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 "Final Steps of Completion" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 5/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Final Steps of Completion" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 5/29/18

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 "Final Steps of Completion" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 5/29/18 Empty "Final Steps of Completion" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 5/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed May 30, 2018 8:20 am


Samson » May 29th, 2018

Abadi: I have no objection to taking over the government again

2018-05-29 at 16:57 (Baghdad time)

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that he is not opposed to taking office again, while stressing that the call to cancel the outcome of the parliamentary elections held on Saturday (May 12, 2018) is incorrect.

"Strengthening security remains a priority for us and we should not be concerned about the security of our citizens. We are confident in the capabilities of our security forces to thwart terrorist attacks, but caution is a duty and we need more," Abadi told a weekly news conference. Attention ".

"We have honored the security detachment that confronted the suicide bomber in the city of Al-Shula and was able to minimize civilian casualties. I salute these brave people and greet and thank our people in the city of Shoula and their solidarity and cooperation with the security services," he said.

He added that "the disinfection of cells continues to continue in all areas and achieve significant successes in the destruction of their caches and the protection of our international border," and continued "Our air force has dealt another successful blow early this week to Damascus within the Syrian territory is preventive strikes to prevent a gathering and urging the infiltration of elements and do not want Intervention, but the elimination of a preacher, and we will never allow a return to our land and cities again. "

"We held a meeting of the energy committee yesterday to discuss the reality of electricity and solutions to the shortage of electricity production in the past few days and the low level of filters, and added new units and the provision of fuel and maintenance and continued maintenance and add 5000 megawatts soon, and these days will see an improvement in the status of energy Electric and increase in hours provided. "

As for the electoral process and its results, objections and appeals submitted, Abadi said, "The judicial authority is the body that undertakes the investigation and say the word of the chapter and we will respect any decision issued and call it to take the subject with great interest and all parties and the High Electoral Commission to cooperate in this matter to resolve this issue as soon as possible" .

Called Abadi, all political blocs to "follow the legal methods in the issue of appeals and we also need the ratification of the Federal Court," warning of "the unknown and constitutional vacuum." He stressed that "the call to cancel the elections is not true," surprising "the statement of the Commission the possibility of civil war in the event of cancellation of the election results." "It is the duty of the Commission to control its work and to preserve the voices of citizens."

On the possibility of assuming the presidency of the next government, said Abadi " The Iraqis voted on Saturday 12 May 2018 to elect a new parliament. These elections are the first after the defeat of the "Da'ash" organization, while the Independent Electoral Commission announced that the participation rate in the elections was 44%. On Tuesday, the cabinet convenes a regular session chaired by its chairman, Haider al-Abadi, to discuss and vote on a number of laws on its agenda. Abadi will hold a press conference to discuss the latest political, security, social and economic developments.


Don961 » May 29th, 2018

A fierce competition between deputies "losers" to fill executive positions in the new government

2018/5/29 12:36:56 PM

The attention of the prominent political figures who lost in the last parliamentary elections to the executive positions in the next government as governors, advisers and ministries after they lost their parliamentary seats, and the results of the election was a shock to most politicians who believed they were winners.

Although the public opinion and demands for change in the next political process, but some politicians refuse to leave the political process as they aspire to the positions of sovereignty in the new government.

Most observers and political figures, who did not win the last elections, will compete for the country's leading positions, whether they were conservatives who won the elections or ministries in the new government cab or advisers to the three presidencies, as happened in the last elections.

"Most of the deputies in the previous sessions were unqualified deputies, but the electoral lists and the political parties in which they were nominated, and they were given the votes of the leaders of the lists by the election law and they got parliamentary seats, so they had no active activities," said political analyst Ahmad al-Abyad. Within the House of Representatives only a few of them. "

He added that "the deputies and political figures known close to the political leaders who have not been lucky to win the elections will strive to have a presence in the next government by obtaining executive positions, and this comes because of the political consensus and quotas that have become the country sentenced, which may be different Democracy and its laws. "

"Iraq is on the verge of major conflicts and strong competition for positions, especially as there are figures and leaders who did not win the elections, they are struggling to stay in the political process."

For his part, the head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies, Wathiq al-Hashemi, said that "there is a culture in all countries of the world that the elections are losing and winning but in Iraq most of the losers as we saw them in previous sessions do not accept the loss they see as a retaliation for them and trying to get positions as advisers In the parliament or ministries or get the positions of ambassadors as happened in the previous session, and perhaps the resolution passed by Parliament in the recent Union of Parliamentarians hurt in this direction.

"There are political figures who did not get an executive position in the state. They will get a place in their party and may return to the next elections," he said. "This happened to some politicians who lost in the last elections.

He pointed out that "the fight for power is intensified in light of the competition for executive positions, and there are governors have won the elections, their posts may be occupied by some of these losers."

