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 "IMF Cut off" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/25/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"IMF Cut off" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/25/18

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 "IMF Cut off" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/25/18 Empty "IMF Cut off" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/25/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:00 am


DogLuvr » July 25th, 2018

Q? for anyone. Regarding Iraq no longer receiving loans, was there a date for that? Is it immediately or some date in the future?

Mekong » July 25th, 2018

My impression was that the IMF cut off funding effective immediately.

IIRC, the IMF is willing to revisit funding Iraq after the new government is seated during the 3rd review by the IMF of the Standby Arrangement (SBA)

imo...President Trump doesn't want Iraq shackled by the IMF and neither does Iraq.
Hopefully shortly, Iraq won't need the IMF ... imo

Frank26 » July 25th, 2018


Walkingstick » July 25th, 2018

Abadi discussed with the envoy of the US President steps to improve services and economic reform

Editorial date: 2018/7/25 23:41

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed with the envoy of US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett McCurk, steps to improve services and economic reform in the country.

"Abadi met in his office Wednesday with the envoy of US President for International Alliance Affairs, Brett McCurk, during which they discussed enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries and discussing political developments," the statement said.

"We also appreciated the steps taken by the Iraqi government and its efforts to improve services and economic reform," he said


RockCharlie229 » July 25th, 2018

This is huge in respect to moving forward!! I was reading artices on the Marshall Plan and improving services was a big part of it.

A-Marshall-Plan-for-Iraq Link


Walkingstick » July 25th, 2018

Central Bank Holds Seminar on Block Qin and FinTech "FinTech & Blockchain"

Union of Arab Banks concludes the cycle of preparing financial statements for banks in Baghdad LINK

Al-Hantal calls on the Gulf states to approve the opening of branches of Iraqi private banks LINK

Saudi Arabia takes Kurdistan as a hub for its commercial activity in Iraq LINK

Frost & Sullivan: More than 212 projects ready for investment in Iraq Link

Don961 » July 25th, 2018

Sovereign guarantees

Author: Mohamed Sherif Abu Maysam

26/7/2018 12:00 am

Sovereign guarantees means the guarantees provided by the State to international creditors, whether banks, international bodies or investment companies, for the purpose of borrowing or launching international bonds or to guarantee the work of foreign investment companies claiming insurance for their funds and assets in Iraq.

The assets that are "provided as collateral and regulated" usually fall within the framework of the law governing financial management and public debt throughout the world, protecting the public money and the rights of future generations and blocking any attempt to make decisions that may jeopardize the future of the country in the coming years. Facilitate decision-making without resorting to other references as representative of the people to obtain approvals for sovereign guarantees.

It is certain that a law such as the law of financial management and public debt in any country is legislation that deviates from the parliamentary body representing the people, whether parliamentary or presidential system, and therefore, what is contained in the law of the general budget each year is in fact under the Financial Management Law And the public debt, while some countries resort to legislation on sovereign guarantees, which regulates the work of successive governments to govern during the use of the file to provide guarantees to international bodies, whatever they form "banks, companies, creditors or others," and avoids going into the loop back to House of Representatives for ratification or conclusion

The decision of the Federal Supreme Court when ruled on the eleventh of this July, unconstitutional article 2 / II / 19 of the General Budget Law 2018, which stated (all sovereign guarantees of investment projects with the approval of the Council of Ministers and the ratification of the House of Representatives), after I considered In the appeal submitted by the Government on this specific provision, on the grounds that it impeded the implementation of investment projects.

And therefore we need to make adjustments in this regard to the law of financial management and public debt, or the enactment of a law on sovereign guarantees at this stage to determine the performance of the government within the framework of what the House of Representatives approved in these laws, and thus avoid the repetition of additions to the budget and submit appeals to the Federal Court Claiming that (the ratification of the House of Representatives) means restricting the movement of the executive authority in the conclusion of contracts that belong to investment projects, or consider returning to the House of Representatives in the ratification of contracts interference in the affairs of the executive authority and contrary to the principle of separation of powers. link

Etisalat Announces Improved Internet Service And Adding New Capacity

26/7/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Ministry of Communications announced on Wednesday the improvement of the Internet service after the addition of new capacities and repair of all items.

The ministry's media advisor, Hazem Mohammed Ali, said in a statement: "The engineering and technical teams in the ministry have been able to repair all the pieces that led to the weakness of the Internet service recently and under the direct supervision of Minister of Communications Hassan Kazem Al-Rashed.

"We have added new capacity on the network to provide high-quality, stable, secure, stable and non-volatile service," he added. "Through its Gate Gate project, the ministry will improve and upgrade the service to meet the requirements And the needs of participants ".

Ali said that "connecting all the Internet capacities to the project of the portals of access will accelerate the identification of the beam and the treatment of any technical defect occurs suddenly, in addition to enhancing the security aspect by monitoring the capacities entering Iraq," noting that "the continuation of repeated segments of the cable (GBI) was One of the reasons that influenced the speed and level of the Internet. " link

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