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Post by Rosy on Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:43 pm

July 9, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.
Yes, still no RV either inside Iraq or outside. This month of July and August may be significant months for us, if all goes well with the recounting.
Since the re-counting is scheduled to begin in the second province on Monday and there are 6 more provinces to go, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it will not be completed by mid-July and maybe even havd to wait until sometime in August. Why do I say this?
First, since when does Iraq do anything on time? They are always overly optimistic on timeframes.
Second, let’s use some common sense. Okay so let’s assume they take 5 days to re-count each province. This seems to be the trend. Then take 2 days to report and file the findings. That’s a week per each province. With 7 more provinces to go. Can we calculate the time remaining?
So that’s at least about 1 ½ months total time to go. Right? That is, if no more tricks or snags by Maliki and his goons.
So, went can we expect the re-counting to be completed?
The good news…
This brings us to about August 21st “IF” they follow this same pattern, but we are seeing they are not and speeding this process up with pressure from the USA. This is the good news today. So, this could potentially be all completed within a couple weeks by end of July is my best guess. But just a guess and they would have to put more staff on the team and count multiple provinces consecutively.
Am I telling you it will RV even then? No! But evidence is pointing towards a reinstatement of the dinar and the completion of the “project to delete the zeros” but not until at least after this timeframe. So, this timeline is benchmark and very important to us.
Can some other event creep up by putting a delay even further? Yes, and so all we can do is relax, hope and pray. This is why I kept telling everyone way back in January that Iraq did not want this to go into the elections cycle with this RV saga. Now I am telling you we don’t want these new sanctions put on Iran to spill over into Iraq and effect the stability of Iraq.
But remember too that a special envoy of US President Donald Trump, Brit McKurk, is meeting with political party leaders as of Friday to draw up the roadmap for the country and move towards the process of electoral fraud witnessed by the electoral process in the country and “ACCELERATE THE FORMATION OF THE NEXT GOVERNMENT AT AN EARLIR DATE”, while exposing the pressure exercised on the Electoral Commission not to detect fraud. (see full article below).
In other words this is our best possible timeframe when we could expect to see something promising. It could be shortened if they put more teams counting simultaneously. I think moving the votes from the other 6 provinces to Baghdad to count and prevent any more “monkey business” will surely help the process too. Maybe McKurk will have some good suggestions. But until then I would certainly not hold my breath to see the RV any sooner ….. lol … lol …. lol
So what do we look for once the Electoral Commission says all the re-counting is completed?
1.The Judicial must ratify the election results as completed (re-count of the ballots completed and certified by the Judiciary) looks like not until around end of July, as best.
2.seating the three presidents – new prime minister, speaker of the house and the ceremonial president and his three vice presidents
3.sense of political stability in Iraq
4.maintained security with the region
Note: I do not believe that the prime minister needs to seat his entire cabinet of ministers at this time for the RV. He will have up to 90 days to do it, however if it is Al- Abadi for a second term, we can expect this process to go very quick anyhow since he will probably use most of his existing cabinet of ministers and roll them over to the new govt. But I do not believe we will have to wait for this anyhow.
More news….
We DO know the reinstatement of the dinar MUST happen someday very, very soon;
We DO know how they intend to do it;
We DO even know (or can come very close to) the expected new anchor rate once they move from the de facto peg to the new SDR peg;
We DO know the dinar will be on a MANAGED FLOAT once on FOREX;
We DO know the new dinar categories will “coincide” with the large 3 zero notes for up to 10 years (meaning no LOP);
We DO know the banks have been notified of these upcoming exchanges and are preparing for us;
We DO know that our prize is the IRAQI dinar and not the ZIM, Rial or any others of this notion of a GCR or other currency scams;
We DO know the impact this will have on the Iraqi economy and the world;

We DON’T know the exact timing!
More news…
All of you reading my Facebook Newsletter should take a few minutes and read my Mission Statement. As you have noticed I take no mercy on any of these so-called intel “gurus’ who lie, misinform or mislead us investors.
But in all due fairness I also want to give thanks and kudos to the ones who are trying to learn the truth and research. So, I want to reach out to TNT Tony today and give thanks and kudos to him for thelinks he provided to the community on explanation of the “USN” and HR 5404 explanations. WE all know the charlatans who have perpetrated our investment community with these ridiculous notions of this USN and TRN crap. It is obvious they did not do their research and just lie about this new currency. They group is attempting to take simple facts and twist them to suit their own needs. I have listened to many of their conference calls and I have to add that they are just a bunch of total idiots. The do absolutely no research and are the propagator of many, if not all of these confusing lies we here. So if you hear this stuff and it sounds really bizarre to you, it probably is just that and nothing else. So just forget it. I will say it again – just forget it!
Just so you know - You don’t seem very smart coming on these conference calls with questions on this crap to see if it is real. We already knowits all lies. You prove nothing but ignorance to having even believed it enough to have to ask a question about it. Get it? ….. just so you know…. Why waste everyone’s time?
I have been saying this for years about the USN and the TSN and its time others demand to speak up and tell the TRUTH too. Thanks again Tony!
More news….
According to a report published on Sunday, July 01, 2018, a team of foreign experts working in Iraq, for months, to track the accounts of the funds of a number of people “loyal to Iran,” noting that the team works in cooperation with the government Iraq.
The newspaper said in its report that “in light of the economic crisis suffocation suffered by the Iranian interior, Iraqi factions loyal to Tehran fear they could not get Khamenei’s help if it came underadditional US pressure.”
(Mnt Goat - I always say all you have to do is follow the money and eventually you find the culprits. )
More news….
Information / Special ...
A member of the National Coalition, Jamila al-Obeidi, Saturday, a meeting expected to gather leaders of political parties representative of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump NEXT FRIDAY TO NAME THE PRIME MINISTER AND IMPOSE THE AMERICAN WILL ON THE IRAQI POLITICAL DECISION. (Mnt Goat - in other words help them speed up getting out of this pollical quagmire. This can go on and on if the USA does not step in.)...READ MORE: https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2018/07/mnt-goat-update-9-july.html
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Post by Terbo56 on Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:50 am

Great- More crap from the 3 legged Willy goat-I wish this moron would stay away, and NEVER come back, like all the rest-
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