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InvestIraq -  "Brought to Light" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26  9/7/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Brought to Light" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 9/7/18

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InvestIraq -  "Brought to Light" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26  9/7/18 Empty "Brought to Light" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 9/7/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:12 am


Walkingstick » September 7th, 2018

BR.... SNIPPET / M/D...

Sistani explains the legitimacy of touching the paper a thousand dinars without light

The supreme religious authority, Ali al-Sistani said that it is not permissible to touch the current Iraqi currency of the category of one thousand dinars and the previous one dinar category, without light, because it contains surah al-Ikhlas.

This came in response to a number of questions addressed to him by his followers on his own site.

In a question about touching the Iraqi currency, the religious authority said: "In the middle of the current Iraqi currency, the denomination of (1000) dinars and the category (1) dinars previously surah al-Ikhlas and Kufic, what is the rule of touching them without light ?, the answer was" Thousand dinars without light ". Link

MilitiaMan » September 7th, 2018

With out light is without three zeros.. imo

Sistani is imo telling the citizens he approves of the new currency.. Coins even.. imo

Sound about right, WS? ~ MM

"Kūfic script, in calligraphy, earliest extant Islamic style of handwritten alphabet that was used by early Muslims to record the Qurʾān.

This angular, slow-moving, dignified script was also used on tombstones and coins as well as for inscriptions on buildings. Some experts distinguish Kūfi proper from Meccan and Medinese scripts, which were also used to copy the Qurʾān.


Don961 » September 7th, 2018

the term "surah al-Ikhlas" refers to a recitation that is considered 1/3 of the Qur'an by followers :

"Say! He is God, the One!
"The Eternally Besought of all!
"He does not beget, nor is He begotten.
"And there is nothing comparable to Him."

So perhaps this may have something to what Mr. Sistani is saying .. both currency notes contain this writing on them .. but the 1000 note is without light because of the 3 zeroes ...it is not 1 link

Iggy » September 7th, 2018

for now we use the 1000, we can't touch the 1 until it is brought to light (brought to the public) ...possibility IMO

Frank26 » September 7th, 2018

YES !!! !!! !!!

Samson » September 7th, 2018

Sadr confirms the governor of Basra need to meet the demands of the demonstrators

2018/9/7 9:57

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr and Basra Governor As'ad al-Eidani, Thursday evening, to develop quick solutions to the province.

Al-Eidani said in a press statement that "the meeting with al-Sadr was to discuss the issue of the current crisis in Basra, as well as to emphasize the development of quick solutions to the suffering of the visual people." He added that Sadr "stressed the need to implement the demands of the people of the province of Basra, as well as to address the issue of joint coordination of the parliament session on Sunday to develop solutions to the escalating crisis in the city."

On Thursday, al-Sadr launched an initiative to resolve the crisis in the province, calling for a new parliament session next Sunday, while threatened to threaten the position of firm and dangerous to the minds and shakes the thrones corrupt and sectarian, as he described. Basra, on Thursday night, witnessed unprecedented security developments in the course of the demonstrations taking place in the province, where the demonstrators set fire to most of the headquarters of political parties and currents as well as the building of the governorate and its council. LINK

Realtormc » September 7th, 2018

State Dept. Confirms Mortar Attack Near U.S. Embassy in Iraq

BY: Andrew Kugle

September 6, 2018 8:56 pm

The State Department confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon there was a mortar attack near the United States embassy in Iraq on Thursday.

A video captured a series of sixteen explosions which can be seen lighting up the night sky.
U.S. officials confirmed a series of explosions near the U.S. embassy in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Adam Kredo


BREAKING: US officials confirm to me series of explosions near US Embassy in Iraq. "We are closely following reports of possible explosions outside of the Green Zone in Baghdad." US staff "taking precautions." DEVELOPING...

‎"We are closely ‎following reports of possible explosions outside of the Green Zone in Baghdad," a State Department official said on background.

The embassy has not been impacted and U.S. staff are taking appropriate safety precautions and prioritizing the safety of Americans on the ground.

