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1 -  KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by Cinderella1906 9/24/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by Cinderella1906 9/24/18

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1 -  KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by Cinderella1906 9/24/18 Empty KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by Cinderella1906 9/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:53 am


Cinderella1906 » September 26th, 2018



I only transcribed what Frank said. I did not transcribe any calls with Delta


Due to the time factor, let’s get moving right away and move into the next section.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I was last with you, it was about 2 weeks ago. And if you recall I said to you, I don’t want to walk with you through the door of the RI of the RV. Oh and by the way, I see your postings, and even when I give you an answer to a question, you take the answer and you just take it apart, and you try to find other reasons to support YOUR logic. I’m not confusing.

Look… let me try to explain this, one more time, and only one more time, so we can move on. The Central Bank of Iraq, in conjunction with the Government of Iraq, is in the process of going through what is called a “Monetary Reform.” Now that’s an“MR.” Okay?

Now within the MR, consist, some other initials. Three of them in fact. The next one is what’s called the RD, and they’re already done with that. That’s called the redenomination. You know instead of a…a…a…a, $100 dollar bill in your pocket? How about if you had 5 $20 dollar bills in your pocket? Well, you redenominated that $100 bill into 5 $20 dollar bills. In other words, they want to get rid of the 3 zero notes and bring in the small notes; that’s the redenomination process.

And as far as I’m concerned, they are well past that as well too. Not only in the education to the citizens, but also in printing it. And we’ve already shown you the proof; it’s in the Final Article Thread. You saw millions and millions that they spent in printing new currency. Hm. They even told you which category, didn’t they? Very clearly. And we established the difference in the lower denoms, which have a space, a Specimen stamp on the new ones that are leaving the borders of Iraq! And where are they going? Oh yes! To all the other Central Banks in Iraq! This whole conference call is in my opinion by the way. (said with emphasis)

(looking down and praying) Oh God give me the strength. I don’t mean to be angry.

This whole conference call is in my opinion. And for those of you who mock my opinion.. uh, that send us nasty emails… there’s 3 of you. There’s 3 of you.

One of you calls me with an unknown phone number and says some of the foulest, nastiest things that could only be found in a Whore House.

And then I have another person, who sends me an email, and.. so there’s two others that sends me emails, ummm…. And your nasty.

And then there’s another guy that sends me a text, ah, “You should be ashamed of yourself, misleading people. Oh how dare you. God is gonna hurt you.” (said in a low voice mimicking the person) Hurt me? Really? (laughing into the camera) God is gonna hurt me? Alrighty. (serious now…) I can only pray for you. Because I don’t wanna hate ‘chu. I don’t wanna hurt ‘cha. I don’t want to argue with you. I want to love you.

This is what God wants of me to do with you. Even though you throw things at me, because of our statements and because I go on vacation.. because whatever it is that I do… “Oh dear me! Did you see Frank! Frank just breathed! He just breathed! Did you see that? How dare you breathe Frank!” Ah… Am I being silly? Of course I am. I’m stretching this, uh, uh, like Silly Putty, ‘cuz that’s exactly what it is. Very silly!

For those of you that, that, try to hurt us.. let me give you another example (picks up cell phone to show face of phone) See this one right here? This is the one guy. See how it says “No Call ID?” uh… this individual, will call us and just say some nasty and vile things. (gets closer to the camera) But you don’t absorb that pain. You think my life is hunky-dory. I know you have pain too, family. Why do you think I do what I do on the Internet? Yes! To make a living. It is my privilege. It is my right. It is my demand by my Heavenly Father. But it is certainly is not to mislead you.

So let me continue to finish what I was saying, before I deviated myself.

The Iraqi currency by the Central Bank of Iraq and many world entities along and in conjunction with the government of Iraq, are going through a re… are going through a Monetary Reform, “MR.”

Inside the Monetary Reform is a re-denomination. Which I believe is also well established.

Now, after the Re-denomination, and all of this is in your Turkmanistan bi’ah… that you see in the last article thread that we have.

After that comes, the third thing. Actually the third and fourth are in combination, and that might be what would cause some trouble. It is the re-instatement and the revaluazation, of the Iraqi Dinar.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m asking you kindly, please stop calling me. Look at this.. look at all of these calls here. Anyways, that throws me off with my teams. My teams communicate with me in three different ways. (to Tink: “You wanna take it? Thank you.”)

