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 KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18

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 KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18 Empty KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:58 am


Cinderella1906 » September 16th, 2018


RECORDING #1 WITH DELTA September 10, 2018

Donald Trump is very blunt, and the reason why is because he is extremely interested in what’s call the Bottom Line: The profit and loss. He doesn’t want to lose money. He wants to gain; and he wants that for the United States, and for the American citizens ,and for the American dollar. And if you look very carefully at what he’s done, he has truly changed the face, of the way the American Dollar is being treated, by many countries… by the way, trade is being treated.

I will admit, it has hurt many Americans as well too. I’m sorry about that. I pray for you. With change does come pain. And I pray that it is a change that will be beneficial for all of us. Politicians will look straight into you face and lie to you, because that’s their profession.

​I’m not telling you nothing new. Businessmen will look at you and be very blunt with you, straight to the point, very frank with you and kind of insulting… and you know why? They want the bottom line of profit and loss to be in their favor. Please remember what I just told you. Donald Trump does not know how to lie to you. He’s not a professional at that. What he is… is a professional at being very very blunt… in order to get the very best. Interesting isn’t it?

Alright, now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to play you some recordings and the first one is going to… now the way we do these recordings, they are in chronological order. You know that ok? That’s the very first thing you want to be aware of. They’re in chronological order. What happens is that me and Walkingstick, because I don’t allow you to listen to any other team member on our Forum, uh, we talk and then I talk with Delta, because Delta, helps us to verify a lot of the information. A lot of the emails. All of the articles, in fact, tonight, you’re going to learn about one article that many people thought it meant something; in fact the internet ran with it.

I was excited about it.. but it turns out that Delta is bringing us a report and telling us that no it’s not what we thought it was. But there is another article that is going to blow you out of the water. If I was you, I would put your seatbelt on. This conference call is going to be once again, in depth, with a lot of information, and if we get bumped, where we’re headed towards 1200 people (we average about 15-1600) when we get to around 2000 we may lose you. And if we do, you know what I do, I stop everything, and try to reboot us and get us back on Livestream. So don’t be panicking and thinking the world is coming to an end and you’re not going to get everything.

Here we go! The first conversation is going to be between me and Delta. It’s 17 minutes long. And what happens is that he and I are talking and, this is Tuesday of last uh last week. This actually covers Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. It’s a conversation that will deal with Iran and some other issues. Now these 3 conversations also have a lot of information that I DO NOT REPEAT. When I’m done with these three conversations, then I’m going to talk with you, but it will be with more information.

Please enjoy. Phone call #1 Tuesday (September 04, 2018)

FRANK Hey Manny!

DELTA How you doin’ buddy? I miss you. How you doing?

FRANK I can’t complain.. I’m uh.. just fascinated by the things going on right now Manny. Walkingstick called me and gave me a pretty long report. We were on for about two hours.


FRANK If I was to summarize it.. um.. the seating of the GOI completely is going to allow the HCL and I don’t care at what rate it is, just the fact that they can pass it, because they are seated as a full government now is the key. The same thing with the Iraqi Stock Exchange, it’s in position. So is the government.. to pass the HCL. So is two other things that he gave me. There’s a total of four. All these things are in position. And what’s really cool about it is that.. you know.. it’s us.. it’s the United States. We’re the ones that made this thing work:

We picked their government.

We picked their Parliament.

We’ll sit them down. iTeam just called and said that they’re 90% sure that all of the money that was in foreign banks that was ever stolen, at least the majority of it, about 90% of it is what they said, is going to be returned.

Even the assets like Gold, Money, Apartments, Houses, Cars, everything.. Planes. And what I really like is when Walkingstick told me that President Donald Trump is pushing the government to be seated so they can pass the HCL. And… so they can pass the Monetary Reform. They’re a… the CBI is going to be sending a delegation to DC for Donald Trump. Donald Trump will meet with them. There’s a lot going down right now Manny. A lot. And I really don’t know how to share it with the family.

DELTA (interrupts in the background) You can now!

FRANK They just want one thing. They just want a date - that’s it.. and the change of rate. They don’t look at the beauty of what’s going on. This is pretty masterful. Iran is about to… you know.. all the influence is about to go away. They’re running away. As soon as they sit their government, that’s it, they are in big trouble.

The key is to sit their government so they can do the Monetary Reform. So they can do the HCL. So the Iraqi Stock Exchange can go International. And like I told you when I called you a couple days ago, he (Walkingstick) told me that um… the lower denims with the specimen marking are now being sent to banks outside of Iraq.

DELTA (Interrupts in the background) Oh Snap!

FRANK And um, he said that it was just in the bordering areas.. but iTeam called and told me today that, uh, Thailand is now seeing the physical denoms. Wow! From the East to the West. Walkingstick said “That’s why I gave you that Asian website.” I said “Yeah, I know.” A lot of good things going on Manny. Thanks for that picture have you heard any more form the television.

Delta begins — Frank stops the recording to say

FRANK I forgot to tell you that everything is strictly in our opinion. Okay with you, right? Delta responds.. it’s alright.

​DELTA: Actually, that was reason I’m calling too because today officially they stopped the dollar between Iran and Iraq. You know we had that, we saw in that article that they’re not going to use that and were going to use the Euro and the Iraqi Dinar, but today was officially. And now the Administrator of Trade of Iran said that from now on, effective basically this day, today’s date, in the morning, they are not going to deal with dollars anymore between both countries.

And this is basically, significant, and will make more demand for the Dinar.. but second this is, uh, for them to cancel, you know the dollar and to use the Euro and the Dinar… First of all you know, Iraq is going to use the Euro, because the Euro is like a dollar for them, just like a reserve.

The second part is that they don’t want to use the Rial, because right now it’s like 110,000 Rial to the dollar, so the only way they can do it is, they have to use Iraqi Dinar for now. But here’s the catch, for them to say they uh, that officially we cancel the dollar and trade between us and Iraq, because as International Nation, uh, Iran, no way they can they accept Iraqi dinar unless the Iraqi dinar HAS to be Article 8.

Because remember, in Article 14 you can’t make payments to any nation, it’s against the regulations of the IMF, that the only time you can accept the other nations, if they are Article 8… but your not a tradable, recognizable currency, so as the government you cannot go over them and do whatever they want.

But as a government they have to cancel that to be able to accept Iraqi dinar as a payment… this is impossible. It doesn’t make any sense, unless the dinar has to go international and they have to be Article 8.

So this announcement to make it official today, you know for Iran to accept that local currency, because remember before they said maybe Euro, maybe… but now they talk about those three currencies. But I don’t think Iraq is going to do that, because they would have to pay a lot of money for that. The Iraqi dinar is not very possible for them to do that.. they have to have value again. You’re not going to pay them with dinars that don’t have value and let them make money out of you. It doesn’t work that way. Definitely something is up.

I do believe the HCL is really very important, but not so that the Reinstatement has to come first, like we said all the time, for the HCL. It’s important for the long run, and of course for investment, and all kinds of stuff we’re waiting for, but I really do believe the Central Bank of Iraq again, what they are waiting for is what the UST, and they are waiting for President Trump.

First of all, they want to make sure that the influence from Iran is not valid anymore. I think they really succeeded this time. I was so happy when I saw the confirmation of the largest block was SIGNED today. And by the way, it’s all over the news in Iraq. The one that was sponsored by Iran, they lost big time. So, they’re gonna seat.

