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Mountain Goat 9/9/18

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Mountain Goat  9/9/18 Empty Mountain Goat 9/9/18

Post by Mountain Goatee on Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:51 am

The Pending Next World Crisis

Latest Mnt Goat News Letter·Sunday, September 9, 2018

Coming soon. Completing my research now.

Many ask me why I bring these other FaceBook Notes to you. I bring them because these are VERY important issues that are much overlooked by the populous. Usually what happens is, as society moves ahead, it is so fast no one really takes the time to take a hard look at where we really want to go. Instead it seems to me there is this mad rush and hype to get into outer-space and have all these high tech devices in our lives (smart this or smart that).

Maybe we need to SLOW DOWN and evaluate just what we are doing to ourselves. We all complain about our privacy invasion. Yet we allow police monitoring devices in public places, on our street corners and intersections. Did anyone stop to think just how this is all going to really improve your lives or are they just tools being sold to us as luxuries as safeguards to prevent crime. Instead what if all this technology is really back-engineered technology from some other extraterrestrial life forms that are thousands of years ahead of us. They have evolved to the point of massive space travel and are now interfering with our societies. These technologies are really tools to CONTROL us. Control us eventually to the point where we are the slaves and the technology robots are the masters?

Seems far fetched for today but really....are we “being sold a bill of goods” on this technology? Remember what “law enforcement” really is. It is NOT preemptive measures to prevent a crime BEFORE it happens. Seems they are trying to convince that this is the NEW crime prevention ways. Instead it is supposed to be taking actions necessary to bring violators to justice according to the law thus ENFORCE THE LAW. So spying on individuals is “preemptive” and not a proper law enforcement practices. So much for SMART technology!

What if someday they program robots (like in the movie “super cop” ) that will monitor our every activity. Yes, this is nearly possible today! If we step out of line (as humans often do because it is our nature of being human) they will take immediate actions to get us back in line. Actually, if the corporations can eventually get humans to be their slaves this is much less costly than building and paying for all this technology and machines. But they must get us to do it for far less than building the machines. Get it? This is the final end to the game. But how do they get to this point of human enslavement? Again this just the same old same old. The elite do not want to share their wealth with the people who actually to the work.

Their technology is the way to get them to their final goal - human enslavement. Then with a minimum involvement by their super robots they can monitor and keep us in step. Is this the way you really want to live? You may now be skeptical about my analysis but wait and watch how this artificial intelligence (AI) soon takes off. We are now at the very cusp of a major rollout of plans to bring AI into all and I mean all aspects of our lives.

So where is the responsibility of the government in this matter? Remember the government is supposed to be “for the people by the people”. So what do the people really want in their lives. Never mind what these clever industrialists and corporate entities want. It is our lives that are at stake here. Get it?

So what is so wrong anyhow with these “super robots”?

to be continued...
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