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TNT Chatter 4/23/18

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Post by Ssmith Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:28 am



We were always told that at the end there would be a lot of confusion and misinformation going around. Well that’s pretty much what we’ve got going on right now. Also remember when the other RV’s went live they were saying that they weren’t going to RV until whenever.

Here's my take: Why is Iraq waiting? Have you ever had a super major critical decision to make with many moving and subjective parts and that once the decision is made there will be no "do-overs"? I think Iraq is sitting in that hot seat as we speak. They are afraid something might go wrong and cost them dearly. JMO.

for what it is worth golferiam, they cant afford to let this go to election and Albidi lose,,,plus the billions of investment money waiting to be released would be lost,,

Im liking Tony's reasoning why it will be completed before the election especially with the uncertainty if he will be reelcted and If reelected if the RV is not completed. Plus,,,there are thing beyond our pay grade gives other leverage with info we will never have

It is not just the RV and GCR. Many good things await funding. We are just one piece of the plan. It has been a long time coming. But, as they say - Good things come to those that wait. Have faith - for none of us holds the button in their hand. Meditate, pray, and be thankful for the blessing.

It is always brought up in Iraq they need a more stable country. But if you look at what happened to Kuwait they did not get stable until after they reevaluate their currency now Kuwait is a wealthy utopia Iraq has the same potential waiting just prolongs their potential.

The Iraqi people are Fed up with the corruption I believe that if Abadi pushes this RV through now The people will prosper and have great faith in him and want to vote for him because they know he will protect their prosperity and their future from the corrupt greedy political factions that I’ve always kept them down.

The RV benefits us, Iraq, and a ton of others. But this has to be done in spite of some of the most powerful people in the world, many of which are totally against this…. I think this is going to go soon. I also think it is almost a miracle

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