And of course tomorrow, with documentation, it’s going to be legally confirmed that this is largest block. And in my opinion, this is what’s most important to us, and what everybody’s waiting for, because like I said, to sit the government, it might take time, because it’s a process. Because you know it might take a month… they have to announce that Abadi is Prime Minister.

They have the Minister of Finance. they have to go and get the confidence. It might take a month, imo, when the CBI and the US is waiting, and whoever is in charge of pulling the trigger for this investment. They want to make sure that the government is going to sit, which is gonna happen tomorrow.

Then sometimes they confirm that this is the largest block, that way nobody can say anything against Sadr, because Sadr he’s a very powerful man. He’s a very honest man. This is the good thing about it. So I really do believe the Central Bank and the US is waiting for that. They are waiting for this moment. I think this week should be very telling of what’s going on there because the CBI is way overdue to do this.

The the most important is more confirmation as Iran officially canceling the use of the dollar between the two nations. And for them to accept the dinar is truly amazing, because for them, imagine, imports and exports in dinars. This is amazing. This is by itself they know something is up and something very very soon they have to do this. So I do believe ya know, this week is going to be very telling. It’s going to be very important.
We all know the CBI, they are ready to do this.

FRANK Yeah.. there’s a’, many things that are in position. Like I was trying to tell you there’s 4 things that we talked about:

1). Sitting of the government, and with the largest bloc tells you that um, there’ s no way that Iran can interfere; there’s no way any person can interfere, uh, Sadr and Abidi have full control.

2). The initiation of the HCL. We don’t care what the rate is. I will admit, it’s going to BRING a change in the rate, but it doesn’t matter if they pass it, you see now that they have a fully seated government tomorrow, then, they can go ahead and pass the HCL. And even if they do it at 1190, it doesn’t matter … it’s the fact that it is in position for a rate change

LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

3). The ISX and Kurdistan SX. Once again, I don’t care that they’re trading penny stocks. The volume is low. It’s the fact that they are in position INTERNATIONALLY is what matters.

LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

4 The leaving of lower denims with the specimen marked from the borders of Iraq to banks around the world. Although they started with just the banks around them, in the middle east. That’s an International movement of their currency.

Please LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

These four things:
The HCL.
The GOI being initiated.
The ISX.
The leaving of the Lower Denoms with the Specimen marks.

These are EXTREMELY important. They’ve all come together. They are all coming together in this coming week. These four things (imo) is the primer for the EXPLOSION of the Monetary Reform that is going to occur.

I don’t know when I’m going to talk with the family. I don’t know. What is today? Sunday. Tomorrow we’re supposed to have a Conference Call, but I cancelled it. Tomorrow they’re supposed to seat their government, but I don’t want to talk about it with them on Tuesday it’s the 4th, on Wednesday the HCL will be up and about. I might talk with them on Thursday.

I really don’t know when I want to talk, because the closer we come to this explosion of the Monetary and Economic Reform, I really don’t want to be very close to it when it happens. You know what I mean?

DELTA I agree with you. I don’t know how we’re going to act when this happens. I agree with you.

FRANK Let them enjoy it by themselves. They don’t need me. I have to be careful about what we release and when we release it.

DELTA Absolutely. And I do agree with you. That’s why I’m trying to see what we’re going to do, because really it’s going to be the very big, very hardest. Because we don’t know how we’re going to act. It will be very very interesting.

FRANK It’s happening. It’s happening. You know that’s the beauty of it all.

DELTA: Yes. I have had doubt about that. Especially now. We are so, so close right now. I’ve never become this close. And remember I was so happy — this has been a long run for us as investors…you know, Iran is not involved anymore and about 90%… probably 99% of the influence is gone and now…. President Trump, basically, he’s opened everybody’s mind that is with him. Why should I care about Iran? Why should I care about (inaudible).. This is what he did. He planted the seed. This guy is really brilliant. President Trump is brilliant. Look what he did.

I had a talk about this about 2-3 weeks ago. He left Turkey and Iran busy with their internal problems, so that they never interfered with the elections. They purposefully, they agreed to do the manual count so during those three months, they accomplished a lot of things in Turkey and Iran and that area.

So now for the first time ever he wanted the best and honest and very successful government with no interference from Iran and Turkey at the same time. The people of Turkey are very nice, good people. But the government is evil. Erdogan has to go. He’s really very bad. Even their currency is collapsed. It’s like, a while back it used to be 1:1, but now ever dollar is close to 7 or 6 Lira… they are devaluing it very, very, very, very fast. Inflation is at about 16%. This is very dangerous for Turkey. But, Iraq is gonna be the shining place. Just imagine what is going to happen

Very interesting week. We’ll have to wait and see what gonna happen. And we can go from there. The CBI is about to impress everybody I believe.

FRANK: Trump is the one who is demanding now for the reinstatement to occur. And if you remember I told you that Walkingstick and his firm, they were expecting this, remember what was it, two Saturday’s ago? That was the time I told you, remember, they were expecting the Delegation from the CBI to come over, but they didn’t. And, they had to deal with Iran. And boy! They dealt with them quickly! Donald Trump is the one that’s DEMANDING two things right now…

LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

He is DEMANDING the HCL. And the only way you’re going to get it is when you form the government. Ta daaaaaa! They’re going to do it.

This thing about the 15th? That’s a bunch of garbage. This thing about the delay.. it’s all garbage.

The other thing that Donald Trump wants really bad is the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. Those two things right now are hot with him and uh.. because they are so hot with him, we’re going to get them. We’re going to get them. He’s doing a good job no doubt. I mean he’s strange. But you know he’d different. Boy oh boy! Ya see.. He doesn’t know how to lie. He’s not a politician.

Politicians know how to lie directly into your face. He’s a businessman. So a businessman looks you right in the face and he demands the truth. Because the bottom line is going to affect him. It’s either a profit or loss. He doesn’t want no losses. He wants profit for the United States for the American Citizens, and for all countries who wish to work with him. Boy oh boy! They’re going to be very profitable. And they know it too.

I mean Iran is actually going out of its way, to say yes. Kurdistan they went out of its way. So many other things. But anyways, yeah Manny, it’s looking good. And I thank you. If you see any-thing on that TV again, you let us know. Grab that camera ok?

DELTA I’ll definitely do that sir. If I see anything I’ll let you know. I’ll get you up in the middle of the night, no problem.

FRANK I hope so. When we make a decision on a video or a Conference Call I’ll let you know. Take care. And thank you.

DELTATake care buddy.

FRANK Yes sir. Bye-bye now.

Okie-dokie.. that’s number one.

Introduction Conference Call Recording Delta #2 September 10, 2018

Frank: Number 2 recording that we are about to hear is Friday, I believe. So you just heard recording on Tuesday, the day after our Conference Call. And now you’re going to hear a recording between me and Delta, still talking about, a little bit of what you heard, but B.. I.. S: that’s the Bank of International Settlements. You’re gonna learn a lot about it tonight. The reason we’re interested in it now… we talked about it just a little bit on Friday Team Chat, just a tiny bit, I think, I can’t even remember. BUT…

BUT… We’re also going to talk about Bluestar and what George Robinson brought us tonight. I was being attacked. And as you can see our attacker just showed up. What was his name Senso? (Jan: Senzo)

You know that’s interesting because in Spanish we call them Senzo.. means stupid. You hacker that brought down our website. We wish that your heart would not serve evil. We’re not your enemy. I can only pray for you. Just leave him also family. Pay attention to what we are offering your tonight. Because There will not be a CC next monday, there will not be a Team Chat, there will not be Saturday Q & A. Ok. So pay close attention to everything being offered to you tonight.

