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Post by Ssmith Tue May 15, 2018 9:55 am



Go back to DC's many comments, that we might know 60% no matter what, so that 40% is still kicking us and it will be when it will be. The only thing we know is it must happen sometime. not much help for us really ole folks, oh well

I actually think this was a brilliant political strategy on Abadi's part. I know we don't think like that do in Iraq, but this looks a bit like heads I win, tails I win…. I think the only way the RV would fail is if Maliki became PM.

Abadi WON,

bestbuy...yes he did..there are 17 provinces...Sadr has won 10 thus far..I like Tony shared...he is not a legit candidate but his votes/party will hopefully form a coalition with Abadi's party.

Sadr spokesman: We will agree to re-nominate Abadi prime minister in exchange for the fulfillment of this condition

Policy 2018/05/14 15:24 9050 Editor: aab

Baghdad today – follow-up

A spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement Salah al-Obeidi said that the current supporter of the Alliance, which won the highest votes does not insist on naming a candidate for prime minister, while referring to the existence of a single condition in exchange for supporting the nomination of Haider al-Abbadi to head the next government.

Al-Obeidi said in a television interview (Baghdad today) that “there is no problem in the nomination of Abadi to head the next government if he made pledges according to specific schedules in exchange for his support for the prime minister, ” adding that ” Do not belong to parties and lead their positions away from the pressure of their masses. ”

He pointed out that “there is no major list is locked in the way to form the next government,” noting that “lists that have a methodology in the fight against corruption are large lists and not small.”

He said that “the voting in the Iraqi elections of 2018, the rejection of previous figures, and the results of the previous elections” Link




My guess is that Abadi will PM, but will have to give cabinet positions and concessions to Sadr's party.

Abadi is an expert when it comes to setting the stage for their newly created economical platform and thats why he was there for that purpose alone is my belief… he has done an incredible job

Regardless…..Iraq needs get their dossiers in order if they don't plan on having civil unrest in their country. Their people have been through the ringer. You cant be given tons of humanitarian and business contractual aid if billions of dollars go right into the hands of very greeddy andd dangerous people who have access to Ai BOTS to intercept bank trades and transactions. Not going to happen!! Not this time.

I certainly think he deserves the Nobel peace prize.

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