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 "The RV and the QFS" by Ron Giles - 9/13/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The RV and the QFS" by Ron Giles - 9/13/18

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 "The RV and the QFS" by Ron Giles - 9/13/18 Empty "The RV and the QFS" by Ron Giles - 9/13/18

Post by Ssmith Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:21 am

 "The RV and the QFS" by Ron Giles - 9/13/18 Satialite%2Bpicture

To those who read my posts, I have been very busy with my Humanitarian Projects. I believe the RV is too close to put it off any longer. There is soooo much to do and in so little time, before I hit the ground running. I still read IDC everyday and shake my head at some of the drama that keeps the interest up. A tempest in a teapot sort of thing.That’s just the way it is.

I am a Quantum Financial System purest and will not be believing in any, “Stuff,” that is not consistent with the way the real QFS will be initiated into the worldwide financial arena. The QFS is my asset, my servant and, as the Sovereign, I’ll use it like a tool or an asset. It is not in charge of me, it's a tool in my toolbox.

My observation of the IDC drama machine leaves me to wonder why there are so many posts that indicate a very strong lack of knowledge about the QFS by posters and con-call hosts, even though the tidbits of truth concerning the QFS have been clearly stated before, but have not been taken into the mind as a functional belief system. Here is another drip, that I hope will help clarify the QFS.

We presently have the two financial systems running parallel in real time. The authors and planners take a photo shot of the two systems at a point in time and analyze the results to see that they are in sync with each other. A computer analysis indicates any discrepancies if there are any. After months and hundreds of, Checks, the results are confirmed and give the overseers the information they need to have faith in and activate the QFS.

The old Fiat Cabal system does not reflect any gold-backed currencies because they are not activated in that system. The two systems have been synced to Fiat money to check for accuracy of the program. Once the QFS is activated, only gold-backed currencies will be seen as currencies, because they have a digital gold- certificate. The gold-certificate is like a name for each piece or increment of money. Once married they can not be separated unless it is transferred to the serial number of the cash or paper equivalent. Once the cash is spent and put into a merchant’s account the money is reunited with the digital certificate. The QFS tracts forward and backward 40 transactions, which is renewed after each transaction. You can trace every piece of money by its digital certificate any where it goes. So how can somebody steal money from an account – they can’t – where could they hide it?... Nowhere, it is complete transparency.

Cabal thinking or conditioning is running rampant on IDC. When will a person make the transition to, Sovereign thinking? Cabal thinking is found in the thought process of things being done, “to me,” instead of, “for me?” If you apply this victim, "to me," consciousness to the QFS, you are applying the Cabal system to the QFS. CHANGE YOUR THINKING. We are the Sovereigns. Everything is being done, “FOR US,” in support of our stewardship responsibilities. We didn’t’ come this far to continue dragging the old Cabal chains around with us. I’ve cut those chains and put them in my trophy case to remind me that I am a Sovereign and a free man. I also encased my cocoon in a transparent cubicle so I can appreciate my wings.

We have been given free agency for our earthly 3D experience. The Cabal took that away from us and tried to control us and enslave us. If we keep thinking Cabal thoughts as a way of conducting our lives, we are still enslaved, regardless of whether the Cabal is gone or not. Keep your Cabal thinking if you want, but unless you change your paradigm you will never be free and you will never be truly happy. Your mind cannot serve two masters. You are a Sovereign – quite thinking like a slave.

Tranches and transferring large sums of money is old Cabal era thinking – not QFS thinking. Use this to know, who and what, you can believe in.

All our RV gold-backed currency is already in the QFS awaiting the redemption/exchange. It is digital – not cash. The RV will activate the QFS and begin the use of gold-backed currency worldwide. Gold-backed creates parity of currencies. They all have the same value. Our RV funds are to be transferred to our account from the Master QFS account. The idea of transferring large sums of money around to be used in preparation for the exchange process is old antiquated thinking and believing. It is not a whole lot different than saying, "Old Farmer Jones has hooked up his horse and buggy to go down town to have a banker deposit money to his account. We better do the same. Old thinking! We now, get to go supersonic. Funds are transferred in the blink of an Eye – master account to our account. Movement of Fiat currency has nothing to do with the RV/Exchange, unless that's what you want - Fiat Currency. Good Luck with that.

Assets are used to back Bonds, NOT, currencies; UNLESS Bonds are used as currency. Picture Zimbabwe’s in-ground-assets as having been purchased by the Elders using Gold-Backed currency. If you can let that be a truism, then you’ll have a better understanding of the use of assets as it pertains to backing currency. The QFS does not contain asset backed currency, it does contain Gold-backed, currencies using digital gold certificates. How do you use a mine full of diamonds to back a single dollar and digitally transfer it around? Reason that out for yourself. Gold-backed is for currency, asset- backed is for bonds. Talk about gold/asset backed currency is for Bonds used as currency. Let that be clear. How can that be used in the QFS is open for discussion.

It is an absolute necessity to get rid of Cabal conditioning and thinking to be able to navigate the post-RV era. To the extent that one can do this, is the extent to which one’s participation in the QFS era will be measured. DO NOT BE DECEIVED, nobody will exchange until the QFS is activated. The truth of, "all-go-or-no-go," is absolute. Talk of people already exchanging is false and misleading. Unless the QFS has been activated, all-go-or-none-have-gone. The difference between one person and the next person will be the difference in the rates they will obtain when exchanging. To some degree the hold up of the RV is influenced by the number of those ready to adhere to correct principles, but it is more a matter of the right timing. When the hundredth monkey starts washing their potatoes, it will change. The RV will not wait for the slackers and the lager-behinds to catch up. If you can't keep up you will be left behind and probably wondering why. We are not children any more, nor are we slaves. We are in the refiner's fire. Our metal will become pure. Cleanse your old Cabal thinking and put on the full mindset of the, Sovereign Monarch, and dot it by yourself, for yourself. Your Kingdom, as a Sovereign Monarch, is your stewardship responsibility to oversee and grow your delegated part of the whole of the Kingdom of God. If you don't grow your talents, they will be given to another. As we begin our humanitarian work of the heart, we must individually show up fully prepared to do the work. Having fully prepared, let’s join the celebration and dance the RV in to manifestation. Fun time, these....

In Love and Light

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