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 "What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5/18/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5/18/18

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 "What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5/18/18 Empty "What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5/18/18

Post by Ssmith Sat May 19, 2018 7:34 am

 "What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5/18/18 ZimbabweBondOnFlag

A few days back I received an email request from John R... to help explain what the significance the Zim Bond really is. I have done some post in the past to attempt to convey that understanding. Maybe a few of these older posts will help with a more up to date explanation given after the referenced links.

"Gold as Currency" by Ron Giles - 4.8.​​1​​8

"GCR Stuff" by Ron Giles - 4.3.18​

In this post I explain some terms used on Intel Dinar Chronicles. The Zim is explained as a Bond, a contractual obligation to Redeem at the face value with the redemption Rate being negotiated during your appointment.

The RV or revaluation of depressed currencies is part of the Cabal controlled Fiat financial system. Artificially depressed currencies can be purchased for thousandth of a penny and then make a windfall profit when they are revalued back to their true value. This has gone on for hundreds of years and is a way of profiting on war beyond the sale of war machines and ammunitions. A cruise missile cost $100,000 and only costs a few hundred to make. Yes, they must recover their R & D costs, but that too, is minimal per unit sold. Huge profit, for sure.

The present Revaluation is the end game for these Cabal Governments with knowing public persons jumping on to make a major profit for themselves as well. The revaluation is a major game all by itself and is the reason there are Tiers that were established to accommodate the release of funds. It has evolved to a, play for gain, game and why there is so much, ado about the Dinar on Dinar Chronicles and the whole conference calls thing of dissemination information. It is all about the exchange game of making a profit for Tiers 1 - 3 and eventually the Tier 5 Public. Tiers 1-3 are the major players with contract rates and groups and currencies in the first basket of revalued currencies. Tier 4 is considered the Internet savvy group of individual people that we are a part of. Profit is the major incentive, period. Many say they are using the profits for Humanitarian Projects, but there is a component of justification in there for making a personal profit. It’s a guilty mentality wanting to take care of themselves instead of a Sovereign mentality, which is who we are. As Sovereigns, it is our right and privilege to use this money for anything we want to do, personal things or humanitarian projects. But doing the right Sovereign thing will produce the Humanitarian Projects needing to be done. Then….

Along came the ZIM

The Zim is like a Boeing 747 compared to a speck of dust on your furniture, when comparing a Zim to any revalued currency. They are completely different animals and are meant for different things. The value of the Zim, in conjunction with the Chinese accumulated Gold, was always designed to be used at this time to flood the earth with money. DO NOT worry about the world economy, it will take care of itself. It's all part of the plan. The Zim has been in hiding and tucked very inconspicuously into the Revaluation game with its many gurus and conference calls and was designed this way for a purpose, on purpose. Gurus and conference calls were not meant for the Zim, but many assumed the Zim in their dissemination of exchange information without really understanding the value of the Zim and how it is to be used – it’s just way into overwhelm for most of them. Case in point: when they talk about amounts of money, they talk in millions but never trillions or quadrillions. They've not gone there yet. Just needing to make this distinction between Zim and other currencies is proof of what I am saying.

The Zim has an historic design behind it and is a manifestation of the original plan for mankind at this time. We, as Light-workers, needed this tool to accomplish our purpose for being here at this time and in this incarnation. This may not be realized by many of us, but we will come to know this to be true as we see the resistance to our work fall away like Moses parting the sea. We will be operating at that, Moses level, as we see that we can accomplish a might work and a wonder, far beyond our present understanding and belief system of what we can do. We are Sovereigns and we will need this, tool of the Zim redemption, and the money that will be made available to us. It is our right and our purpose as well as our privilege to serve mankind in this way. We will truly beat the war machines into plowshares for our work. And we will do all things as has been prophesied without limitation. These are exciting times. It is our responsibility to show up in our best dress uniform, prepared to play our A game and assume our position of authority and stewardship as this mantle of God, is placed upon our shoulders. We came here with a fitted holster for this mantle to rest comfortably on our shoulders where it belongs.

Do not be timid, John. Do not be overwhelmed by the amount you receive, including what your precious and beloved friend will receive. We need only to realize we can afford to do anything that needs to be accomplished with money. Ours is the Abundance of God.

Let’s clock in and get started.

With Love and Light

Ron Giles

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 "What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5/18/18 Empty Re: "What Makes the Zim Special" by Ron Giles - 5/18/18

Post by ReapAndSow73 Sat May 19, 2018 10:54 am

There is no such thing as ZIM.  ZWD was the last currency issued by RBZ.  It has been demonetized, and has no value outside of being a collectors' item.  It is not a bond.  It is worthless.  It has been decommissioned.  Zimbabwe uses 8 different currencies to transact commerce today, none of which is ZWD.

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