"‎The security and safety of Americans are among our highest priorities," the official said. "Host nation security and U.S. embassy security officials will take appropriate measures to safeguard personnel and visitors.‎"

Sources say the attack came from Baghdad Area Zayoona which is well known for control of Asae'b Ahlil Al Haq, an Iraqi Shi'a paramilitary group backed by Iran. The group was active during the Iraqi insurgency and in the Syrian Civil War. The mortars used in the attack are identified as 120mm which are considered heavy mortars and could cause extensive damage.

Sources believe the Iranian-backed group is responsible for the attack.

Iranian-backed forces have long been operating in Iraq and have obtained U.S. arms. Iran continues to solidify its presence in Iraq, which it considers a key strategic location.


JJonesMX » September 7th, 2018

The @IraqiGovt is implementing a strategy to attract Iraqi and international investment, and is laying the foundations for a modern, diverse and fair economy #InvestIraq pic.twitter.com/EDZaYOcRUX

— Government of Iraq (@IraqiGovt) September 7, 2018

Doodlebug » September 7th, 2018

Here are the subtitles to this video. Can you say, OMG-osh!!????!!!!!! Well hello, KPMG *wink*, wondering when you were going to come out and share your work.

Please enjoy... no need to highlight anything, it's ALL THAT GOOD IMO!

"The Iraqi Gov’t is creating a business friendly environment to support economic and human development in Iraq. As one of the major financial and management consultancies, “Hatem Kawasmy” Managing partner/KPMG Jordan and Iraq, as one of the major financial and management consultancies in the World, KPMG has been working in Iraq for a while, we will continue to work in Iraq in the coming days, months and years.

We are working closely with the Central Bank of Iraq to help develop the Banking Sector. The Iraqi Gov’t is very supportive, it has welcomed many of our proposals and is working to ensure that they are implemented quickly. These proposals focus on simplifying the process to register companies, facilitating the entry of international experts as well as equipment and other material to Iraq.

Iraq is a country rich in human and natural resources. Iraq is now of great interest to many investors from the region and around the world. I invite all companies wishing to invest in the services sector, banking or in other areas to seriously consider investing in Iraq. The Iraqi market has huge opportunities."

Hammy14 » September 7th, 2018

Wow! Time for the world to see! Come on, Iraq. Quit embarrassing yourself and get with the program. Put your big boy pants on and join the rest of the world in international commerce. But prior to doing that, we all know what MUST happen, so stop the slow roll and finish it. IMO

Article: “Sadr: Leave the formation of the largest bloc and leave the spoils and make tomorrow's session of Basra exclusively” LINK

Jay » September 7th, 2018

I see this a little different. IMO. Yesterday Sadr was meeting with the blocks trying to compromise. Something agreeable for the largest block to be named (in Abadi's favor) must have happened. Because if it didn't, Sadr would have been squawking about getting the largest block settled and seated in todays news.

So IMO, Sadr is politicking. Taking advantage. NOT letting a bad thing go to waste. For a man who hates the USA and its politicians, it seems like he has taken a play right out their(USA politician's) play book. So Sadr comes out like the Loan Ranger and says, To hell with seating the largest block lets help the peeps & peepettes in Basra. Bull Crap. lolol This may sound cynical to some but ya never know.

I think Sadr has the leeway to come out and seem like he is for the people because the Largest Block has already been agreed upon and we haven't been told yet. I said ALLLLL that because IMO...???? the most important thing in the short term...??? IS A SEATED GOI. OFFICIALLY SEATED.

Helping Basra should/would be second. Allocations will only get you so far. A caretaker GOI cannot INtrODUCE anything NEW. They can only accomplish what's been started by the prior GOI. If that wasn't done yet then Sadr would not be playing the Lone Ranger roll.


Remember. Watch what they do, not what they say. What Sadr ""DID" yesterday was meet with the blocks to negotiate the largest block. One of those blocks was Maliki's. Whats SADR says.....is help Basra. I know he cares about the peeps but he can't help anyone without HIS seated POWER. Allll imo.

A little outside the box, but its how my 12 yr old brain works. lol

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