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Mnt Goat Update, 5 June DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mnt Goat Update, 5 June

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Mnt Goat Update, 5 June Empty Mnt Goat Update, 5 June

Post by Rosy on Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:43 pm

June 4, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.
Not much has changed since last Friday’s Newsletter. We wait for the judiciary to make a ruling on the election fraud and Parliaments legality on
their vote in a Special Session to conduct re-counting of 10% of the votes.

A legal expert for Iraq clarified the timelines for the election complaints and appeals resolutions. See the article in articles section.
We know that the past vote in parliament on allowing any kind of re-count or dismissal of votes from this last elections is unconstitutional because this is not in the jurisdiction of the powers of parliament. Does this seem like a conflict of interest since this is dealing with the election and the election decides who will sit in the new parliament seats?

So now the Judiciary along with the Electoral Commission must review this subject matter and decide on the constitutionality or not. We wait for news.
Once this is decided the Judiciary can move on to the certification of the election results. We need this go forward.
The Sadr Movement claims they will have their largest coalition for the new government completed and the three presidents named by the end of Ramadam.
More news….

The Iraqi Council of Representatives began Saturday afternoon, resuming its extraordinary session and conducted the second reading ofthe proposed amendment to the Third Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013.

Baghdad – Mawazine News

MP of the Liberal Bloc MP Riyad Ghali al-Saadi said on Saturday that the extraordinary parliamentary session held onn Satruday afternoon is unconstitutional, pointing out that the number of attendees did not exceed 30 deputies.

Parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri announced Saturday that the extraordinary session would be adjourned until next Wednesday after the second reading of the third amendment to the electoral law was completed.
So they got nothing done in this session. They have until July 1st to keep having these “special” sessions.

More news….

Capitals / follow-up morning
States have huge gold reserves to use when necessary and to support the value of their currency, especially if they want to print more money and pump it into local markets. Gold reserves contribute to currency appreciation and protection from collapse.

Iraq ranked fifth in the world and ranked 37th in the world with reserves of 89.8 tons, 7.8%, followed by Kuwait, which ranked sixth in the Arab world and 39 in the world, with reserves of 79 tons, 8.7%, Egypt is the seventh Arab and 40 global, percent.
The United States ranked first with reserves of 81,33.5 tons, 75 percent of the total reserves, followed by Germany with a total reserves of 3,372.2 tons, or 70.3 percent.

Just so everyone knows - The report showed that Russia ranked sixth in the world in 2018, the size of reserves reached 1,890.8 tons, accounting for 17.6 percent of the total reserves, while China came in seventh place with reserves of 1,842.6 tons, accounting for 2.4 percent of the total reserves.

(Mnt Goat - So what nation is more prepared today to back its currency with gold? Why all this hype and worry about Russia or China becoming outdoing the US dollar as the main media of exchange? It is all hype to by these precious metal dealers to get you to buy their gold, silver and platinum. Get it?
Yes, for all you sceptics, there is an IMF plan to implement a more fair basket of SDR currencies. This is NOT the downgrading of the US Dollar but a more fair spread and distribution of the risk and financial implications should any one of the nations in the basket faulter. So please, please let’s top all this fear and hype about the US Dollar crashing. Educate yourself before going off half-cocked just because some idiot on the internet told you something….)

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin

By Legal expert Tariq Harb

The Electoral Commission shall publish its resolutions on complaints in three daily newspapers in accordance with Article 8 / V of the Commission's Law No. (11) of 2007 in order to calculate the three-day period specified in this paragraph of this law to challenge the decision of the Commission and its appeal before the Judiciary.

The Electoral Commission shall implement the judgment of the judiciary in accordance with the provisions of Article (8) of the law of the Independent High Electoral Commission, especially that paragraph VI of this article and this law required the Commission,

Whereas this day was on the 30th of the fifth month of 2018 and yesterday Friday and Saturday holiday. The official working day will be on Sunday, the second day of June, the date for the start of the publication of the decisions of the Commission on electoral complaints in the local newspapers and begin the three days following the specific appeal and appeal to the judiciary and where the number of complaints amounted to more than one thousand and eight hundred thousand complaints.

