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 KTFA CC Notes w/ Frank26 by TNT Sunny 4/20/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC Notes w/ Frank26 by TNT Sunny 4/20/18

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 KTFA CC Notes w/ Frank26 by TNT Sunny 4/20/18 Empty KTFA CC Notes w/ Frank26 by TNT Sunny 4/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:07 am



Family, I did not transcribe this. It was sent to me anonymously .

Frank26 Update 4/20 "Pay Close Attention to the Next 3 Days...."

Transcribed – Franks opinion

Frank26: Did you ever make a promise to your friend that you would not reveal what you both know?

I have no idea when the RI will occur, but I have a pretty good idea that based on what the CBI is telling us and our opinion....

Iraq is RI'ing!

My mission with you KTFA is a difficult one right now. It is not to talk. Not even to give you my opinion. Yes, I have the advantage over you because of our teams but not the advantage of knowing the RI date.

It has been my honor to point and suggest the study of the Dinar's Monetary Reform. So tonight I want to point out the following:

Hollywood uses a script in order for the actors to know their next lines -Actions.

Last Monday's call Walkingstick and I gave you a script to Iraqi's RI...MR. You can find this script in our final article thread where the Turkmenistan RV'D their currency. (previously posted in Forum) That is exactly the script that Iraq is following with the IMF. The only difference as we told you on Monday's call is that Iraq is RI'ing their currency.

Both of these countries (Turkmenistan and Iraq) created this script with the IMF and their Central Bank...mirror image.

Now, a few nights ago. I believe it was Tuesday night, Delta tells you that on the Arabic side of the CBI website

they announced that they paid for the printing of currency in the first quarter of 2018...Jan/Feb/March. With that in mind, I then came to you on Wednesday here in team chat and told you the following:

There is a Budget within a Budget - The Militia man put together a beautiful presentation to help guide you, to help you understand those few words I gave you and and I asked you to please read MM's post.

MilitiaMan post 1

MilitiaMan Post 2

IMO, the 2018 Budget of Iraq allocated funds to pay for this printing of currency. If you look at what Turkmenistan did with their Budget, it was the exact same thing. An allocation within their Budget to pay for the printing of the RV - the new notes for their country.

If you look at this Turkmenistan article deeper you will know the next steps that the players must act out in Iraq with their RI.

Alak and the CBI have been telling you – Boldly! They are ready to lift the 000's from their exchange rate

because they are ready to RI. They tell you they seek a suitable environment, but you don't need the Hubble Telescope to see they have that already.

IMF brags how safe Iraq is.

WTO says its a good place to invest.

USA commends Iraq on their security and stability.

NOW, IMO Iraq just finished printing not only the small notes for their RI but also 000's notes. "What the frank are you talking about, Frank?" Well, you see the small notes are for the RI but the extra 000's notes are to replace the worn and torn 000 notes that have been in the market since 2003. Yes, they printed a few new series of 25K's sometime around 2015 with the metal strips, but these notes too are old now and well used.

Because the 000's and the small notes will co-exist for many years to come, it is necessary to do what I just suggested.

And thank God they are doing this with the 000's. Why? You many not want to exchange all your dinars at the onset and if they co-exist for years to come, oh snap, you have the advantage.

Turkmenistan article IMO, is the equivalent of the second article we seek from the CBI. The only thing missing in it are the instructions to the citizens of where to report to get their small notes like banks or ATM's or exchange centers, etc.

These allocations are also for a paper trail of the RI. These allocations not only cover the currency, but the training, the certification, the air time, the media and a bunch of other stuff.

By the way, IMO, Iraq wants to control speculation. So they don't show you the Budget but tell you they gave it to the Gazette.

Remember when our troops went into the banks where ISIS was in control? What did we do to the banks? We blew the crap out of them. Burnt. ..

Yes, without a doubt my friends and I wish to tell you so much more. Its just not worth it even with the knot in my throat right now. Limitations. Its just not worth it. That's why we don't have Wednesday's call any more and that's why you see far less of me posting.

You see, IMO, Iraq is not in control of the RI at the moment. We are! But I can't tell you what we are doing.

But I can tell you that there is a reason why Iraq is bombing the hell out of the Syrian border. To protect what goes in and out....mmmmm. Like Terrorists. Or maybe like currencies.

Our President is not understood by many. The things he is doing to level the playing field. But soon, our history, will eventually show that the citizens of America will be pleased with their ROI. (return on investment).

I can keep talking but my time is up so these will be my final words until Monday's call. Tomorrow I want you to be like a bird dog. By Sunday I want you to focus like a Hawk. Play close attention to the next 3 days. I do not know the date of the RI. But I know a squirrel that is looking very carefully.

I asked you to love one another, pray for each other, respect one another. YOU ARE FAR CLOSER THAN YOU REALIZE.....


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