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The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris

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The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris Empty The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris

Post by RamblerNash on Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:27 am

The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris

Frustration and frustration in the hearts of the people of the ...

11/07/2018 - 10:51

The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris D6d1c8c3bd4bdabb78d0da1c36b77acd_L

On the first anniversary of the liberation of the city of Mosul on July 10, 2017, at a time when the outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, to pursue the cells of the organization calling everywhere in the country, and begin to develop plans and strategies for the reconstruction phase, politicians warned that the negatives that had been Accumulated before the fall of the province of Nineveh in the grip of Daed and led to it, returned today in different ways.

He promised in a statement: "The liberation of Mosul opened the door wide for the return of people to their homes and their normal lives, after the trouble of displacement." Stressing that «Iraq will be able to eliminate the remaining gangs and criminal cells, and tracking even outside the border; and pursue them to rid the country of their evils finally».

On the reconstruction and reconstruction, Abadi said that "the stage of construction, reconstruction and stability of the liberated areas and all regions of Iraq, began its first steps, and as we promised victory and liberation of the land and achieve, we now laid plans and strategies for the full reconstruction and construction of the country and began implementation.

The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris 441

"The time is still not right for the people of Mosul to speak frankly about why their city has fallen in the hands of (why) and why they have been liberated in this way," said Atheel al-Nujaifi, the former governor of Nineveh, who fell under his rule. Nujaifi, who had testified before the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, whose results have yet to be seen because of political pressure, added that "this can happen after the political awareness of Iraqis in general returns, and then they will reassess those who have sacrificed their cities and displaced millions of their people with this The way ».

"The Iraqis did not discuss the question of what after liberation, and saw them have forgotten the assessment of past experience, and the need to avoid repeating it, they returned to the cycle of political differences marginal, leaving the strategic policy in Iraq managed from outside their borders."

In response to a question about what is required to be done in order to avoid what happened again, Nujaifi says that "what is required is the one who evades the authority in search of its gains, which is the investment of the national sense of the whole fighting (calling) and unite Iraqis towards one enemy agreed to fight it, without interpretation and expansion In the accusations, and amnesty for all those who want to contribute to a political life and renounce terrorism, and rebuild a new political situation in Iraq ».

In turn, Iraqi MP for the province of Nineveh, Sheikh Ahmad Maddul al-Jarba, said that "the liberation process and a year after its arrival face great challenges; especially that the negatives that existed before the fall of Mosul, .

"The first is the methods of extortion practiced against the citizens of some members of these organs, and secondly the release of many of the citizens who are arrested by the authorities, and are handed over to the security services; but they are released after a period, which constitutes And the third is that the Mosul, Salah al-Din, Anbar and parts of Kirkuk and Diyala have been destroyed because of the open border on the Syrian side. This is a serious matter that has not yet been dealt with. The borders are still open, terrorists enter and exit. Easily".

The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris 22ipj15

He called on the «Iraqi government to address this situation, and send military reinforcements there to hold the border, so as not to repeat the tragedy again». He revealed that "officers - even small ranks like a captain or a pilot - to pay huge amounts of up to $ 150 thousand, in order to be transferred to Mosul, because it has become a gateway to wealth because of financial and administrative corruption.

According to the military expert retired Brigadier Zia al-Wakil, "the organization is still active in the desert areas and vital places that are important for this organization, the areas between the center and north-west of Iraq, especially the road of Baghdad - Diyala - Kirkuk, The same time several provinces, such as Nineveh and Salahuddin, and with Kurdistan, where there is a clear targeting of this road », indicating that« this is a great interest to (Da'sh) and the question of doubts the ability of the Iraqi government to secure this road, And try to show the situation as if out of control ». "One year after the liberation of Nineveh, starting with Mosul and then all the areas under the control of the organization, this matter was folded for the Iraqi military establishment, but the war on terror is not over."

The agent affirms that the organization is still «a leaf for the regional and international conflict in the region, and since terrorism is still the enemy of the supposed for all, it can be used to paper his will from time to time».

The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris Mosul11

Celebrations and decorations were absent from the streets of Mosul on the first anniversary of its liberation from a day-to-day organization, amid an atmosphere of frustration over the delay in reconstruction. Um Mohammed says she is returning to her demolished house in a neighborhood of the old town in western Mosul. "We are liberated ... What have we done? Destroyed homes and no-service ". The thirtieth-year-old housewife and the mother of the seven black-eyed boys point to what remains of her house near the Grand Mosque of Nuri, which saw the only public appearance of the leader of the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi organization.

As a result of the battles, the lighthouse of the historical humpback, which was the most prominent landmarks of Mosul, has been destroyed, as is the case with many mosques, other sites and houses, some of which have become impossible. While life has returned to normal in the eastern part of Mosul, destruction is still present in its west. Only a few days ago, local authorities began the rubble removal process with the participation of volunteers.

The Norwegian Refugee Council said in a statement that a year after Mosul was restored, "there are still more than 380,000 people in the city without a home, with up to 8 million tonnes of debris." "About 90 per cent of the western side of the city of Mosul is destroyed. Some 54,000 homes in Mosul and surrounding areas are destroyed. "

No celebrations or decorations in the streets of the northern city, which was a commercial crossroads, turned the extremists within 3 years to the capital of the so-called "Caliphate State". "The vandalism and great destruction of the right coast (west) freed the liberation from its contents," said Abu Ghusun, 44, an unemployed man who rented a house in the east of the city after losing his home in the west. Ibrahim Fattah, 35, said: "We were expecting reconstruction directly, but nothing happened. This left frustration and a drop in the hearts of the affected people ».

The families of those still in search of missing people, such as Umm Qusai, 40, are particularly desperate. The woman living in the eastern part of Mosul complains that there is no official follow-up to this file, saying: "Why do not the government respond to us?"

Every Friday, the podium in Mosul turns into a gathering place for women seeking missing family members. Women wear black clothes and accompany their children and some men, carrying pictures of loved ones, in a scene reminiscent of Mayo mothers who lost their children during the military dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983). Everyone points the finger of blame to the government, which has not yet taken any step in reconstruction.

"The central government is very sluggish and lacking," said Ghanim Hamid, a member of Nineveh Provincial Council. "Nothing has been done." "Before the Battle of Liberation, the Paris Conference (2014) was held and after the liberation the Kuwait Conference (2018) was held for reconstruction. All this remains a dead letter. "


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The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris Empty Re: The first anniversary of its liberation has passed. Mosul is 8 million tons of debris

Post by Terbo56 on Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:25 pm

They are going to need some heavy duty military equipment to clear out that mess, and it will take years.....From one blown up city to another- And Maliki is STILL walking around, and laughing-
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