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Tnt Updated, 18 May

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Tnt Updated, 18 May Empty Tnt Updated, 18 May

Post by phoenix27 on Fri May 18, 2018 3:30 pm


MountainMole:  This is a "WHEN" and not an "IF". Every hour and every day gets us to the finish line. There's never been an event such as this and probably never to this degree in our lifetime. Enjoy the morning sunshine, it's a beautiful day in most places. Gods mercies are new every morning. Be refreshed!

Skipper2:  Optimism defined as “owning IQD”. Pessimism defined as a person who wished they owned IQD....


LittleDog:  I went to WF this afternoon to get a couple more Gift Letters notarized. I waited 1.5 hours in line. (no lie). I waited because I felt I needed to get these done today.

Finally it was my turn and the woman looked at my letters and said, "This has Dinar and Dong on it. I cannot notarize these for you". Then she continued in a low voice as she came toward me saying, "I hope you didn't spend a lot of money on this. You know, this is a scam and you'll never get your money back. You can't give this currency (Dinar and Dong) to your church. It's just play money, worth nothing. I really hope you didn't waste a lot of money." With that I said, "No, not that much." Then I left after 2 hours.

I wasn't happy about the time I wasted waiting for my turn so I went to a larger WF in my area.

This time I waited 15 minutes and asked if I can get some gift letters notarized. As this woman looked over my papers, she smiled at me and asked, "Did you make your exchange?" I said, "No, not yet." She said, " There are a lot of really happy people coming in setting up accountssaying this is going to happen soon."

Then she called over a manager and showed her my paperwork. She smiled and said, "Yes, we'll deal with the Dinar but not the Dong yet. That's still being discussed. They will revalue." The first lady notarized the letters and told me stories about her friends and family having some currency. She wanted to know how I heard about this and why did I invest. So, I gave her my story. She also mentioned WF told her it's a scam but she doesn't really believe it with family and friends and clients coming in to get ready!

Then she said, "Please come back after you exchange and let me know!" It's funny how one branch denies or doesn't believe an exchange will occur and another branch is waiting on pins and needles to hear someone has exchanged.

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