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 "Getting Seriously Close" - Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Getting Seriously Close" - Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/22/18

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 "Getting Seriously Close" - Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/22/18 Empty "Getting Seriously Close" - Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 7/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:29 am


RE: Frank Post

Iobey777 » July 22nd, 2018

Well, IMO, things are getting seriously close to them HAVING to show their new INTERNATIONAL RATE!!! That's what I think when I see this post!!! Very encouraging! Thanks to all who brought this post to us! Sending praise to God for your leadership and for His blessings!!

MarkPamC » July 22nd, 2018

I was thinking more along the lines of them announcing all at once to the world of their new valued currency aka....Open for Business...with a currency of VALUE to the outside world!!! This is something that cannot be leaked out.....It must be shouted from the rooftops worldwide. Only one way to do that.....

Bill09 » July 22nd, 2018

getting their ducks in a row to complete their transformation into a new nation with a new currency that's international

RockCharlie229 » July 22nd, 2018

2014 the ISX was connected to the NYSE VIA Fiber the CBI followed later. We have read about more fiber being laid throughout the country connecting other Banks to the CBI, then we heard about the point of sales system's. Connecting internationally is the next logical step Bravo.

Gideon » July 22nd, 2018
Hello KTFA Kona,

I have a question that has been in the back of my mind and wanted to see if you could help me connect the dots..

Over the years we have studied and discussed how the Iraq currency is undervalued and under underappreciated. Referenced too as toilet paper .

If Bob and Tom both are in Iraq and both want to buy a new cell phone

Bob has US Dollars and takes a few $50 dollar bills of his wallet and buys his new cell phone.

Tom takes a duffel bag full of dinars and buys his new phone.

At the end if the day, both have their new phone.

Other than the inconvenience of counting all of the dinars in the duffel bag, both currencies fullfil a service..

I wonder if National Pride is a concern to the average Iraqi citizen as long as they can buy an item.

So for news of international ports, which seems great, can anyone please help me understand why our desire and the Iraqi desire seems to be on different levels when at the end of the day they both can buy you a new cell phone (or any product) Thanks

StephenMac63 » July 22nd, 2018

The plan is to allow Tom not to carry so many dinars so they can have the same "ratio in value" to Bob's Dollars. Example (50 dinars=50 dollars, thats a 1 to 1) They would both have agreed upon the value of the product equally. imo, of course

Frank26 » July 22nd, 2018

You and I have a little interest in what is bought and sold inside Iraq with the IQD .............. you and I have great interest of the IQD being bought and sold outside of Iraq internationally without any restrictions ......... that’s the point.

Samson » July 22nd, 2018

Source: Internet service delay receiving salaries of employees

22nd July, 2018

A source familiar with the Ministry of Higher Education revealed on Sunday 22 July 2018 that many employees in their ministries and other ministries could not receive their monthly salaries because of the interruption of the Internet service.

"A number of employees have not yet been able to receive their salaries, because of the disruption of the Internet, because they receive their salaries with smart cards," the source told media outlets.

"The Ministry of Education is trying to avoid this problem, through the handover of salaries to a number of employees." LINK

Tamimi: a reform program on monetary and economic policy in Iraq

22nd July, 2018

A member of the Finance Committee of the former parliament, Magda Tamimi, said Sunday, July 22, 2018, that it is writing a program of monetary reform of the economic policy in the country, indicating that it will be a different paper.

"It is in the process of writing a monetary reform program for the economic policy in the country, pointing out that it will be a different paper during the next phase of the country," Tamimi told media affiliated with the obelisk.

"This paper is interspersed with practical steps in the reform of fiscal and monetary policy if applied within six months or a year will bring a clear reflection on society and well-being."

Tamimi pointed out that it "adopted the experiences of developed countries," indicating that "my reform policy is concerned with maximizing non-oil resources." LINK

After downloading the failure of previous governments .. Abadi exposed to betray allies and friends

22nd July, 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi found himself in a position he never imagined, amid popular protests calling for him to fight corruption and provide services, and in a very difficult time, a second term prime minister.

