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Post by RamblerNash on Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:12 pm

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#



#wearethepeople update:  Tony:  OUR DEAL STILL STANDS!

The Recount Announcement has been moved to tomorrow.

Ray: . . .False alarm in the chat room.  Someone posted banks where exchanging Dinar at $3.50. . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   On Monday we were waiting for three (3) things to happen today.

UN Meeting;  Iraq Dinar International; Counting to be completed.   We got two out of three.  The Announcement did not come.  We’re still waiting.

UN meeting was at 10 am EST.  Went over the same things we’ve always heard:  Iraq doing good and need to come out with a strong government.  One issue about citizens in southern Iraq that needs to be addressed.

Absolutely Iraq is International.  This rate for all other different companies they put out makes that so.  Now that all restrictions hae been removed all banks can now trade the dinar, dispite what some idiot is trying to tell you.

Even their own people who didn’t think something would happen with the Dinar for another 10-20 years due to war, etc (civil unrest) . . . they are excited and we should see the value climb immediately after this happens.

We heard last Friday at the meeting was when I was informed the meetings were over and the accounting finished.  Said they were going to make it every day and then today and today is not over and they did not make the announcement.   The day is not over.

A group announced Abadi they would nominate him for PM.  He is not PM yet.  At least two other groups have said they will nominate him.

May not be over.  Still will be demonstrations.  If Maliki is not charged for what he has caused, what happened in Mosul then they are saying this is not going to be over after the vote.  You can look for something to happen Maliki after this is over.

Abadi to be PM – That’s what we are looking for anyway.

Ray:  We had new developments with the bank list.  Some hae changed their position and now have the currency available when they said they did not and would not.  The one saying “No” is now saying “Yes” and we have added it to the list.

Tony:  Let me read this.  We have people in Iraq who attended the meetings over the weekend.  So, the Dinar is International – kind of confused because I still don’t know – something about the next two weeks and I don’t understand that part – the rates could change anytime – ATM’s active but not issuing LD’s.  Turn them on for a few hours and then turn them off.

People Paid:  More people are now being paid over $2 and GOI people are being paid over $2 when they leave now.

Ray:  It hit me what the two weeks is about.  Those people over there can still hear and read what happens over here.  A member went to a bank, they acknowledged and confirmed the IQD is International and they expect to see it on their screens in about two weeks!

Tony:  He’s agreeing with the two weeks like the bank said, but that we could expect the rate change any time!  You can see we are actually communicating with them right now, trying to get this figured out.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  . . .THE DINAR IS INTERNATIONAL! . . . could see a rate change any time. . . even in the next couple of hours.    (Two weeks was mentioned in the text Tony received.  Tony is seeking clarification on this.)   Ray:  A member went to a bank, they acknowledged and confirmed the IQD is International and they expect to see it on their screens in about two weeks!

IRAQ:    The expected “Announcement” from the Iraq Election Commission has not happened yet!  Tony:  The day is not over yet. . . we got two out of three.  1) UN meeting and  2) Iraq Dinar International.   A group said they will nominate Abadi for PM.  Two other groups have joined them in supporting him for PM.

Received during the call:  The Recount Announcement has been moved to tomorrow

  • Revalue:  Tony:  It’s going to revalue because they have already changed the rates and people getting paid in and out of their country.

  • ATM’s:   ATM’s active but not issuing LD’s.  They are only active for a few hours at a time.

  • Lower Fils/Denoms:  Not out.  No one is seeing them.

  • Ratification of elections results:  Tony:  I think it needs to be ratified.  I can’t tell you I like what I’m hearing.  They were supposed to tell us today and they didn’t.  Once again they did not do what they said they would do.

  • Parliament:  Until the vote is ratified the same old corrupt people are still in charge.

  • Security issues over the weekend.  People arrested as they were trying to stop the RV from taking place.  Maliki also trying to stop it.  Tony:  Actively still trying to stop this and delay it.  That was the issue the last couple of days.  They only have so much time left.  The UN, the US are telling them that. . . the situation is getting dragged out and not getting any better.

  • UNSC meeting did occur on Wednesday.  The delegation is still there.   They said Iraq is doing good and needs to come out with a strong government.  Addressing an issue with the citizens in southern Iraq.   Tony:  They are trying to force an issue right now is what I was told.  . . .trying to get it done.  Doing what the people want.  People do not want to see the same people in the government that they have had.

  • Mosque:  Nothing coming out of the mosque. The information is coming out in the news, the TV.  Information is being put out publicly.  No longer announcing only in the mosques.

  • Corruption:   Caller:  I don’t understand why they would not want to be on the map with their own currency?  Tony:  It’s their corrupt government.  Maliki, Amiri, Iran do not want Iraq to RV.  Right now they influence Iraq.  There are 5,000 people on the corruption list.  They do not want the RV.  They do not want the vote to go through because they lose their power and they are fighting it tooth and nail.  Until this happens they are still in power.   US is saying if you cannot come to a decision we can.  Even though the election was a fraud, we do want them to get done what they need to get done.  They are meeting with individual groups and telling them this is what we see needs to happen or we are going to see that it happens!  They have been keeping the people’s money.  Putting it in their own pockets or sending it overseas!


  • Hedge funds meeting with investors this week recommending investment in the Iraq currency.  Tony:  They can’t let this go on to long.  They (Iraq – CBI?) need to do something sooner than later.