​I was being attacked. So you’ll kinda hear me on my High Horse. I’m sorry. But I thought the information was kinda important for ya’ll to hear. So with that said… here is recording #2 for tonight me and Delta. This one’s 30 minutes long.

Phone call Recording #2 - Friday (September 14, 2018)

DELTA: Hello there Frankie.

FRANK: Hey buddy. Sorry I couldn’t talk when you called. What’s happening?

DELTA: Just ah… I was just looking over the information that Cinderella sent me about the BIS. I’ve been looking at it. This is really great. Now, who did find out that? Is that Linda? Ahhhh, yes.. and they only suggested that because of the position that we’re in right now… with the CBI, reporting to.. you know the people they have to report to right now.. one of them is the BIS.

The BIS being the Mother of all Central Banks, is privy, is getting itself ready to announce that there will be a change in the Iraqi Dinar rate. So that’s why, because of the position that we’re in right now, with the government, mainly, I believe we might hear something from the BIS. Now what happened was a couple of, what was it last week, somebody in chat mentioned the BIS so I took it down. Then our Newshound brought something up on BIS and I took that down too.

(phone interruption) Hold on. Hold on. I’ve just been having a very frustrating week. I’ll tell ya, there are some very rude people in our forum and I’ve had to deal with so many of them, 3 or 4 of them in this week. It’s a good thing that I’m not doing anything, I’m not talking, I’m not saying much of anything cuz, boy I would have said some things I shouldn’t have said. But it’s amazing the rudeness of people sometimes. Anyways, I don’t want to talk about it.

So then, who was it, JJ or newshound, brings up a good point about BIS, but I took it down, I don’t want to talk about it. Two days later, just a couple days ago, yesterday, I can’t remember now, there it was again! And we took it down. But this time somebody said in TC the rate is there. Of course there’s rates there.

Again, how stupid! How inconsiderate. You just throw something out there like that and hope that it’s true and that it makes sense. But.. ya know it’s just the irresponsibility by then it was too late; it had been up for about 5 minutes, and people started to go to BIS.. and they see this .26 or .27 and they don’t know you have to divide that by 1 to get the correct number. So here they were thinking, and they got confused.

And then I got some IDIOT who decides to use a curse - the F word - in Team Chat! And I couldn’t believe it! How dare you do that? You know very well not to use those words. We have young people who read everything, because their Mom and Dad’s let them, because they TRUST KTFA, they trust me and Jan, ya know what I’m sayin’. Unbelievable! Add that one to the frustrations of complete ill-mannered, rude, unappreciated people that got me on my Horse today man, I’ll tell ya! Like I said “Thank GOD I’m not talking to them. I’m beating you up instead.” (laughing)

DELTA: It’s okay Brother. That’s okay.

FRANK: Then you called yesterday and you wanted to know well what’s going on, on BIS. And I told you go check it out. But apparently when you went, the numbers were taken down! Is the correct?

DELTA: When you go to BIS… I mean nobody can access the information. You have to have a subscription. You have to have like special passes, Frank, that’s the thing. And I learned this and I learned this. I tried my best, now I saw the report, but when you click on the daily or the monthly information, you can’t even access it. So from the pictures that we got.. Who sent that to you? Was it Linda or who got the information for that one?

​FRANK: Honestly, I don’t even know. It was somebody in our Forum who sent it to me. It wasn’t her. It was somebody on our Forum that sent it to me.

DELTA: This is really amazing. When you go to the BIS… now remember, we did talk about this and the problem, remember a long time ago that, (inaudible) from the US Treasury, the IMF agree on the rate and what’s got to happen in order for you to go to the Central Bank. It has to go through the (???), the BIS, and the BIS to get their numbers, and then overnight, you’re going to wake up in the morning, and the numbers are all over the Central Banks all over the world.

FRANK: And I’ll bet you it’s the 127 that they’re paired with. They’re going to get the information. Walkingstick said every Central Bank that saw that information representing their country or their currency, they know very well what it means. They understand it. The common person doesn’t!! That’s why they’re saying “Oh It means nothing… it means nothing.” ARE YOU INSANE? IT MEANS A LOT! And now the BIS is preparing to let all of these 127 or more know about a change in the rate of the Iraqi dinar.

DELTA: This is the headquarters. This is the headquarters. So what’s going on, I mean I saw the numbers. You know Cinderella sent it to me and uh, and I looked at it showing 0.35 nobody can access that information. The person who sent you those details, they have a subscription. You have to go there… because nobody has access… I tried to open the file. I could not do anything.

FRANK: I think WS can. But… I’m not going to mess with him. But I’m not going to ask him. I know that he can see, behind.. certain things that we can’t see, and he’ll give it to me as needed. And I’ve got a feeling that tomorrow when I do call him, cuz I’m scheduled to talk with him tomorrow. I’m gonna ask him what do you see that I can’t see on the BIS right now? Cuz it’s important.

This is a crucial step. We have to now consider to listen to the BIS. Ya know, as much as we listen to the CBI, and I love what you said, There’s nothing else to pay attention to, just watch the CBI, but right next to you should have put CBI and BIS.. because they will both do the same action at the same time.

DELTA: Absolutely. No only that but (inaudible).. it’s a done deal. That report came on August the 15th, now remember when I talked with you and we were sure that it’s going to take them 30 days from that date. I think it’s been longer than 30 days… (inaudible -he’s rolling his words together), then to September the 15th.

FRANK: And think about this Manny.. about 2 weeks ago, or a little bit more was when Walkingstick was expecting that second article! And then Iran garbage pops up, and puts a little delay in it.. okay.. so add another 2 more weeks to it and you’re talking about the 30-days!

LISTEN!! Even WS coming out yesterday, or the day before yesterday, and he says “they are 2 weeks behind” Ohhhhhh Snap! He sends me messages. But he was talking to the family — I couldn’t believe how much he was talking to them! I don’t know why he decided to open up to them, but I think he wanted to set them straight about the elections: STOP IT! LEAVE IT ALONE doggone it. Let the smoke clear.

​They pulled the pin on the government of the grenade now let the dust settle and let the smoke clear because smoke gets in your eyes. And boy I’ll tell ya, he did a good job. I went in there and told him, it’s not even paying off, just stop. But I felt guilty and I told him, well if you wanna answer them, and he did, he continued afterwards. I didn’t mean to stop you. Go ahead and continue with your 30-day idea

DELTA: Okay.. so I think what’s going on with… all the progress with the CBI… cause remember when they came out the end of July with the “Specimen” on the currency, that was one of the (inaudible) because every Central Bank will have to have them for the rate to go international. Second of all, when Walkingstick was expecting that… (unfinished thought) .. WS he knew the reinstatement rate was ready.

LISTEN!! That’s why he was expecting that second article to come out on August 20th. This report came out on the 15th (August) from the BIS. For some reason whoever is in charge to pull the last trigger.. it looks like everything’s set and everything’s ready. And remember they do have 30 days, whoever has the final say, that okay, we’re going to do it today or tomorrow. And today, you heard that they just announced it… they are out of the gray, no more auditing for us. They are off of the gray list basically

FRANK: The gray list? Yeah. They actually said that a while ago, BUT, I love the timing of bringing this out and bragging about it again. It’s kinda like cleaning the surface to eat. Oh got dirty. Well clean it again. And they bring out this information. Because, I don’t know when but man o’ man it’s really upon us!