If we counted a quarter of an hour to UNHCR To study each complaint, we have to calculate the number of days that the Commission will take to study these complaints in this issue and issue its decisions on complaints to begin the judicial phase.
The last three elections have taught us that there is no result of the complaint and appeal. Complaints lead to the loss of the request really in the midst of such a large number of complaints that constitute the complaints of absurd part is not a little.
Finally we must mention that the appeal and appeal can be submitteddirectly to the electoral judiciary or through the Commission, which refers the complaint to the Commission MEANS THAT WE HAVE A PERIOD OF NOT LESS THAN TWENTY DAYS AND THEN WE MOVE ON DECISION.

Khandan -

The Iraqi Council of Representatives began Saturday afternoon, resuming its extraordinary session.

It is scheduled that the House of Representatives the second reading of the proposed amendment to the Third Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013.
The House of Representatives has completed on 30 May, the first reading of the proposed amendment to the Third Law of the elections of the House of Representatives No. 45 of 2013, submitted by the Legal Committee in view of the legal and technical violations that marred the electoral process that took place on 12/5/2018 and to protect the democratic process including the integrity and fairness of the elections and to enable the Commission to conduct manual counting and sorting.

(Mnt Goat – this is NOT strange to me whatsoever. They have told us in previous article why they are doing this. Remember this is NOT yet the newly voted in parliament from the recent elections. Jubouri has been trying to pass this amendment to the election law for a very long time. Now he finally has some leverage to get the vote. Now they see the light as to why this law was important to have coming into the election. It will NOT apply to this last election.)


Information / Baghdad

MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, on Saturday, the agreement of the political blocs to pass the amendment of the election law on Wednesday, adding that today's session will be devoted to the second reading of the draft amendment.
Jaafar said in a statement to the information that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and political blocs agreed to hold a meeting on Wednesday to vote on the amendment to Article 32 of the Electoral Law and the counting and sorting by hand.”

He added that "the legal period obliges the Presidency of the House of Representatives to relax for four days between the second reading and pass the law," noting that "the political blocs will participate during the next meeting to complete the quorum."


Dozens of lawmakers, including prominent political figures headed by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his first deputy and leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Hammam Hamoudi, ARE AWAITING THE RULING OF THE FEDERAL COURT ON THE DECISION THEY MADE DURING THE SPECIAL SESSION TO PARTIALLY CANCEL THE ELECTIONS HELD ON 12 MAY.

While THE BLOCKS FROZE CONSULTATIONS ON THE FORMATION OF THE LARGEST BLOC PENDING THE DECISION FEDERAL COURT, the parliament decided on Saturday to raise its meeting to next Wednesday, for the purpose of voting on the third amendment to the election law, after the completion of the second reading, while Speaker of Parliament Salim Jubouri, To convene an extraordinary session tomorrow to discuss the water crisis in the presence of three ministers.

The Party of National Integrity, of the Sadrist movement, on Saturday, the cessation of all dialogues and negotiations between the blocks and political parties.
He said the leader of the party Mohammed Rashk for (Basneoz), "The dialogues and negotiations between the blocks are now stalled because of the problems and appeals that accompanied the electoral process," NOTING THAT "ALL FORCES ARE WAITING TO RESOLVE THE DEBATE ON ELECTORAL APPEALS, SO THAT EACH AREA KNOWS ITS SIZE PERMANENTLY."

"THESE APPEALS MAY AFFECT THE SEATS OF SOME, AND MAY ALSO INCREASE THE SEATS OF SOME PARTIES, for this everyone is waiting for the resolution of appeals and ratification of the election results, and then the start of dialogues and negotiations."
The visit of the leader of the "Wisdom Stream" Ammar al-Hakim, and two days later leader of the Sadrist movement to Kuwait at the invitation of her government, sparked a wide debate, especially in social networking sites on the timing of the visits and coincided with the events in Iraq And whether the issue of the "larger bloc" will be formed outside Iraq and through a regional-international will. The spokesmen of the leader of the Sadrist movement and the stream of wisdom denied any political status of the visit related to the elections and their results as much as an attempt by Hakim and Sadr to strengthen relations between Iraq and Kuwait.

