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Iqd chat, 21 May

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Iqd chat, 21 May Empty Iqd chat, 21 May

Post by phoenix27 on Mon May 21, 2018 2:31 pm

Zig    BREAKING NEWS: TMAN23 IS A LOPSTER!!!..... ;oh;




xyz    tman23 are you a LOPster? yes or no ... no maybe


xyz    tman23 forget @Kaperoni for a minute or so
xyz    Zig is indirectly supporting is buddy celebrity guru @sandyf ... don't buy into her

Zig    Some are LOPSTERS in RV clothing.....LOL

xyz    WoW celebrity guru @sandyf has one former guru in his camp ;banana

Zig    We may make nothing but have had some fun doing so.....LOL

Tebow    tman23 totally agree!

Zig    You would....LOL

xyz    Tebow wow u too? every is LoPed?

tman23    xyz .....he is forgotten.....Doesn't cost a dime to post an opinion and be wrong....... AND if they are all wrong what did they lose........and if they are right......they will be here blowing their horn from the rooftops and nobody will be here to listen....... SO it's useless BS

Tebow    yes

Dave    CBI has indicated LDs and fils.......

xyz    Tebow yes to LoP?

Zig    We may have to start screening for LOPSTERS....lol....

Tebow    xyz no

Spectra    Zig lol
Zig    LOL

xyz    Zig i vote @tman be banned for life

Tebow    xyz no one knows if, what, when, or how much

Spectra    but we do know no ...lopping ...right..

xyz    Tebow but LoPsters like celebrity guru @sandyf and tman assumethey know

Zig     xyz : Had not seen you in here in about a (peaceful) week or so.....

xyz    Zig you thoughtI was one of those in royal wedding? Am not in UK... you best buddy @sandyf is

Tebow     Spectra I believe in no Lop. If they wanted to Lop there is no need to reduce amount of currency in circulation. Also they do not have hyperinfkaction.

Spectra    ;eye roll;

Dave    Spectra !000 fils for a coke......possible or probable CBI decides

Spectra    Tebow me too ..we agree there.

Tebow    xyz no one knows

 Spectra    but the fact still remains no one knows for sure..

xyz    Tebow am sure his best buddy @Zag knows

Dave    Tebow CBI will

Spectra    xyz who is zag?
Zig    I am
xyz    Spectra ask his his brother

Tebow    Dave yes CBI will

Spectra    xyz ok

Dave    hurray up hockey..........................

Tebow    we'll just wait and see

Dave    the speculation........Greatest soap opera ever

tman23    The useless debate lifting 3 zeros /float/ lop/ is nothing more then debating how shiny the turd is going to be....... WHY IT IS GOING TO BE SO BRILLIANT YOU NEED TO ORDER A PAIR OF THOSE BELL HOWELL VISION GLARE VISION GLASSES NOW.... AFTER 14 YEARS OF **.......WHAT LEFT IS THERE TO SAY..........CANT RUSH THE CHINESE ELDERS ?? A NEW WINDOW HAS OPENED ??

Dave    Some take this very seriously and may be heavily invested......for me only what I could afford to lose
Dave    I will take all 50 dinar notes in wehen it is time

Spectra    Dave 50 dinar notes your screwed

Zig    I see Mr. Dime....

Dave    Spectra my suticase of them.....

Spectra    Zig Mr Dime is baxter

Spectra    Dave oh'ok you do know they are discontuniued right..

Zig    Yes....but he may be down to a nickel....

Spectra    Dave the 50 dinar...is dead
Spectra    Zig he was dropping it true

Dave    Spectra just joking

Spectra    Dave you have a very hard sense of humor for me to determine ---lol..

Spectra    Dave must be dry ...

Dave    have to have fun

Spectra    Dave yep

 xyz    its 7:17 PM in uk and celebrity guru @ sandyf is laughing at ya'll ... he is here watching his buddies to make sure they don't misspoke ;banana

Spectra   xyz ;Thud
Spectra     xyz you are actually making this sandy guy more infamous than he deserves to be...

xyz;    Thud
xyz    Spectra yeah! ask his best buddy @Zag ;banana ... they been hanging since ptr i think
xyz    Spectra maybe we could use LoPster as nickname ... wink

Spectra    xyz wow interesting

 JoeSchmoe    xyz So after reading way above, is it said now that I can't question SandyF anymore, especially when he has NEVER answered my question?

