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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18

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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18 Empty "Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:38 am

Another (alleged) RV weekend slides by without fanfare.

J. Rands med-beds & replicators still a no-show.

Reports by Neil Keenan & his healing machines fading away, taking his claims of access to/reporting on - buried wealth and Indonesian trusts with him. Hope he's OK.

The (alleged) "gold backed currency" conversion, assuming it's actually happening, moving at a snails pace. Rumors that Iran dumped the dollar for the Euro. Rumors of US 'rainbow currency' creeping out again. Haven't seen any, have you ? Still no known announcement by Trump regarding US currency gold backing deemed critical for the reset.

Bank stories cropping up again. Still don't know if the ubiquitous 800 numbers are for real or just another con. The profusion of reports claiming that this is the go signal should make us nervous. Standard propaganda ? Looks like we'll find out the hard way.

Most RV blogs with 'Dinar' in the URL still convinced that Iraq controls the reset. Ad naseum daily reports of Iraq government "progress" could easily be plucked from 5 years ago & sound like an update. Iraq government sounds more like a kindergarten class arguing over a can of Pringles than a modern government. Maybe it's just too hot over there for clear thinking or adult behavior.

" Flat Earth " K. Dunn stopped making up dates for the ending of Chemtrails. His claim now is that it's up to the United Nations. THERE'S a confidence builder. We are still being relentlessly poisoned & lied to by both sides with no end in sight. Alternative Media reporting of this phenomenon has virtually ceased. Get used to the taste of Aluminum & Barium, et al. "California Lung Syndrome" makes it's toxic debut.

The Bitcoin furor has virtually disappeared. No doubt governments & financial institutions are busy taxing, regulating & controlling this other fiat currency.

No demonstrable effect from prayers or meditations yet. Maybe Smarty's Yoda hologram is the real deal.

No word on the escaped Mirader in Ireland. If it looks like a Whisky bottle or has red hair, it might just blend in. Hope it likes potatoes.

No visible evidence of mass arrests. This seemingly necessary step to freedom continues to be kicked down the road. More vacillation from various sources about whether us peons can handle full disclosure. Sometime before we are dead would be good.

Operation Disclosure reports that "directed energy weapons" are pointed at Israel to force them into compliance. Most would likely agree that forces behind Israel must be corralled or eliminated for any meaningful change. Most of us probably figured this out years ago, not sure why this took so long to be implemented by the "good guys."

Several "sources," including Q, reporting that this is a "big week." Excited yet ?

Silence from "invisible money" Yo-Yo. Maybe there is a merciful god.

Trump mania losing it's luster. Die hard supporters seem put off by his recent vacillations over policy. His " I love Israel " bumper sticker isn't helping matters.

" Sierra " doing a great job filling us in on Q-mania & videos. Thanks, Sierra. Your humble demeanor boosts your credibility in direct contradistinction to various other intel sources who are full of themselves & claiming super powers.

James Gilliland has good videos & a believable approach, minus the usual guru officiousness and puffery. He comes across as an ordinary guy, unusual behavior in Dinarland. Thanks for being grounded, James.

The oft predicted "end times RV chaos" surfaces again. If nothing else the chaos part is correct.

Pat at IDC continues to do an awesome job posting all this stuff. Nomination for sainthood pending. Go, Pat


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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18 Empty Re: "Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:39 am

"Re: Where are we?" by Meintu

I completely understand the frustrations of Dinarland. I have only been on this journey a short time, personally. But in that short time I have lost friends and family, both literally and figuratively.

My first wife divorced me because she was tired of hearing about the Cabal. My family members felt I was wrong to post articles about human trafficking. I spent precious moments in agony with my childhood best friend as I watched him wither away and die from treatable cancer. I listened to all the calls, I read all the intel, and I worked myself into such a state of perpetual lack that my life became unmanageable.

So I prayed to Lord God Source Creator and I listened to His answer. I learned from good people here how to take charge of my own reality. I learned how to manifest my own destiny. I learned about Love and Gratitude and Unity Consciousness and The Law of Attraction and I applied its principles. I learned that you must BE the change you want to see in this world and I took the most important step of my life: I walked away from a high-paying career and I cashed in my chips in order to help my fellow man.

I own the only Neil Keenan Healing Computer east of the Mississippi River in the USA. I went to Europe and I spent days training with Neil Keenan and his fabulous crew. I can assure you that he is alive and well and he is a beautiful person and he is absolutely The Most Interesting Man in the World.

So now I have a non-profit clinic in Boston where I treat and help my fellow humans from the pain and suffering of this world. I have treated people with Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, etc. I donate to charities and occasionally I am able to tithe to some of the people here in need on IDC. I am not rich and I am not perfect, but I was tired of waiting, so I did something. Now I am living as a Human Angel in the abundance of gratitude and service and feeling that our blessing is even closer than ever before.

Many thanks to Patrick and all the wonderful and tireless contributors here at IDC.

Love and Light to All.

