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 "New Lower Denominations" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"New Lower Denominations" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/29/18

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 "New Lower Denominations" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/29/18 Empty "New Lower Denominations" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:47 am


Dogluvr » April 29th, 2018

What is the purpose of Delta posting the pic of the 10? Is it current?
WHere was it found?Dont want people jumping to unfo unded assumptions.

CBGolden » April 29th, 2018

I figure if Delta posts something it's for a purpose and Frank will explain it further on the next CC, if we give him cookies!

Sunkissed » April 29th, 2018

Iraq was very close to being prepared to RI when Obama removed our troops -- against General's orders to prevent instability (we all know the result of that!) -- if memory serves me correctly, they began printing the small notes before 2016; and if my memory serves me right, they will continue with this original design because it is cost prohibitive and unnecessary to re-design the small notes.

They only needed to print MORE of the same during the first quarter of 2018.
Is that correct Frank?

Don961 » April 29th, 2018

Financial Inclusion Week continues its field activities

30/4/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabaj

The week of Financial coverage continues its program amid great interaction by the public at different levels. Most of the participants in these events were not aware of the banking products offered and the benefit they provide to all segments of the society through financial coverage .

Spokesman for the Central Bank of Iraq d. Bassem Abdul Hadi pointed out to "prepare a special program on this occasion in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi private banks over the days of 25-30 of this month, the most prominent of which included the celebrations will be a visit to some schools and the distribution of gifts encouraging children to save, as well as the establishment of exhibitions of banking services in A number of Iraqi universities and some public centers . "

Bank Products

Hashemi pointed out that "the past few days have achieved their objectives by targeting all segments of society who have not previously seen what serves them of banking products provided through the program of financial inclusion ."

Arab countries celebrate the Arab Day of Financial Inclusion on April 27 of each year. The day was chosen as it coincides with the founding of the Arab Monetary Fund. The celebrations will last for one week through the establishment of a number of unified activities and events in all Arab countries.


Director of Training and Management of the Association of Iraqi Banks, Ahmed Al-Hashemi, told Al-Sabah that "the week of financial inclusion is a first step on the path of restoring confidence between the public and the banking system. The interaction between the two parties has encouraged everyone to expand this initiative, And the presence of the financial inclusion paragraphs and their presence to the end, is an achievement, especially that many did not know the existence of services to meet the need and looking for progress from them free of charge by the banking system or at nominal prices , and yesterday the organization of an event at the Mall of Babylon in Baghdad, which presented 165 awards presented by banks transparent In the presence of 1 Bank awards cards banking. "

The last days witnessed the organization of five exhibitions of banks and financial companies operating in Iraq in universities and centers of commercial and cultural public, on the occasion of the week of inclusion money, and participated in these events more than 40 banks and financial companies.

He pointed Hashemi that "banks distributed more than 2000 bank card in addition to opening bank accounts and received thousands of requests from citizens to get loans," will take place in the coming days shows at the Universities of Baghdad and rivers to introduce the importance of the bank in the economy and achieve development.

" The representative of the company Key Card International, Ahmed Alaa said that the company's accession to the activities of the week of financial inclusion came after the directives of the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks

He added that the company will distribute 300 card-free cards to citizens during the week, which will contribute to increase their knowledge of the payments Advanced and usefulness to the public.

Noting that " the reality of electronic trading and constantly evolving , and this is what must be a citizen fully informed of the most important services that must be provided to citizens link

The recommendations of the reconstruction conference in Ninewa, most notably the reconstruction of the airport and the opening of government banks

April 29, 2018 5:30 pm alzawraapaper

Mosul / Follow-up Al-Zawra:

The local council for the Mosul district announced the end of the Ninewa reconstruction and investment conference held in Mosul, the governorate center.

"The conference ended with recommendations to the federal government, including the opening of the real estate registration department and the opening of government banksin addition to the reconstruction of Mosul airport," said Basma Basim, head of the council.