Spectra    JoeSchmoe no..thats nott rue...its just about name calling from what i understand

JoeSchmoe    I saw chattels was irritated that I continue to question Sandy
JoeSchmoe    i never call him any names    never

Spectra    chattlels is also on Kaps site i think..

JoeSchmoe    and i already asked kap if I could call him Pennywise,and he said yes lol

Spectra    JoeSchmoe well even chattels has in the past no one is perfect...Chattles once got into it with White Lion...Believe me names were exchanged ..

JoeSchmoe    As far as name calling with kap,for those that do...it went both ways

Spectra    JoeSchmoe NO ONE WEARS a halo in here..    JoeSchmoe it did both ways.

JoeSchmoe    Well I wont question chattels intentions,because I knew him from the golfer guru days and he completely believed as we do. I do want to know what changes his mind however,because we always knew the amount of dinar in circulation back then.

Spectra    i never said i questioned chattels intentions...

JoeSchmoe    I didnt say u did. I was saying that for myself because I will aleays

Spectra    He is in it like the rest of us waiting

JoeSchmoe   always question sandy

Spectra    JoeSchmoe ok

xyz    JoeSchmoe simply put --- LoPster or Floater can't call you a clown or idiot

JoeSchmoe    I just wanted HIM to know i dont question him when I ask what changed his mind

JoeSchmoe    xyz Well i have never called them either...cept for kap as pennywise,who is a clown in IT lol   But i call him pennywise cuz he says WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE

Zig    Spectra : Chattels and Whitelions have a history....lol....have been at each other elsewhere....

JoeSchmoe    xyz That is the 2017 Pennywise    They both FLOAT lol

xyz    JoeSchmoe is kap 1907 version?

JoeSchmoe    xyz Kap is either,and he said i could call him pennywise...which goes over alot of peoples heads in here

xyz    JoeSchmoe maybe he act as a pennywise as a hobby

Spectra    Zig i nevr knew ..learn something new everyday.

xyz    Spectra learn what?

Spectra    xyz what zig told me

xyz    Spectra about Chattels and Whitelions past?

Spectra    xyz yes

xyz    Spectra am not saying nothing ... @Zag knows a secret

Spectra    xyz ;ha-Ha:

Doug_W    ;secret;

Baxter    5-20-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There is an interesting article out today that Abadi does not want to be PM for a second term. Some think it's bogus or it could be he does not want to be the one chasing the corrupt. We shall see. There is also an interesting article about the UN and Iraq. It implies that if the US does not get the government it seeks in Iraq it could ask the UNSC to put Iraq back under UN Chapter 7.

xyz    Doug_W u knew too? men can't keep a secret

Spectra    Baxter souds exciting

Doug_W    SSHHHHHHHhhh

Baxter;    $$$

Spectra    xyz very true

xyz    Doug_W     WoW its true omg

Baxter    ;frying-pan-smash

Spectra    Baxter well thats some very optomistic news you gave us..

xyz    I knew something was unusual with kim at times ... now all make sense

Spectra    xyz oh my gosh..

xyz    Baxter not true

Spectra    sounds like Kaps room is very up lifting place to be...
Spectra    poor souls ...

xyz    Spectra maybe @Tebow can join hahaha ;banana

Spectra    xyz i do not see that ever happening...lol

xyz    Spectra hey @Zag what do they?

Zig    Kaperoni does not believe in any LOP

Spectra    Zig ok i see...really Hmm so maybe people just dont understand him then?
Spectra    a slow gradual appreceation thats right

Zig    Nobody ever said he was a lopster....he just believes the Dinar will float and not RV "Overnight"...

Spectra    ok i got that right now    A Float ...

xyz    Zig foat on water or air?    i know a balloon can float on air

Spectra    so can someones head when it's filled with air>!    like some guru's

Spectra    ((((Ministry Of Planning: Annual Inflation Index Decreased By 1.3%
By Halsajri@Gmail.Com On May 20, 2018)))) Iraqi Economic Center – Baghdad

The Ministry of Planning announced on Sunday that the annual inflation index decreased by 1.3%, while the inflation index stabilized during the month of April, where the annual inflation rate for the period from April 2017 to the same month of the current year 2018 decreased by 1.3%, as the decline Food and non-alcoholic beverages recorded a decline of 4.1%. The Housing Department recorded a decrease of 1.6%, while the Communications Department also decreased by 0.5%.