DELTA: Absolutely Frankie, and not only that, if you see this in the BIS, remember this is, this is not a (???? Not a joke not a plan?? Inaudible). That’s why people, economists.. you have the Bank of International Settlements. This bank, they don’t joke around. They are the heart, they are in charge of every Central Bank, and they’re the ones..(he didn’t finish the thought), and it’s very funny, because you and I did talk about this a while back…

FRANK (interrupting): YES WE DID DIDN’T WE!! I remember you bringing this up to me, and I told you “not now. Not now” Well nows the time! Talk all you want! (laughing)

DELTA: ABSOLUTELY! And this is all going on, exactly like when you have a package, when you have mail whats gonna happen. You send it and mail goes to the headquarters main post office. And same thing for UPS, everybody has a center. The headquarters They have to go through the Headquarters first to have the distribution to then go to every city, household, or whatever.

FRANK: That’s why I say combine CBI and BIS, because when they breathe, one’s going to breathe and one’s going to exhale at the same time

DELTA: Absolutely. And that’s what’s going on. I’m exactly like you, because you see, for example Walkingstick, because you see it all of the sudden, you see it it every night on the work side, because he’s expecting this to come out. (Frank shaking his head in the affirmative into the camera) He knows…

FRANK: I know what he’s doing but, you know I’m making a recording with you, so I don’t want to say it.

DELTA: Absolutely. Absolutely, No problem. So this is what’s going on Frankie. I think we are really very very close, and uh, for them to us in the BIS, it doesn’t get more crystal clear than this. And I think it’s amazing, because on September 22, 2004, that was the time when the IQD changed at the IMF. I remember. It was September 22nd, 2004 it went from 2.246-whatever to the 3 zeros. This is very amazing because we’re about the same time in September… it’s gonna be around the same timing Frank. Sometime in the next week. But the numbers are definitely going to happen, they’re just gonna come out as international.

FRANK: The timing. The timing. The timing. You know, without mentioning names, I got an email from an airfare officer, retired and says his commander, who had succeeded in Kuwait, you know what I’m saying? (Frank smiling into camera) told him this year, a few months ago: “Hey. You’ve a mission.” “I’m active reserve, what’s up?” “You’ve got a mission. Go buy the Iraqi Dinar.”

He says “what?” (laughing) I’m gonna give him a call, because I’d like to know more about that story. The reason I bring that up, without mentioning his name is the timing. I think this gentleman was told about it at the right time. A lot of the Whales and Sharks are buying left and right, which is something I’m not talking about either with anybody. The timing. (Frank Smiles big) And to see this government NOW seated.

A suitable environment. Where’s Maliki? Who cares. Where is Iran’s influence? Basically melted. Disintegrated. You’ve got these people, these countries that were leaching off the United States, and now they are scared of the United States! Damned right. That’s the way that it should be!

Did you see that Germany came out today and they said “One of the top three things that you Deutschland, you Germans fear?” You know what was #1? Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America! Good! You better fear us. You better fear us, because you’re not gonna take advantage of us no more. China “Well okay. We’re working with the United States on these tariffs” You better believe you are! North Korea, just this morning comes out, little Kimmy “Yeah, we’re gonna make sure…”

Break from the Recording: Interrupted with his phone ringing.

FRANK (not on recorded call, talking directly to the camera/us)
Little Kimmy we were giving examples of all of those who are bowing to the United States. Actually, to Donald Trump’s policies, and the key thing is here is that the world is listening to Donald Trump. What is it that we are telling you that Donald Trump wants? He wants the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar! Anyways back to the recording.

FRANK: (Little Kimmy cont): “remove all of our nuclear. I promise. I promise. I promise” You’re gonna jump! You better know you’re gonna jump! And now you’ve got the Democrats! My gosh these guys are sore losers and they won’t let go of it.

They are spending billions and billions of dollars! (Frank covering his mouth with his notepad), literally to try to embarrass what Donald Trump is doing right now! It’s MASTERFUL. It’s BRILLIANT! And every country that I can see left to right: the India Rupee today said, “well I guess we’ll have to make some changes. You’re right United States. You’re right.” No KIDDING! I’m on my Horse right now, I’m sorry. Let me get off of it right now and shut up here. (laughing)

DELTA: No, you’re alright. You’re making a good point. We finally got someone who can make America great again, which he is.

FRANK: He’s goofy. He’s crazy. He’s crazy. But he’s doing it isn’t he?

DELTA: Maybe he’s crazy, but this is what the world wants right now. He’s doing it.

FRANK: What the world wants right now! You know something. I like that! (Fist pump!) Sometimes something that we KNOW that we need requires the discipline of somebody else to shove it down our throats!

DELTA: Absolutely. We don’t want weak people now. We have no time for that. We need someone powerful, someone with Trump’s personality. He’s doing an excellent job. I don’t care about his personal life. He can do whatever he wants.

FRANK: We could have had this RI a LONG TIME AGO if it wasn’t for the stupid, passive, attitude of constantly allowing them to kiss our behinds! Eight years wasted with the Obama people! Unbelievable. Thank God that the Bush’s before them: Bush I and Bush II they put this all together! And then you get Obama and Hillary and all these people that decided “no-no-no-no-no-no! Not for the People! Not by the People! Not of the People!” In my pocket! Put it in my pocket and that’s what they’ve been doing, and now that it’s being taken away from them, they’re angry! They’re pissed like I’m pissed right now!

Same thing with Iran. They’re pissed because they lost their Sugar Daddy. They’ve got no more money to steal! Now they have to GROW UP do what actually the rest of the international world does. “Trade! Trade with your own currency. With your own assets doggone it! Up yours!

DELTA: Absolutely! I like it man. You’re good today.

FRANK: (laughing) No I’m not! No actually, God forgive me. I ain’t running for nothing by the way. I just heard ya. I ain’t running for no President. (laughing)

DELTA: I have two more things here. I remember a long time ago, Dr. Shabibi stated when we change the rate… I remember at that time the rate was about $2.80 to $2.85, so the number we saw on the BIS is about the same number that he talked about.

FRANK: You saw that. That’s about what it wasn’t it! With the BIS wasn’t it??!! That’s right — I saw that! When I did the math, that’s what I came out with too. Now that you’re making me remember. Fascinating.

DETLA: $2.85 Frankie. 1divided by 0.35 = $2.857, around that range. Remember too… Do you remember the story I gave the family a few weeks ago about my Pakistani friend? The guy from the Embassy. That was the last week of July he said in two months the currencies are going international.

FRANK: The end of this month right? So it would be the end of this month that he’s shooting for right?

DELTA: He said within 2 months, so it could happen any day now. End of August to end of September

FRANK: That’s why I don’t want to talk man. They pulled the pin a long time ago.

DELTA: Frankie, I think whats going on here because is a very crucial time. I do agree with Walkingstick, that we should not say anything from now on. I’m very serious. No big news. Nothing.

FRANK: I’m not. Today we had…

DELTA: We are very close. Very close right now. I do believe that, because they have it right now since August the 15th, so it could be a month, because remember when the IMF basically have a regulation, when they said that on.. the remember they have 30 days… no more than 30 days to activate what they have. So right now they cannot wait past 30 days. That would make it September the 15th, September the 16th would make it exactly one month. It’s an IMF regulation. If it’s now showing on the BIS at 0.35, and it did not show before, (they show monthly) that means they have to activate the rate no later than September the 15th. So we’re talking sometime next week Frankie.

