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 KTFA Frank26 CC Notes by TNT Sunny 8/20/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA Frank26 CC Notes by TNT Sunny 8/20/18

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 KTFA Frank26 CC Notes by TNT Sunny 8/20/18 Empty KTFA Frank26 CC Notes by TNT Sunny 8/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:59 am

Frank26 CC Update, Monday, Aug 20, 2018 - 2% Still

I only caught the last part of Franks call. The broadcast went down several times and then I could not get the replay to replay. Below are my brief notes and what I found on Dinar Recaps. - Sunny

KTFA CC, August 21, 2018

[Frank26]: USA is in Control! POTUS . . . basically slapped everyone. . .Iran. . . Maliki. . . It worked!! USA wants them to RI!

Everything is done but there are variables...choke out Iran and kill the virus of their political structure...Remember time frame ****8/18 - 28th****... The minute you see the HCL...next breath is RI. . .August for preparation...September for implementation. . .

Sat. , August 18 - Walkingstick brought us the article "Masoum will call this date for the first session of the parliament" ON 8/28

Sat. August 18 - Delta brought us the article about small notes coming out. . . Lower denom’s worn and & torn. Article: "Economist reveals the bank's printing of large amounts of currency with small categories to replace them with damage"

[Frank26]: Saturday article is a reprint. It talked of small notes and the math behind it.

1. For security reasons they are now reprinting LD's...specimens with batch numbers! Huge!

2. Notes will be calculated so not to flood the market. . .

3. This time around. . . told of small notes and metals. . . metals and lower denom’s will co-exist together....

2% is alive and happening! The second article is coming!!

Walkingstick expected Article two on Saturday!! He also thought the RV release was to have been last Saturday. He was not excited by that.

[WS]: To me it’s just another day. It’s what you want.. . .

[Frank]: re: Article - It was to be released with more information than the one Delta brought. Next set of articles to come out are going to have even more pinpoint information.
Just like we were told, there would be a . . . to explain to the citizens what to do with small notes and coins. . . Another article will come out continuing about the 250, 500 etc. with the "other reasoning" behind printing of small notes, with definitions and pictures for instructions for the citizens . . .We got a sneak preview, a glimpse of the MR reality!

[Frank]: IMO family the moment you see the HCL, the next breath is the RI! The minute you see the second article. . . the next breath is the RI....24 hour bridge!
August for preparation....September for implementation. . .

IOO last Saturday they released partial Article Two. The next will be more inclusive. . . but what we saw Saturday in print is satisfying for now.

I want you to know my teams have never flinched. We are not wishy washy. . . We advance, but never retreat. Never. We can’t share everything we have. It has to be done in the proper manner. GOI and CBI are two separate entities.

If that was the 2nd article last Saturday, would you have been ready? As a leader we deal with hope. As a leader we are visionaries. We live in the future, but this future is NOW!

[Delta]: After the 28th I believe Parliament will be called to meet. I don’t believe they will meet on the 28th. CBI has the green light.

12-Aug 1212 1207
13-Aug 1209 1205
14-Aug 1208 1205
15-Aug 1209 1205
16-Aug 1209 1205
19-Aug 1208 1205
20-Aug 1208 1205...2% STILL..

[Boxman]: Great news...first session of new parliament...which ties in with post 175 yesterday which said they had approved 329 ministers...Great news...

[Thomas]: Hopefully all 329 ministers will be sworn in at once and the government will be considered fully seated and then maybe the RI and 140 will occur.

[Daytrader]: It's possible that not all 329 Ministers will be sworn in on the first meeting, the courts may still be addressing possible criminal issues on a few of the winners. Even though we believe we know the outcome for the new GOI, Iraq must go through the Constitutional process. IMO the RI is not tied to the formation of the GOI. Alak has told us how he defines "security and stability," the education and protection of all the peoples of Iraq. I choose to believe Alak.

I was listening to his call couple weeks ago and frank said if you look at iraqs history they do big announcement in April and September so I think he his going to be correct. Wasn't calling it just watching the events and also looking at their history

he is corrrect doetracker..and in agreement with tony..1st week of sep is likely thank you for your calrification

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