish journalist as "Mr Kurd" during a press conference on Wednesday in New York and found himself hailed as hero on Twitter.

While taking questions, Trump called on the reporter and said, “Yes, please. Mr Kurd, go ahead.”

The reporter, Kurdistan TV journalist Rahim Rashidi, didn’t seem bothered by the reference and thanked Trump for calling on him. He then asked the president a question about how US relations with the Kurds will look post-ISIS.

"We're trying to get along very well. We do get along great with the Kurds. We're trying to help them a lot. Don't forget, that's their territory. We have to help them," answered Trump. "I want to help them."

Rashidi later identified himself on Twitter: "I’m #MrKurd & very proud. #TrumpPressConference. Thanks Mr. @POTUS for recognizing Kurdistan’s contribution in fight against ISIS."

He added to Euronews this morning: "For POTUS to refer to me by my Kurdish ethnicity is something I’m very proud of. The Kurdish people are always ignored, so we take a lot of pride in being recognized by our Kurdish identity.

"From the Iranian Regime to the Turkish government, the Kurdish people’s identity is always under attack.

"This is a happy moment for me and 40+ million Kurds around the world because it is coming from the president of the United States. We are being recognized for who we are, Kurds."

Trump's "Mr Kurd" reference followed an exchange with an exchange with a foreign reporter who told the president he was Kurdish, Trump said, "Good. Good. Great people! Great fighters. I like 'em a lot."

The Kurdish people primarily inhabit an area of the Middle East straddling southern Turkey and northern Iraq, Iran and Syria. Their demands for an independent homeland have frequently put them into conflict with the governments of those countries. Under Saddam Hussein's regime, the population of the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan was subjected to a brutal persecution in which tens of thousands were killed.

In Turkey, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which has led a decades-long bloody insurgency, has been designated a terrorist organisation, a view shared by western powers including the US and the EU.

And in neighbouring Syria, the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), are similarly considered by Ankara, which has launched cross-border military operations against the militia.

However, Washington has backed the YPG as an ally against ISIS, offering supplies and air support.

Many Kurds are happy about Trump's comments and are using the #MrKurd to share their reactions.


Frank26 » September 27th, 2018




THEY DID YESTERDAY TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TA DA FREAKEN DA !!! !!! !!!

Samson » September 27th, 2018

Trump: Japan agreed to start talks on a free trade agreement

26th September, 2018

US President Donald Trump said he agreed with the Prime Minister of Japan to start talks between the two parties on a free trade agreement

"Japan has been unwilling to do so for various reasons over the years, and now it is ready to do so," Trump told a news conference during a meeting with Shinzo Abe on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly

Trump said the United States was very happy for Japan's agreement to hold talks on trade, stressing that the two sides would reach a satisfactory conclusion

Trump said he was unhappy with Japan's $ 69 billion trade surplus with the United States and wanted a bilateral deal to deal with it

But Japanese officials were concerned that Trump would demand a reduction in imports of Japanese cars and impose heavy tariffs on cars and spare parts, which would hit the export-oriented economy badly

Trump pointed out to Japan very smart and has done very well so far and will continue to do so, noting: "We will have a wonderful relationship in the best trade ever LINK

Pmac » September 27th, 2018

Anyone who wants to understand the current agenda... watch Trumps address to the UN. "Sooner than you realize, everyone will be on a level playing field" Said T last year I believe.

Now take into consideration what was said at the UN address and you can see this initiative has progressed A LOT.

The IQD is going to be used as a tool in the upcoming MAGA deal... a new Bretton Woods if you will. The USA is no longer going to be taken advantage of, and we are about to witness the biggest takedown of the highest levels of corruption in history.

Then our IQD will have a suitable environment in AND outside of Iraq. To quote God's word spoken through Kim Clements... "Even when things seem at there worst, I will bring it forth". What constitutes things seeming at there worst? A little global takedown sounds like it!! All IMHO of course

Walkingsick » September 27th, 2018

Judge Rahim al-Ukaili filed a complaint with the Iraqi judiciary against a former prime minister


Judge Rahim al - Ugaili submit to the Iraqi judiciary complaint against the former prime minister

presented Judge Rahim alUgaili former head Integrity Commission complaint against former Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki asking his trial what been committing crimes against Iraqi people documented that evidence and documents and following full text of request complaint:

took accused ( Nuri Kamel al-Maliki) as prime minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces in Iraq between 2006 and 2014. During his rule, he committed a number of serious violations and crimes. Whereas the post of commander-in-chief of the armed forces is a civilian post according to article 9 / Of the Constitution Stated: - (armed forces security services made up of components Iraqi people and subject to civilian authority ..) So thereno legal face to say that.