FRANK: And that’s why, last week I decided no, no Conference Call. Excuse me, this week, this week, yeah. Now, I’ll talk next Monday, tomorrow’s Friday Team Chat, I’ll talk, but I’m only gonna tell them one thing. And then on Monday Conference Call, yeah, I’ll tell them everything we’ve got. Almost. Well almost, for example, we have stuff that’s coming in. Remember when Walkingstick gave us that website and said “pay attention to the Asian market”

There’s a reason why, and a few days later he tells us “The Iraqi Specimen dinar, you know the ones, the lower denoms, that have just been recently stamped with ‘Specimen,’ well guess what? They found them in Thailand. They’re leaving the borders of Iraq.” “Yeah. Okay. That’s good.” Well lo and behold, guess what? I found it in Thailand. Well, there’s dinars all.over.this.freakin.planet that are being distributed.” But I won’t talk about it. I won’t show it to the family. No. No. The more you give them the more they want. I’m just…

DELTA: That’s why I told them that nothing matters anymore. We’re just watching the CBI. And the CBI only. I don’t care about government. They’re telling you right there, the Central Bank of Iraq is independent. Even if the Iraqi Government collapses, regardless, the monetary policy has to move forward. I gave an example a long time ago.

Look at Syria. You saw in an article two or three days ago, The Central Bank of Syria they said that they had now the potential. They can right now revalue their currency at 50%. The Central Bank of Syria, they don’t have 1/10 of the reserves like Iraq has. And they are going to have a 50% revalue of their currency.

FRANK: Did you see the gold! Did you see? That’s another thing that Walkingstick told me. He says “Stand down on this.” I said “Yes Sir” And he tells me how much is coming back. What’s coming back. And I’m like “Dang!!!” Well, why don’t you just say the whole planet earth is returning to Iraq?

Ha! I thought it was funny. He didn’t think it was funny. But Lo and Behold! About 5, 6 days later, there’s the article. What was is? 96 tons of gold coming back. That’s just ONE of the many things that he told me!! Haha! Oh well…. The rate has GREAT potential. GREAT POTENTIAL.

DELTA: Well, like I said… based on the information and what we talked about long ago, this is their plan. Coming up to the range of $2.80, $2.85, that’s what they’re showing us right now. That’s why I was anxious to see, who got access to that information, because it’s very hard. Not just anybody can get this information. This is very classified and I tried my best to log in and see, but…

FRANK: I’m acting dumb. I acting dumb. Obviously you can tell I’m acting dumb. I don’t know where it came from. You understand. Wink. Wink.

DELTA: Wink. Wink. Yeah-yeah.

FRANK: Me no speaky de English! (laughing)

DELTA: I’ll double-check what’s going on, but definitely, something’s going on there. The BIS is the most important part. It’s a done deal. If they’re showing that, I think it’s a done deal.

FRANK: Well, let’s see what happens. Thank you for this call my dear Brother. And if you see anything on the BIS, call me right away please. Don’t post it up. We had stuff on trading, that they wanted to put up. I said “No. No. Don’t put nothing up.” I just don’t want to share no more. I don’t want to talk. Unless it’s a….

DELTA: One more thing Frankie before I forget! That I remembered.

LISTEN!!: When they give the rates, you know on the exchange equivalent on the Central Bank of Iraq. You know rate for the (Frank interrupts “yeah”) Okay, Oh by the way, that’s been, they stopped updating since the 30th of August. (Frank: No kidding!?) Yes. So, same numbers they had, for now, it’s about 6 days and the numbers not updated. Because remember, you know where those numbers come from right?

FRANK: Yeah. (Frank smiling into the camera)

DELTA: The rate. They come from the IMF (Frank mouthing I.M.F. into the camera). The IMF shoots those numbers to them. So, um, August the 30th, that was the last posted. So when you see the numbers, they’re not updated. And remember, they used to update everyday, right, except the dollar of course. The (??), the Japanese Yen… but I just noticed, I went in there for my research, and they stopped updating since the 30th, so this is 6 days without updated again.

FRANK: Interesting. And it has nothing to do with no Eid, no holidays or anything. That is interesting.

DELTA: Oh no!! They’re doing auctions! They’re having auctions. Every day they’re conducting auctions.

FRANK: But they’re not putting up the numbers?

DELTA: Yeah. The numbers are not updated. In about 6 days now.

FRANK: They don’t want you to see the volume! I wonder what it is?
(Frank smiles into the camera)

DELTA: I think what’s going on, because based on the latest information that we’ve got right now, they might, because remember, they have to by law, go international. They have a time limit. They have a target. They cannot change that. They officially, they’re going to be International. In my opinion of course, with my research and analyze. I think that’s why they stopped reporting by August 30th. Because now, Trump, will now have the new rate. And when they update, they will still do auctions, but when they update, it will probably reflect the new rate. I think it’s going to happen in the right time. Because they stopped reporting. The last of this month is the 30th and they will have to update again. So that’s another thing here.

(Frank gives a “knowing” look into the camera)

FRANK: You have the advantage on me with timing, with the clock. So if you see anything, call me, you’ve got all my numbers. Find me, okay?

DELTA: Yes Sir!

FRANK: I love you Manny, so much. I’m proud of you and I thank you for allowing me to vent myself with you and you know it was nothing personal, it was me getting excited and a little angry at the pressure I deal with everyday. Right now, talking to you, I have now 6,7,8… 9 calls I gotta return. I can’t take a break, because if I take a break, the phone calls pile up. Huh-huh! Fascinating isn’t it? (chuckling)

DELTA: You should have a special call just for your Team. And the separate phone for everybody else.

FRANK: Actually I should charge everybody Cookies if they’re gonna call me doggone it! (laughing)

DELTA : Give them the number 1-800-FRANKIE

FRANK (laughing)
I might as well make a dollar out of it. But nahhh. Love you my friend. You take care. God Bless ya. Talk to you later.

DELTA: Later buddy.

Introduction: Conference Call Recording # 3 September 10, 2018

Frank: So, those are two phone calls. Tell me by the way, are you learning? Tell me. Post. Do you want to hear one more recording? Or do you think that, that’s enough? As I prepare the third, final uh… I suppose I could cut that in half. But I’m just curious, am I getting your attention? Did those two first recordings tell you a lot? You’re all saying “Yes.”

Okay, let’s walk into the next one. We’ll see if I do all 18 minutes. Because then I have a lot of work to give you. Now if I don’t complete it all tonight, because these are all Walkingstick files over here. If I don’t complete it all tonight, then what I can do is I can do is I can give you a part 2; you know I do a Wednesday night call too, and right after that, I could do part 2. In the meantime, let’s start Recording # 3.

Now, um, I’m not going to explain anything that you hear in this call for whatever reason.

Call starts with big laughs.

FRANK: We’re cracking up because we just told iTeam “Mute yourself, because Delta and I are going to do a recording, and they started to talk and I said “We’re making a recording man! Shut up!” And that’s why we busted a gut. (Laughing and chatter)

FRANK: Very quickly Manny, what can you tell me about an article that you brought up and you said there is going to be more to be added, that it is not complete. Can you explain that to me?


DELTA: Yes. What happened is it looks like the Central Bank of Iraq, Alak, had a long interview and uh, and basically The Sabat. The good news is that the Sabat newspaper is a legit newspaper and they’re all for the government and they had some legit information. I did read it back, maybe, three, four, five times in Arabic just to make sure that we got the right information, and more, that we got the right words.