The general index for the month of April maintained the same level in the rate of monthly change in the whole of Iraq, because of the stability that led to the rise in the prices of some sections of the basket of goods against the decline of others.

Stability is due to a 0.2% decline in the tobacco division, a 0.6% decline in the housing sector, and a 0.5% increase in food and non-alcoholic beverages. http://en.economiciraq.com/2018/05/20/ministry-of-planning-annual-inflation-index-decreased-by-1-3/

Spectra    The Iraqi Market For Securities Closed At A Rise Of 0.84%
By Halsajri@Gmail.Com On May 20, 2018--http://en.economiciraq.com/2018/05/20/the-iraqi-market-for-securities-closed-at-a-rise-of-0-84/

Spectra    http://en.economiciraq.com/2018/05/20/the-iraqi-market-for-securities-closed-at-a-rise-of-0-84/

Zig    Funny story in local paper: A woman in Kyrhuit, Sweden had the names of her two children tattooed on her arm...but the artist misspelled one of the names...When she was told that the removal would require several painful procedures, she decided to just change the name of her son......
 Doug_W    that's not funny   unless the tatoo artist was eating a milky way that is

larrykn    I don't understand why you let Kap get to you all, its just his opinion, which means as much as the next guy

Crazyoldgoat    Please add my email to the list for contact upon the RV/GCR going or the 800 #'s.

larrykn    Crazyoldgoat lol thats a good one

Crazyoldgoat    the email is crazyoldgoat@gmail.com

Zig    Crazyoldgoat : :Welcome ....Are you serious??

larrykn    Crazyoldgoat I hope that is not your email address , never put that on a chat site

Zig   The vast majority in this chat room do not believe in a GCR nor any special 800 numbers.... 

​Tebow    larrykn it's not Kaps opinion that is his problem, it's when people do not fall for his BS opinion he gets upset just like a child and then starts with the name calling. He reverts to calling people uneducated. Just yesterday he said he knew because he's been in this for 10 years. Said he knew more than me. I have in since 2004.

Zig    True...Kaperoni will not even CONSIDER the POSSIBILITY that he could be wrong....so really is no sense debating him about anything....IMO.....lol

xyz    Tebow LoL wish you and Kap were dating but then you are not a hahaha
xyz    @Zig what about your buddy celebrity guru @sandyf? He is never open that he might be lost in arabia desert    floating and lost in Arabia desert

Tebow    xyz sorry but Kap again is wrong. I'm not a she and don't date males. Seems Kap might have a gender identity issue.

xyz    Tebow Ooooops went with assumption that you are a gorgeous lady ... sorry dude

Tebow    xyz that would be Spectra

xyz    Tebow not saying nothing

Zig    xyz : "not saying nothing"............ I suppose there is a first time for everything.... ;eye roll;
dinard    Any exciting news today on the dinar?
dinard    I see I have a new redenomination friend in here lol welcome to the most prestigious club in all of dinarland

dinard    If it redenominates yet second currency is still internationally tradeable and we all still get rich because it floats after RD would y'all still hate me?

Zig    dinard : "would y'all still hate me?"...............Yes, of course we would.... :yes:

Zig    Kidding....Nobody would still hate you.....well maybe Tebow.....

larrykn    Tebow I agree with you about Kap. I too had a talk with him the other day an he left but still just keeps putting his opinion out. I guess he thinks if he says it enough he can covence himself that he is right, personal if I wanted to hear what he had to say I would go to his site.

larrykn    now he posted that Adabbi doesn't want the PM, and that if they don't change they want the UN to put them back into chapter 7 , really,, for what lol

Tebow    larrykn believe that is why he come here. Trying to push the gullible to his site for revenue.

larrykn    I been doing my own research and sometimes I'll even bring it in here to share, but I won't give my opinion an say everyone else is wrong lol

Tebow    And yes I know it's not his site, but he is getting something for his efforts

LeLe    Tebow bingo especially since they starting to charge to be on their website

larrykn    someone told me along time ago that if a person says this is the only way something can happen,,,, RUN

Tebow    larrykn point is no one knows

larrykn    right

JoeSchmoe    there needs to be an ignore feature for this chat, so you can hide whatever someone says, that you don't want to see. I've seen it on other chats, and it works GREAT! If we never saw Kap or Sandy's chats, we wouldn't get all worked up. But then again....maybe we want to the turmoil? ;thinking: :laugh

JoeSchmoe   and SandyF....you STILL have NOT given any reason EVER as to why you continue to convince us of your beliefs in this. YOu continue to double talk your way around answering anything. IF you would just give a valid answer, you wouldn't get asked this again!

