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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 7/30/18 "US banks are on alert, expecting to exchange this week" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 7/30/18 "US banks are on alert, expecting to exchange this week"

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 7/30/18 "US banks are on alert, expecting to exchange this week" Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 7/30/18 "US banks are on alert, expecting to exchange this week"

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:09 am

TNT Call 30-July-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  This is Marvelous Monday, July 30, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!

RayRen:  We didn’t have any exciting updates to share over the weekend.

Tony:  It was a boring weekend, with nothing happening?  We got phone calls and people anticipating – some bankers went in on Saturday telling people, “This is it!”  It was supposed to be our last weekend involved in this, and still could be.

Abadi and Iraq put out a lot of different articles about the demonstrations going and what they were doing to satisfy the demonstrators.  It seems to have worked.  On Saturday they released everyone who had been arrested.  Suddenly everyone is on the people’s side.  Some judges and politicians have been relieved from duty.  They were going to start a sit-in on Sunday until they get the money – “oil prices are double what the Budget is based on, so why aren’t we seeing any?”  They are getting paid this week.

An article just came out saying that those who were assigned to do the counting decided to add a new number of funds to be counted, and it will take them another 14 days to be finished.  It never take as long for them to count as they anticipate.  The good part is that the Lebanese people told Iraq they are tired of the BS and they want the money they are owed since 2003.  These were Lebanese contractors working in and for Iraq.  The Paris Agreement settled which countries are wiping out their debt to Iraq;  however, Lebanon wants their money, which is a billion dollars.  Iraq is saying that they would pay 10% on their debt, as agreed in Paris.  Lebanon responded that the agreement is with the country, not the contractors, and they (the contractors) want full payment Now.  They have waited and now that the value of the dinar has changed, they want their money.  That last part is the significant bit for us.

Abadi tweeted about the people being about to get their money.  Finally they are talking about the money.  Many think it will still happen by the end of the month – tomorrow. The day is not over either.  Nobody seems all that excited, unlike over the weekend.  This thing could go off at any moment, and we could be done.  The counting was supposed to be over tomorrow, and then there was the article extending it by 14 days.  The only reason I can see to do that is because the next meeting is in Iraq on 15. August.  All the other countries will come together again, and ‘”he environment will be different.”

Otherwise, the rates haven’t changed.  Everything is good.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Several years ago you recommended that we deposit our funds into NON interest bearing accounts and then move them into an interest bearing account.  Now that the funds are tax free, is this still recommended?  A:  I know we talked about years ago, but I don’t know that you need an NIB.  What I will do is this:  at the exchange I will make sure that all my documents will say that no one will contact me – they will go through my wealth manager, who is not allowed to share my information with anyone.  When I get with my wealth manager, I want all my accounts changed over so that no one has the information any more;  my accounts are between me and the wealth manager, and everyone else is blocked.

Q:  If the RV happens before the release of Zimbabwe election results, do you think the Zim will remain in the first basket?  A:  Yes.  It’s still on the screens, and the banks habe not been informed of anything else.  We are still in good shape, and the rate is still good.  [The currency we are exchanging is not the same as the new Zim currency.]

Q:  So as of now no tax on our currency exchange will that be Federal and State?  A:  So far as we know.  If the Feds aren’t taxing you for it, I don’t think the states can.  Even the banks have said this is not taxable.  Still, put aside 50%, just in case.

Q:  Rumors on the internet are saying that exchanges have begun in Hong Kong and are moving west to Europe.  From what you are being told, do you think that exchanges will happen all over the world simultaneously versus starting in one location and moving around the world?  A:  I absolutely know that when the rate changes, It will change everywhere at the same time.  Forex is all over;  everybody is trading all over the world, and these rates will change at the same time.  Otherwise, people will make a ton of money, knowing it has changed over there before we have it here.  Global traders are watching for exactly that kind of opportunity.  They exchange earlier because their banks are open earlier, but the rate will change everywhere at the same time.

Q:  Latest info on exchange procedures?  A:  Not hearing anything on that.

Q: Do you still expect contract rates to be limited to larger currency holders so that people who have smaller amounts of currency will have greater access?  Are you still hearing the contract rate is $28.50?  A:  Your question contradicts itself.  We are being told that contract rates will be MORE available to those holding LESS dinar, to even it out a little bit.  Yes, the contract rate is $28.50, no change on that?   Zimbabwe has announced that their currency will be backed by gold and diamonds, when they have enough in their reserves.

Q:  Do you think that one possibility for the endless hold up and delays might be that they may still be concerned about not having the corruption completely under observation…that it might explode again after the RV funds due to their inability to track billions of missing dinar.  A:  They already have a list of a thousand people they know are corrupt.  They already know which companies are fake, the ones making money from the auctions.  They will deal with all of that after the vote;  those people  know that and have already left the country.  Jabouri and Maliki are fighting for their positions, and they are backed by Iran.  That’s why this chaos is going on, in case they can change the new government.  Both are reported to have new positions.  PM Abadi is taking action as well;  they have started an investigation to find all the missing money. They now have a program offering rewards for whistle-blowers who can tell them where any money has been stolen.  It seems like Jabouri and Maliki have covered themselves, but Maliki is also being seen as the main bad guy, so we don’t actually know how that will end.  Now they are talking about the value changing, and the people want their money.

Live Callers

916 caller:  I thought that Iraq mentioned they would have all electoral complaints by the end of May.  Is the recount necessary to the RV?

Tony:  It’s not a requirement, no.  I am not sure then the addition 14 days starts.  “Manual recount of election votes in Baghdad has been concluded, with no change in the results.”  So who knows?

