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 KTFA Wed. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/12/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA Wed. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/12/18

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 KTFA Wed. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/12/18 Empty KTFA Wed. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/12/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:56 am


Wed. Night CC (follow-up from Monday, unfinished) September 12, 2018

(Transcribed by Sunkissed and Dinaridori)

Frank26: We now walk into part 2 of our Monday Conference Call.Well it’s Part 2 of our Monday Conference Call. I thought we were running very, very late and I decided to stop at 10:15 which was already late as it was, and I promised I would give you more of it tonight.

What we’re going to do is, probably I say 30 no more than 40 minutes. What I was going to do, I guess what I am going to do, is turn this camera over so that you can see this computer that I have on my Left side. And what we’re going to do is very quickly, walk over just a few thoughts. A few articles. And then I’ll bring you back and I’ll tell you just a few interesting things, and then were going to play a 4 minute recording with Delta. And that will be our Conference Call for tonight.

So let’s get ready! Turn this Laptop around and Tink if you could please have it up and let me know if you think it’s centered well or not.

Let me go over here to my word document. Ca you all see this okay?

**Post # 95 on computer screen (From Final Article thread)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have what we call a Final Article thread. I’ve purposely come back here to what we are calling Final Article # 95. #95 is interesting. Cuz there’s a conversation where Abadi is talking to the Citizens. He’s talking to the government. He’s talking to a bunch of reporters. And in this long conversations that you see, there’s a part where you see (posted in RED):

“We welcome the existence of any cooperation between us and neighboring countries in the field of local currencies”

Now what was it that we shared with you? BTW Everything in this CC is in my opinion and I hope that I bring it to you in dignity.

Now…“We welcome the existence of any cooperation between us and neighboring countries in the field of local currencies” What was it we said to you last week on our Conference Call? Not this Monday.. but a week ago?

We told you that in our opinion, the lower denoms with a Specimen mark on them are leaving the borders of Iraq. What did we tell you this PAST Monday? On our LASTConference Call? That in our opinion, we see the physical lower denom, marked Specimen, from the East to the West in many banks why is it being sent to banks Frank?

Because this is the currency that will be used in buying and selling and trading on a Global scale. The small notes are going to stay INSIDE the country, because there will be a rate change; along with the coins. And those belong to the citizens. They do not belong to the Global Market.

And here you can as far back as post # 95.. because we are up to post 100 now in the Final Articles thread. Just a few weeks ago. Look what Abadi says. Exactly what we told you the dinar, that is marked Specimen, is leaving Iraq. And Abadi is telling all of these neighboring countries, we’re cool with your currency, if you’re cool with ours. Of course we are. We know what you are doing. Yes you do.

The article goes on. Abadi says the following:

“I will not insist on a specific site and insist to serve the country. We welcome the existence of any cooperation between us and neighboring countries in the field of local currencies, and we do not want global domination that controls the economies of countries.”

Now what does that mean? Yes we’re going to swap. And yes, we’re sending our currency out to you. And yes, we’re going through a reinstatement of our currency. You want our currency don’t you? Yes we do. Good! And accept it. We did. And listen, we promise we don’t want “global domination that controls the economies of countries.”

In other words: We can send you our currency. We can send you our currency. It’s about to be globally recognized. It’s about to enter Article 8. We’re going to introduce our lower denominations too. We’re not going to have just one controlling currency anymore, like the American dollar. No more. You see, that’s not how it’s going to work anymore. WOWW.

I mean it’s right here (pointing to the quote above). This is a simple. This is as obvious as it gets.

Now the next one is Final Article # 96:

And it also talks about the currency of Iraq, that is being backed by how much? What’s that say? 89 tonnes of gold in their reserves! Wow! No wonder you can talk the way you’re talking! No wonder you’re proud of your currency to leave the borders. No wonder you’re using your currency, no one elses. Are these not the rules of and demands and obligations from the IMF? For Article 8? Yes they are. Okay. That’s good.

Family.. this is powerful, what I’m trying to show you tonight. Please enjoy. So, as he’s talking that yeah, we can back it up and we’re going to be sending it out and going to use only our currency. Lookie here. What’s that say right there? (pointing to a specific paragraph): “… replace our local currency (dinar) in the US currency (dollar)”

Okay. Thank you very much. What about it. Well the purpose is that uh, and we want uh… and what does it say?:

“And the deletion of the three zeros of the Iraqi currency, he replied Dagher that ‘this issue purely technical (Frank interjected: yeah we can do it at the flip of a switch) and has nothing to do with the rise or fall of the prices (Frank interjected Of course they can’t see it), and we are in the form of coins in our future projects although it is high cost (Frank: of course it cost to mint coins) longer in circulation.

