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THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE DAWSON THURSDAY 7/12/18 INTEL ONLY DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by RamblerNash on Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:38 pm


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. I do have some Intel I want to bring out. Then I have something I want to talk about regarding Rebuild America, one of our largest actual project we will be working on together. I will give you the Intel first and tell you kind of where I believe we are. Based on the information I got last night which was Wednesday night and today the process I believe as of noon today is in the part where we are sort of in that point of no return. In that process where the information has been given out and the process is in place to go through and complete this in a reasonable period of time for us. Now I know that was pretty vague.

Bruce: Let’s talk about Iraq because usually that is where we start. There had been chatter out in the past the last few days that said President Trump was going to make a special visit to Iraq, and maybe that was the plan at one time. What really happened was Prime Minister Abadi who did get confirmed and announced and all that as being Prime Minister again in Iraq, made a special trip to Brussels. His plan to get with the President, have a one to one meeting in Brussels, and I do not know what the timing was for that. However, I do know that he is meaning Prime Minister Abadi is planning on making it back into Iraq by 6:30 Baghdad time tomorrow night. So that would tell me they probably already met and had a meeting tonight. That turns into 10:30 am EST in the morning tomorrow. That is a good sign.

Bruce: We had heard and we can’t confirm this, a few people we talked to believe Prime Minister Abadi needed to be back in Iraq for this to go. You say What??? We really need him back in his country for this to go? Well, I am only telling you this is what I heard from a few of our sources. Okay. Maybe it is true. Maybe it is not. There it is. I laid it out for you.

Bruce: As far as anything else goes on Tuesday’s call I mentioned ATMs were working. It winds up that not all ATMS were putting out lower denominations, but certain ATMS were on and were working. Now my understanding is all ATMS are working and running and putting out lower denominations in Iraq.

Bruce: We do know what the rate is for the dinar. I told you roughly what it was on Tuesday’s call. It is still very positive territory and should not be a problem for us at all. In fact, it should really do very well moving forward. What else I learned yesterday is we already have 52 or 53 countries that have gold back currencies now already. That was a surprising number. I know the other day I talked about 7 or 8 countries that have declared they have 100 % gold back currency. Now I find yesterday it is more like 52, 53 countries that have already declared they are gold back.

Bruce: What are we doing here? We believe things have been put into motion that would allow the green light to go on for us. I just can’t give you an exact time frame. I am going to say we are in the process for that green light to be illuminated here very shortly for us. Now it is possible that we overnight tonight, we get our own gold back currency, the USN, announced in some form of fashion. I mean as a soft announcement. I don’t expect fanfare. I don’t expect it on Fox Business. I don’t expect it on Bloomberg. Just some simple reference to the fact we are back on the gold standard. Do we have to have that to go? I do not think so. I mean it is at the point even one of the major banks sent our information today to the Redemption Centers, to their banks that we were going to go this afternoon. Now, did they jump the gun? Do they get that information? I do not know, but we weren’t starting this afternoon. However, that has to give you some indication how close we really are. That was the good I would take from that. That was the good.

Bruce: Just yesterday after lunch time out west we understood about 27 small groups have been handled and be made liquid. That was yesterday. I did not get an update since then. I may wind up getting one tonight after the call, but I think that is moving right along. You know what I am talking about when I refer to groups or small groups out west. Okay?

Bruce: Things are definitely moving along. We know some of the funding sources that are ready to begin to distribute funds have been given times for that. That would be after we get our notification and begin to set our appointments. We know some of the ZIM platforms are supposed to start up shortly. Again that is after we get our notifications and begin to set our appointments. So there is quite a bit that is already lining up beautifully for us and I feel very good about that. I wish I could give you a little bit more specific information.

Bruce: There was an announcement made to a certain individual of high power in our government that the security protocols had been satisfied and in place, and essentially up and running. That is a major thing that needed to be accomplished. I am excited because it tells us that we have that security in place and the protection is there for us to set our appointments, feel good about the fact the good guys are tracking us to and from our appointments and back home or to our place of business after our appointments. This was major and this was accomplished. Congratulations to the NSA for taking care of that for us. Normally you do not want to be tracked, but in this case it is for our own good. It is for our own security, and I feel like it is a good thing for us.