"Among the decisions of the conference is to link the Investment Authority with the Prime Minister to avoid red tape, activate the basic design of Ninewa and train young graduates and non-graduates in the required fields," Basim said. "It has been proposed to establish an economic council to be a link between the government of Mosul and the federal government in Baghdad." link

Samson » April 29th, 2018

Customs announces the return of more than 9 billion dinars to the treasury of the state

2018/4/29 17:32

The General Authority of Customs announced the return of more than 9 billion dinars to the treasury of the state.

A statement to inform the agency received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "Alhayat recovered the differences of customs fees amounted to (9,529,676,316) nine billion five hundred and twenty-nine million six hundred and sixty-six thousand three hundred and sixteen dinars."

The General Authority of Customs has taken practical steps to combat corruption in all its forms and to prevent evasion of payment of customs duties to maximize revenues in support of the general budget of the state through the implementation of legal procedures and instructions in force. LINK

LonestarCowboy » April 29th, 2018

~What a beautiful sight to behold~
Awesome, DELTA! Thanks a million! (or in this case 10)

Thundercat » April 29th, 2018

Wow, is this what we have been waiting to see? New LD's Thank you Delta!!!

Cogic1 » April 29th, 2018

Very interesting. It looks similar to the 1990-2003 series but very different.
Im guessing similar enough for old timers to realize what it is and means but different enough to know for the younger that these notes have the security and look of a modern country’s currency...The fact that this new note is out has me excited... well, I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!

EHankins » April 29th, 2018


DELTA » April 29th, 2018

 "New Lower Denominations" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/29/18 Dinar_7_orig

StephenMac63 » April 29th, 2018

Ah, the 10 dinar note that Delta posted. First, think about it logically, not emotionally.....ask yourself "Why would Delta post a 10 dinar note?"

From what is seen in the link provided in another posting by Alison in posting 195, it shows the note that was listed in an auction last year. Now ask yourself, "why in the heck would they auction off a 10 dinar note?" For all we know there are no examples of lower denoms.

Do you think the CBI would auction off a 10 dinar note especially when the lower denom program is so secretive to the western world? The answer could possibly be "YES", because imo, this is "A" 10 dinar note.....not "THE" 10 dinar note that will be used for public circulation. IMO, What we are seeing is one example of "A" 10 dinar note that was not selected for public use, which explains why it was sold at an auction.......for numismatic collectors. If it was "the" 10 dinar note, do you really think they would auction it off to the highest bidding counterfeiter?

Delta never presented THE 10 dinar note, he showed you a picture of A 10 dinar note. Thats all that was implied. But this also solidifies something that we never had proof of.......the fact that there are samples of lower denoms that have been designed.

Some see coal, I see a diamond.

Thanks Delta

Belfastgurl » April 29th, 2018

I just watched this video the Government of Iraq posted on Twitter. It's part of their 'Then and Now' series.

The video positions Iraq as an international mediator and a neutral country not taking sides with anyone. Quote from the video...

"...a new policy of neutrality in all regional disputes, in a region that is known for divergent axes and alliances, constantly clashing, well let's be even more forthright, Riyadh/Tehran, Russia/USA. Iraq has declared that it will remain positively neutral towards all players, opting to put its own interests first, while enjoying positive relationships all-round."

IMO, this neutral positioning of Iraq is critical for the RI and smacks a little of T influence.

Also IMO what we are seeing is a revitalization world-wide and this RI is a HUGE piece of all that is happening right now. While it is a pivotal piece, it is not the whole. Each day of this process brings us to a stronger footing for the RI. Much is at stake here so Iraq, as well as others, are making sure this RI is done right.

I'm genuinely excited to see how this all unfolds. We are part of an amazing time in history!!