(Frank: Of course it’s going to last longer than the old 250 and 500 that you are trying to replace) The Central Bank will inject the paper currency category 250 and 500 dinars to the local market in quantities that eliminate the existing health to be within the reach of the citizens to trade.”

Okay. Okay. Okay. So post #95 and #96 are telling you what they are doing family. There’s no doubt about it.

Iran! Iran! Iran! The most troubled… the reason why we still wait (along with Obama), for the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar… Iran! Is cooperating! Look at that title right there!

Iran cancels the currency of the dollar during its dealings with Iraq and the exchange of these currencies. (02/09/2018)

Yes! Because you were told to weren’t you Iran! Uh… yeah I guess so. (chuckling)

Abadi. What’s he stressing now? Well, ya know, we got the largest bloc. It’s resolved. yeah. We’re all set. Well you were a government. You are a government. And you will be a government and nothing changed. Nothing has changed. Yes you built the largest bloc and the government is set. What does that mean? Well, it means that the HCL is now ready to open accounts for every citizen in Iraq. Because this government is ready to approve it. Is ready to pass the HCL.

Now there are many other little things, but notice that, Iraq.. they have a stable government now
“Abadi calls on the new parliament to cooperate with the next government to complete the priority laws”

“Abadi: I call the new parliament to cooperate with the next government serving the citizens.”

“Abadi: We have received Iraq in a state of loss it a strong unified.”

The government again, look at this stable, security, the removal of terrorism. Front page news. So this says Abadi, the next government will receive a stable state, from both the political and the security aspects. Wow.. if I didn’t know any better, it would seem like you’re trying to tell us something. You’re preparing something for the month of September aren’t you?

All those that tried to remove Abadi? Sorry. Sorry. We told you that we are in charge. We told you that the United States of America is making all the calls.

“Iraqis were surprised by the size of the US involvement forming the government”

Well.. surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Gomer. We told ya. Look at that (pointing to the article)

“America is trying to form its largest bloc or go to the rescue government”

No! They’re not going to do no rescue government! No! They’re not going to amend their constitution!

Meanwhile, the price of war is going ridiculous. It’s called “timing” family. It’s called beautiful timing! Don’t miss all these little stepping stones. Where…

"EVERYTHING [is] RETURNING [back to Iraq]”

“ THE KEY TO [this whole thing is like we told you] THE HCL… [like we told you on Monday]”

Let’s get this government to sit down. Let’s get that HCL going into the QI cards. And if you do it opens up automatically… what? We know Frank… it opens up an account for every citizen. No. It opens up a “SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT”

“The government announces that Iraq is out of the gray zone within the international classification of money laundering”

You know we’ve seen this before? Why are we seeing it again? (chuckle) It’s for a very good reason. You see…

“Indicators of economy resilience and stability in the monetary system”

Was the byproduct because of this right here:

“ The government announces that Iraq is out of the gray zone within the international classification of money laundering”

“Indicators of economy resilience and stability in the monetary system”

Wait a minute… we have stability? Yeah. We have security in the government? Yup. We have stability and we have security in the monetary system? Yup. Isn’t that exactly what Alak said at the beginning of last year? We need security and stability to lift the three zeros.

“Indicators of economic resilience and stability in the monetary system” Are right in front of your face family.


Anyways, I could go on and keep on showing you some more things here that might be of interest, but, that’s good enough. What I want to do now instead, is take you, if I can find it, bear with me.. right there.

You see this article? It’s in our new thread for today. Walkingstick brings it out, brings it forward once again. We really really want you to understand this family, because of what we are going to tell you tonight.. in our opinion. Once again…

This is post #6

“Indicators of economic resilience and stability in the monetary system”


When you flip it down to Post # 11

Militia Man put a very very good report in his opinion behind it. Because inside the report of the body of what I just read to you there’s of information. I guess we could say a lot of clues. For example:

“Most notably, US Sanctions imposed on Iran and Turkey to be accelerated and non-critical analysis of the reality of monetary stability in Iraq.” [Frank: now that you have the stability what about it?]… and the effects of the new shock expected on the Iraqi dinar. The sanctions..”

