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Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP) "The Hutchison Effect Fraud" - Meet Team Member Karla! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP) "The Hutchison Effect Fraud" - Meet Team Member Karla!

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Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP) "The Hutchison Effect Fraud" - Meet Team Member Karla! Empty Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP) "The Hutchison Effect Fraud" - Meet Team Member Karla!

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:45 am

One of the many frauds that Jerzy promotes is the one from John Hutchinson. What a loon this guy is. Did you know that Jerzy is also a plagiarist?

What you'll find on Jerzy's webpage for the Hutchinson Effect is what he copied, with a few changes, from the article by Mark A. Solis (Webmaster for John Hutchison), that he wrote back in 1999.


Copyrighting somebody else's copyrighted works Jerzy?

There's also an interesting picture of Jerzy holding a bent piece of metal:

Jerzy Babkowski (AKA ZAP) "The Hutchison Effect Fraud" - Meet Team Member Karla! Screen41

Giving Jerzy a piece of shiny bent metal sure brings a smile to Jerzy's face. LOL

Here's a few things that have been written about the Hutchinson Effect:

Given that Hutchison's claims are outlandish and his credibility damaged by admitted fakery, it is likely that the effect named for him is complete claptrap. --Alan Bellows

Unfortunately, he seems to be the only one who can produce the effects, but not even he can replicate them—at least not in the presence of unbiased observers.


I think it is self evident from the above analysis that the reason no one else has been able to duplicate the "Hutchison Effect" is because they forgot to attach the string!


Hutchison has captured the effect on video many times, and claims to have demonstrated it for scientists from U.S. Army intelligence. But the claims are mired in doubt because the effect is not reproducible, even by the discoverer himself.


John Hutchison (born October 19, 1945) is a Canadian self-proclaimed inventor who claims to have discovered, and promptly forgotten, the secrets of levitation, free energy, and how to make certain metals vanish. He also claims to work for the US Military while living in Vancouver, Canada.

This "Hutchison Effect" has been claimed for years, without any independent verification — ever. In fact, its originator can't even replicate it on demand. This has been investigated more than once, been part of documentaries on The Discovery Channel, but still never seems to pass critical muster. This is in the category of folklore. In general, the "American Antigravity" web site caters to such folklore and its enthusiasts.


This is just one of Jerzy's highly acclaimed professionals!

Jerzy wrote:DragonsHeart will provide sufficient facilities to provide for the research into the practical applications of the Hutchinson Effect, with John leading and receiving support and direction from like-minded scientists, alchemists, and others. The benefits to our Humanity are deemed considerable.

Meet Karla Kniption AKA John Hutchinson

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