JoeSchmoe    We all knew you were in the UK visiting your grandchild, so that excuse of yours holds no merit. JUST ANSWER....why do you continue to try and convince us when we clearly will NOT believe you? Are you getting paid to do it?   I dont call you names, I just want an answer.

JoeSchmoe    and I know he isn't here right now, but I also know he reads all of this.

Tebow    JoeSchmoe maybe he has no answer

JoeSchmoe    Tebow which means what?    is it ego?
JoeSchmoe    is he trying to convince himself that he made the right choice in selling back?
JoeSchmoe   does he want others to feel the same pain

larrykn    JoeSchmoe your letting him have to much free space in your head, we all know what he is trying to do, ignore him is the best way to go IMO

JoeSchmoe    thats why I want to see an ignore feature here. It's like driving by a bad car accident...you HAVE TO look

larrykn    I'm finding it easier to ignore him then give him any space, that way he might just go away if no one listens to him lol

larrykn    I use to let Kap do that too , but now I only care what I see in articles I don't need his advise

JoeSchmoe    its' funny, cuz kap dont bother me at all

larrykn    none of them do today , maybe because doing my own research gives me a good idea where we are at an what might happen

dinard    JoeSchmoe his close mindedness is both annoying but and somewhat admirable in a sense that he believes in his beliefs very much, but also as stated above he could be getting compensated lol

JoeSchmoe    dinard which negates the idea that he really believes it
JoeSchmoe    and I think only dinard finds him admirable LMAO!! :laugh

dinard    Only admirable for sticking by his beliefs if he truly believes them

JoeSchmoe    I doubt that    he truly believes them

dinard    JoeSchmoe You know you would never ignore me. I'm probably your favorite person on here lol

JoeSchmoe    there is a better chance that he is getting compensated somehow

dinard    JoeSchmoe Yea that sort of ruins his credibility in my opinion

JoeSchmoe    great to see you catching on    ....FINALLY! ;hug

dinard    JoeSchmoe this has always been my belief? Doesn't mean I can't have a civil conversation with him

JoeSchmoe    but he is always mentioned in the same room with tebow lol...just like sandy is with me

dinard    I may not agree with his views but I do believe map is better to speak to than meanie wienie tebow

JoeSchmoe    dinard at times, you make like those two are your heros ;;NA_NA
JoeSchmoe    i dont mind being in the room with kap, dunno what it is
JoeSchmoe    I would LOVE to see kap and sandy converse

dinard    JoeSchmoe No I just respect their opinions. Unlike most people in here. I changed my name and was constantly harrased because he couldn't take a joke. At least kap and sandy don't attack me lol

dinard    You call it was kissing I call it being nice and hearing them out instead of calling bull**** all the time

JoeSchmoe    come now freshman(lol), you know you like instigating just as much as zig does :180
JoeSchmoe    so change of subject....
JoeSchmoe    in your newly aquired love of research, have you been convinced more on our line of thinking?

dinard    Siding with Kap and sandy instigated more than bashing them because of how you people react lol what is your line of thinking? A for sure RV? My line of thinking is that it can go either way. RD can happen in many ways and so can a RV. I have no stance really but I won't deny other outcomes simply because it wont benefit me

JoeSchmoe    I truly don't know how it will turn out for us. Which is WHY I would love sandy to tell me his reasons for trying to convince us! If he had a good reason, maybe I would pay more attention to him

JoeSchmoe    He has stated many a time that this could just be a lost cause,not verbatim. So if so,then why stick around?

dinard    Perhaps he dislikes seeing people blindly following a RV as I sort of do

JoeSchmoe    haaaa    supposedly he has been doing it for years
JoeSchmoe    anyway, im gonna try and follow larry's advice and just ignore what he says now. As long as he doesn't quote me anymore in his posts(unless it is an answer to my question).