Um, so in conjunction is the RI, the reinstatement, and the revaluazation, because once you reinstate the currency, it’s in position, either at that moment to revalue, or, it’s in position to revalue very shortly afterwards. How is it revalued? By the lifting of the 3 zeros of the exchange rate. Yeah.

So now you know, I hope. Ok. There is the Monetary Reform that is introducing a redenomination and that uh, will bring forth a reinstatement and a revaluazation. The RI, the RV can occur in conjunction, instantly together, or they can occur once and then the other one. But, it would be a Reinstatement first, that would then bring forth an RV.

If you want a sequence, if it really means that much to you, because you cause problems, when you argue about silly things It’s a Monetary Reform. MR. Going into a RD, going into an RI, that goes into a RV instantly or eventually. Okay? Okay.

Now as I was saying… When I left you I said that during this time, we were expecting the second article to come out. Now granted, I told that we’re shooting for the last two weeks of this month for September, correct? Is this month of September over with? (Tink in the background: “Nope.”… Frank started genuinely laughing at that … Im sorry what what that Tink? “Nope” Frank “Nope”) It’s noooot. So we still have a week in my calculations and in my uh teachings with you, (laughing), For those of you who are on the phone, my wife just brought a little silly chicken here. The chicken would say “Nope. It’s not over with.” Okay. Thank you Tink. It’s not.

And back to being serious.. let that week go by. We’ll still hopefully see, uh, that second and final article.

Now, I also wanna say that, while I was gone, while I was gone, in my opinion anyways, I believe that uh, I believe that about three more articles came out. That ah, are what we call the “escort.” Or the “convoy.” Of the second or final article. Oh yeah. Did you get to see those three articles? (smiling) Um, yeah. Did I recognize them for you? No. No. You could walk through it by yourself.

Are they in the Final Article Thread? No. No. Because to me the most important thing is the second and final article. And we’ve already gone over it, haven’t we family? You know exactly what it’s gonna contain. Very descriptive. Very to the point to the citizens. And who to else? To who else? To the World. And as I told you before, don’t worry about that. Oh you’re gonna say “But the Whales and Sharks are gonna buy every dinar.” No. There are security features in place that are going to prevent that. And it started over a year ago.

Do you remember last year, I had to tell you, I’m sorry, we can’t get you dinars right now. Do you remember in February or March, I told you of this year, Sorry we can’t get you dinars right now. The Central Bank of Iraq stopped the letting go of its babies. Of its currency. A long time ago. The safety features to prevent massive buying dinars, is uh, long gone. I’m sorry. Is well in place. So that they don’t take advantage of that.

Now this last week of this month of September, let’s see if that second article comes out.

Inside of this last two weeks, actually while I was gone, something happened. Something happened. Are you interested in knowing what happened in my opinion? Would you like for me to tell you? Of course you do.. that’s why you come. So, together we will study now, that which happened while I was gone.

But before we do, I want to tell you that on our Saturday video that we released. (laughing) Sorry about the second video that you saw me dancing. When I’m happy.. I dance. And it was that time in fact, that day, uh that Walkingstick gave me his report. And I will admit, I released that video of me dancing, because of that report. I’m going to give you part of.. Well I’m going to give you most of that report tonight.

But then on Wednesday, somewhere, mixed in-between our call for the product that I represent, uh, I may do it at the start of the call, I may do it in the middle of the call; I may do it at the end of the call. But I will bring you the dessert… a part 2 of tonight.

But for tonight, it is uh, you’re going to get the majority of it. I would say a good 70% of it.

Something did happen while we were gone. And on that Saturday video that I released to you, Video #1, Um, I sat with you and I said to you “Family, I’d like to talk to you about some things.” By now, I thought we were going to have the second article. And what happened was, I said “Um, the BIS…” Um, something happened with the BIS family. And you know what else? With the WTO. The World Trade Organization. And the Bank of International Settlements. Now if you don’t know, the BIS is the Mother of all Central Banks on this planet Earth. And the Central Bank of Iraq, is one of them. And you know that, that, that Central Bank is trying to what?