Good God Almighty.. yeah. The sanctions that were put on the Iraqi dinar. The program rate. What about it? Well.. they’re telling you family. They’re expecting the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to be effected because of the resilience and the stability of the economic system. What more do you want family? What more is truly needed to feed the non-ending hunger to know when. To know the date. To know everything precisely the way you want it. Even though it’s right in front of your face.

“ In addition to the Iraqi dinar during the recovery during the past 7 months, [Let me see 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, huh.. the first quarter of 2018!!!!!!!???? Yeah. What about it?] the deal with the wisdom and responsibility and the independence by the Central Bank will prevent the impact of international conditions and sanctions on neighboring countries”

They don’t have a deficit! Their budget is ready to go! Their economy is in high gear! Their monetary system is secure! (chuckling).

So, we strongly suggest that you read post #6, on page 1. And then follow it up with post # 11 that Militia Man put together, because Walkingstick told Militia Man “Well done”

Unfortunately, you’ll have to look at my ugly face again. Here we go. In my opinion family, because WE the United States of America are calling the shots. And because you now have the evidence that we sure are aren’t we. We have all those good articles don’t we? You feel confident that we’re calling the shots. Right? Okay good.

Now because we are calling the shots and it can even be proven now, even still, in my opinion, when I read these articles I am led family the wording of “next month.” I will reiterate what I just said, because I’ve learned that sometimes it takes more than once to convince someone of something.

Because we are calling the shots… because we the United States of America are telling them to seat the government. Are telling them when to pass laws. Bringing in all the military that rescue that they need. Because all of this is right in front of us. I am led strongly to believe the wording of NEXT MONTH. Now you may say “What in the world is he talking about of next month? If you are a member of our Forum, go to the Final Article thread and look at post # 100. Our Final Article #100.

Here it is. You see a nice picture of the Central Bank there. You see a nice little conversation, but … inside of the body, it says:

“The governor of the bank Ali al-Alaq said in a press statement: "The Central Bank to develop a plan to compensate the market small categories of local currency, as will be next month large quantities of huge ones," noting that "these quantities will meet the need of the local market for those categories of currency.”

Family, once again, and this is the third time that I’m going to say this. Because we are in charge. Because we are calling the shots. I am led to strongly believe the wording of Next Month. Now many of you were questioning, even though we made it very clear on our Monday call.. I guess it’s impossible to go back and make sure you heard it right. And it’s extremely easy just to post questions. What did Delta say? Was it printed in August or was it September?… they’re talking about October!

So, when I play a 4 minute recording here, you better listen to every word. You better salivate over every word that Delta is about to share with you in just a little bit. A “huge amount of local currency is going to be released in large amounts” family.

And for those of you who say, well, no they’re talking about the 250 and 500’s that’s what they’re talking about. Yeah. There are also other articles that tell you they are going to replace the torn and worn out 250’s and 500’s that are used in the local markets. In the same breath they’re going to introduce the new small notes and the coins. Next month… is what the article says. And the translation is very very plain and very clear. Very simple and to the point.

It was about 3 weeks ago that I told you, in my opinion, there is something on Donald Trump’s desk. And about a week after that, we told you ah gee-whiz, there was a delegation that was coming from Iraq to Washington DC. And on that Saturday, we thought they were going to release Article 2. Now on Monday’s Conference Call, we told you that there’s a lot of parts of Article 2, that are already out there. And one of them, is this one (Final Article #100) in my opinion.

There’s a lot of stuff on the table of President Trump. And we told you this. And then you see that a delegation is going to visit President Donald Trump, in one more day, tomorrow. What do you think is on that desk? What do you think is on that desk of Donald Trump?

Imo Probably about the PM, Abadi. How’s the government going.

Imo Issues about Iran. Are they cooperating with you? Yes.. yes they are. They’re not messing at the borders anymore. No they’re not. They’re not stealing anymore? No they can’t.

Imo Maybe on Donald Trump’s table there is information about Maliki.

Imo, on Donald Trump’s desk is something about the government of Iraq itself forming with the largest block.

Imo, on Donald Trump’s desk is information about the monetary reform of their country. And the reason why is because it’s on our desk. It’s on your desk. And very easily explained.

Rouhani from Iran is going to be going to the UN. We want you to pay close attention to this. It should be happening in a few days as a matter of fact. It actually says that Trump plans to take aim at Iran at the UN session.

