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 "Sites are Shutting Down,  by (Anonymous) - 5/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Sites are Shutting Down, by (Anonymous) - 5/22/18

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 "Sites are Shutting Down,  by (Anonymous) - 5/22/18 Empty "Sites are Shutting Down, by (Anonymous) - 5/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed May 23, 2018 8:00 am

Part 1

Sites of the light are shutting down one by one. Why? Money. The lack of it. Something a lot of light workers have in common. Poverty. It is pretty sad that God's true message to the world is being stifled while the watered down version spread by religion is alive and thriving. The internet is the only place you will find the truth about what ascension is and how we will attain it. No one is going read about it in the newspapers, see it on tv or hear it on the radio. The messages from the Galactics, Archangels, Creators and God Himself will soon be relegated to memory.

I would love to send money to all these sites but I can't. Poverty. Most of the world does not realize or care about how important these sites are. The whole ascension movement is in danger of dying with these sites and I am sure the cabal couldn't be happier.

Long live this site but not too long. This is one site I would be happy to see shut down post RV. I am sure Patrick could use a break. One more reason for an RV. Keeping the ascension movement alive and telling the world what it is. This is perhaps the most important reason for an RV. There are billions of beings from well everywhere that are waiting to swoop in and make a new earth for us. They will first escort us off the planet in 1000 km long mother ships. Rebuild the world in a matter of hours and bring us back to a beauty that we can't even imagine. Everything we could possibly want and many things we don't know we want yet will be free. Why would God do all this for us? Because He loves us. When will God do this for us? When we ask Him? It really is as simple as that.

The idea that the money from an RV, Prosperity Packages and even GESARA is to be used to spend years rebuilding the world is actually kind of silly.

Part 2

Since the sites of the light are shutting down because nobody reads them I will summarize what they have been saying.

The plan for a while was to take us off planet with huge mother ships. Why? So we could go into crystal light chambers and immediately ascend. Actually it would take a few days but would seem immediate. The land, water, atmosphere, buildings, planes, trains and automobiles would all be removed in a very short amount of time. How? With the power of directed love energy. All things not compatible with high frequency love energy would simply disappear. That would include us if we were still here. The cabal were saying the mother ships were here to take them away while the world was being destroyed with us still on it. Paradise would have been built on earth with instant materialization possible in 5D. After we ascend we would have been given the choice to stay or explore the universe. We would still have free will after ascension.

Why am I saying was and would. Since nobody read or believed any of this was possible this offer has been taken off the table. Nobody knew or wanted this so now we are going to be slow boiling frogs. Ascension is now going to be an agonizingly slow and painful process as love energy is painstakingly trickled onto the planet for years while the people from the sites of the light continue to ask why is this taking so long.

This offer of quick ascension could be reintroduced post RV with enough money to get this message to everyone. After everyone has been given a chance to consider this option it could be put to a vote, yes or no. The other option is to sit around and keep doing what we're doing. Whining and complaining while people needlessly suffer and die. Yes, there will still be whining and complaining post RV because the transition to a new earth will still be a slow and painstaking process.

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 "Sites are Shutting Down,  by (Anonymous) - 5/22/18 Empty Re: "Sites are Shutting Down, by (Anonymous) - 5/22/18

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Wed May 23, 2018 8:08 am

God loves us so much, but aliens are gonna sweep down and beautify the planet?  Is that Biblical?  LOL  Mass ascension event into 5D augmented reality, then return to earth and have trillions of dollars??

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