Monetary Reform. Redenominate. Reinstate. Revalue. Oh okay. And something happened with them? That’s right. So the BIS, the Mother of all Central Banks, would be very interested isn’t it? Yeah, that’s right. Remember I told you Family, that there’s a date? That there is a date for the lifting of the 3 zeros to add value to the currency? I told you I don’t know it. I told you I don’t know it. But in my opinion, there is a date. Mm-hum. Well, if something happened with the BIS, and CBI, it seems to be it’s because that date is very close.

Is that logical? Does that make sense? Mmm-k. Now with that said, and by the way, I would really appreciate you all focusing, and paying attention, because I’m not going to make the Conference Call long. Right now I have Delta on the wings waiting for me to bring him in live. And he’s gonna talk to you. But first I want him to listen, because he doesn’t even have this report. I want you to listen, because you’ve been wanting this report. (shaking head, huffing)

Okay, something happened with the BIS. Something happened with the WTO. Something happened with the CBI. Did you notice all of the sudden a few days ago, the CBI comes out and they say “Hey look. I’ll tell ya what. We’re just going to push the American Dollar away. We don’t want the American Dollar. We don’t, we’re removing it.” You are? “Yeah! Everything we’re gonna do, we started paying our citizens, ya know, salary, electronically.. and only with the Iraqi Dinar.” Well that’s wonderful. “Yes it is.” “And also, we’re doing some other things with only the Iraqi dinar.” And the article said We don’t want to use the American Dollar. We’re removing it.

Now do you understand what that is? With the MCPs the auctions? Well, you should be jumping for joy! The same amount of energy… The same amount of emotion… The same amount of kinetic and ATP energy that you use… The same perpetual energy that you use to be so negative, use it for the excitement for the things we share with you. Because you’re going to see the evidence very shortly. In my opinion.

It took a long time to get that article 7 to you. Oh! Wow! Frank’s teams was right! Took a long time to get that Prime Minister Abadi to you. Oh! Frank was right! Took a long time to give you Mosul the way you wanted. Oh! Frank was right! It took a long time for them to admit, they have already… that they are already in the process of lifting the 3 zeros… or have done it. Hmm

So I ask you, to please be patient with what we share with you right now. The auctions are in wonderful position, right now, at this moment, for a reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.

A relationship between the American Dollar and the IQD will develop and, but it will be in a basket. It won’t be in an auction of the CBI. It won’t be get on my back, jump on my back, and let me carry you okay? Yeah uh-huh? NO. it will be in a basket. Hey how you doing IQD? Doing fine USD. (laughing) Wassup? Bump me. Check bump. Gimme 5.. there ya go. Are we equal? Are we equal or what, huh? We working together side-by-side right? I’m not bummin’ off of you anymore am I? No you’re not. We’re working together. Along with these other currencies. Let’s go meet them okay? We shall.

President Trump is doing some amazing things. Historical things. I envision President Trump’s last two years, to the equivalent of landing on the moon! No one’s ever done it. And it took an American to do it. A business American. That put his faith in God. I don’t believe that Donald Trump is a hypocrite. He’ll tell you that God has recently come into his life. I don’t believe in coincidences.

For one day I brought you a man, who sat next to me on our conference call, and I said “Sir, what is you opinion about the Iraqi Dinar?” And he said to you and to me in his voice, in his beautiful, splendid voice “Well Frank, I see the Iraqi Dinar a season of nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And then suddenly.”

There was also a meeting that occurred while I was gone. It was the United Nations meetings. hmm. There was one that was even more powerful that brought forth the United Nation meeting. It was a meeting in Jordan. With many Central Banks. And I told you on that video that there were some decisions that were make. Remember that? And I said that on tonight’s Conference Call, I would explain a little bit more in depth about all of these things that I’ve just re-mentioned.

And I talked to you about Iran. And just briefly. Iran is, uh, Iran is like the spoiled child. But Iran is also like the lost child. I believe there people definitely want to do things the way the rest of the Middle East is doing things with the United States. But I believe that the regime that controls the people doesn’t want to give up that power. And they’ll do everything possible. They’ll slap their Mama if they have to. Just so they can make themselves look better. In a better position with those that support them.