While the first days after the initial results of the elections filled the political leaderships, which conducted a series of negotiations between them to "touch the pulse" in order to reach understandings leading to the formation of the largest bloc, the newspaper "Asharq Al-Awsat" London, an independent politician close to one of the blocs, "The initial results of the meetings of the blocs, whether the meetings between the blocks within the same components, that is the meetings of the Shiite blocs with each other or Sunni or Kurdish with each other or meetings between Shiites and Sunnis or Shiites and Kurds or vice versa almost to one result And Redraw the scene on the basis of consensus and then improved quotas, so to speak, in the sense that it accepts this time to isolate the mass of a component and add another of a component under the pretext of political majority ».

(Mnt Goat – so we know that the election fraud and the appeals over it are another subject that will also have to be handled, once the judiciary gives their ruling of legality on the Parliamentary actions last week)

In this context, the Ministry of Displacement and Migration denied the news that the Electoral Commission gave any information about the names of members of the Iraqi community abroad. The ministry said in a statement on «surprised by the statements made by the Electoral Commission and what was reported by the media about some politicians that the ministry provided the Commission with the names of members of the Iraqi community abroad for the purpose of the recent parliamentary elections». The statement added that «the ministry did not give the Commission any information in this regard as well as it was not asked to do so».

For his part, confirmed the electoral official of the Turkmen Front Ahmad Ramzi, that the funds in Kirkuk, which have not been counted so far can change the equation in the province. Ramzi said in a statement yesterday that "these funds were subjected to a technical failure on the day of the vote so the staff were unable to count and sorting and was moved at 3 am on May 13 to the UNHCR warehouses in the Alwa area in Kirkuk." He pointed out that «funds now under the protection of the anti-terrorism forces in Kirkuk, and prevents access to those stores except for the staff of the Commission and the competent committees and entity monitors only», pointing out that «these funds are for multiple areas in Kirkuk and does not belong to a particular area or component».

THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION HAS REJECTED THE DECISION OF THE PARLIAMENT AND ANNOUNCED ITS ADHERENCE TO THE RESULTS, especially after the announcement of President Fuad Masum, requested the opinion of the Federal Court, which was prepared by political forces contrary to the Constitution by the President.
(Mtn Goat – so we see that the Electoral Commission did not accept the decision of parliament and forwarded it to the Judiciary for a ruling. I believe the result will a violation of the constitution and they will throw it out. )
But the coalition of Iraqi forces announced its support for the position of the President of the Republic, said in a statement, that THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION HAS MET ITS EFFORTS AND PROCEDURES AND SAID ITS TECHNICAL OPINION IN APPEALS, AND THE BALL NOW IN THE ARENA OF JUSTICE and no doubt, his decisions are Faisal and governance.


(Sulaymaniyah: Euphrates News) announced the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to determine the date of holding the General Conference of the National Union in the coming days, while stressing the lack of opposition to re-counting and the results of the elections if they were in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

The spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Saadi Bireh said in a press conference held today, in the city of Sulaymaniyah, "after a meeting of the leadership of the National Union that the meeting discussed, inter alia, the subject of holding the fourth general conference of the National Union, stressing that all members of the leadership council agreed on a contract. The conference, pointing out that he referred the matter to a special body to set a date for the conference in the coming days, and will be scheduled for the conference in another meeting of the leadership council.

He added that "the meeting also discussed the results of the legislative elections held on 12/5/2018," noting that "the National Union does not oppose any action according to the Constitution and the law, including the re-counting and sorting by hand, to reassure political parties on the election and its results, And the appeals made by some political parties, stressing that they are committed to any decision of the Independent High Electoral Commission, and the Federal Court on the re-counting and sorting and in any proportion. "
"The House of Representatives has not yet passed the law and will vote on it next Wednesday, provided that the quorum is complete," he said, noting that "the Constitutional Court in all cases does not need to A decision or a law from the House of Representatives, to consider the appeals and complaints on the elections, adding that "the Commission is able to refer complaints to the Constitutional Court, and if the court approved any decision on the results we accept it."

