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Mnt Goat has something to say about Becky (Oootah) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mnt Goat has something to say about Becky (Oootah)

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Mnt Goat has something to say about Becky (Oootah) Empty Mnt Goat has something to say about Becky (Oootah)

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:13 pm

"So there is yet another one I want to bring to your attention again. Her name is Becky McGuire. Since she and her minister buddy just got through bashing me again on their calls I wanted to exchange the favor.

But who it the culprit here? She claims to have a GCR Intel Update Call. I am not the one scamming people here.

Yes, she says will be with you to the end….Well Becky I sincerely wish you would end your calls. For over 6 months now she claims the GCR is happening everyday / any day. Oh-but she got sick and tired of all the bullshit of the any day / every day stuff out there and so decided to do her own form of a call. I will say she was correct. Her calls are unique.

She says she knows for a fact this GCR is controlled by the military. Really? She even claimed on one call there were fighters positioned in the sky to support the GCR with security. What the hell is this crap? Like these jet fighters are going to provide us security at the banks when we are walking from our cars in the parking lot into the bank? Am I missing something here? Then there are dozens of calls when she says at the beginning of the call she has some juicy intel for everyone and then later claims there is no real new intel to give and just bypasses this segment of the call again. This goes on for weeks and weeks.

For months she claimed she was sick again and again and has to cut the call short. You know why? Because there is nothing to bring you.

You know why? Because her intel sources are these Nesara / Gesara idiots. Instead of taking my past recommendations on not listening to these idiots, she keeps going on and on and trusting them. She has learned her lesson to but will never admit it. She is too proud of a scammer. This is what they do. Hey, I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make them drink it. Seems she has drunk already from the “pool of nonsense” and has had her full.

So this same idiot Becky now begins collecting donations to help people. Oh th is so nice of her….lol…lol..lol..

Oh – she doesn’t have any viable intel to tell and so now she changes direction. I guess the donations from her phony GCR intel were drying up so she had to do something and change direction. She used the earlier hurricane Ike to justify helping people in Puerto Rico and this must have been very profitable for her. So now she uses this latest hurricane Florence. She is going to be a very rich person. She is a vulture taking advantage of a crisis to suck people for money. Is she really giving this money to help people? Yes, but what she doesn’t tell you (like TNT TONY) is how much they are skimming off the top and putting in the pockets for “administrative purposes”.

Too bad she wasn’t already in this scamming business for Katrina, one of the most devastating hurricanes in the history of the United States, she would be a millionaire by now with all her skimming off the donation pool of money. WOW! What a racket!

Hey maybe we should report her too along with TNT Tony to the IRS. Seems they both neglect to report their donation income. Maybe they can have connecting jail cells and share scamming “secret” intel.

So, if these guys were legit, they would apply for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt status. This way there is full transparency and Mnt Goat and the IRS would simply leave them alone.

What are you waiting for? Seems they don’t want do it. Hey Becky did you tell you IRS employed husband you are scamming people?

You know why these people don’t yet have a 501c3 status? Because they already tried and can’t get it approved due to their past issues. Yes, these people have an existing documented record of ripping people off. Yes, they are documented scammers. Go figure!

Hey maybe Becky can turn herself in to her IRS employed husband to clear the air?

All I can say to everyone is this warning - Be careful who you are listening to and what their true motive is for having their calls.

Please, please keep your money in your pocket. There is no information or intel out that is legitimate or worthy that you have to pay for it. All the RV information is FREE for the taking."


"Folks there is no other information about this event. It is really very simple made out to be very complicate by all these idiot gurus who profit off your ignorance and gullibility. If you are searching for some intel so amazingly different and telling, you are then part of your own problem. You are the reason why these people like Becky, Bruce, Tony and many others prey on you. Get it?"


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Mnt Goat has something to say about Becky (Oootah) Empty No subject

Post by Debbieann6 on Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:57 pm

Mountain goat is full of it
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