So uh, and that before the publisher, he said that uh, he got into a long and lengthy debate with Alak, as you know. But more details is basically going to come out later. So it looks like there are more details and more information, and I do believe that it could be the second article that they have more details of course.

They’ll come up with that information, probably after the fact, which is up to the reinstatement, after the interviews with the lower denominations, of whatever they are planning to do. But it looks like the article is longer than that, and that was only part of it, based on that reporter. And then I do believe this interview with Alak, I don’t think this interview happened in September; this took place I believe last month.

So when they said that in the next month, they are going to introduce smaller notes and smaller groups, I do believe he’s talking about September; even though this article was published on August 9th, or whatever it is. And I might be wrong, but this is what’s going on here. I got this Board of Directors in the CBI too; the guy that came up 2 or 3 weeks ago, and when he talked about the 250 the 500 and they’ll inject more and more currency in the markets. So this looks like this was done last month.

FRANK: I just got off the phone, it was over 2 hours this time with Walkingstick, because I wanted to cover so much with him. And then one of the articles that I asked him about, is the one that I’m asking you about that you just defined. He then said to me…

*** Frank speaking into the camera:

Before you hear what he said to me… This article is very important. It is going to be put into the Final Articles thread tonight or tomorrow.

Please let me capture your attention — Listen to what we are trying to tell you

FRANK (cont): He got quiet. And I said uh.. “I’m sorry. Am I asking the wrong question?” And he says: “Look Frank. I told you there would be an escort” And I said: “Yes Sir. I know.. a convoy… for the second article” He said “I told you there was a draft. We’ve seen it.” (Frank) “Yes Sir.” (WS): “Look get Delta to get that article, that you’re asking me about, and have him translate it” I said “He did Sir.” (WS) “He did?” (Frank) “Yes. And he said there’s going to be more added to it.”

**At this point of the video recording, Frank leaves his desk, saying to Jan “I can’t stand it.. I can’t” as he tries to cover a big smile.

And he said “Convoy. (Frank): “So there’ll be more added? Oh! Okay.” And then he said “Look. Stop.” So I stopped. In other words, don’t ask no more questions. Just listen.” So I waited… and it felt like an eternity. But he got his thoughts together and he said “Look… if this article, is translating the way that we are interpreting it, and you better get Delta to interpret it, if it is interpreting the way we believe it is, then next month… is a month that you will see everything for the reinstatement to be released publicly.”

I said “Whaaat?” (WS“What did the article say?” And I read it to him, and as I’m reading it to him, I hit a part that you and I are talking about right now… “Next month!”

WS: “Now let me ask you something” I said “Yes Sir” (WS) “Who’s in charge? (Frank) “The United States of America” (WS) “Who do you think told them to say those words?” (Frank): “Oh my God!… okaaay… So you think this is an escort?” He says “Frank, you can call it that. But… IF the translation is correct, of what we’ve been sharing with you all of these months.. then that article Frank is part of the second article that we re seeking.” I said “Wait-a-minute, wait-a-minute… a convoy?”

He says “No. THAT is a part of it. Read it carefully. Make sure that Delta translates it carefully, and if he feels that it is what I’m telling you, then yeah.. that is a part. It will be included in the second article.

Frank, they are telling you very clearly what they are about to do. Aren’t they? I said “Yeah! They’re going to replace the 250, the 500, the onehu’.. I mean there was even another article that talked about when the 1000 comes out.. and he talks about it! Incredible! Incredible! He talks about coins and he says ‘Well
the 1000 is going to become a 1 dinar.’”

(WS): “Frank, that’s not leakage. THAT’S intent. And that is part of the second article you seek. Pay attention to what they will do next month.” (Frank) “Whoaaaa!” (laughing)

DELTA: By the way, Frankie, I would like to just uh, clear up some more misunderstanding on Sistani talking about the one-thousand dinar?

FRANK: The light, yeah.

DELTA: That I was totally wrong misunderstanding of the article. A lot of people took it the wrong way. I haven’t had a chance to talk about it. But you just remind me about this. Sistani wasn’t talking about the 1000 to 1 dinar, the way we wanted it. What he’s talking is, on the 1000 dinar notes, in the middle of it, if you look at it… there’s basically a verse from Quran. Okay. A verse from Quran; which is from their Holy Book, whatever it is there.

So those people. The religious people; the citizens.. you know the one’s who are really, deeply religion. They‘re asking him are we allowed to touch the middle of the notes without.. us, basically, in Arabic they say “Wuḍū.” (pronounced “wa-dta”) The muslim nations Frankie, before they go to pray, they clean up their hands, they (Frank interrupts, “yeah”).

Okay, so the translation came up wrong. So what he is telling them.. what he’s is explaining in a religion way, because you’ve got the 1000 dinar, again, the same verses from the Quran, was basically quoted in the middle of the 1 dinar too. So they’re not talking here about, what we are waiting for. Everybody took it the wrong way. They just asked a religious question “Are we allowed to touch that note without cleaning our hands in a religious way”.

FRANK: But that note…


I’m going to stop the recording it’s half ways. It’s exactly half ways. And I don’t want to waste anybody’s time. So what we are going to do, is we are going to walk into a little bit more in depth I suppose with our study.

KTFA CC – 9-10-18

Frank: So, we’re going to walk into a little more in-depth with our study.

Maliki said, they’re trying to form the largest bloc but that’s a bunch of bologna because that’s not true.

Parliament is saying they’re going to be seating, but they’re not sure about the quorum. That’s not true.

They have 163 that they can sit. Actually it’s between 177-180 that Sadr already has pretty well secured. These individuals are technocrats…they’re not your usual “waste of time” people…because the USA made sure of that.

This whole conference call is IMO.

​These 177-180 have decided to sit and join Sadr and Abadi because the corruption in Iraq is gone.

A new era is being introduced into the government of Iraq in the same way the CBI has been introduced to Iraq.

A lot of the bad people in both the GOI and CBI ran like the cockroaches that they are. For example, the RI itself is for a new era. The fact is that it is reinstating, it is the introduction of a new era. The HCL and the fact they’re reinstating it, IMO, is for the citizens and it is for the very first time for the citizens…it’s not for a rate that is attractive for it, I must admit.. It’s the fact that both the HCL and the RI are alilve and breathing even at 1190.

They are both alive for a change of a rate. It’s in position, like Iraqi Stock Exchange paired and trading at a low volume and you can see it with a low rate, but soon to be increased in that rate for an increase in the volatility of the Iraqi Stock Market because of that rate.

I told you they’d try to take advantage of any stocks. Tonight I’m here to announce to you…the IMF has put things in place not to allow whales and sharks to take advantage of it. I’m not going to go into it.

But, once they do change this rate, the position they’re in right now, my gosh, these stocks and the dinar are going to go from a penny rate to a valuable stocks …to a valuable currency.

There are things in place now that do not allow you to make a run on the vulnerability of the Iraqi Stock Exchange at a program rate. I hope you understand that.

That’s why we gave you that website to pay attention because it’s from the far east, and IMO, we’re seeing a Specimen mark in many, many places…all the way to Thailand – from the east to the west and that’s why WS gave you what he gave you.

We have international movement of the IQD…the pairing that you saw in 127 countries caused this. That pairing was successful.

The specimen marked lower denominations are going to be used at the higher volume…not in-country. The CBI is interested in collecting the 000’s, yes! So they can introduce the smaller notes, but the lower denom’s will also be used internationally in trade. So, they’re collecting them to introduce the small notes to replace the worn and torn ones but it’s also being collected to be used internationally.