Bill Ross
Managing Director, Meintu


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 "Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18 Empty Re: "Where are we?" by blueray - 4/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:41 am

"To Anna, blueray, the IDC Community & Everyone else" by Wildfirelady

First, I want to address Blueray's comments. I agree that so many people posting "Intel" does make it difficult to discern the truth. Many "wannabe" gurus giving their opinions regarding the everyday happenings add to the confusion. There are good Intel Providers out there. If you have been following the Iraqi RI/RV as many of us have, you would realize the underlying truth that is hidden in the daily postings of the real gurus. You really need to do your own research though to understand who is and who is not giving us the real scoop.

Secondly, Anna, have you done all your due diligence? If so, you would understand that all counties were vetted for their individual wealth a few years back. Thiis included all underground resources AND all above ground wealth including agricultural, military, technology, industrial and intellectual assets. (Hope I named them all). This established the Special Drawing Rights where counties could borrow against their individual assets from the IMF for infrastructure, humanitarian reasons, etc. While this was being done, certain countries were noted that their currencies were way undervalued. It was decided that the GCR was necessary to correct this. Note: Don't include the Iraqi Dinar directly to this. When the war in Iraq started their currency was deemed worthless by the US. It was always the plan for Iraq to RI/RV their currency after the war was over. Was it a coincidence or planned that the GCR happened to come along at the same time? Sorry, I can't answer that one. BTW, Iraq's pre-war value was approximately $3.22 before the war so an RI would put them at about $3.71 considering an adjustment for changes in value during the time of sanction.

Many more changes have occurred with the signing of the Paris Agreement, the new gold standard, the opening of St Germain Trust, the Global Collateral Accounts, the Historic Bonds, etc.

Then there is President Trump who is keeping his word in "draining the swamp". This has turned into a global effort.

All I can say is thank you White hats, White Dragons and The Alliance.

The gurus can't inform us of everything that is happening. It would reveal their plans to the cabal. Just don't be surprised if our Blessing just suddenly appears around the corner.

Blessings to all




"Response to blueray's Post" by Jo Ana

In any "movement" or community, there is a lot of guff in with the gold. In this community perhaps because of the high stakes involved, there is a lot more guff than gold, imo. We have all watched Yosef, the main purveyor of the 800# business and the outrageous sums of money that one Zim or even one Dinar would bring at the time of exchange,show his true colors as mainly here to promote himself or to keep boredom at bay. Then all the NDAs, etc. Tank, who seems like a good guy, got a bit crazy there for awhile with his attempts to legislate or litigate the RV. I didn't get the Jared Rand thing, or the Kim Possible thing. A group as large as ours attracts all kinds, and there's always someone else out there willing to spin a tall tale.

Here's my take for those who are interested. The dinar will RI and/or RV shortly. I personally believe all the news that Frank26, Delta and Walkingstick bring to us. I feel that KTFA is a very high integrity community. . I also appreciate the integrity that drives RayRen and the TNT community. I believe that after the world sees what happens to Iraq after the RI, other countries like VN will do the same as quickly as possible

I believe that a GCR is possible but not at this current time. I believe that the cabal still has a stronghold here on Earth that is faltering, but as long as they have any power, they will block any efforts to empower the people. I also believe that their fate is already sealed; it's just a matter of completing the process. The cabal are like bedbugs. Once they get a foothold, there are the dickens to get rid of. But they can be iradicated and they will be.

I believe at some point, the crimes against humanity by our legislators and others will be punished. It's very possible and likely that it will not become a public spectacle by be taken care of quietly with plane crashes, buildings collapsing, accidents etc.

I think that the rainbow currency is not a thing. The new traditional 100's have more color than the old ones, but the images of that alleged rainbow currency I saw online were clearly created by someone who's not very good at photoshop so probably not real. I do think that our currency will become gold backed from the funds confiscated by those engaged in crimes against humanity, or by some of Leo Wanta's funds, or Neil's funds or from somewhere else. With China and Russia gold-backing their currencies, the US has to also.

I think President Trump is loved by those of us who are fairly well informed, and he continues to do God's work here on Earth. I don't know how he does it with all the hatred and venom directed toward him but somehow he does.

I appreciate all the gurus and opiners here on DC. I believe that most of you are well-intentioned, and that some of you provide info or opinions that have a lot of value for us. I also appreciate the comments by those of us who don't wear the guru hats as well. With God's help, we will all reap the rewards of this wait and share our good fortune with others.

I personally feel very optimistic about the Iraq RI/RV. I also feel that it will occur within the next monrh and probably sooner. I don't have a date but I believe that if Iraq revalues for more than $1., it will experience a financial collapse, given the volume of currency outside its borders. A buck per dinar is still pretty aggressive given their financials, but hopefully it will work for them and for us.

So that's my current take on this crazy ride, which I imagine we will all remember fondly. It's both strange and wonderful how easily we forget the labor pains once that beautiful baby is in our arms. I think the culmination of this wait will be the same......a wonderful blessing and both an end to an amazing journey and the beginning of another!

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