On the other hand, For dialogue with Kurdish political parties Iraqi, stressing that the door of the National Union is open from tomorrow in front of everyone and awaits the response of the other parties.
As for the changes made by the PUK in some positions of responsibility, he explained that these changes are normal, adding that some of those included in the change have become members of the House of Representatives, and some of them have asked either to transfer or leave their posts.


Economy News Baghdad

The financial adviser to the government, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the government directed towards providing a supplementary budget in conjunction with the increase in oil prices, stressing that the procedure would turn the deficit from real to virtual.
"The provisions of the Financial Management and Public Debt Law No. (95) of 2004 gave the executive authority represented by the Council of Ministers the authority to submit a supplementary budget to the federal budget for the fiscal year," Saleh said in a statement quoted by the newspaper Al-Sabah Al-Jadid.
He added that "THIS BUDGET CAN BE OBTAINED IN THE LIGHT OF THE INCREASE IN THE PRICE OF A BARREL OF OIL, and therefore the new price will be determined on the basis of the full year," explaining that "the government may raise the price of $ 20 on what was approved in advance in the budget of 2018, According to the vision of the state. "

"The continuation of the increase in oil prices will transform the current deficit plans to the budget to a default deficit and can repay itself by the additional flows that will be achieved for us from oil revenues," noting that "the government succeeded in dealing positively with the crisis of the collapse of oil prices and today Is in the process of reviving the Iraqi economy after the price increase again. "

Saleh said that "Iraq has emerged from the neck of the bottle and the appropriate solutions and the testimony of the countries of the world in complex circumstances is what happened in oil prices as well as continued spending on the war against terrorism."
(Mtn Goat – I hope more of this money will go towards the citizens and not in the pockets of corrupt politicians. The question is will they take advantage of this opportunity this time again or squander it again. Sadr has spoken out and insists that this next govt will give an allocation of “surplus” oil revenues to the people. This could get interesting….)
BAGHDAD (Reuters) -

The Iraqis voted on Saturday 12 May 2018 to elect a new parliament. These elections are the first after the defeat of the "Da'ash" organization, while the Independent Electoral Commission announced that the participation rate in the elections reached 44%.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is the candidate of the only victory coalition for the next prime minister, according to the national security adviser.
Al-Fayyad said in a television interview on Al-Mayadeen channel that the president's actions towards the Federal Court are political behavior, pointing out that "the elections in Iraq have become a basis in the structure of the Iraqi regime, an investigative process."

He explained that "THE DECISION ON THE ISSUE OF ELECTIONS IS THE FEDERAL COURT," pointing out that "the objections to the election results were too many, but NO PARTY TALKS ABOUT THE CANCELLATION OF THE ELECTIONS."
"I have not heard about the cancellation of the internal elections but the elections abroad and the use of manual counting of a percentage of votes," he said, noting that "THE FEDERAL COURT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE JUDICIARY ARE LEGALLY AUTHORIZED TO CONSIDER THE RESULTS."

He added that "ALL DATA SUBMITTED TO THE FEDERAL COURT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RATIFICATION OF THE ELECTION RESULTS," and continued "and provided our vision for the reliability and confidentiality of the system of counting and electronic sorting."
He pointed out that "the mechanism to announce the partial results made many object," but added, "I was hoping that the President of the Republic in another place and I do not doubt his intentions."
The National Security Adviser pointed out that "there is a set of measures that should not have happened, such as informing entities of the results early," stressing that "any winner or loser has the right to object to the election results."
"It is the duty of the government to present the election data honestly," he said, noting that "Iraq is in the face of a natural course of election results."
And on the decision of the Federal Court regarding the elections and challenged, said Fayadh, "We have all confidence in the Federal Court and its president," calling on all political blocs to "accept the decision of the Federal Court."
He pointed out that "in Iraq, a real political system and freedom of expression of opinion," pointing out that "what happened in the country of occupation and liberation and displacement and migration affects the political structure and this is very natural."
....read more: https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2018/06/mnt-goat-update-5-june.html
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