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Randy Koonce: "They were given a "Range to Revalue the Currency".  And that range begins at $1.50" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Randy Koonce: "They were given a "Range to Revalue the Currency". And that range begins at $1.50"

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Randy Koonce: "They were given a "Range to Revalue the Currency".  And that range begins at $1.50" Empty Randy Koonce: "They were given a "Range to Revalue the Currency". And that range begins at $1.50"

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:08 pm

Randy Koonce  

First, we are in a new window of opportunity 'right now'.   When I say that, it does NOT mean it will happen "without a doubt in this current window" (Remember:  It's Iraq!).   What it does mean is that there is a very good chance for the rate to finally change.  Now ...I hope that one day I might get the opportunity to explain why this has taken so long.  There are so many factors at work.  More than one person and/or agency has had influence on the RV.  It has become far more political than anyone ever intended or expected.  Also, for anyone who thinks this will come out at 10 cents and float up -  they do not know how this system will work and did not read the right articles from the right people. This was never planned to be an 'economic text book' event.  The Currency will be a MANAGED FLOAT.  The word 'managed' is the clue.   It means that 'someone' will determined when to move it and how much.  The Dinar right now is on a Managed Float.  So, you can see that if it does not RV that it will not move...

People say that it is not pegged to the Dollar anymore.  That is BS.  The Dinar is currently pegged to 3 currencies, and will continue to be pegged that way.   When they change the value, they will be able to determine how much and where.  No one knows the exact Rate other than Shabibbi (still involved in the CBI) and the Governor of the CBI.   They were given a "Range to Revalue the Currency".   And that range begins at $1.50.   Iraq actually needs it to be around $2.50 to be able to pay everyone and everything, and $1.50 will not leave them the ability to pay back the loans they will receive.   So, I am of the OPINION it will come in higher than that.  But we will see...

Right now, the pressure for this to take place is Very Great.  As in, 'Extremely Huge'. Our POTUS does not care who the PM will be.  He believes we can work with anyone.  ...However, there is an 'agency' who got in the middle of their election process, and once again delayed the rate change.  Now, that  'agency' is really wanting this to happen.   So, what do we need to see?  We need to see the Election ratified by the Federal Court; the 'Coalition' needs to be announced; and the next PM will then be announced. Then our event will happen!  However, if these events drag out, then the Event we are looking for just might happen without the Government.  It's possible.  So our 'window' will last to the end of the month of August, with a strong possibility for next week.  The pressure will only get stronger closer to end of month.  ...We REALLY are in the final stages of this.   I know that this administration wants this to be over, and they (he) wants it over NOW!!  We are SO close ...So, hang in there Everyone.  It's coming, one way or the other!!  Breathe.


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