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 "Tank, Shape up or Ship out" by TJ - 9/11/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Tank, Shape up or Ship out" by TJ - 9/11/18

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 "Tank, Shape up or Ship out" by TJ - 9/11/18 Empty "Tank, Shape up or Ship out" by TJ - 9/11/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:08 pm


I have stuck by you for years, and when you introduced Kim to us last Fall I stuck by her too, not only because she seemed real to me, but also out of my respect and trust in you, Tank. But now I am angry at you!

You give us tid-bits of what seems like very important, very relevant, information, but you do not follow through, leaving the impression now that you too are just jerking us around.

What happened about the threat that the banks would not legally be allowed to hold USD as of Friday 8th September if they did not honour the completely legal bank transfers from the Manna World Trust through the Treasury? What is the situation now?You raised this and therefore you are morally bound to follow through on the story.

I fully realise that nobody is required to educate us, but as you know we have no way to track this story on our own that we know of, and if you had no intention of following through, you should not have put this information out.

Also, you have been giving us messages for a while now that the GCR/RV is not real and will not happen, without telling us what beneficial things could or are likely to happen instead, other than possible airy-fairy projects by governments or sponsored by government agencies, who in the past have been at very least complicit in most of our terrible problems. This stinks! Isn't the plan supposed to be that it is we the people who are the ones trusted to bring about the wonderful changes, and not the governments who helped screw us all along?

The message I was expecting from you would have been something like "the QFS will keep the governments in line so that we the people can freely help eachother", but all Kim said was that half the funds will be distributed to governments and half to the people. I initially understood that it was all supposed to go to the people. There is no talk from you (or Kim) of our half at all now. What is Kim's plan for our half, or is that too now going to government coffers? Have we been set up and deserted? This not only stinks, but stinks to high heaven!

If this is now your MO, please leave us alone as all you are doing is adding to our stress level. This is typical cabal behaviour, and not what I used to expect from you, Tank.

I, personally, am giving you 24 hours to clarify the above issues before I write you off as just another false prophet full of sh**, after all, and start ignoring anything further coming from you.

Tank, ball's in your court. Just to be quite clear, shape up or ship out!


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