  • UNSC held meeting in Iraq on Wednesday as scheduled.

  • Currencies:  The RIAL is NOT in this first basket.  Tony:  It was part of the nuclear agreement it would be in the basket.  Since the nuclear agreement is undone, the Rial is not in the basket.  Don’t destroy it.  It could be another five years. . . If you’ve already bought it why not keep it?


  • Banks: Banks still expecting something to happen this week.   Tony:  They too thought something would happen today that hasn’t happened. . yet!  Sometimes they (Iraq) do 11 pm news broadcasts so they still have time.   Ray:  A member went to a bank, they acknowledged and confirmed the IQD is International and they expect to see it on their screens in about two weeks!

  • Deposit Insurance:  Tony:  I don’t know if the bank will pay for it BUT everything is negotiable. . . I’m sure it’s (cost) is reasonable to people who have that kind of money. . . not going to charge you 50% or 25% to insure your money.  That is unreasonable!

  • Taxes:   No update.

  • 800 #’s:  Waiting for the rate to change for the 800#’s to be released.

  • #wearethepeople Update:  Previously the new administration had said they would not honor the deal that was made with the previous administration when we did the #wearethepeople campaign.        Tony:  OUR DEAL STILL STANDS!

  • Gold backed USD:  President Trump, according to research Tony implemented, has not signed anything making the USD gold backed.  Tony:  The US Dollar is not gold backed.  I don’t know why people keep putting that out there.


ZIM Information:  Tony:  They want to get it up to .72.  They do have plans for their economy.  They are storing up their gold and diamond reserves so they can make this happen.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. – What happens to the stock exchange rates in Iraq when the currency changes value?   Tony: Let’s say Iraq goes live at the .1190 rate right now.  Anyone buying over there is buying at penny stock rates.  What happens when the rate flips over and they have that many shares of stock.  They make hundreds of millions of dollars. (meaning the stock rate jumps in value the same as the currency will) That’s why it cannot wait long!  If you had a million dollars and you could go into Iraq and buy stocks on their exchange and the rate was to flip in two weeks and you make millions of dollars isn’t that something you would do. . . People with knowledge are going to make hundreds of millions of dollars . . .

  2. -RV tied to the US effort to eliminate corruption.  Have you heard of any ties to Q/Anon?  Tony:  I don’t now if many of you guys have even heard what the “Q” movement is.  Even if they were cleaning the swamp, have you guys been looking at who is on trial lately?  People associated with the Trump administration.  Thirty of them have agreed to put in “guilty” pleas.  . . that is the swamp.  Not just Obama, but Bush administration. . . Theories going around that Trump knows something, deep state.  I’m not denying them.  There are things going around they don’t want you to know.

Q & A: Callers

  1. – When are we going to have a back wall? Tony:  Let me explain something once again.  Our government has a delegation in Iraq right now to force them to do something they don’t want to do!  They are telling me they are still going to do what they said they would do.

Caller:  How were some liquefied then? Tony:  When this first happened years ago, it was a different plan. . . they may have paid an individual here or there but not hundreds or thousands.  We were told we would get paid and as soon as it happens I believe we will get paid.  If I could have got paid I would have already been paid and out of here.  They did not want that to happen.  We are all going to get paid together.  . . Together.  No group getting paid in front of us.  No government people getting paid in front of us.  They have already been paid.  The only one holding them back right now is Iran fighting it.  Maliki and his group and the 5,000 politicians on that list because they are fighting for their very lives.  The citizens protesting on the streets and saying you need to jail them for their deeds in the past.  There is NOTHING WE NEED TO DO!

Caller:   Effect of Sanctions?  In your gut what is your possibility of this going through?   Tony:  Some thought they knew what was to happen.  Nobody knew anything!  We know what they tried to do and it hasn’t been accomplished.  They had a 90 day plan and what doesn’t happen they change the plan.  Nobody had a plan that would take it into August, 2018.  That was in nobody’s plan. Today the plan was for them to make the announcement, give them three days and then make announcement for Parliament, Abadi for PM and not wait the 15 days. That did not happen.  Nobody knew s__t!  . . .What we can control is what happens to us.  We are ready to go.  If you can afford to buy some more do it. . . We can control by our own resources – negotiate, contract rate, (bank perks).  Previously the new administration had said they would not honor the deal that was made with the previous administration when we did the #wearethepeople campaign.   Tony:  OUR DEAL STILL STANDS!


Tony . . . So . . . just so you know, I think I said it before too.  I don’t know how to do anything.  I don’t know nothing.  Pam and Ray used to set this entire call up for us.  They are the real backbones of TNT.  I don’t even know the passwords.  Now he does all that which is why when Ray is not around we don’t have any calls.  You should absolutely appreciate him.  He does all this and gets on open mic two to three times a day.  I don’t know how.  We want to say “Thank you” to him every day.

Good news today:  Iraq is International . . .UN did have a meeting and told them what they needed to do. . . Did not get count results but on TV telling them right now the results will be made public tomorrow.  If that is true we should be on our way and make for an interesting call on Friday.

Thank you everybody for all the texts, emails and messages about my son!

Ray . . .Yes, he is doing well.  Enjoy your hump day Wednesday. (played “I Believe.”)


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