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Iraq reveals detailed plan for transition to renewable energy DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Iraq reveals detailed plan for transition to renewable energy

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Iraq reveals detailed plan for transition to renewable energy Empty Iraq reveals detailed plan for transition to renewable energy

Post by RamblerNash Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:46 am

Iraq reveals detailed plan for transition to renewable energy

Iraq reveals detailed plan for transition to renewable energy Story_img_5ba283e28c074

2018/9/19 20:10

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq on Wednesday unveiled a detailed plan to move to renewable energy.

A statement by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, that "the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shi'a Sudanese held a meeting attended by the scientific adviser to the Ministry Hamoudi Abbas, Director General of the Technical Department Nasser Idris civil and Director General of the Geological Survey and Director General of the General Company for Mining Industries and Assistant General Manager of Al-Zawraa General Company and Director of the Renewable Energy and Environment Research Center at the Industrial Research and Development Authority and a number of specialists to develop practical plans for the investment of high purity silica sand. "

"The sand is located in a land area of ​​more than 10 million tons, with 98% purity. It is the highest in the Western Region and in the Karra area with a reserves of 450 million tons and other areas with more than 100 million tons in which the silica concentrations are not less than 95% For the purposes of the manufacture of solar panels and the implementation of large-scale projects in the field of solar energy to support the energy sector in Iraq and the production of chips and electronic photovoltaic.

He added that "the project in coordination and cooperation between companies specialized in this area, namely the General Company for Mining Industries, which has experience in the field of the manufacture of silicon metal to the production of silicon crystalline and the Geological Survey, which supervises the sites of raw materials and the company Zora general specialized in the production of solar cells, especially after the issuance of directives of the Secretariat Of the Council of Ministers that the company Zora General is the coordination with which to set up solar power plants that connect synchronously with the national network to reduce the load at least 50% of the energy of each department where there is a clear vision To move towards the establishment of an industrial complex of silicon to be an important tributary of clean electrical energy.

During the meeting, the Minister of Industry stressed that renewable energy has become a sign of progress and urbanization while countries are racing to enter the field of renewable and clean energies. Iraq is considered to be one of the first countries in the world without the unstable conditions. Since 1981 ".

He pointed out that "there is a government orientation strongly supporting renewable energy projects, which necessitates the development of a common vision among all specialized and concerned groups to implement clean energy projects with the need to go towards partnership and investment with international companies specialized to develop technology for the production of solar panels through the convening of specialized conferences and the formation of teams Work to follow up on this subject and at specific time-frames. "

He pointed out that "the minister directed the formation of a working team headed by the scientific advisor of the Ministry Hamoudi Abbas and the membership of Directors of the year concerned companies on the subject of renewable energies for the purpose of preparing a presentation to review the history of the solar industry in Iraq and the possibilities available from raw materials and accumulated experience and problems and constraints that led to the delay of this industry and outlook In this area and areas of benefit from investments and contracts of participation to build this industry as well as the preparation and preparation and propose all laws and regulations that would support this industry and move by the public companies concerned and the departments of the headquarters of the ministry For the purpose of bringing investors and banks supporting the financial and create all the necessary requirements for this in addition to the preparation for participation in conferences and workshops global and local held in this regard outside and inside Iraq.

He stressed Sudanese "the need to prepare economic feasibility studies and contracts for the participation of the purpose of building renewable energies and according to the guidance of the advisers, according to the latest circular on the request for financial allocations in the budget of 2019 for each ministry and according to the need of the ministry, as well as work in two directions: The guidance of the advisers under its latest circular on the request for financial allocations in the budget of 2019 for each ministry and according to the need and the second is the strategic way is to bring the technology of the world for the extraction and manufacture of silicon and take advantage of all possible manufacturing of this raw material available Very large quantities and quality excellent ".anthy


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