Samson » April 29th, 2018

Awards presented by banks on the fourth day of the Week of Financial Inclusion

29th April, 2018

The banks and financial companies distributed on Saturday evening 165 prizes for electronic payment cards to citizens at the banking fair organized by the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi Private Banks financed by Babylon on the fourth day of the week of financial coverage

The number of banks participating in the exhibition, 18 banks and financial companies are the international development and Assyria and Iraqi trade and Rafidain and Huda and dependence of Lebanon and Zain Iraq and commercial Iraqi and international Islamic and Babylon and the south and the clutch and the Iraqi Islamic and Jihan and money and card and Arabs

"Our participation in the financial inclusion week was in partnership with the banking sector in the places where they were located, and a seminar was held at the Central Bank of Iraq to educate about electronic payment," said Mohamed Taher, , Pointing out that among the activities carried out by the company is to open a bank account through the application of (Amwal) of the company

He added that the company has made discounts on all the electronic payment devices of the company (funds) and located in several shops, where the discount rate reached 50%
On the vision of the company after the week of financial coverage, Taher stressed that the company's vision "aims to increase the spread of electronic payment devices and reach 5000 devices by the end of 2018," but the second plan works in parallel with the directions of the Central Bank to settle the salaries of provincial employees, Additional devices in it

The director of marketing and banking operations in the Union Bank of Iraq, Hamed Saget, told "Economy News" that "these activities adopted by the Central Bank with the participation of the Association of Iraqi private banks, led to restore the confidence of citizens in the banking sector, "He said

The Director of Public Relations at Zain Islamic Bank of Iraq, Fahad Al-Mursed, pointed out that "participation in such events enables us to reach out to various groups of society and offer our banking services to them." He added that the bank made special offers on the occasion of the financial inclusion week, Free

"The bank has provided 20 MasterCard cards containing $ 100 as a gift, " said Ali Hussain, an employee at Babil Bank's risk management department LINK

Don961 » April 29th, 2018

Iraqi invention may revolutionize the world of driving .. A liter of water can run the car 10 hours

2018/4/29 03:25:27 PM

 "New Lower Denominations" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 4/29/18 Iraq-car_orig

99 experiment Edison to reach the invention that illuminated the entire human, the light bulb .. Following his footsteps marched Iraqi Jafar Jawad, who conducted 150 experiments to achieve the idea had been filled in his mind 23 years ago: how to drive his car with water!

Despite the security situation and difficult economic conditions in Iraq, a professor of vocational education in a school in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to convert a Mercedes car model 1988 to work water by relying on hydrogen gas instead of gasoline to move the car.

Jawad hoped to overcome the problem of energy depletion and pollution that filled the skies of the capital, transfer his experience to other countries and create a unique state of success.

Hydrogen fuel the future

Jafar Jawad spoke, "Hydrogen gas has a number of important properties that qualify it to be the fuel of the future. Therefore, it is based on its experience. It is clean and environmentally safe, does not release harmful gases when burned, In the operation of the car. "

Jafar, who became an inventor in Iraq through his experience, said he did not change the engine during his experiment, using a small water tank connected to the car's electricity, and that his experience was successful and expected a great future for alternative energy in his country, Iraq.

The Iraqi inventor said that the result of the burning of water is the water vapor, which is considered environmentally friendly, as well as the cost of water, which is cheap in exchange for the high prices of fuel in Iraq and the various Arab countries, which makes the project at all levels.

Persistence despite failure

The insistence on success was one of the most important factors that helped Jaafar achieve his dream and his ambitions. Despite the failure of all his experiments over many years, he finally managed to reach the results of the experiment in its best form. He assured the Arab Post: My success in converting fuel from benzene to water using hydrogen gas was caused by my determination to work and continue the experiment, which has become real on the ground. "

Liters of water to sponsor the car 10 hours

On the volume of water used in the operation of the car, Jaafar pointed out that "one liter is enough to operate the car 10 hours distance of 1000 kilometers from north to southern Iraq."

A full-time 3-month experience, using his car back and forth, completely water-based to operate the car.However, it is considered that the prototype is a primary, can be improved and developed if appropriate support, stressing that all experiments, models and costs used in the invention and conversion of car fuel were at his own expense without government or personal support on the one hand.

On the future of the experiment, he sees that it has received great attention from the Iraqi Minister of Industry and his ministry to develop the project in the future through investment to conduct research and application in Iraq. link

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