MP Mahasen Hamdoun did not rule out the fact that some of the losers have won executive and executive positions in the country despite the trend towards change and not being elected by the people.

"The losers assume that they did not get any sovereign or leadership position in the state because the people rejected them and did not elect them, so how do they get positions in the state," Hamadoun told The News.

"The majority of politicians who lost the elections will run for some positions in the state and this depends on the volume of negotiations between the political blocs to form the next government," pointing out that the previous session was the committee formed to choose ministers stipulated that not be selected any deputy loser in the elections a ministerial position or Other executive positions, but in fact many of the losers have received ministerial positions and advisers in the state. "

According to high sources, most of the parliamentary figures who lost the elections and were unable to obtain a parliamentary seat are most likely to employ their efforts by obtaining an executive position, a ministerial portfolio or a consultative or diplomatic status, as well as a previously voted (secret) State advisors with the same salaries and privileges.

In the same context confirmed the Kurdish MP Ashwaq dry that "there are a number of deputies who did not achieve seats in the next parliament will receive senior positions in the state according to their professional competencies and the consensus of their political parties with electoral alliances winning," noting that "those positions will be represented by advisers and others."

Jaf said in a press statement that "according to the law of the House of Representatives, the losers who have had government jobs before entering the parliament, they will return to practice after the end of their parliamentary work, and those who did not have any job or government office will include the retirement law of their age 50 years and above. She pointed out that the losing MPs who have not reached that age will be "unemployed" until they are covered by retirement. "Some MPs will get high positions because of their political weight," she said.

Some of the losers in the elections who were members of the House of Representatives fear that they are subject to legal accountability and entry into the competent courts over cases of financial and administrative corruption committed during the period of exercising their legislative role and surrounded by legal immunity that protects them from accountability, which led them to reach the maximum speed to leave Iraq and to go to another country far from To prosecute them.

Many old lawmakers and some ministers lost candidates in the 2018 House elections.

Those candidates did not find enough votes to return to Parliament, or represented their constituents in a ministerial portfolio or a government post.

According to the final results announced by the Commission on Saturday morning, the most prominent losers are: Hanan Al-Fatlawi, Salim Al-Jibouri, Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani, Khalid Al-Asadi, Maysoun Al-Damluji, Hammam Hamoudi, Abbas Al-Bayati, Haidar Al-Mulla, Al-Rikabi, Aziz Kazem Alwan, Mohammed Al-Lakash, Amer Al-Khuzaie, Rahim Al-Daraji and Jassem Mohammed Jaafar).

MP Mishaan al-Jubouri, his son Yazen, Muwaffaq al-Rubaie and veteran politician Hassan al-Alawi also lost.

The most prominent losers were Housing and Municipalities Minister Ann Nafie al-Oussi, Health Minister Adela Hamoud and Minister of Planning and Trade Salman Jumaili. link

Don961 » May 29th, 2018

the word " implement " and its derivatives appears 22 times in the pdf article ... sounds like they are eager to get the show on the road ... immediately at that ... imo

Amer Issa Al-Jawahiri: The importance of implementing the National Development Plan 2018-2022 in Iraq


The timing of the launch of the five-year national development plan in Iraq is very important in conjunction with the elections of a new parliament that we hope will be the main slogan of sustainable economic development and comprehensive work to achieve prosperity for Iraq and its preoccupation with its distinguished Arab and international position and preserve its wealth and optimal utilization of it and reduce its debt and Was of a direct and indirect productive nature that generated cost recovery and avoided the burden of future generations to be paid without being productive. The adoption of the National Development Plan should be the first step of the new House of Representatives.

We also recommend that the plan be adopted within the framework of the next government's program. The program should be accompanied by a roadmap for implementation and all the concerned institutions should proceed immediately.

To continue reading please download the PDF file for easy reading and printing. Click on the link below

Amer Jawahery - The importance of launching the National Development Plan 2018 - Editor

Amer Issa Al-Jawahiri *: Implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP) 2022-2018

The timing of the launch of a security plan with elections is very important. National development (five years) in the main axis Sustainable and comprehensive economic development and the work of a new parliament hope that it will be a slogan to achieve the prosperity of the Awakening and its preoccupation with its distinguished Arab and international position and preserve its wealth and optimal utilization of it and reduce its debts and exclusion Resort to them only if they are of a direct and non-productive nature

Generate cost recovery and avoid future generations being held responsible for their payment without being directly involved. So the adoption of the National Development Plan should be the first step of the new House of Representatives.

We also recommend that the plan be adopted within the framework of the next government program. The program should be accompanied by a roadmap for implementation and all the institutions involved should take the steps of implementation.

