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Tank - Steffen Rowe/Tank    "Why you Should Support Trump"  9/6/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Steffen Rowe/Tank "Why you Should Support Trump" 9/6/18

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Tank - Steffen Rowe/Tank    "Why you Should Support Trump"  9/6/18 Empty Steffen Rowe/Tank "Why you Should Support Trump" 9/6/18

Post by Ssmith Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:30 am

Tank - Steffen Rowe/Tank    "Why you Should Support Trump"  9/6/18 Tank_110

6 September, 2018 12:43

Why You Should Support President Trump

Part 1: Treasonous Bankers

I remember when elections were coming up back in November of 2016. I felt like we had the choice between Syphilus or Herpes. If my back was against the wall I guess I would have voted for Trump at the time. It didn’t really seem to matter to me because clearly the Zombie Apocalypse was inevitable no matter which candidate won.

The hardest part about being well informed by intelligence agencies, military insiders, politicians, and various others “in the know” is that you realize how all of the information even at the highest levels is compartmentalized. Well, at the highest level there had always been one pulling the strings to manipulate both sides to serve his personal agenda no matter what the outcome, but he’s dead now. That’s a much deeper topic and doesn’t serve our immediate goal to discuss at this time.

Old Warlord Replaced by Human Advocate

In the place of this former ruler is the woman we affectionately call Kim-Possible. She is the only one left at the M-Level authority and technically that makes her the Head of the Order. Unlike the 154 people who were there before her, Kim is an advocate for human empowerment and ascension. She is the Comptroller of the Manna World Holding Trust, and she replaced about 1500 of the most nefarious super villains of all time when she took their role as the sole Trustee. She revoked the codes they had used to access the Trust for years. (The current codes do not come from any book that exists and are generated in real time. No member if the Dragon Families will be able to access the trust ever again, thus any claim of power or ownership to said funds can easily be disproven with a proper DNA test or intelligence report) She is the Sole Sovereign on the Planet, the highest authority in the world, and the only human with the DNA that can access the Actual Quantum Financial System. Unless you follow me or Thomas you’ve probably never even heard of her.

For all of the Patriots, Q followers, rogue intelligence agents, and generally well intentioned and well informed truthers, if you are not including Kim-Possible in your intel, then I’m afraid you do not have the whole story.


The Banking Cartels are currently guilty of treason. The same characters who have funded every major war, human trafficking, illegal drugs, genocide, and criminal activity in the world are currently refusing to accept Government approved, allocated funding designated for economic revitalization of the United States of America.

Please read that again and allow it to sink in.

So what does that have to do with Trump?

I’m going to give you some insight, and like the alleged insider who said he was trying to take down certain parts of the Trump Agenda, I too am an insider from another part of the movement. The difference between his message and mine will be obvious and potentially uncomfortable. But we’re at an essential turning point, and although you may think you know what’s going on, you’re probably deceived on some level by the public display of pomp and circumstance. Even the alternative media has gone mainstream, which means the Order is allowing them to put out their message. That’s a good indicator that they’re missing something vital.

As I said, I wasn’t always a Donald Trump fan. I don’t identify with any political party as I like to make decisions for myself rather than join the angry hate mobs created by the Illuminati’s Cultural Guidance. For the most part I was familiar with the arrogant, womanizing, Donald Trump image that most of us could agree we would rather not have our daughter’s date. Obviously the media can tell whatever story they want just by the focus of the camera and the mic, so I’ve learned to let go of my personal biases and look deeper. Right now he’s taken a stand against the most powerful enemy to ever exist in human history. Meanwhile, most of us are caught up with our anger about something he said, while the other side is coming up with clever memes to mock liberals. The entire game is a useless distraction to occupy our focus and energy while the real problems are boiling over behind the scenes.

For our survival it’s essential to get a higher perspective and put our ego aside. If we don’t see the whole picture then our actions, attitude, and voice could contribute to the enslavement of our entire race-again. This is serious. Our greatest enemy is our own indifference, so prepare yourself to do more than just complain on Twitter, and lazily cast judgement because something you saw on some mainstream media outlet. Your freedom is at stake, and I’m going to give you some further pieces to the real story so you can at least try and see how, and who is really manipulating you.

Time is short, and this is the essential moment where your actions and energy are most important.

To be continued…
(I’ll post Part 2 in about two hours or so)


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