Bruce: All I can tell you is this first offering if you will, we sometimes we refer to it as the first basket. Now the reference is it is the first offering which should be 28 currencies with all but maybe 3 of those going up in value, and the remaining, there are 3, will go down in value starting to level the playing field and balance out the imbalance of rates throughout the world. It is going to make a wild change. It is going to be incredible. I am looking forward to everyone benefiting from it.

Bruce: This is the year of Jubilee, and that is something we can look forward to. There will be some debt forgiveness coming. I do not know exactly when that will start. I do not know when it will be announced. I think we are in a beautiful place where we are not essentially going to need it. It will be there for everybody. Everybody will get some form of blessing even if they were not part of the currencies we knew about and been working with and talking about for years. My case 14 years. Many of you are newer and that is okay. WE want everybody essentially when the tide goes up all boats go higher. That is a good thing for us.

Bruce: As far as us going in we know we talked about this for months and months. If you are interested in some of the projects that we are doing, the two main projects we are doing are Rebuild America and the Veterans Retreat Network. The Network is something we brought out first. Then it has been almost a year since we talked about Rebuild America. We have the website registered for it. That will be our largest project. We are looking forward Rebuilding America with one city, one town, and one community at a time.

Bruce: Here is the thing. I do not want to do this by myself. As I told you before, I am looking for 5000 listeners to partner with us. Why 5000? That is a minimum, because we are looking at 50 states with 100 cities, towns, or communities for each 50 states exception might be Hawaii and Alaska, but we will average that. What we are going to do is try to rebuild those cities with neighborhoods, community gardens, food domes, infrastructure which would include fiber optics and utilities going underground as much as possible. Do everything we can to get better utilities underground. I heard the arguments for all that, but I really believe the technology is there and the quality of the shielding for fiber optics is there now to do that effectively and do it that underground. I like to see that happen.

Bruce: Now otherwise what about roads, bridges, overpasses, highways, and byways? This is going to be a really big deal, and that is part of what we are going to do, but to find out for example, how we would know that? How would we do that? Part of our survey, and I have the connections to do that with some quality information. I know the people to do that. Actually they are from my church. WE can track the qualities of the roads, where the roads need work, what their repair schedule been, where they stand in terms of priority per state. All that information I have access to. That will help us to determine some priorities as far as roads are concerned.

Bruce: Now bridges, over passes these are things that might take a little bit of study and speak to the proper authorities in each city or state to get that information, but I believe we can help in that. Now I couldn’t tell you exactly and just say for example we find in Pennsylvania that we need 10 or 12 new bridges or 1200 or 2000 miles of new roads. This is the type of thing we are talking about. Now I can’t tell you in each state where we are on that, but that is the kind of information we will get and gather and make it available.

Bruce: What you people out there as listeners to the Big Call do is when we contact you by email, and that is why we asked for your email on our new website: bigcalluniverse.com. When you get an email from us asking you and this is in the future, not now, but pretty soon hopefully we will get an email to you, asking you “Do you want to participate in Rebuild America?” If so, then it will ask you what state are you interested in to helping to rebuild. Probably list up to 3 cities or towns. You don’t have to do 3. You can do one or two or maybe you have 3 in mind that you plan to help to rebuild.

Bruce: That type of simple survey we want to get out so we have some idea do we have our 5,000? Do we have more than 5,000? Where are they located and where are the cities, we will start to put those cities and towns on our map. Remember our map will have those in color indicated which ones are available which might be green and which ones have been spoken for be put in red on each of those towns and cities. Picture a US map and we have to put Hawaii and Alaska out there too, and set that up to see where we are concentrated, where we are going first, and so on. The idea is for me with the help of my leadership team. We are going to set up different teams for our projects, several of them.

Bruce: For example we will have an architecture firm, construction companies and firms. We will do Supply Depots on our Veteran Retreats. So we will have supplies of equipment on our own retreat sites. Then we can move them all over the country. So you are getting kind of the picture of that. We will ask that involvement of you. You ask How will we do it? We are going to have several meetings and create a template where we have a list first, second, third, etc where you literally have a step by step process how to go about rebuilding your city, town, or community. We will lay it out as clearly and simply as possible.

Bruce: In each state I will be looking for a leader. It could be a volunteer at least initially. It could be. If you are a volunteer and you are interested and you want to take a particular state. I have several states already spoken for. If you have the desire to be a regional director over several states, I will be looking for regional directors as well. We will get together. Probably have face to face get-togethers. We will be able to lay out what it is. You will have it on our website what it is you intend to do and how to go about doing it. The beauty of this is we all do not have to be on the same page at the same time. Some areas may move faster than others.

