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Becky McGee/Oootah Beg-A-Thon   8/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Becky McGee/Oootah Beg-A-Thon 8/22/18

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Becky McGee/Oootah Beg-A-Thon   8/22/18 Empty Becky McGee/Oootah Beg-A-Thon 8/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:36 am

Becky McGee/Oootah Beg-A-Thon   8/22/18 2018-061

Becky McGee/Oootah Beg-A-Thon   8/22/18 2018-062

tswf‏ @TXMAJEK2017  Aug 17

Replying to @OOOTAH1 @LStalets
Becky, What happened to exchanging this week like you told everybody last Saturday...or we are within a day or two as you said on July 4th? Is misleading these people really worth the money you make?

kay simmers‏ @kaysimmers3  Aug 15

Replying to @OOOTAH1
my church provides for our pastor. Don needs to ask his church to help him, NOT US

Carol Naegele‏ @NaegeleCarol  Aug 15

Cant believe now Oootah1 is now trying to get ya'll to foot a 4200$ bill!!! Hey can I request a couple grand! SMH

Michael J Morgan‏ @bigmike1116  Aug 15

Replying to @OOOTAH1
You are not a credit union or a bank! Insane request from someone you do not know or easily vet!? Just say no.

tswf‏ @TXMAJEK2017  Aug 15

Replying to @OOOTAH1
Go get a job Becky, people are catching on to your agenda.

Dinarland‏ @dinarland  Aug 19

Replying to @WhatsUp55744947 @OOOTAH1 @YouTube
And Fred said that ?? Wow !! Very Christian of him, NOT !!

Marc Cain‏ @942Motown  Aug 15

Replying to @ShefferdDeborah @OOOTAH1
She has been exposed u will see NO RV in 2018

truthseeking‏ @truthseeking8  Aug 15

Replying to @OOOTAH1
Hell, everyone on your followers list would love a piece of that 4200.00 dollar pie. Start slicing it all out, lol Honestly Becky you said months ago this was gonna be last weekend & your still no closer to that truth you told 10 weeks later ! How can people believe you ??????

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