But even those that support Iran are backing away. And moving in a direction that Donald Trump wants. Equal trade. Equal fairness with currencies. You know what happened with the Iranian Rial don’t ya? And you know that sanctions have been put on it don’t ya? So, I’m not going to waste any time really on Iran, and like I told ya, if there’s any problems in the Middle East; If there’s any issues in the Middle East; um, it’s because of Iran.

So. (clearing throat) Let me have my phone Tink. Because it’s already twenty-till, and I don’t want to delay this any further. I’m also coming back, with a new attitude. I know you want things right now. Straight to the point. You could care less about the appetizer. I’m afraid your prayer was kinda quick. You want the meats and potatoes. You don’t even want the dessert. So, I want to go ahead then and walk in and start talking to you, and I’m gonna turn now, to my friend. Here, I’ll show ya. Can you see that?

Walkingstick TEXT In town with Shelly….. helping her uncle, having hard time, should be out of here next couple hours.

On that day, that I released that video where I was dancing and I was so happy, it’s because I received a report from Walkingstick. In fact here, you can see. Give ya the dates:

TEXT: Wednesday 7:03 PM (would have been September 19, 2018)
Frank Testing?

I’m here walkingstick ...
OK…Good… BIS, our understanding as of right now..
And um, he said “Frank” he pinged me, testing. “You there” And I said “Yes Sir, I’m here.” He said “Okay. Good. I need to talk to you.” And I said “Okay. What’s up?” And he said “Frank. It is of our understanding (looking at chat).. it is of our understanding, that um, the Bank of International Settlements, right now, is uh, dealing with ‘debt settlements’ with the Central Bank of Iraq. And it seems to be starting from a certain particular date, that are to be paid in IQDs ONLY!”

TEXT: of right now… debt settlements, starting from a certain particular/date are to be paid in IQD only….
Does that theme sound familiar? (looking at chat) Of course it does. You saw the article. The CBI. And you heard me now explain it to you. No more usage of the American Dollar. Only their currency. I already gave you examples of uh, they’re only using the IQD with the citizens. Now I’m going to read it one more time.

Frank, we have an understanding that the Central Bank of Ir…. excuse me, the Bank of International Settlements, that right now, is dealing with the Central Bank of Iraq, with debt settlements, starting from a certain particular date. Where these debts are going to be paid in IQDs only.

Frank: #2. (holding up phone to camera)

TEXT: #2… trying to clarify this right now… but, it seems that they are being required to do so… WTO, is also in the scope

I am trying to clarify this right now, but, it seems that they are being required to do so. The WTO is also in the scope of this. All I have at this time. It’s slowly coming in. I’ll call you again.

So wait-a-minute-wait-a-minute-wait, (holding phone to camera) here’s my respond to him
TEXT: Do you believe that they would request a rate change or can they use dinars with a program right with the BIS in my opinion I don’t think they can!

Simulating the conversation with Walkingstick:
I said “Do you believe that they would request a rate change or can they use dinars with a program rate right with the BIS? In my opinion, I don’t think that they can do that! I mean, they would have asked for these settlement payments a long time ago!”

WS: “No Frank. They were using American Dollars.”

FRANK: “Oh snap! That’s right! Well, still, they could have asked for this a long time ago with the IQD!”

WS: “No Frank. There was no reason because they did not have a date for the reinstatement to add value to it.”

FRANK: “Oh snap! Again! That’s… wow. Wow. So, they’re making a change to their currency rate. I guess that’s the only reason that they would accept payment for settling all their debts. And it would be the only reason for the BIS to even consider asking for this.”

WS: “Frank, they didn’t ask for it.”

FRANK: “Excuse me?”

WS: “The BIS is not asking for it.”

FRANK: “I’m confused.”

WS: “Let me explain. Frank, our understanding, at this time, is no, they cannot pay at a program rate…”

oh here, I just want to make sure I show you. (Frank holds phone up to camera):

TEXT: Our understanding at this time… no, they can not… but, they have made payments as we spoke of before … that can not be excepted/redeemed as payment until a particular date and time… something

WS: “No. They cannot pay at a program rate. But, they have made payments. You know as we spoke about before. That can not be expected, redeemed as payment until a particular date and time.” That he will not give me family. “ Something different going on with the BIS, likely because it is an international debt settlement, not a local settlement. For example in local contracts.” (Holding phone up to camera)

TEXT: Something different going on with the BIS, likely because it is an international debt settlement, not.. i.e. local contracts…

Well then this is excellent for our investment

FRANK: “Well then Sir, this is excellent for our investment! Thank you. Do I keep this to myself, or is it already out?”