Bruce: The point is we are going to try to do this so we know the intention we have on these projects and sort of have projects involving 10 years or more. Then you will have the results about Rebuilding. We are talking about inner city, community gardens, clinics, areas that may not have good coverage for doctors and hospitals. We are looking for it to come out a little bit more holistic and high tech healing. So picture that. Picture recreation centers where there may be a need for one. Picture an auditorium where gyms are added on to an elementary or middle school. All these things are projects we can do.

Bruce: With infrastructure we will have available to invest in these communities, towns and cities. What if we have a certain amount that was available in a city or state or a county and we had a certain amount that they had earmarked for infrastructure and they knew what they wanted to do with that. We say we will match that. We have matching funds. We will double what you have for that infrastructure. They will be able to expand what it is they plan to do. I am hoping if we can work with states we might be able to set up some form, I do not care about the returns par se on bonds, but wonder if we do some tax free municipal at the state level type bonds. Even if the state invested in state bonds, are we thinking outside the box now? We can actually put some money into those bonds for specific infrastructure projects. Just like municipals that are being used right now. Usually they are tax exempt.

Bruce: The future motive we have is not for profit. Our motive in the future is not for profit. How do we bless other people? Bless the quality of life of other people being in this country, and how can we do that and take the things we have learned to the rest of the world. They will have jobs there, food, utilities, etc. That is what we need. The key is giving people from other countries the desire to stay in their own country. We can make that happen.

Bruce: I am excited because I know we are close. I know the protocol, the order of things, but it is just too sensitive to bring it out on the call. I can tell you if one of the major banks was given a false start today, it tells us we are right there. I want you to know that is the plan. We will let you know by email for you to feed back some of that information to us as some form as we can use. We probably will have a call in little over month after this goes so you can hear my voice again. I know kind of where we are and keep you inform.

Bruce: I hope we are able to make a dent in this country’s infrastructure and make a serious dent in housing, technology, fiber optics, everything I mentioned tonight and beyond. We always get a few ideas of new things. I already have a team together and meeting during the week. Things are coming together and we will have a really good start. Is everything laid out? No. WE had 100 plus page business plan for Veteran’s Retreat Network. That is still intact. We will update that and get started with that. Yes, we will make sure the veterans have housing. There will be no veteran if they can do anything they will have jobs with us and put them to work.

Bruce: We will need help with trades because we do not have enough workers now. We won’t have enough workers because our employment rate is going up every month. Our unemployment rate is going down every month. We are already to full employment in this country. So we are going to create 100’s of 1000’s of new jobs with Rebuild America. So we will need to bring in people who are qualified in to do that. If we have to train them right out of high school, we will do that. That will be part of our deal.

Bruce: We talked about apprenticeships, working with people in those areas and we got trade schools plan, tuition covered, and all those things to get apprenticeship working so that the people can earn as they learn. Earn as you Learn. It is like talking a course and then doing lab. You have the course and you have the lab. Working with our guys as a plumber’s helper, as an electrician helper, or whatever, all the various trades that could be few hours a day like 4 hours a day. Then they will be compensated for that time as an apprentice. We will be doing that as well.

Bruce: That is all I want to bring to you tonight. Continue to keep the faith. Continue to believe in this blessing that is just around the corner. I am looking forward to being the one that is supposed to get the toll free numbers and get them out to the Tier 4, Internet Group. I consider it an honor to be chosen for that. I consider it an honor to spoken with all of you and some of you personally and many of you by the Big Call for the last 6.5 years.

Bruce: Thank you for tuning in yet again this Thursday night. Everybody have a great night and let’s just believe for this. I believe we should have a miraculous wonderful weekend. Let’s believe for that. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and all of you in Big Call country and Big Call universe. We appreciate you and we will be in touch. Everybody stay tune and continue to believe for this blessing.


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Post by Scotchie on Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:25 pm

There is no such thing as a "USN".  There are no, and there will be no, gold backed currencies in the next 20 years or longer, if ever.

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Post by Terbo56 on Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:13 pm

You said that yesterday, just keep his bullshit out of here, please, along with the rest, we've heard this enough-- It means nothing to people in the know, and WE know this ain't going anywhere, and never will.....
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Post by Jayzze on Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:10 pm

t you are missing the part its the interpretation from pink roses ha ha
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