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 "Why the New Financial System" by Ron Giles - 5/30/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Why the New Financial System" by Ron Giles - 5/30/18

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 "Why the New Financial System" by Ron Giles - 5/30/18 Empty "Why the New Financial System" by Ron Giles - 5/30/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu May 31, 2018 7:51 am

 "Why the New Financial System" by Ron Giles - 5/30/18 WhyNewFinacialSystem

Do we know enough about the new financial system to have faith in what is being bequeathed to us? Probably not. Let's take a look.

At the base of this new Gold Backed financial system are the Block Chain Technology and the Quantum Computer. This is the most advanced computer technology ever devised to support the transfer and use of currency as a medium of exchange. It is said to be unhackable.

For some of us more senior Americans, we can remember when our paper money was said, Silver Certificate. It was printed right on the dollar notes we used every day to make our purchases. My parents told me about Gold Certificates way, way back in their days. That was ancient history to me. Real Old.

I didn’t know what a silver certificate meant but I was told you could go into the bank and demand a piece of Silver in return for the certificate. At the time I wondered why anyone would want to carry heavy silver coins when paper was so much easier. It was an antique remnant of when the public needed to believe in the, Value of the dollar. It deteriorated from Gold Certificates to Silver Certificates to Fiat currency backed by zippo, but it worked at the store so who cared. I should have cared. Then the Federal Reserve started printing money out of thin air and inflation was born anew and prices began to go up. It has not stopped.

It could be said then that historically our money was backed by precious metals in the beginning. Coins were once minted with silver but in 1964 they had more value as silver than the coins had for exchange. They were taken out of circulation and from then on coins were minted with metals of little value.

This whole process for the public was the equivalent to the frog in the pan of water on the stove – it would jump out if the water was too hot, but starting with cold water and heating it up over time the frog would just enjoy the water until the heat made the legs in operable and they could not save themselves by jumping out. The public had no idea of the deceit foisted upon them. Most still don't. We call it, being asleep.

A few weeks back I posted the reasons why we needed the Global Currency Reset – GCR.

"Why New Gold Backed Currencies Reset" by Ron Giles - 5.13.18

It should be obvious now why the GCR needs to happen, however, the tools that needed to be in place to facilitate this objective have not been available until now. The tools are the Block Chain Technology and the new Quantum Computer. Together they provide the security against unlawful use of money in transit and outright theft. It all has to do with the digital Gold Certificate that is digitally married with each increment of currency. This digital Gold Certificate is the way that secures not only the value but the authenticity of that individual piece of currency. In the new system it is impossible to transfer any money without the accompanied digital certificate. A million dollars would have a million certificates that are transferred with the each dollar. To be transferred, the certificate has to be recognized by the computer before it is sent. To be reflected in the receiving account the computer needs to recognize the digital certificate at which time the transfer is completed and logged. If there is no authentication of the Gold Certificate it is rejected and flagged for criminal investigation. Any currency introduced into the system would require authentication and a Gold Certificate to be a part of the new financial system. That will be a long process of reconciliation as old money cannot and will not be accepted until it is clear, clean and with no criminal ear markings. Even ancient Trust Money will be acid tested to be sure it is not dirty money. If they cannot be certified clean, they will not be accepted into the new financial system. Collateral accounts on Bonded baby footprints, - humans - will need to be zeroed out and the assets sold and distributed to the human population. Absolutely no dirty money by any such Cabal activity will be permitted in the new financial system. So to the Cabal, say good bye to your ill-gotten gain. It’s ours now, so bid us a dew, because you will be gone.

The use of cash is not a problem. Each printed Gold Backed note has a serial number corresponding to the digital Gold Certificate. The quantum Computer keeps track of all notes by their serial numbers and no duplications would be accepted. The notes will go through a counting machine and the certificate will be transferred to the serial number on the note. That note will go through a reverse process to attach the certificate back to a digital note in the system. This stops counterfeiting and stops the introduction of any unauthorized non-Gold Certificated piece of currency into the Financial System. Normal business would continue with new technology available for merchants to quickly scan paper currency for authorization before accepting the note for a purchase and then depositing it into the bank. Slick as a whistle.

The level of security involved in the use of Gold Certificates provides a system that is self-contained and eliminates laundering of money gained by illegal means, IE: drug money., sex trafficking, stolen money, bribery, etc., as the money can be traced for 40 transactions, before and after the transfer of money. This is accomplished by the Digital Gold Certificate. Banksters have already tried to steal money but many have already been caught and arrested. They were stupid. Where would they store digital money and how would they use it except outside in the black markets. Even the actual notes can be traced as hot money and cannot be reintroduced without detection. With the new Bio-metric Technologies, coming out, account hackers will be a thing of the past as well as the fraudulent use of credit cards. It's coming folks - Hallelujah.

We are eliminating major criminal activity with this new system of Gold Certificates and Gold Backed currencies. It is huge and will be the means of securing our financial dealings well into the future. It is wise to be proponents of this new system with all of its certified value and security. The Cabal shills and trolls will fight against it and try to discredit it. When they do, it is showing us there losing hand. Being on the right, Light side is wonderful. Let's rejoice.

I hope this helps to understand why we have had to wait until all of this technology and security has been put into place. We would not be secure in our persons with lots of money, nor secure in our use of that money until now. Could we be that close? Maybe a few temporary blocks left but I think the dam will break soon and we will be unleashed on the world.

Love and Lighting the way

Ron Giles

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 "Why the New Financial System" by Ron Giles - 5/30/18 Empty Re: "Why the New Financial System" by Ron Giles - 5/30/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu May 31, 2018 7:51 am

"Hats off to Ron Giles" by Fireswan

Thank you Ron for this excellent description of how the new financial system works. I couldn’t say it better myself.

And thank you Kim for your latest attack. I must have hit close to home for the fangs to come out as they have. Your venom is the best confirmation I could have to confirm my analysis of the situation surrounding you and Judge Anna’s Intel. Never worked for Microsoft. At Oracle, I was one of 138,000 full time employees. Most were like me, in the trenches, doing a techie version of working a job at Walmart. Do you really think, Kim, that all 138,000 Oracle employees were CIA contractors?

During 9-11, I worked on the DIsaster Recovery team as a storage engineer for Sun Microsystems. Some of the databases were Oracle (and Oracle Financials). Again, trenches.

Many professionals in the cybersecurity field do not work for an intelligence agency (although we receive professional training, mostly FBI and Homeland Security, and various groups in the military). Our training is on exploits, vulnerabilities and defense against hacker strategies. We also receive specialized financial sector training, mainly from NIST. Many cybersecurity professionals have worked for Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, etc.

Very few have described the new financial system as well as Ron just did.

Hats off.

Forward not Backwards


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