He said that was a two part question, he said “Yes. Very good for our investment. No doubt. And yes, you can share what we have.” And he did.

By the way family, Walkingstick wants me to give a shout out to three people. Ladies first, Manaloa. Manaloa, your work is not uh, ignored. And even though just a handful of people say “thank you for your work” uh, that’s just the way it is. But my teams, are very grateful for the work that you did while I was gone. We also had another individual, I forget who it was, uh, I think it was, well, I better not make a mistake, and give credit to the wrong person, but there was another individual, a lady in fact, that also did word-for-word, transcribing of our conference calls. Of the last one, two weeks ago.

So, um, Manaloa, Walkingstick is literally sending you a salute.

(holding the phone up to the camera) Gotta stop calling us family. Take the phone back away from me Tink.

The second person is DoodleBug. Walkingstick is sending you a shout out, a salute.

And the other person is to Militia Man.

Manaloa, Doodlebug, and Militia Man. We thank you for your contributions.

Now I just noticed that somebody made a post here. Yvonne. Hi Yvonne, how are you? It’s good to have you with us sister. Yvonne says, ah, um, “I’m trying to pick myself up off the floor.”

Yvonne, stay on the floor, because I’m about to floor you again.

This is what I want you to know Ladies and Gentlemen. Delta, Delta, get ready because after I do this, in about 5 - 10 minutes, we’ll bring you in.

This is what I want to tell you, part 2:
While I was gone… and again, it has to be in my opinion. And you all know me. You know what that means. It’s in my opinion okay? (smile) um.. and I bring that to you with dignity and respect. And if you don’t want to believe my opinion, don’t worry about it. Just flush me and my opinion right down that toilet. Okay?

But in my opinion while I was gone, um, Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq, approached, the Bank of International Settlements. AND THEY SAID TO THEM! I want to talk to you. “What about?” “Our currency.” Mm.

Alright and they met. And the Central Bank of Iraq, turns to the BIS and they said “We have been using our currency for many things.”

The BIS says “Yeah. We noticed. That’s cool. What about it?”

“Well… BIS, we would like to offer you the ability for us now to pay our debts. And we want you the Bank of International Settlements to help us pay our debts. But we want you to know, we’re only going to use our currency.”

“But we don’t want that currency at that rate.”

“We know-we know-we know. And we’re here also to tell you, uh, BIS, uh, we have a date in which we are going to add value to our currency.”

You can get up off the floor now Yvonne. Well no.. wait a minute. Stay on the floor.

“Excuse me?” Says the BIS “You have a date.”

“Yes we do”

“Alight-alright. I’ll tell ya what, uh… somebody, get us a cup of coffee, uh, this is gonna take a little longer. Whatcha-got?

“Well, um, by a certain date, BIS, we will be adding value to our currency. And we will only use our currency from this point onward. Have been for quite a while. To start paying our settlements. Our debts. And we want you to accept our money. To accept our payments. We want the World Trade Organization to know that we are going to do this as well. We want to be members of them. We want World Trade. With our currency. That has a date to add value to it. I mean, we’ve already told everybody. We printed the small notes and coins. I mean we already told everybody that next month, we want to introduce them. I mean, we’ve already told everybody all this stuff.”

(Frank leans into the camera) “We know. You’re telling your citizens and you’re telling the world.

“Well.. yeah-yeah. So BIS, uh, by a certain date, um, we wanna make it formal and we want to make a form of payment to you and to the world in only our currency.”

And in my opinion, Family,… Yvonne, are you still on the floor? Okay. And in my opinion family, the BIS accepted this agreement with them.

“Yes, um, only payments in your currency.” “Yes.”

“You have a date that you’re going to add value to it?” “Yes.”

“I mean you realize that we’ve never asked you for payment before, because, at a program rate you can’t pay your own darn bills. You understand that.” “Yes. We know that.”

“But you’re gonna be able to now right?” “Yeah”

“With your currency right?” “Right.”

