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 TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 9/19/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 9/19/18

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 TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 9/19/18 Empty TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 9/19/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:38 am

(Cliff Notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .(No updates since the last call) Everything’s A OK!

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Ray had some cleaning up to do at his house. We had to take care of what we had to take care of. Appreciate everybody and their prayers. His brother in law did have insurance.

No less than 10 articles out about currency, exchange rates and everything Iraq plans to do. Last week I said banks looking at between Sept 15-22. Our guys looking at Iraq putting out lower category notes, 500, 200, 100. Supposed to start on Monday, Tuesday and then next month.

Banks ready to go. Telling people to be in Reno on Monday. All predicated if they did the right thing on Saturday! Sure I said that. What they actually do is important. Iraq says a lot of stuff that never gets done. . .

Saturday they were to establish a GOI. They didn’t do that. So far they have a speaker and two deputies. Today article says they are not going to vote till the 26th and another Oct 2nd. Where does that leave everything else? What about LC that were to come out Monday or Tues?

This is pushed out to we don’t know where. We don’t know because it’s Iraq. I do know over the weekend some people were called to Reno. Told to be there Monday . . . Tuesday and tomorrow. Told they wser ready to start. Same thing banking system has been told. Told them everything was being finalized and it’s coming. They are saying that is still the plan. We may get a surprise. We wait and see.

Here is the latest and greatest. Abadi is not going to be the PM . . . Abadi says he isn’t going to run. Guess what? Abadi IS GOING to be the PM. US went and met with everyone over there and said this is the guy we need to accomplish what we need.

Articles out saying Abadi never said he wouldn’t be a candidate and that he is the strongest candidate. Do want the person most capable of continuing what Abadi has started.

Maliki and group trying to start trouble – claiming Abadi made deals with the US. Still arguing. They still need another deputy . . . a PM. CBI has said they need stability. Did not say what stability was. Didn’t say they need every position in the GOI to be filled. They have yet to define what stability is to them so we hae to look at the pieces and put them together.

Will the countries back out? Do they wait 90 days and let something else happen? Maliki and Iran cause problems, rioting breakout or do they change their country forever? I know what sounds right to me; what they are trying to do. What banks are gearing up for over here.

The article that said the 25th said they had 7 days to name the PM. The 2nd of October doesn’t do that. Not a lot being said yesterday or today. A bunch of the articles are repeats and over two years old.

Educating citizens once again and entire world. Requirements are things they hae already accomplished where they can flip the switch when the GOI and country is stable. The country itself is never going to be stable. It’s Iraq! Iran is always going to try and take control. Maliki will fight to the end. Until they make changes and see a better life. In order to do that they have to change the exchange rate . . . so everybody can see that better life. That is where we are today.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: The banks still think something is going to happen this month. Yesterday they were told to prepare to go today. They (Iraq) didn’t vote today like they were supposed to.

The banks here have a window and time frame but it’s based on what Iraq does. It’s why I say watch what they do, not what they say. When they actually do it, we put our plan into motion.

They could be dragging it out till October and after our elections. Economy is booming; market is up. A lot of things to happen this next month. Are there benefits for it to happen the first week of October? Absolutely! (Tony talked about how the budget at the end of the year has to be spent) That’s why this time frame is a little “iffy.” It affects not just our country.

The banks still think something is going to happen this month. I hope and pray they are right.

. . . Either they are going to do it or the US says we’ve done enough. . . they will step in . . . and we don’t know what that date is.

IRAQ: The tide has changed – the worm has turned – In spite of previous articles the latest news is Abadi will be the PM. (articles out the major candidates opposing Abadi have withdrawn there candidacy) Tony said Abadi is seen as the candidate that can carry through what he has already started.

  • CBI waiting for stability – They have not defined what they mean by stability.
  • Parliament: Did not complete the process last Saturday. Only elected a speaker and two deputies. Waiting for the deputy and then will name the largest bloc. Tony: All we need is to see the vote – Abadi will be the nominee. Kurdistan has named their deputy but has yet to vote on it.
  • Federal Court: previously ruled last year on a definition for the largest bloc.
  • Media: Financially educating the citizens once again. Politically the latest articles are often repeats and over two years old. Articles out now that are saying Abadi never said he wouldn’t be a candidate and that he is the strongest candidate.
  • Sadr: Sadr called off the last million people march and said let’s wait for 30 days. Tony: We have this week and two more weeks to wait.


  • WTO is trying to change their rules of engagement
  • IMF waiting for GOI to be in place.
  • Emerging Markets: Tony: This GCR will be the driving force for their economies.
  • Currencies: Tony does not see the South Korean currency being in this first basket.

UNITED STATES: No information has come out of the meeting between POTUS and PM Abadi on Sept 13th.

  • Banks: The banks still think something is going to happen this month. Say, they will not get out of this month without this happening based on the information they have. Tony cautioned, “Iraq has not done what they said they would do.”
  • Taxes: No update yet.
  • 800 #’s will be posted here, on other Dinar sites and probably on banking web sites. Any valid 800# you can use.


Military will exchange at the Finance officer department on the base.

FOUNDATION: Ray: Setting up your own foundation charity will be about the best thing any of you can do. For yourself and your family. Don’t rush into it. Not urgent to do. Lifetime gifting limit is for individuals.

ZIM Information: No update yet.

Q & A: Callers
– Have contact with wealth manager with HSBC, NYC. He/she shared “the banks are waiting just as you are to start foreign currency exchanges of some currencies you hold. . . Have heard rumors of start times . . .but nothing confirmed at this time. We will take our directive from the UST. They are in charge in this country, not the banks. Would you concur with that? Tony: Absolutely! . . that is not what they want the Iraq people to think – that they are going to do this when the US gives them permission.

Caller: question of how Generals64 group will handle exchange? Go to Reno? Tony: General64 will do what he will do. He has paymasters that have been trained. A lot of them no need to even go to Reno. Because they are such large groups cannot do it all in one day, one week or all at one time. They are going to have to wait for their paymaster to get to them.
–I know President Obama did not want us to have this/to exchange. Tony: It was not President Obama. It was people in his administration.
–When are they going to finally get off the pot and release this?


Tony . . . Okay guys, we can’t force anything really. They are either going to do it or they don’t. In the end we win. All we hae to do is stay here. Every week buy another million dong all for $50 bucks. That’s what I keep doing. What I tell everybody. $50 bucks a week look how many extra millions I got while I was waiting.

Look how fast they did the speaker. They are dragging it out for a reason – we just don’t know what it is. We know they can vote that third person in easily. They know the time frame – the exact numbers of days before they hit a wall and the US says gotta do what we gotta do.

We just have short window to wait and see. If we hear anything good we will tweet it out, put out a statement or put it in the forum. Enjoy your day. I’m going to enjoy mine. Be back Friday.

Ray . . . Remind all of you. this is a short window we are in and need to be taking advantage of this time. We will not always be around to make sure you understand things.

Ask you to be thoughtful of other members on the next call when you call in. Let them ask new questions. Redundancy does have it’s place but only if it leads to an educational positive result and not take us into a dead end.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Look forward to talking to you on Friday . . . Keep believing folks, we sure do. (played “I Believe.”)

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