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 "Zimbabwe’s Guide to the RV" by Fireswan - 9/16/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Zimbabwe’s Guide to the RV" by Fireswan - 9/16/18

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 "Zimbabwe’s Guide to the RV" by Fireswan - 9/16/18 Empty "Zimbabwe’s Guide to the RV" by Fireswan - 9/16/18

Post by Ssmith Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:55 am

 "Zimbabwe’s Guide to the RV" by Fireswan - 9/16/18 Image_6483441
I was amused by the logo on the building where we had readiness training on Saturday.

Fireswan, that’s got nothing to do with Zimbabwe (or does it?). Please do connect these random dots for us without making us read a long post.

OK - do you want to see what some of the folks “behind the scenes” in the American white hat “Alliance” look like? Click on the link below and scroll down to see the keynote speakers.


OK, Fireswan. Did that. What does this have to do with Zimbabwe?

For a very long time those of us that work in this field have been working with Ubuntu Linux.

We have been training on how to create systems that support fair, transparent and open computing environments (Open Source) to support the social structures of government, business and communities based on Ubuntu principles.

If you want to learn how the cyber world is transitioning to having a mindset of being a resource instead of controlling anything, listen to the Q researchers.

Fireswan, that’s far too geeky, with all the decodes and where-we-go-one-we-go-all references...

I agree

Take another look at Ubuntu

I AM because we ARE

What did Nova Gaia, here on IDC do?

I AM because we ARE

1. Happened organically
2. Not contrived, gamed or strategized.
3. Where ONE went ALL can go.
4. Demonstrated Ubuntu naturally arising in a (mostly) Western community


Return of Divine Feminine

I see it everyday how difficult the masculine is having with the rising Divine Feminine. However, just by observing very masculine oriented (warrior) training sessions (like the one I referenced above and the one I attended on Saturday), there has been an incredible shift in atmosphere from this year compared to last year.

What are those changes, Fireswan, can you quantify that statement with tangible proofs that we can sink our teeth into?


Attending yesterday’s training was more than 50% African Americans, some were women. Of the remaining 50% that had white skin, a third were women. Our instructor was retired Air Force. Very cool White Guy. He talked about Ubuntu. He talked about learning from the Native Americans and from the Africans, especially the social norms of Zimbabwe. He talked about how the indigenous communities throughout the world have demonstrated how to hold onto their principles no matter what in the face of great adversity. He talked about how cultures that listen to their Elders have continuity. He talked about timeless principles that all cultures share.

In a cybersecurity readiness training.

The leadership in this subgroup of Western computing is very different than those that you’d find at a Google, AWS (Amazon), Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc conference. We all attend those also. For example, on Saturday the retired Airforce trainer was teaching us analytical geeky types how to embrace “other forms of intelligence that MAY SEEM ALIEN to us”.

Times are changing, so are the democratics.

We have already been primed somewhat by learning about computers that use slime mold because it’s more intelligent than any of us had “thought”. We have had training on whales and dolphins “think”. Lately we have been learning about innate intelligence. Now we’re learning about Zimbabwe and UBUNTU.

I AM because we ARE
Upwards not Downwards
Forward not Backwards
Where we go ONE we go ALL

Nova Gaia, thank you again for breaking through the Sound Barrier

IDC Strong


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