“With value to it right?” “Right”

“I’ll tell you what… it’s a deal.” (Lifts palm and spits into it)

“Here, spit in your hand” (He then extends his hand to the camera) “Take my hand”

“Alright… alright”

And in my opinion, BIS turns to the CBI and says “Hey! Whatcha’ doin’ next week?”

“Whatever you want us to.”

“Okay. I’ll tell ya what. Let’s get together in Jordan. Let’s meet with all the other Central Banks. In fact, The Fab-4, you know, the United States Treasury, the IMF, the World Bank, delegates from the United States of America. Let’s all get together with them and tell them what we’ve agreed upon. Ya want to?”

“Okay. I can do that. We can do that. We’ll be there. What time?” “Nine O’clock” “Hey, BYO?”

“No. No.” (giggling) “BYOC?” “What’s that?”

“Bring Your Own Cookies” “Well, now you’re talking” “Okay. We’ll be there.”

And in my opinion they were, and they met, and (looking into the camera) YOU SAW THE ARTICLE DIDN’T YOU! (Fierce face) AND YOU SAW THE IMPORTANCE OF IT DIDN’T YOU! AND MILITIA MAN AND OTHERS TOLD YOU THE IMPORTANCE OF IT, DIDN’T THEY!

Therefore, in my opinion, this is what I wish to share with you family. And the reason why, is because THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ DID THIS ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT OF IRAQ!


For example: GOI “Uh… we need money. We need funds CBI”

“Okay. Hold on. Wait a minute. IMF? Can we have a loan? Can we have some money?”

“Okay.” Approved. “Great!”

CBI says to the GOI: “We gotcha your money!” “Thank you-thank you-thank you”

Only the CBI could do this. For the citizens of Iraq. For the government of Iraq to pay their own bills in their own darn currency. (Fierce face)

I-OBEY, I need you to be reeaaaal careful. We have a full audience of uh, of important people with us. They are reading every word you’re posting. Do not add to my… and notice I’m talking very slowly because of that. If any of you are going to transcribe, like Manaloa, whoever wants to do it, you’re welcome to. But ya gotta send it to me first and I can approve it, then we release it on the forum. Make sure that you capture every word, if you don’t know it, simply say you missed it and go on.

And by the way, you see why I told you don’t worry about the sitting of the government? (laughing) Well you do now.

Yeah, uh, the BIS, the Fab-4, World Bank, uh, the United State of America, Central Banks, the US Treasury. While I was gone, talked about this and agreed upon this.

So, I’m gonna stop. Well.. (smiling) Can I say one more little thing? One more little thing and I promise I’ll shut up. (holding his hand up in the air) cuz it’s time to bring in Delta. And Delta is hearing this for the first time. I can just imagine when he comes on “Whoaaaaa Frankie!” He’s going to give you his opinion on what he just heard, based on what he knows as well too.

Um.. I do want to tell you this. Uh, We told you that oil prices would go up remember? For this year? Um, yeah. They have haven’t they? You saw the article that said recently, oh my goodness, gonna reach a hundred dollar a barrel pretty soon, huh? “Yeah I guess so”

But here’s what I want ‘chu to notice. That you’re not talking about. When you talk about oil prices going up. Oil prices for Brent Crude, uh, have gone up trem’… a lot. No doubt. Tremendously. More than doubled. But why hasn’t the price at the pump gone up? (looks over at Tink and laughing)

Come on. Let me just say this last part. In my opinion Thank you President Donald Trump. BRILLIANT. I hope history explains uh it a little further later on.

So, now we bring ya… OH! You know.. can I say one more.. Ya know! I better not. (laughing) And that’s not to be some kind of a… okay, here’s what I’ll say, and we’ll leave it for Wednesday, and more by-the-way, I promise you. I knowww, I said I wasn’t gonna do Wednesday calls, because I wanted to dedicate it to uh, to that product. I love that product. It’s helping so many people. I love that product. And um, I just want people to have better health, ya know. I want us to be around. But anyways, um, it looks like now, I’m bleeding in on Wednesday’s to give you a little bit more from Monday. Because Monday’s just go on too long. We go into 10:30 at night and that’s ridiculous. And sometimes, ya know, because of our popularity, many people want to be on our program to advertise their product, so okay, I understand that. I had to turn down three people for today.

But that’s why I take away from Monday, and try not to stretch it out, and I give you the rest of it on Wednesday as well too.

