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Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link

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Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link Empty Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link

Post by nickgiammarino on Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:55 pm

Since Dan or his friends over at People's Talk Radio know that Dinar Daily is the premier website for accurate information on the Iraqi Dinar, I know they will be sharing this page with him.

Dan, if your conference calls are legally copyrighted, please submit the copyright information like major podcasts do.

Also Dan, since the page to your calls below is public, and since a password or paying membership is NOT needed to access the calls, a takedown request is just a crybaby move.

Dan, protect your content and you won't have to worry about people finding it, but don't worry Dan, nobody over here even has the time or patience to listen to your useless "intel" anyways, they would rather be with their family and friends.

The way I see it Dan, the people currently paying $20 or whatever you are charging for month will either:

1 - Stop paying and simply download them from the links on this page
2 - Stop paying once they realize that you have been wrong about the dinar since you got involved.

The purpose of this post:

Dan Atkinson of People's Talk Radio says his conference calls are private, that you have to be a paying member, ok, well why is there a public link to them on Google?

Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link C3565-checkmate


Step one, do a Google search for "peoplestalkradio"

Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link Peoples-talk-radio-step-1

Step two, look for a link to the omnimediacast page (yes, it's public)

Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link Peoples-talk-radio-step-2

Step three, once there on the website, go to the parent directory

Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link Peoples-talk-radio-step-3

Step four, look for live.php on the page

Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link Peoples-talk-radio-step-4

Step five, you now have access, but please, don't listen to the calls unless you wish to be misled, they are PAINFUL to hear, I couldn't even find anyone to transcribe them at a reasonable cost.

Peoples Talk Radio Conference Calls - Public Link Peoples-talk-radio-step-5

More fun:

In my opinion, Dan Atkinson and TNT Tony (Anthony Wayne Renfrow) conspired together to get involved in the dinar, the same way they were involved with the fuel company.

Here is the video from when Dan and Tony worked with a Fuel Company doing MLM, which some people call pyramid schemes:

Also, I found this on Facebook, it's been up a long time, so maybe that means it's true?

Here is the text from the Facebook Post:

Dan Atkinson "At It Again!"

Anybody CONSIDERING joining Fuel Legacy or ANYTHING else Dan Atkinson Promotes, NEEDS to read this!
Dan Atkinson is a man with a whole lot of "BAGGAGE." Honest MLMer's BEWARE! It has recently come to light via an extensive investigation that former 4-E "pitch man" and now FUEL LEGACY "Marketing Director" has more skeletons in his closet then Jeffrey Dahmer! You will be SHOCKED at what has come to light. Show every 4-E and Fuel Legacy member this page. The truth needs to get out and this man must be stopped. HIDE Your daughters!

If you see this man, run the other way! 

Dan Atkinson's past has caught up with him in more ways than one. Lets first start by establishing who Dan Atkinson "Claims To Be" (in his own words) (This is STRAIGHT from the FuelLegacy.Com website-Verbatim) Dan Atkinson National Sales Director Dan Atkinson, National Sales Director of NanoTech Fuel Inc., is 44 years old and a businessman who has enjoyed the privilege of being married to his wife Lisa for 25 years. Like the rest of the Executive team, he is a devoted family man and is the proud father of three daughters who have blessed him with two granddaughters.

For the last 15 years, Dan has made his mark in the sales and marketing arena. In less than three years, Dan became one of the largest importers of reptiles in the United States. Private breeders everywhere looked to him to provide them with rare breeding stock. After the disaster of 9/11, the importation of animals into the U.S. was halted for nearly a year. Dan quickly turned his focus toward the Network Marketing arena and over the past eight years, has built two organizations that include over 100,000 members. He is an accomplished speaker, as well as a mentor, to many in the Network marketing industry. Seeing an opportunity for many of his previous and future team members, he focused his attention on the fuel additive industry for the last three years. By doing so, he developed an “insiders” view of this blossoming industry and through analysis, now firmly believes that Fuel additives are the next primary trend in Network Sales and Marketing.

As the CEO and Founder of ForEarth, Dan built a team of successful marketers, and in less than eighteen months the company's net sales were twelve Million dollars. The company secured the sponsorship of two IRL Pro Series racing teams to utilize motor sports to gain product exposure.

In February 2008, Dan and his hand selected management team found what they believe to be the true X factor that so many people have been desperately seeking in today’s marketplace. They all agree that eeFuel® is the best liquid fuel additive available today and in the future, and they have secured the exclusive rights to this product and are now in full swing to launch this to the Network Marketing arena.
Currently, thousands of distributors around the world have been massing together to be a part of what will be the best marketing story of the 21st century.