The specimen title branding the 250, 500,1000,5000 – you know, those notes. They’re being sent out of the borders of Iraq and even though I give it to you in my opinion, this is huge because there’s a reason for it. The lower denom’s you have in your hands – they are not marked specimen, are they? They will be exchanged at a bank and they’ll be accounted for, won’t they? Yeah. They don’t need to marked with a specimen.

I gave you 2 words for this week…GAME ON. I believe we’re going to see the government announced because it’s been seated before the elections. It’s been seated during the elections, the re-count, and has been seated and doing a great job. And that’s why the game is on.

And I believe that this coming week that I don’t want to talk to you …they are going to expedite the announcement of their full government that they’ve been working on for a while now to the world, publically. There’s a good reason for that…well, we’ll talk about that tonight.

​The anti-bloc against joining Sadr are the ones who did not want the economic or monetary reform to occur. It’s that simple.

But they will be outed and, IMO, we do not see the government of Iraq walking out on Abadi, on Sadr. IMO, the economic reform that depends on the RI of the IQD is about to explode.

Now there are two separate entities but united in the common cause to improve Iraq’s economy and purchase power for the Iraqi citizens.

One of the reasons to have a RI…what is the logic behind having a RI for the IQD.

1 – To be international so their currency could be used to buy, trade, sell with their own currency. Trade fairly….does that sound familiar?

2 – To give Iraqi citizens more purchasing power.

3 – To run the government with international confidence. Yes, we can pay all of our bills we established with you globally, and we can pay with our own money. Trust our currency…Take our currency seriously world investors. We know you’ve signed contracts. Our currency is to come soon – Article 8 – with value with our backed money – with amazing assets. You want some gold to back it up…that’s just a portion of what we’ve got.


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 KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18 Empty Re: KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:59 am

We don’t use foreign currency…we don’t have any middle man between us. The GOI and the USA put together the government of Iraq for the HCL. For all the reforms….for the monetary, economic reform and the Hydrocarbon law….for the reinstatement of the IQd.

It’s due to the coming together of the largest bloc these individuals are terrorist-free. There’ll always be some bad apple, but the money taken out for terrorism, to support Iran, Maliki and his purposes…that’s gone! It’s a new era. It’s a magic moment of:

1 – Seating government without terrorism
2 – The Hydrocarbon Law being passed.
3 – The Iraq Stock Exchange – the ESX of Kurdistan right now functioning and trading.
4 - The lower denoms specimen marked from the borders of Iraq into international banks. That’s either the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard or the greatest thing I’ve ever heard for our investment.

These 4 examples I just gave you is the primer for the economic monetary form that’s about to explode in Iraq. And, yes, historically between April and September, have always been the months for a change – especially for a change in their rate, historically.

The GOI put this in place. Donald Trump put this government in place for Sadr and Abadi because they both have turned their backs to Iran and this is what Trump wanted.

Trump, IMO, is also pushing the HCL, hence why he pushed to seat the GOI…not talking about seating the Parliament, the full GOI now. The GOI is the activation for the HCL…

​Also, IMO, President Trump is pushing the monetary reform….the reinstatement of the IQD. That is a fact, IMO.

They got rid of influence of terrorism and many middle eastern countries they were depending not only on stealing from Iraq but using the American dollar. That doesn’t work anymore. It is a new era. GAME IS ON for the RI of the IQD.

The fear tactics that these opposing fascists used to stop the reforms both economic and monetary, they’re gone! GOING, GOING GONE! This was the reason for such a slow methodical approach for the reforms.

The money was being used for corruption, as you may know, IMO, the reform will now move very fast, very fast.

And these people, I’m sorry -- the haig with them for all I care.

GITMO..you gonna get some mo, that’s for sure!

Can you say…what the malo bat? Well, then learn to say, GUANTANEMO BAY.

Trump is investigating Malikithe files. Ha! Maliki came out and said, “I had a vision”. Really? You sure you didn’t have a dream…What did youhave? I had a nightmare…I don’t want any political position. You better believe you had that dream…it was for realistic what was presented to you by the USA.

The RI must NOT FAIL…You are the reason for it. IMO, the GOI is very firmly in place. I would say that the reforms are slated for 2018. Yeah…that’s my opinion.

The HCL is an internal…not an international event….internally, they are moving very fast.

The 4th part of the HCL with the GOI…Wait for it…wait for it…are you ready??
Repeat: The 4th part of the HCL with the GOI can NOW PASS will automatically open bank accounts for all living and breathing Iraqi citizens from the ages of 16 and above because they’ll be paid electronically the national oil company law says so.

Now, you may not understand the importance of that just yet so let me try to explain that. Internally, they tried opening up accounts for these citizens a long time ago. Do you remember when they had the Kuwait conference? They drew in a lot of citizens, but they drew in a lot of companies around the world from a lot of countries and they signed a contract --- internally. That’s good.

Then, about a month later…what happened to that? Are we listening, family? And then about a month after that at the Kuwait Conference. Once again, WS’s firm was involved with another conference. What was it? The CBI…what did they do? They had a conference for all the citizens and all the banks. And what did they tell the citizens….Look at these new ATM machines…these are the new ones and you know those are programmed only for small notes. Are they for coins? I told you, there will be no coins dispensed by the new ATM machines. You’ve gotta go into the banks to get them. Okay.

Now, when they had that conference they also told the citizens we want you to open up a bank account. Bring in your 000’s, your notes, NO! But they did, to a degree. It was somewhat successful with about 35-40% citizens that came in there that opened bank accounts.

The REINSTATEMENT MUST NOT FAIL! Will it fail within the GOI? No…it will fail with the citizens if they do not accept it. Remember those notes?

So, it turns out because now that we have a seated government, the passing of the HCL, automatically allows opening every breathing Iraqi citizen over 16 years old inside and outside of Iraq to receive salaries, retirements, and 7-10% of their oil rights. It automatically opens a checking account for them. GOTCHA! Brilliant, USA!

Internationally, the HCL, the 4th part, will finish this action and open the bank accounts for every citizen that wants their part in the profit sharing of the national sharing law. Do you understand the humungous power of what I just shared with you right now?

WS brought the article on the bank accounts opening for us a few weeks ago …many of you tried to do the math at 1190, but WS only smiled because it’s not about the rate, it’s about the vehicle called the HCL…it’s so important to see past and activate by the new GOI. Abadi had kept saying over and over again..you will open accounts or WE will open accounts for all Iraqi citizens. Darn right, they did! YES!

It was important to seat the government, but not for the RI, but for the HCL and for the birth of the automatic bank accounts for every citizen who participates with this..because it must not fail for the citizens of Iraq, IMO, sitting the GOI and other 4 things that we gave you now are all in position.

1 – The GOI
2 – The Iraq Stock Exchange
3 – The specimens marked leaving the borders
4 - The Hydrocarbon Law (HCL)

The RI is downhill now…it’s faster…there are no delays. What’s next, Frank? You can find things to look for but the best thing is to wait for it.

Family, when tese large blocs sit down to negotiate…tell me something Sastini, tell me USA, tell me Abadi…Why should I support you?

Well, there are certain things on the table….like what? Like the HCL and monetary reform. You want to be left out or a part of it. The HCL – has to be passed and if we see the GOI sit IMO, these two things will come very fast.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember what I said to you IMO, the RI is slated before year’s end and don’t you dare look at me and say, Oh, no! Frank is taking me into Sept, Oct., Nov. Dec…No, I didn’t say that. It could happen at any nano second.
It doesn’t mean that the RI has to wait until the end of the year, you got that? It can come before the end of the year…tomorrow, tonight…I don’t know when. The date IMO was set this far in this year due to the forming of the GOI without corruption to pass an HCL that is needed for the citizens so that the RI does not fail and open bank accounts automatically.