dinard    JoeSchmoe There ya go amigo

Zig    "JoeSchmoe" you like instigating just as much as Zig does"...... :Really?

xyz    Zig truth hurts Ouch

Xyz    Al-Sadr wrote in a tweet on Twitter, read by Al-Ghad Press that "after the people have built their vote in the legislative power and through the brilliant electoral saga, the next executive branch must build the foundations of justice, welfare and safety. , Pointing out "not to build walls and walls, both green walls and both corruption and both of the party and both Lazir shots, it must break the barrel of the gun and stands the noise of war."


xyz    Sadr: offered to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi second term, provided he waived the membership of the Dawa Party, headed by Nuri al-Maliki, pro-Iran


xyz    Sadr calls for swift government transition in meeting with Amiri

Baxter    My wife is having a garage sale next weekend.... Im gonna try and sell some DINAR.... ;$$$

Zig    List it as fancy pink toilet paper.....lol

Baxter    about the truth.. it aint worth.... --

Tebow    swift is that like how they use the words soon, in the coming days

Baxter    they need to be slapped silly..... emergency parliament session SATURDAY
Baxter    and only 100 showed up    shows you how much they want to get stuff done.

Tebow    don't show up, don't get paid

Baxter    swift.... :laugh

Zig    Tebow : Yeah but that would make too much sense....

xyz    Tebow clown or idiot are no longer allowed
xyz    Tebow if I were you, I would use jester since its not disallowed

Tebow    fool, jester, or comedian, buffoon,

Tebow    yes

Spectra    xyz 3 hours later you all are still laughing on this stuff?
Spectra    this is what happens every time there is a lack of dinar news...lol

Spectra    ((Damaged currency causes great suffering and embarrassment to citizens)) http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=157412

xyz   5-20-2018 Dr. Clarke This partnership was PLANNED, months ago... ...for Abadi to NOT push an RV BEFORE the Election - But AFTER....for Abadi to NOT campaign vigorously, for Re-election.

...for Sadr to “Make it Look Like” a “FORCED RV”, from “God”, for the CBI to move, AFTER the election, once Sadr Publicly picked his PM (Abadi).

* IMPORTANT - (The WORLD will Like & Approve of this, NOW, in this Way.”...especially the RV.

xyz    5-20-2018 Dr. Clarke ...You & EVERYONE on the Internet, only “SEE”, what’s printed in the articles coming out, AND thus make all these determinations, based on “VERY LIMITED VISION”. WE’VE BEEN SAYING, “MAY 2018”, since back in our April 4, 2018 POST - FOR A GOOD GOOD REASON!

Then, we narrowed it down Even Further, just 4 Days ago in our 5-16-18 POST, by pointing out the Dates of “MAY 25 - 31st, 2018”. TODAY, without going into Detail, we can say this: “If you don’t already have all your Paperwork READY, you better get on it...NOW...We mean get on it, TODAY!” RAMADAN, Tis the Season!

We fully expect, just ANY DAY NOW, some very Misleading, Diversionary, “FALSE FLAG “ information to come out in Iraq, in Opposition to an RV...probably between TODAY, and MAY 26th (This Saturday)..."Blow it Off".

xyz    5-20-2018 Dr. Clarke Followed Up immediately, maybe Sunday the 27th or so, with an OFFICIAL & PUBLIC Substantial Increase in the Dinar, IN THE MONTH OF MAY. Not JUNE, or ANY MONTH THEREAFTER. In, “MAY 2018”. The ONLY thing we’ve ever said about JUNE, is that we are Planning & Choosing to EXCHANGE in the Month of JUNE - Earlier than Later.

To make it SIMPLE, this is how we “SEE” it: The NEW, substantially increased Rate (Re-Valued), is Printed PUBLICLY, by the CBI: “MAY 2018” (Latter Days 25-31st) We Plan & Choose, to Exchange in JUNE - Earlier than Later. (Actually, we really really like the 27th & 28th for some reason...and even the 24th possibility, because the 24th, we expect something Very Important to come out.) “IN ANY EVENT - MAY 2018” P.S. HOUSTON, this is NOT a Drill! “THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE. NONE.” We’re EXCITED NOW...

