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"Dinar Highlights" by K - 6/3/18

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 "Dinar Highlights" by K - 6/3/18 Empty "Dinar Highlights" by K - 6/3/18

Post by Ssmith Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:10 am

To those of you who know my writing it is sometimes interesting, sometimes rhetorical, and sometimes just a plain waste of time, this time it is about "us"!


- By the end of May? June? The end of June?

- As we speak? Is the RV beginning in Hong Kong? Has anyone in Hong Kong exchanged? Hong Kong's first, then Zurick, then Calgary and Reno?

- Iraq? Is the Dinar reinstated? Have the elections been ratified? Is the RV about the Dinar?

- The public is expected to begin on June 11th, according to rumor! When will there be an RV?

- When you exchange: Banks are ready! Where do we go?

- POTUS and another Alliance Member met and said "go". How many other Alliance members said "go"?

- HSBC will be closed to make changes and open the 11th. Does that have anything to do with the RV?

- We are "here"? Are we "here"?

- Zap believes the money will be available next week? Will it?

- Intel? Is there Intel? Is there anyone allowed to explain exactly where we are? Does anyone know?

The information I have read over the past 2 weeks (or longer) has created the biggest "intel monster" I have ever become aware of regarding the GCR/RV! Not only has this creature evoked my highest level of anticipation, but it has caused a sense of dismay due to the unexpected wreckage being caused by what seems to be a stalled Intel tornado! The most revealing comment I read was written by Dr. Clark: NOW, as a result, we see things kicking off, the LAST WEEK of JUNE, with an emphasis on 23rd - 26th. Iraq will have released the Prime Minister information, and solidified things to QUALIFY, for a "Suitable Environment", as well...AND the UN, IMF & U.S.A. will ALL be in agreement. We'll have to "SEE" what happens..


- Now, Today!

- Things haven't kicked off!

- Irag, again? Yes! The elections! The Dinar!

- Suitable Environment! Hasn't been reached!

- Agreement? Still Disagreement! Agreement has not been reached yet! What will it take for "agreement"? Can there be a deadline for agreement?

- We will wait to see what happens! What are we waiting to see? We will see the GCR/RV? Will we see things start in Hong Kong?

Will the world be a better place?

I am in no way a "naysayer", nor am I attempting to promote the dark side of circumstances. I only sense that it is important to share my perspective concerning the disabling and destructive potential of continual delay. Dr. Clarke wrote, "Stay Positive, ignore the Naysayers, and Focus this thing into "Manifestation this Month". Work "FOR one Another" ...not Against. In our Opinion. It's "TIME".


Hasn't happened yet? Who is responsible for the release of the GCR/RV?

I know God answers prayer and also assigns that task!

I know we have the power of God when it comes to doing his Will! We can pray! We must pray!

Does the Alliance pray?

Has the Alliance been assigned to be the answer to prayer....?


To the depths of my soul, I have felt honored by God to have been drawn to purchase currency and become involved here at Dinar Chronicles. I have also felt that something was unclear, it has remained unclear for the four years I have diligently listen for the clarity I felt was necessary, the clarity about who's human hands held the reins of the forward wagon. During the journey, so many detours have been taken and I sensed too many cooks in the chuck wagon. And it seems that it has remained that way even until TODAY, even though we are a little closer to reaching some of the goals. I understand that the goals we have reached are vital to reaching the ultimate goal as 4th tier philanthropists.

Am I awake? Sometimes I wonder! Who are the awake? Have I been an RV couch potato? TODAY I am awake! I still don't know the answers to my questions, no one has ever responded to questions I have asked or inferred. But TODAY are we any closer to the RV than we were months ago, years ago? YES we have made LOTS of progress toward GLOBAL unification and we are working on the GLOBAL economy! The White Hats have sacrificed SO SO much toward the cause of FREEDOM! However, there continues to be disagreement, there continues to be unfinished business with regard to the release of the RV, and there continues to be the lack of clarity as to how, why and even when the button should be pushed. And yet, the Intel we receive is alluding to an imminent release. I can remember reading Intel from March 2017 that reports the "imminent" release of the RV. The mistake I made believing that report as true will cost about $9,000.00! Money that was spent to begin a project but is lost to a banker's greed. That broke my heart!

Many hearts have been broken over the past weeks, months and years believing that the day was coming when our hearts desires, and lives, and blessings could be invested in meeting the needs of our families, friends, neighbors and humanity. WE have been told over and over again that it is imminent, all is ready, there is nothing left to do. The GCR/RV can go!


Why have we been told that "it is finished", "all is ready", "there is nothing left to do", and the GCR/RV can go", if it is not true?


Along the way, there were countless times when a scout arrived and reported that the wagon train was close to it's destination (Intel). The news made it necessary for the travelers to stop chopping wood, quit gathering supplies, stop fetching water and foraging for greens, even naps were interrupted. What was supposed to be good news caused the travelers to have an inadequate supply of firewood, a depleted supply of materials required for daily life, little water for bathing and laundry, and less nutritious food in the cook pots. Many became so tired they collapsed, their health was affected, and they buried some. The horses went lame and wagons broke down, there was no money for repairs or steel for shoeing the horses. Their journey started out with 100 wagons, 600 horses, 1,375 men, women and children. The Arizona dessert was crossed and many supplies had to be left behind to lighten the loads, there was very little water. When the wagon train finally came so close to its' destination so that the travelers could smell the salt water they counted 55 wagons, 270 horses, 710 men, women and children, with 150 at a time who walked.

Their goal had been to build a community and serve surrounding settlers by supplying new tools, cooking pots and fabrics. The supplies were abandoned along the way and although they continued to work together they barely communicated with one another. They still believed in a better life ahead but were beaten down by their impoverished state. They prayed the wagon master and leaders would be able to agree to take the trails that would serve best, get them to their destination, and there would be no more loss.

The day they arrived near the hills of San Francisco the travelers thanked God for those that sacrificed their red blood along the way, and for the endless opportunities in the land of white sand and blue water. They were Americans! So are we!

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