There is certainly a need for the national economy to launch the plan, but the mostimportant direct implementation, in line with the agreed sectoral strategies and taking immediate and immediate steps to diversify the economy of the plans and take steps on all levels and a great perseverance because diversification requires long-term efforts on the short, medium and long term .

It also requires focusing on parallel and overlapping operational steps with all the main productive and service sectors, focusing on the directions of improving productivity, competitiveness of enterprises and supporting the development and protection of national and consumer products and services. Energy and industry strategies. The participation of private sector institutions in all 2030 and the private sector should be ensured

The steps of implementation of the plan and the activities of monitoring and evaluation and follow-up and implementation of the implementation of the plan when necessary and ensure their access to all stakeholders.

An important initiative during the implementation of the plan is to move towards a participatory approach between the public and private sectors in all productive and service sectors, including infrastructure, according to institutional and methodological steps and clear legislation, and the actual transfer of a number of public companies and factories to the financial sector.

The development of the market in the market is also a contribution to the planning, decision and promotion of the implementation of new projects in the manner of participation in a number of selected sectors. It should be noted that it is possible to work on converting companies or factories from the public sector to joint stock companies in light of the laws and regulations in force that will be available and the ability and ability to succeed with the timeliness and efficiency of the implementation of the commitment and achieve feasibility and purpose and be chosen professional team keen and able to insist on Success mission.

We also recommend that the next government program include the enactment of the public and private sectors' public and private sector law, the organization of human institutions at the level, the methodology of work and the high professional degree, and the adoption of an institutional operational framework.

The successful implementation of the five-year plan is achieved through the successful implementation of all the annual plans represented by the annual planning budgets, which are the components of the basic development plan. Moreover, the five-year plan is considered to be an integral part of a number of development plans towards the implementation of the strategy of Al-Arayq and its vision, which requires adaptation to all strategies. We expect that the next government will start 2030 in 2040. b

The challenges facing Al-Arif oblige all stakeholders and specialists in government institutions, the private sector and civil society to carry out the implementation of the plan with serious and rigorous steps and steps. Everyone has one common goal: economic prosperity, good services and ensuring a decent life for the citizens and future generations.

The real challenge, with the ability to effectively implement the five-year plan and the annual plans to set the road ahead, is to adopt a strict approach to the rule of law, fight corruption, bureaucracy, achieve good governance and adopt strict criteria for selecting competent leaders to put them in the right place. Product already. Those are the conditions of success, not wishes.

The implementation of the plan requires the collective participation of all governmental institutions, private sector institutions, civil society organizations, unions, professional, cultural, artistic and sports organizations, workers' organizations, farmers, youth and youth.We are concerned that the National Development Plan will be transformed into a beautiful document preserved in the library.

Therefore, in order to ensure its implementation, we propose to form a "National Development Plan Implementation Agency", 2030 within the framework of the planning planning task to follow up the implementation of the five-year plan and its annual plans towards Al-Arak.

The priorities of the proposed mechanism include the development of the implementation mechanism and the adoption of the 2040 and later infra-structure institutions and incubators, which require the best levels of investigations.

Community participation is paramount as stakeholders and it is the interests of the present generation, their children and their grandchildren that economic prosperity is achieved. To achieve this, it requires effective public and institutional, public, academic, media, technical and literary campaigns to educate and raise awareness of the national effort to improve the visible reality, to refer to and commercialize the results that emerge and to ensure the future perspective of their implementation.

Of the coordination and coordination steps between the plan and the strategies. There should be a team assigned to each strategy taking the required steps in light of the requirements of implementing each strategy. A representative of each team should participate in the meetings and meetings of the proposed mechanism.

The tasks of the proposed mechanism are to initiate the monitoring, monitoring and periodic evaluation of the implementation of the plan and the extent to which its results relate to the desired objectives on all levels, and the assessment and necessary adjustments in light of future requirements and changes. It is proposed that the governing body of the Authority include representatives from public and private sector organizations, professional organizations and civil society concerned.

It should also be professional and ensure the achievement of positive results and the inevitable returns on the strengthening of the economy and be a transient of governments and parliamentary rotations because the work of the device is characterized by historical responsibility.

The organization's activities include the organization of periodic meetings, workshops and conferences, semi-annual meetings and cooperation with the media as a means of follow-up and promotion, and comes within the overall contribution of all institutions and organizations and the common goal of prosperity.

26/5/2018 (*) Member of the Baghdad Economic Forum, Consultant in Industrial Development and Investment

May 29. Copyright reserved by East Economists Network. Reproduction permitted provided reference to source 2018 http://iraqieconomists.net/en/

MilitiaMan » May 29th, 2018

To do the 2018 - 2022 plan the final steps of completion would be in from the 2016 -2020 plan in place ready for the Management into the future.. This is way cool to see this and in such a timely manner. ` imo ~ MM

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