The HCL and the monetary form, yes…and to pass all the stalled laws wut #1 right now with Donald Trump. The HCL and monetary reform of the Iraqi Dinar.

A delegations we told you were coming to the USA to see Donald Trump…I also told you there’s something on Donald Trump’s desk. See how it comes together weeks later. A delegation going to DC…when? They already told you…in 3 days!
There’s some papers on your desk, Donald Trump….yeah, I know.

Also, Iraq has cancelled the American dollar as a form of government usage with Iran…and you heard it with Delta. The IQD only from now on….and we told you about 4 or 5 cc’s ago. Yes, Iran, you’re going to get paid by Iraq but it’s not going to be with American dollars the way you want it…do you remember that?

Family, there’s a 90% chance that all the money in all the foreign banks in the world is coming back to Iraq. All their assets…electronically, solid, everything coming back.

This time line that’s been established with Iran is working…Iran is tightly controlled right now and they were the reason for not having the RI. But there’s a lot of exaggeration coming from Iran and even in the US media…IMO, Iran is very well under control and Iran is conceding and willing to give up their nuclear proliferation, willing to do something different with their currency and trade, willing to cooperate with Donald Trump’s plan. But, IMO, it was the world that was not ready for Article 2 three Saturday’s ago. Are you with me?

That’s why tonight we told you a lot about the BIS two weeks ago they put some numbers up and we talked about it in our recording…and I think that’s enough to talk about it.

When you consider 2 weeks ago with what WS said…that was a Saturday they were going to come and visit Donald Trump and release the 2nd Article and the EIS is on a timetable to give up any information when you consider that….two weeks ago plus the next two weeks equals a window for the BIS to reveal a chance of the rate from the CBI for the IQD, if they decide to do it. And who is they? The global world. If they are ready to change the IQ because IMO, and the Fantastic 4 and Donald Trump are more than ready but keep in mind family…it’s a hand in glove situation…a document of mutual agreements that were actually done in the first quarter of 2018 – 6 months ago.

The GOI agreed on the HCL and that’s why it was put in the Gazette…the HCL…That timeframe is here now with the formation of the GOI.. They had 30 days to vote and approve the passing of the HCL…all of this is in my opinion. The key here is that the RI must not fail with the citizens and that’s why we told you about the conference in Kuwait and the conference with the citizens with the Visa Cards and the importance of why we needed this government formed so they could pass this so automatically for the citizens of Iraq.

They’ve been very cautious and rightfully so. The GOI passes the HCL and automatically opens these accounts. Game on if you want your shares.

What is the BIS? Well, it’s the mother of all central banks on this planet earth.

Where do you think the specimens are coming from when they’re landing in many banks in the world…? The CBI? No. They are not in charge of sending the IQD specimens to every world bank. The BIS is. Now do you understand why you pay attention a little closer?

It comes from a clearing bank…the Bank of International Settlements which is the World Central Bank and it’s gone from the east to the west and that’s why we gave you the example of Thailand.

And, an important point IMO the major economies have to have the specimens for the lower denoms first.

So, a lot of American influence…the USA has great interest in Iraq in the middle east and is influencing a lot, because if not, Iraq will never stand on their own two feet…it’s been 10 years…we’ve been there and what you’re seeing is what you’re getting.

The USA is good because the citizens of Iraq are not free of Iranian terrorism …and I don’t care how much the democrats are pissed off …it worked with Iran, it worked with China…it worked with Russia…Indonesia….we told you you’re just trying to survive…Turkey…we told you…citizens know they’re free of terrorism. That is the key when we said once we go in there and remove all of this, we, the USA, remove the Iranian infouence and it’ll be a better environment…a suitable world…for the world , the citizens of Iraq,let alone the GOI, the CBI and most of all for the citizens…

Sistani made it very clear the citizens are #1 for him. He said okay – burn the consulate down…show them that we are united against them as a country…against this terrorism…all this bullshiat to replace Abadi as the Prime Minister…all this bullshia is a waste of time and that’s why we don’t talk to you about it. You would think we were talking about the democrats…we’re not…we’re talking about the Iranian influnce those going against Abadi and his government.

Sadr wants Abadi to resign? Who said that? Ahhh….We heard it…in the newspaper… Where’d it come from? Iran. Frickin’ unbelievable.

Six months ago, you agreed upon the HCL…you put it in the Gazette and with a fully functioning GOI, we need to see the HCL passed next cause the RI must not fail and failure could only come from the Iraqi citizens at this juncture…not the government nor the CBI.

Remember WS’s Kuwait conference…Remember that their firm also did the conference with the ATM machines and Visa Master Cards and bank accounts. Remember once the HCL is passed, once they tell you that it’s passed, it automatically opens accounts to get their share…electronically internationally has been the whole goal of the monetary reform.

Remind me on Wednesday to see Article 2 on livestream…this document and my notes because it’s kind of important and I really want to go over it.

You heard part of this on the recording….we’ll end and pick up on Wednesday.

Ladies and gentlemen, part of the article you heard on the 3rd recording tonight..Art. 2 that we tell you that’s coming out for the citizens will be very similar to the Article I’m going to be putting in the Final Article thread on the forum.

Pay attention: The articles that are already out, written, are coming off a draft form of Art. 2 that we’re waiting for. The articles we’re talking to you about – the wording will be very similar to Art. 2 …in the same manner.

In fact, IMO, this one article that I’m sorry I don’t have the time to show it you but I’ll make it up to you…it just be a part of Art. 2 that we seek. Why? Because it tells you that they continue to collect and lift the lower denom’s and NEXT MONTH they said we may show the translation is correct…and NEXT MONTH they will replace them with the new small notes.

You heard me talk to Delta to make sure the translation is correct…in other words, BRING ME says the CBI that everyone will have an account soon….Bring me your tired and word 250’s – 500’s and 1000’s and we, the CBI, will give you the NEW 1-5-10-20-100’s and the 1 coins, ½, ¾, coin, and 1 dinar coin next month.

If this article is translated correctly which we believe it is, by Delta, for next month, then what would be the month that everything would be exposed on the RI for the IQD…Next month! If this article translates to what we believe for next month, then that would be the month that everything for the RI would be publically released. – You got that? Understanding that? IMO

Now, this is important…they’re going through a redonomination…they’re removing the lower denom’s and at the same breath they’re going through a revaluation because a redenomination with the lower denom’s will be replaced with the small notes and coins by a revaluation means there’s been a change in the rate…coupled, simultaneously, bring to us this action of an RD and an RV brings to us automatically with a change in the rate of the IQD currency which is of international status. That is the goal of the MR…you can go to the Turkmenistan article of what I just told you they did with their currency that Iraq is doing at the very, very end.

The BIS will get a change of rate and so will many agencies around the world and many central banks…it will no longer be a secret to anyone. This type of note will now be for international usage will be the announcement. Nothing about this can be a secret to the citizens or it will fail with them. – That’s why they”re being massively educated.

We, the USA, is calling…all the shots in Iraq from military to reform with the articles that we have just studied that we believe, IMO, are a partial to the second article then it’s no longer a leakage --- it’s for an intent. It is part of the education to the citizens of Iraq.

Fascinating isn’t it?

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