Ok, now that you read the "HURAHH" biography, lets now establish who Dan REALLY is! Below you will see a "PATTERN" that will be summed up by TRUE life arrests and law suits against Dan Atkinson The DAN ATKINSON AKA "Sergeant Carter" True Story DAN GETS "KINKY" At Indy 500 A former 4-E distributor claimed Dan made STRONG sexual advances towards her at the INDY 500 last year. This former distributor claimed Dan bought her a dress at Nordstrom's (I wonder if he ever buys his own wife dresses there!). This former distributor will soon make a public statement available as to prevent this from happening to anyone else. Why does this make sense and the puzzle pieces come together? We are not going into details here because there may be young ones around but you can read between the lines. Dan seems to have a pattern of sexual misconduct. Here is a CASE NUMBER in point that is filed in California:
California: Registered Convicted Sexual Offender
ORI/CA03100003 NIC/X860194774

Sex Offense/ MIS/ 314-1 Sexual Offender
Date: 01/10/2001 EST: 0326
Placer Co So Auburn (530) 886-5375
M/W/5”11,210 green/brown

We have not yet figured out why Dan Atkinson is not listed under Megan's Law in California under the registry but we have investigators working on that right now. We feel the public needs to be aware of Dan's past and his potential to repeat his past. This allegation from a FORMER 4-E rep is real and it is in process of making its way back to the courts. We will keep you posted on the progress of this.


Give a guy a FLAT TOP hairdo and he thinks he is a gruff and tough marine. Dan Atkinson loves to brag about being a Marine, but fact of the matter is, he did not serve much time at all. In fact he claims he got out because of a "bad back." Not true. Dan Atkinson is a disgrace to our TRUE Marines (men & women) who serve this country everyday and die for our freedom everyday. Dan Atkinson is a "WANNABE" and always has been. Here is an example of Dan playing "TOUGH GUY" again.

I think calling Dan Atkinson "Sergeant Carter" is giving him too much credit!

Dan could not shine GOMER PYLES boots!



November 7, 2002
DANIEL JOSEPH ATKINSON & LISA RENEE ATKINSON are convicted with a "judgment by default" for refusing to pay $2,000+ to the Placer Creditors Bureau. (Excerpt taken from this link and posted by sky voyager:


A TRUE Story. Here is the actual law suit in which Dan Atkinson were convicted with a JUDGMENT by default! http://therealdan.atkinson.tripod.com/moretruth.pdf (DEAD LINK)

The Dan Atkinson "DRAMA QUEEN" Pattern Continues. 
Below is a Dan's history of criminal activity. Documented with case numbers and plenty of numbers where you can verify this information. We are ONLY interested in getting the TRUTH out.

Dan likes to bad mouth people and is a man who throws rocks while living in a glass house. It is time the world finds out how DANGEROUS Dan Atkinson really is! Criminal History Atkinson, Daniel J.

Subject: Atkinson, Daniel J. DOB: 01/17/1964 SS#: 380-86-7267

Michigan- M11206173E
California- CA10843566 Registered Convicted Sexual Offender
FBI- 610192x8
Male/White 5’11 175 hair blk eyes blue / green

Tatoos: Upper Rt Arm & Rt. Arm
Arizona 12/31/85 Crim Phoenix 2102 W. Encanto Blvd P.O Box 6638 Phoenix Az/850-056638
Case # 85158628
Crim Dam Prop

Guilty fine yes probation Maricopa 3 years/ 05/07/1986 Probation
Revoked.CRS DIV-Clarksburg, WV 1000 Custer Hollow Rd. ClarksBurg, WV 2630

California: Registered Convicted Sexual Offender
ORI/CA03100003 NIC/X860194774

Sex Offense/ MIS/ 314-1 Sexual Offender
Date: 01/10/2001 EST: 0326
Placer Co So Auburn (530) 886-5375
M/W/5”11,210 green/brown

Why would ANYONE want to go into business with Dan Atkinson? Most people know that Dan raises SNAKES as a side business. He has even managed to screw up the SNAKE Business. Just look at these posts about how Dan handles the snake business. It does NOT take a Psychiatrist to figure this one out. Dan has a history of dealing with people this way. 

Here is a POST about Dan's handling of his snake business:

Dan's Current "Partners" Of Which Dan SUPPOSEDLY Owns "68%"

Reuben Borg Simon Procopenko
(Picture Unavailable)

Reuben and Simon, you both seem to be smart businessmen.
WHY would you stake your reputation on a guy that
has a pattern of lying, sexual misconduct and bullying?

And To Steve Lee and gang, why would you stake your reputation
on this guy? I and many others have been in your down line
in other companies and this makes me and others wonder
where your judgement is?

FuelLegacy.Com is yet another company that Dan Atkinson
will take down. It is YOUR money and YOUR reputation at
stake. Dan's reputation is in MANY police blotters and
counties. Beware and do NOT allow Dan Atkinson to YANK
your chain!

More to come and soon.

One final thought, why are HIS MEMBERS over HERE?  Could it be that they don't believe him or that they are desperate for the truth?  Either way, we welcome the people from People's Talk Radio, we will wake you up to the truth, if you can handle it.

Dan, feel free to call me and leave another beautiful message about how I'm a criminal and that you have my license number, I look forward to meeting and making fun of you in person someday.

Nick Giammarino - Global Currency Reset

Contact me on Twitter via globalresetguy or dinarrvnews or private message (PM) me here on Dinar Daily.  I have private videos HERE

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