Caller:  On Friday you mentioned the decision will be made in Texas…?  UST, IMF?

Tony: I don’t know if I can talk about that.  There have always been two websites for the CBI, and two points of activation:  one in Iraq and one in Texas.  Because the US has always been control, and the new currency was printed in Texas and shipped to Iraq, Texas is a key location for this RV.  When things have been blocked, it’s through Texas.

Caller:  Are the US banks still excited?

Tony: They went in early on Saturday because they thought this was going then. They still think it will happen this week.

865/404 caller:  The plan for contract rates?

Tony: They told us that the plan is to give those with fewer dinar more access to the contract rates.  For example, if you have 100K dinar, they will probably give you contract rates for all of them;  if you have 100 million, you may not get contract rates at all.  However, the bank people have not been told any of that.

Caller:  There was feedback over the weekend that some folks are exchanging today.

Tony:  Nobody is exchanging today that I am aware of, in the seven states I know of.  When you are trading this level of dollars, you can see the amounts transferred from individual banks. If they suddenly do 5,000 in NJ, they can see it in the system.  My contacts are able to look that up, and they tell me.  So… no such activity so far.

Caller:  The UN operational rates page is down for scheduled maintenance.  Hm…

Tony:  They could be doing that through Thursday.  The banks are on alert.

732 caller:  Tony, I want to purchase some currency today.  I get the impression you favor dong.   Should I buy dong or Zim?  Or both?

Tony:  The only reason I recommend dong is because people aren’t sure about the status of the Zim.  No one has told us anything different, but better be safe.  The dong is about 48 per million, and they will buy it back if necessary.  Zim costs about $100 for two 50 Zim notes;  I could buy two million dong for the same amount.

520 caller:  How do I know if I’m a first, second, or third mouse?

Tony:  You’re a first mouse if you’re first in line;  you’re second mouse if you wait until Forex goes up.  All  you have to do is download any Forex app or have Google notify you.  Ray has a site that shows the bank rates that they are offering on any given day.

Caller:  How long is it best to wait?

Tony:  The forum will still be open, so you can track on Forex or with TNT members.  All the information will be one the board as you watch it climb on Forex.  According to our committee guy, the plan is for dinar prices to go up 5% per day and eventually go down by 5% per day as well.  We can watch Forex and see if it goes up like that.  Evry person has to decide his/her own breaking point.  I heard $12 for years;  our committee guy said that $8 is the planned top exchange rate. Let the hedge funds gamble;  we have been waiting years, so I just want to get in, get out, and make money off those funds. Only you can negotiate a third mouse rate with your exchange or wealth manager.

I’m just seeing another article saying Iraq will announce the recount results in the next two days, not fourteen days.  They don’t have to have those results, but Abadi was using it to get re-elected. Players want to know who the PM will be before putting their money into Iraq.  Is the government stable and secure?  They need to know before handing over all this money.  They don’t want Maliki to be in charge because last time he took off in his own direction.  They want to know the new laws will still be in place, along with new laws to protect investors.  They have one shot for the world to react.  They want to make sure it’s safe first… and protestors means it’s not safe.  That’s what the CBI is waiting for:  for the announcement of the new leadership.  They also have to deal with Maliki, and they have to do it legally.

916 caller:  What we discuss with our wealth manager is the rates, fees, perks, services and possibly insurance on our funds?

Tony: I will ask what kind of insurance I get on my money, with banks gambling with it now that the Dodd-Franks protections have been reversed.

610 caller:  if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.  The address can be found at www.tntsuperfantastic.com;  click on the Donate button and send your check today.

509 caller:  I know people on SS or disability, and they only have (say) 100K dinar.  How will this exchange affect people on a fixed income?

Tony:  When you are on SS, etc., they ask if you own property or are part of a trust.  We have been suggesting people be very careful about how they help people…

Ray:  In that situation, people need to check what the limits or thresholds.  For some, you can receive any amount so long as you didn’t earn it.

Tony:  See how much money you want to give them, or that they will exchange for, then go to an attorney and see what they are allowed to do in their particular situations.  If you want to give someone money, put them in control of that money rather than owning it.  Those who have their own currency need to do the research now to find out how to handle this windfall.  Call the relevant agency and ask the limitations before this happens. Once they know the parameters, they can put together a plan.  They need to do that before this happens, because if you refuse to exchange, they might also penalize you for giving it way.  Take advice now!

Next caller:  I don’t want to give currency to family member while they are going through a divorce.  How do you suggest I handle getting it to them?

Tony:  I would personally put it in a trust and then turn it over to them at least six months after the divorce so it doesn’t seem like hidden assets.  Ray:  I would do the same thing but not wait six months.  As long as you don’t make them the owner, the ex does not have claim to anything.

[Computer crashed again; I think all the news has been reported.]

Closing Statements

Tony:  We are still waiting on Iraq; US banks are on alert, expecting to exchange this week.

Ray:  Keep believing.


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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 7/30/18 "US banks are on alert, expecting to exchange this week" Empty Re: TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 7/30/18 "US banks are on alert, expecting to exchange this week"

Post by Scotchie on Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:36 pm

Yes, the banks and redemption centers (which do not exist) are staffed every weekend morning awaiting the RV announcements...Same crap, different week, month, year.  The old zim is worthless.   There could be a revaluation on the new zim, which no one has.  It's possible, but doubtful.  Oh, all these poor schmucks that hold old worthless zim, thinking they will become millionaires or billionaires.  By this time you would think that they would have realized what they hold is worthless.  Oh, well.... I have a friend in Australia that tells me the zim is going this week, I mean this week, I mean this week...for two years now.  No talking him out of it.

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