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2 -  KTFA Frank26 Video Transcription by TNT Sunny 9/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA Frank26 Video Transcription by TNT Sunny 9/22/18

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2 -  KTFA Frank26 Video Transcription by TNT Sunny 9/22/18 Empty KTFA Frank26 Video Transcription by TNT Sunny 9/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:18 am


Transcription by Sunny of FRANK26 Video, Sept 22, 2018 at:

[Frank26]: By this time my heart was hoping they would release the 2nd article to the world. In the last two weeks I have not been with you they have released I believe, three more articles that we call the convoy or the escort to the final articles, but I haven’t seen any more.

Still more days left in this month so let’s see what happens. We go into next month, we go into next month. . . I believe that there are many things behind the scenes in order to release the monetary reform of the IQD.

Geopolitically there are events in the world that can cause mid court corrections, adjustments, slowing down, speeding up.

I am not pleased at all with what is going on with the democrats. It’s a waste of energy. So much anger that is not helping our country. A lot of countries around the world depend on us to to help them.

. . . My goal is to let them tell you what we think we know. But in my opinion, I’m not going to wait any longer. I will be with you on Monday’s CC.

. . .Very, very important right now is the BIS. I notice we have a member in our forum by the name of Jay that has been trying to get a lot of people’s attention to look at the BIS. Maunaloa 3 also released to you her work . . . go back and look at those notes . . . the first two or three pages you will see a mantra repeated over and over again.

The BIS is the mother of all central banks in the world. The CBI in Iraq is playing a very big role in decision making around the world. The BIS I believe is working with the GOI for monetary reforms. I think that’s significant to see them come in at this stage.

Also like to suggest IMO that the WTO is doing the same thing right now. I want to reiterate you should look at the WTO and the BIS and what they aredoing with the GOI. IMO the CBI has already done what it needs to do with the fabulous four (4). It’s interesting to see the BIS come in now. WS gave you a . . . stupendeous report.

I think we should talk about the auctions of the CBI. The CBI offers positions for a RI or RV for a new currency window. Also like to talk to you Monday about a relationship between the USD and the IQD. The 1:1. Lot of news behind that not just value.

Also like to talk to you about a UN meeting and meetings and a meeting that has recently occurred with the head of many central banks and their decisions they have made amongst themselves and the BIS is watching them.

. . .We need to talk about Iran. If there is a problem in the ME, I believe that Iran is more than likely behind it. You know how important the security and stability is right now for us don’t you? We’ll talk about them. We may even talk about the 25 people killed in Iranian parade. A military parade that the United States of America had nothing to do with, but might just bring on more discipline towards Iran.

Iran supports terrorism. Terrorism is eroding the stability and security in the ME. Iran supports terrorism around the world, not just the ME. The Iranian citizens are very well aware of it and literally fighting back against the regime. So is Iraq against the regine of Iran. So is the President Donald Trump against the regime of Iraq. So is the world for that matter!ose

. . .The connection of all of these lead to the stability and security of what we need for the MR of Iraq.

The BIS now – what are they doing? Remember I said, IMO there is a date, there is a date for the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. IMO that date is getting closer. Then so should the BIS. (end of transcription)

[Frank26]: KONA…DID U ALL LIKE THE VIDEO? I suppose the most important thing I want you to remember from the video is that there is a date....I may not know it…..But stop and think about this. Entities know it!

Oh snap…..Love you…..Sweet aloha By the way I dance when I’m happy Please enjoy the next video God is good ALOHA MY KONA

Frank26 Video #2

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