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Frank26:  "Seriously family just stop and think about it ..........connecting Iraq to  international portals ???!!!  COME ON !!! !!! !!!" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Frank26: "Seriously family just stop and think about it ..........connecting Iraq to international portals ???!!! COME ON !!! !!! !!!"

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Frank26:  "Seriously family just stop and think about it ..........connecting Iraq to  international portals ???!!!  COME ON !!! !!! !!!" Empty Frank26: "Seriously family just stop and think about it ..........connecting Iraq to international portals ???!!! COME ON !!! !!! !!!"

Post by RamblerNash on Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:34 pm

Don961:  Start connecting Internet providers to international access portals

Author: Sabah 

Date: 7/22/2018

To improve service and monitor the country's incoming capacities

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Ministry of Communications (MOC) authorities began on Saturday linking Internet providers with international access gates to improve service, monitor the country's incoming capacities and reduce smuggling. 

In a statement received by Al-Sabah, the official spokesman of the ministry, Hazem Mohammed Ali, said that "work is under way to complete the linking of the other capacities to be included in the system, in order to improve and raise the level of services provided to citizens."
He stressed "the need for connectivity through which Internet access To the consumer, where it will be under the supervision and management of the ministry and the Iraqi government, and this is reflected in the quality of service in terms of stability and authentication, so it is easy to identify the crossbar and address any defect or cut as soon as possible, especially recently suffered users of the segments and fluctuation of service ».  Link

Walkingstick: Thanks Don....Once again, well done............

Frank26:  Seriously family just stop and think about it ..........connecting Iraq to  international portals ???!!!     COME ON !!! !!! !!!

Iobey777:  Well, IMO, things are getting seriously close to them HAVING to show their new INTERNATIONAL RATE!!! That's what I think when I see this post!!! Very encouraging! Thanks to all who brought this post to us! Sending praise to God for your leadership and for His blessings!! 

MarkPamC:  i was thinking more along the lines of them announcing all at once to the world of their new valued currency aka....Open for Business...with a currency of VALUE to the outside world!!!   This is something that cannot be leaked out.....It must be shouted from the rooftops worldwide.  Only one way to do that.....

Bill09:   getting their ducks in a row to complete their transformation into a new nation with a new currency that's international 

RockCharlie229:  2014 the ISX was connected to the NYSE VIA Fiber the CBI followed later. We have read about more fiber being laid throughout the country connecting other Banks to the CBI, then we heard about the point of sales system's. Connecting internationally is the next logical step Bravo.


Gideon:  Hello KTFA  Kona,

I have a question  that has been in the back of my mind and wanted to see if you could help me connect the dots..

Over the years we have studied and discussed how the Iraq currency is undervalued and under underappreciated.   Referenced  too as  toilet paper .

If Bob and Tom both are in Iraq and both want to buy a new cell phone  

Bob has US Dollars and takes a few $50 dollar bills of his wallet and buys his new cell phone.

Tom takes  a duffel bag full of dinars and buys his new phone.

At the end if the day, both have their new phone.  

Other than the inconvenience  of counting  all of the dinars in the duffel bag, both currencies fullfil a service..

I wonder if National Pride is a concern to the average Iraqi citizen as long as they can buy an item.

So for news of international ports, which seems great,  can anyone please help me understand why our desire and the Iraqi desire seems to be on different levels when at the end of the day they both can buy you a new cell phone (or any product)      Thanks

StephenMac63:  The plan is to allow Tom not to carry so many dinars so they can have the same "ratio in value" to Bob's Dollars. Example (50 dinars=50 dollars, thats a 1 to 1) They would both have agreed upon the value of the product equally.     imo, of course

Frank26:  You and I have a little interest in what is bought and sold inside Iraq with the IQD .............. you and I have great interest of the IQD being bought and sold outside of Iraq internationally  without any restrictions ......... that’s the point.


Samson:  Source: Internet service delay receiving salaries of employees

 22nd July, 2018

A source familiar with the Ministry of Higher Education revealed on Sunday 22 July 2018 that many employees in their ministries and other ministries could not receive their monthly salaries because of the interruption of the Internet service.

"A number of employees have not yet been able to receive their salaries, because of the disruption of the Internet, because they receive their salaries with smart cards," the source told media outlets.

"The Ministry of Education is trying to avoid this problem, through the handover of salaries to a number of employees."    LINK

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