Um.. at the end of our Conference Call here, I’ll give you the phone numbers for Wednesday, because it’s a completely different number. At the end of this Conference Call, I will give you the phone numbers for Wednesday’s Conference Call, it’s a completely different number.

And another thing I wanted to tell you, let me just leave this. I’ll set it up. And then we’ll finish it more on Monday. Do you remember I told you that the Iraqi Dinar, the lower denoms, the ones that they’re printing, the ones they’ve talked about. It’s in our Final Article Thread. Remember I told you they were stamped with SPECIMEN. okay. Do you remember then a few weeks later, or actually the last week we were together, I told you that those SPECIMEN lower denoms are being sent to Central Banks around the world?

At first they were just leaving the borders of Iraq to the nearby Middle Eastern countries. But now they have gone all over to many banks. Mm-yeah.

Well, I’d like to give you a report of that as well on Monday, a little bit deeper. Even though I did point in the right direction for you, our report will cover the Asian Theater.

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s enough of me, Delta, Delta, are you there sir?

Frankie! Frankie!!

————- I did not transcribe the call from Delta.

Well, um, what do ya think? Was it well worth the wait for two weeks? We still have about 1300 here and we’ve got about 1200 on the phone. I’m glad that you stuck around. And I’m glad that I’m not dragging it out. I’d still be on for another 45 minutes. But, I’m gonna do my best to clean that up and not drag it out so much anymore on Mondays. We’ll split over into Wednesdays. But wait, isn’t it ironic, my wife and I are thinking about saying Goodbye to LiveStream. Yeah, we were thinking about saying Goodbye to them, because they’re always shutting down on us. They’re always breaking down on us. Aren’t they? Causes frustration for you folks.

I listen to everything. I listen to everybody. I try to help everybody. It would be easy just to stay here with LiveStream, but um we’re thinking about going to YouTube. Yeah. We’re thinking about going to YouTube and you can meet us there and we can do our Conference Calls there, and everything that we do, we can do it there. Now if we don’t, we’ll stay with LiveStream. But isn’t it ironic, the day that we were thinking about it, not once did LiveStream go down.

Tink interrupted: It did.

Frank: oh! It did?

Tink: yes. When you got up to answer the phone. People were saying “I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear anything.” I was playing music.. (inaudible - talking over each other)

Frank: Then you started back up again? Ohhhhhh… so you DID mess up tonight LiveStream??? Let’s see… LiveStream: Zero… YouTube one.

We’ll talk more about that. Who knows, maybe by then this will all be over with. I hope and I pray that it was a good call. I hope and I pray that it was a great call. And I want you to be with me next Wednesday.

Let me give you that phone number. Okay. Get a pencil and paper. Tink, can I have it, or are you gonna put it up? You’re gonna put it up. Okay. You’re about to see it. For those of you that are on the phone, I’m going to go ahead and read it to ya. So get a pencil and paper. And uh give me just a second.

While we wait for it, my name is Frank. I go by Frank26 on the Internet. If you’re interested in talking to me, my phone number is 419-283-2552. I am a Registered Agent with a Registered Broker with the United States Treasury. If you have any interest and need in currency, I can help you with that too. You can’t call me and ask me questions. That’s what this Monday Conference Call is all about. We study it here on an open venue, where I can express my opinion. But if you’re calling me to order the currency, that’s where that information stops. You must be prepared. I’ll simply take your order, pass it on to my Broker who has the license then to send it to you.

How to join the forum….

Then he gave the Wednesday Live number and replay number

Prayer and Andy…..

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1 -  KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by Cinderella1906 9/24/18 Empty Re: KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by Cinderella1906 9/24/18

Post by MidnightRider on Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:36 am

frank is on a live call with delta and he is sitting there clowning and not even paying attention to what delta is saying yet he frequently chastises his lemmings who are on live chat during the calls for not paying attention (translated as "worshipping") to him.  frank 'N' tank...tink or whatever her name is cannot even conduct the call they are so focused on what their live chat people are typing and who they need to censor real quick.  Same as his forum, can't post until frank approves.  They are so afraid of the truth.   And always, frank was him old drama queen self,...... the guy actually thinks he can sing and loves to pose for his camera, I watch for laughs mostly.
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