Well he’s actually going to attack Rouhani. Donald Trump is not going to pull any punches. But first, imo he’s going to meet maybe tomorrow, maybe with some people from Iraq. And on that table are some important subjects, and I gave you some for you to consider.

Will they talk about the budget? No. Why? Because the price of oil is going crazy. Because there is no deficit. Because their gold and assets are being returned. Because they’ve already announce they’re going to lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate. They did? Yeah.

You see the article again that says that next month they’re going to do that? What is it that they are going to do? “The Governor of the Central Bank said: The banks plans are to modernize the currency in circulation and the deletion of the zeros.” Say that again.

(repeated). That’s what they’re going to do family. They are going to modernize the 250’s and 500’s that are worn and torn and at the same breath, they will lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate, because they’ve lifted as much of the 3 zeros from the streets that they could, physically.

And they will introduce, along with the 250 and 500’s to modernize, small notes. And coins. There will be 4 different types of coins: There will be a 1, a 5, a 10, a 20, a 100. And don’t forget we’re going to replace the 250’s and the 500’s and when you lift the 3 zeros off the exchange rate. You see that’s what you need. The small notes. And no more than the 250 and the 500.

The math does not work if you lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate, with any higher denomination. Now that I’ve bored you and I see that you are talking to each other and x’s and o’s to each other. I’m done. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this conference call. I hope you were able to understand what I was trying to tell you.

Now, I’m going to play you a recording. And in this recording, ooohhh buddy, is some very powerful information. I think that you should be very very attentive and pay close attention to what it is about to say to you. Please enjoy.

Telephone Recording with Delta:

Hey Frankie, Frankie! How ya doing buddy? Actually, I’m calling right now just to give you my points on that article, actually, a very important point, about the Central Bank of Iraq introducing huge quantity of small groups. There’s a lot of confusing and a lot of people having so many questions about that article.

#1: We do believe that this article actually, (???) about Sadat (??) (inaudible sorry), the last month in August. Because another article came up, if you’ll remember, one of the Board of Directors was in August too. But the article came up late, which is in September, so a lot of people were confused. And so based on what we have right now, we do believe that, that was done in August, but either way, it’s going to happen in this month, or even if they take it to October, it’s not a problem.

But, here’s the most important question a lot of people are asking: Are the small notes the 250 to 500? We do believe no. I don’t believe that’s the case because, where’s the logic behind them printing AGAIN the 250, 500? I did bring this to you, and to the family’s attention that in 2016, I believe, they did reprint 250 and the 500 and they did reject all this currency at the Rashid Bank and the Private Bank.

In that case, why they making such a big deal this time? They’ve never had a big deal like this one, because I really do believe that the small group, they recently printed by the way, and a lot of them, because, remember, they did delete about 3, 4, 5 trillion dinars, and most of them are 3 zero notes, and this is how they are going to delete the zeros by introducing those.

We do believe this are the small groups, not the 250, and 500, and 5000. We do believe that they’re going to be the 50, the 100, the 200, that they did talk about. And it you go to the Final Article 75, which I added that to the family, Iraq is exactly telling us what they are going to do. That they have a plan to modernize the existing currency, the ones that they’ve got right now, and delete the zeros. So this is one event.

So they cannot introduce the lower denominations, unless the rate has to change. We do believe this is two events in one day. They might even show us a rate before they introduce all those lower denominations. And this is how the phase-out of the the 3 zeros will start. People will go to the shop or the bank, you give your 25,000 or 10,000 dinars, and they’ll get lower denominations, but those lower denominations, they’re going to have more value. And of course those 3 zero notes are gonna have more value, because they’re going to reinstate their currency.

I mean just think about it, this is a big deal. If this isn't the moment that the Central Bank told us, then why all this hype? Why all this advertisement for it? So this is what they’re talking about.

# 2 is, why would they print a lot of small group with no value? Even if you come up with new 250 and 500 we all know that the 1000 dinar is only worth 85 to 88-cents. So you got 40-cents on the 500, and probably 20-cents to 22-cents on the 250. But again, they did print them before. We’re really expecting them now, because now they’re overdue. The reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar is overdue and remember too, Iran did something about 2 weeks ago, they’re waiting on the Iraqi side to give them the prize of the Iraqi dinar, because people come in from the holy place to go basically, to they’re going to find out that they have received Article #2.

Thank you for joining us tonight. This call……. Is the one that you have been waiting for, for a long time. I’m not even sure that you understood it. I pray that you did.

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