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Post by Rosy on Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:40 am


Bruce: Welcome to the Big Call tonight. We are at a very crucial time over the next 10 to 12 hours for this RV. Let’s go back and let’s talk about Iraq. Just when you thought it was safe to leave Iraq in theMiddle East you find out there is more to it. We are not done yet. Here is where we are. There are quite a few parts to this puzzle. So let’s open it up.

Bruce: The IMF has been giving Iraq funds/loans for months now. They been giving them money. Finally yesterday at 9am in the morning, President Trump made a call to the IMF and told them not to do any more loans or funds to Iraq.

They need to get off the snide and go ahead and RV their currency officially not just in Iraq, not just on their Qi cards. Go ahead and do it so that it is put out an announcement with the rate and then they will not need IMF funds anymore. There is more to it.

However, the IMF is holding an amount for Iraq over $5Billion dollars that is gaining interest in the $4 million plus range a day range now, but they are not going to get it until after they revalue or announce the revaluation.

Bruce: In the same way President Macron from France is holding there $129 Billion dollars going to Iraq that they will not give them any until two hours after they announce their RV. I am sure there are other countries as well.

That is one that I know of as far as France is concerned. That is interesting. What I am saying is we are in a window of opportunity now having the IMF put on notice to no longer give Iraq any loans or funds until after they make the announcement. Bruce: What is the timing looking like?

The timing is looking good for a morning announcement in Iraq which would be a late announcement tonight because Wednesday is the day Iraq normally publishes the Gazette. They usually put it out in time to be put out during Morning Prayer.

If they decide to do this overnight for us, late night for us, maybe not be overnight, they could have that out in tomorrow’s Gazette. That maybe the plan. That very well may be their plan. They have been cut off. Get this thing done. They have been messing around with this far too long.

Bruce: What else has been going on? Isn’t it interesting that last Saturday over 15,000 customers of banks in the United States in 73 cities were contacted to come in and do exchanges for the Iraqi dinar. Wow! Last Saturday.

Now many too the banks on it? 6,000 people exchanged just under $4 in the United States in 73 cities. What is significant about this is it is not a buy back rate. It is not going to be the rate we are going to see on the front screen, but it was a rate that was given to these people.

Bruce: How did they find out? How did they know about it? They were the people that contacted their banks were they bought the currency or they said listen with this gets ready to go and you can exchange, give me a call. That is why over 15,000 people were called Thursday and Friday of this past week so they could come in and do their exchange on Saturday. Would they have done that, the banks offer the rate if we were not right there ready to go? I do not think so. I think that is a very good indicator. We are looking for something to happen possibly as early as tomorrow as far as Iraq is concern for that to happen.

Bruce: Let’s go to Forex screens. We know we have 73 currencies on the screens right now. About six, our currencies, have a hold by the amounton the currencies we know are going to increase in the first offering. Forget the term first basket.

There is no more first, second, third basket. It is first offering, second offering. It is amazing that the screens have started to repopulating again and the banks right now, and here is another point for Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq, CBI, their Central Bank is synchronizing, getting connected to all the banks around the world. It has been happening for three days now to get all these banks hooked up. The last 100 some banks are supposed to be connected by 11pm EST. tonight. That has got to be a good sign for the bank system, the CBI, to be connected and that is something we were waiting for.

Bruce: So you got the rates populating. You got the CBI connecting... You got the Forex, they had to widen the screen because the dinar has so much activity they had to widen the screen to show it all. That was interesting. I just think we are in a very good place for what is going on. We have the timing. We are in a crucial timing right now.

I have heard some things that lead me to believe we are right there, really right there. For example, the Paymasters out west went on complete lockdown at 5:15pm PST tonight, 8pm on the east coast.

Bruce: I will tell you this about the people that are connected to what is going on out west, the groups and so on, they will be hydrated when we set our first appointments after we receive the toll free number. Once those appointments are set, they will be paid. That is the timing on that, and that is why you are getting a virtual shotgun start when it comes to people that have ponied up their currency years and years ago and that still have not been paid for it.

They will make those ledger to ledger transfers, those key strokes, whatever they need to be paid when we set our first appointments. That is big. I hate that so many of them have had to wait. It is true Tier 3 is getting full access to their funds. To get full access to their funds they are not going to get those until we set our appointments. So everybody knows that is the key.

Bruce: Also we are hearing the funds are supposed to be availabletomorrow that will get the bonds start being paid out. I think that would include not only the bonds but the platforms that certain people are involved in. All of that should get started after that liquidity shows up. I never call it before.'

I am not calling it now. I am telling you things are very close. I am encouraged by everything I have heard even though a lot of sources that we had have gone dark. A lot of them. Not all of them, but most of them have gone dark. That tells you they are dark for a reason, NDA or they have been told to shut up and not talk and not bring any more out. It is true in bank, true in Redemption Centers, it is true in a lot of different situations...........................READ MORE: https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-big-call-notes-25-july.html
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Post by roxy22222222 on Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:47 pm

What an ass*

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Post by bobcashman on Wed Jul 25, 2018 10:53 pm

Come on Roxy...Bruce can't help it, LOL. They guy's been at it for years and he repeats the same crap over and over. My goodness, how many traunches of funds have go to Mars and back, LOL? How many times do Tier 3's line up to get paid, LOL? How often has Bruce indicated this very well could be, insinuated it would be, his last call? Well, by my count he began that one back on June 22...of last year when he announced it would be his last call before the RV. 

Look, the guy is either a complete liar, or he has the worst intel in the world. Either way, the guy isn't worth a listen to. A total fake or liar or both.

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