Zig    Anyone having Dr. before their name must be legit....so I believe everything the good DOCTOR posted....Peeps, this is it....THIS TIME A GURU IS NOT LYING....You can trust a DOCTOR..... 'happy-dance

Tebow    what paperwork do I need to get ready? LOL    I do not trust doctors!

xyz    Sadr / Abadi http://www.reuters.tv/v/9e$/2018/05/20/signs-emerge-of-iraq-s-next-coalition

Spectra   I would love too see this Iraq dinar thing come to a End...
Spectra    ive got my plans on how too use it and im more than ready..lol

chattels    Tamer El-Ghobashy @TamerELG

A spokesman for Ammar al-Hakim says Sadr, Ameri, Abadi and Hakim will be entering into a parliamentary coalition within 72 hours. A lot can change but looks like Maliki and Allawi are the odd men out. #IraqElections2018

chattels   https://twitter.com/TamerELG?lang=en

chattels    Political leaders in meetings marathon to form the largest bloc  5/21/2018 0:00
Expectations by announcing during the days and determine the compass of alliances between the blocks

Baghdad / morning / Omar Abdel - Latif http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=157415

chattels  confirmed Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, the need to accommodate everyone and speed up the formation of the government, announced an alliance "conquest" that he initiated in consultation with the coalition Abadi "victory" and al - Maliki , " the rule of law" to form the largest bloc, with current national wisdom revealed that the next 48 hours will determine connect Alliances between the political blocs.

chattels " The political negotiations on the largest bloc in the House of Representatives formation is still in its infancy and is awaiting the resolution of complaints filed by the blocks on electoral violations." He added that the "coalition of conquest began in consultation with the political blocs and nearby parties, especially the coalition rule of law and victory , " pointing out that " the resolution of the formation of the largest bloc by the three coalitions need some time , "

chattels  " The senior leaders of the Islamic Dawa Party are trying, the revival of a previous agreement between the two wings of Abadi al - Maliki to heal after the elections , "

chattels   (It is almost pointless to follow these endless discussions of who is aligning with who at this point).

chattels    http://iraqnewsapp.com/1/Article/2244/160715776#.WwItgEgvyM8

chattels   The various news reports are impossible to reconcile. The reports appear highly subjective and self serving. The import of any article depends upon who is speaking/ posturing and the agenda of the speaker.

Tebow    chattels Doesn't Maliki own most of the Iraqi news outlets?

dinard   is there a term for someone who believes in a RD float?

chattels   Tebow There was talk years ago about media control through ownership. I never saw any documentation of it.

dinard  Refloanomination?

chattels   Tebow As you know, best to take any Iraqi news with a substantial " grain of salt ", eh ?

chattels    Some news agencies i find more reliable over time, but not an exact science observation on my part.

Tebow    chattels years ago when Maliki was PM I remember talk that he own the media so it couldn't be trusted

chattels   Tebow My jaded and skeptical recollection of those times is that if the guru did not like the content of the news article it was dismissed as such.

dinard  media manipulation and bias is true in all countries including our own sadly.

Tebow chattels yes

chattels  dinard Indeed.

chattels    I tend to favor interpretive commentary from serious Iraqi observers.

dinard  after all it is a human with an opinion reporting "facts" and there will always be some ulterior motive when reporting

chattels  I enjoy the reading and some political science. It helps pass the time. It certainly keeps the gurus somewhat " honest ". For example claims of the HCL being passed, etc.

 dinard   ive gathered that humans have a need for team identity. if we were all the same pigment we would hate each other for having different kinds of hair or for favoring a different sports team. there will always be a need for an antagonist in human society. like korea or terrorist or floaters and lopsters and so on lol

chattels   Ignorance makes us slaves of the self aggrandizing gurus.

dinard   lack of information makes people clamor on to any word that they feel could be the truth to comfort themselves. like why conspiracy theories are so alluring. it makes people feel like they have soe sort of inside information that is "truth"

chattels  I am fond of recalling ' Stormin' Norman " in the Gulf war referring to self serving Iraqi news reports as " bovine scatology ".

dinard the general? we call my stuttering angry cousin stormin norman lol

chattels    dinard Yes.

dinard    as far as im concerned there is no news or progress unless the financial institutions themselves make a statement. everything from gurus or media outlets or politicians are all just rumors.

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