Haidar al-Abadi feels "injustice" in these protests, according to sources close to him, explaining that it took longer after the liberation of the country to carry out his promise to fight corruption, which he considered an extension of Daash. Contrary to previous protests, most political figures and blocs are silent about what is happening in the popular movement, which sometimes took severe forms in the central and southern governorates of Iraq.

The silence of the parties and the political forces about what is going on seems to be an attempt to get out of these demonstrations with the least possible losses, leaving Abadi alone to face the unknown fate.

The Kurds and the Sunnis have not issued any statement about the protests that have been abandoned by their regions, nor have they been issued by most of the Shiite forces, except for Muqtada al-Sadr's calls for calm and an offer to the protestors to participate with them. There is still uncertainty about the role of Sadr's leader, Moqtada al-Sadr, the only major political actor who has the motivation and the means to give the demonstrations broader political organization, yet he has been cautious so far.

He has expressed his support for the demonstrators without asking his supporters to join the demonstrations. , Iraq will be in a more serious predicament.

Sources within the Dawa Party said: Abadi is in an enviable position these days, especially as he leads an expired government, and things seem to be moving towards more complexity. The sources believe that "it is unlikely in the shadow of a government does not have the powers and funds sufficient, and restricted by the restrictions of the World Bank." "Abadi today is committed to agreements with the International Monetary Fund because it oversees the implementation of the decisions and the state's administrative and financial policy."

Laith Kubba, a former spokesman for the Iraqi government under Jaafari's government, was commissioned by the fund to manage the taxpayer and is now working from his office in the Green Zone. As for Abadi's position within the Dawa party, the movements of the party's secretary-general, former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, are still pending.

Maliki is trying to implicitly support the protest movement, in an attempt to disobedience, and not to respect the isolation of the party between the political and popular circles.

"I salute you, respected young people, and I salute the high patriotic spirit in you when you took up arms in defense of your dear country Iraq, and you won the victory over gangs. You are today the heart of Iraq," he said, You are now the leaders of this movement demanding services and a life of dignity, "an attempt to hold Abadi responsible for the failure of the government over the past period, forgetting that he took over the presidency of the government for eight years intersected by the biggest corruption in history, as well as control over one third of Iraq.

It is known that al-Maliki faced the protests, which came out in the second session of the Prime Minister, in the winter of 2011, heavy measures led to the arrest of dozens, and sought to many times not to allow the demonstration, which later eroded the political reputation.

Despite calls by some to expand the protests to the northern and western provinces, observers of the Iraqi issue do not expect a large response to this.

They ruled that these demonstrations to move to the Sunni provinces in any way, memories of the demonstrations that emerged spontaneously in 2013 and 2014 are present in mind , Before being exploited by some quarters and turn into a relapse in the sense of the word.

As for the Kurds, they are steeped in the problems of the region and do not need any demonstrations in it, especially as they suffer from the consequences of the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, whose results were reflected in disappointment and successive political losses on the political and economic levels and the loss of international relations. Massoud Barzani. LINK

Imprisonment for 7 years and the inclusion of more than 873 million dinars for a former Iraqi ambassador

22nd July, 2018

The International Criminal Court on Sunday issued a seven-year prison sentence against the Vatican's former ambassador for the crime of causing damage to public funds as a result of the non-equivalence of his academic degree.

A judicial source told Al-Ghad Press that the Criminal Court of Integrity considered a case in absentia for a former Vatican ambassador who was charged with intentional damage to public funds.

The source added that "the incident happened as a result of failing to provide the equivalent of his academic certificate until the retirement." He explained that "the court has notified the accused of the date of pleading according to the law, but did not attend despite the notification."

The source explained that "the evidence was sufficient to convict the former ambassador in accordance with article 430 of the Penal Code, where he was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment subject to discriminatory checks, including the salaries he received during his term of office, taking advantage of his testimony, which was not equal, and more than 873 Million dinars".

He added that "the ruling included the prevention of travel outside Iraq and the seizure of funds transferred and immovable, to force him to convert himself." LINK

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