The charges attributed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces are within the jurisdiction of the military judiciary because they are civil, but the courts of the internal security forces and the military courts are exclusively concerned with crimes committed by the military. The Constitution stipulates in Article 93 VI that the Federal Supreme Court shall be competent in: The accusations against the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers). Therefore, the allegation that the crimes attributed to the accused, including treason, is the responsibility of the military judiciary is to evade the judiciary to perform its constitutional responsibilities and to try to give up confronting the people's issues.

Therefore, we ask for legal action and criminal proceedings against the accused for the following crimes:

First: - His crimes as he was the general commander of the armed forces: -
1 - The treason: - In the fall of a third of Iraq, however, a terrorist organization (Dahesh), and caused the arming of this criminal organization Balayat and weapons of the Iraqi army, the development of estimated (more than 15 billion dollars) left by the army behind him when abandoning the defense of the ground And the resultant killing, wounding, displacement and displacement of millions of citizens and the violation of their right to life and their symptoms and their money and the captivity of women and sell them in the markets of the dacha.

2 - Spyker massacre: -
When thousands of young people (other than the coach) were harassed and appointed for defiant electoral purposes and pushed them to a camp in Saladin and left them there without training and weapons to defend themselves and without military justification for their presence there, making them easy hunting for a terrorist organization, A crime in the history of modern Iraq. And the evidence (the file being investigated by the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad).

3 - committing major massacres against the Iraqi people are crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity:
when hundreds of children, women and demonstrators, as he did in Zarka, Hawija, Falluja and Ramadi. Evidence: - The prosecution of these massacres in the police stations, the justice department and the prosecution services in those areas on the assumption that you are informed of your presidency in accordance with the Public Prosecution Law No. 159 of 1979.

4 - The massacre in Karbala:
against the supporters of Mr. Hassani in 2014. (Files in the Karbala Police Directorate and the courts of investigation and crimes in Karbala

.) 5. Caused by the tragedy suffered by the minorities:
caused by the tragedy suffered by minorities (Christians and Isidis) And restrict them in their protection and ease in their relief and provide the minimum requirements for them. (Files of the House of Representatives and national and religious institutions of national and international).

6 - Spreading corruption in the military and security establishment:
(Closed and open investigation files within the offices of the public inspectors in the Ministry of Defense and in the Ministry of Interior and the Integrity Commission)

7 - shed the sword of ablation on them To ensure their loyalty and not to depart from obedience in order to implement his agendas beyond the law and the Constitution. And the evidence (lists of the eradication and excluded from the ablation of security institutions without the approval of the House of Representatives) other than the law of accountability and justice No. 10 of 2008.

8 - Establishment of military and security institutions:

10 - Deviation of the army building sectarian and exclusionary approach:

11 - Exercise of emergency work without authorization from the House of Representatives:

12 - The execution of prisoners and detainees in prisons and detention centers:

13- Implementing arbitrary arrests:

14 - Enforced disappearances systematically committed against thousands of Iraqis by security forces linked to him or supported militias, killing them and throwing their bodies.

15 - Using his powers to stop the legal proceedings or refuse to direct the judiciary to take legal action against the leaders Civil and military crimes accused of criminal offenses against civilians (files covered in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the courts of investigation and misdemeanors and crimes in Iraq on the assumption that your presidency to inform them according to the law of the prosecution).

16 - Use of armed forces in 2012 to threaten the Kurdistan Region - to achieve narrow political gains - in a dangerous precedent contrary to the Constitution, which prevented the intervention of armed forces in political affairs in accordance with Article 9 (I) of the Constitution, which limited the role of armed forces in the defense of Iraq . (The formation of the Tigris forces and the threat of confrontation that took place in July 2012).

Second: - His crimes as Prime Minister: -
1. Violation of the independence of the judiciary and its interference in its affairs, its use in liquidating its political opponents, the purchase of political positions, and the granting of patent documents to political loyalists of criminals and corrupt parties (judicial files against the Central Bank Governor and the former Minister of Communications) President of the Judicial Council in front of the Vice President Dr. Ayad Allawi and the announcement of the latter on television channels, and editorial evidence, all the orders and executions and directives preserved files of the Judicial Council and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.


Samson » September 27th, 2018

Parliament raises its meeting to next Monday and sets a date for the election of the President of the Republic

27th September, 2018

The House of Representatives, Thursday, its regular session to next Monday, while the next meeting set a date for the election of the President of the Republic.

A parliamentary source told Mawazine News that "the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halbousi, raised the ordinary session of Parliament until next Monday, 1/10." The source added that "Halabusi, the next meeting set a date for the election of the President of the Republic."

The House of Representatives held its third session of the first legislative term for the first legislative year of the fourth parliamentary session under the chairmanship of its chairman Mohamed Halboussi and the presence of 226 deputies. LINK

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