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 Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4: The Time is Now  4/21/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4: The Time is Now 4/21/18

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 Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4: The Time is Now  4/21/18 Empty Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4: The Time is Now 4/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:59 am

Published on Apr 19, 2018

NOTE: content wise, in my humble opinion, this Segment 4 is likely ~ the most detailed information to date, about ~ M & MsM team's specific plans for an "RV" [relevant to different global currencies, DINAR, 'ZIM', DONG, etc.], exactly what financial 'products' they are currently focused on bringing in right now, M's specific plans & in-depth knowledge about crypto currency & the importance of the uncomplicated, robust & secure nature of block-chain programming in its use as a decentralized, transactional based software, inclusive of its importance to a new financial system relevant to the 'banking' industry; the positive events, and real changes, happening to the "DEEP STATE", the current status of the 'Cabal' specifically relevant to recent arrests, near future resignations in global banking, and especially global media, the shutting-down of one aspect of negative AI... and more.

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 Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4: The Time is Now  4/21/18 Empty Re: Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4: The Time is Now 4/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:01 am

"Re: Tolec Deep Disclosure Segment 4" by dgt

This segment may seem somewhat positive but that is not so much the case for Segment 1.

(I skipped Segments 2 and 3).

The two interviewees have impressive resumes and it is difficult to dismiss them. However there are a number of issues. For one, I don’t want to start a fight but MsM (the woman part of the duo) reminded me somewhat of Kim Possible in the way that she described the foundation for which she worked as the only one involved in funding humanitarian projects and that “we” (I’m not sure if she meant the two of them or the organization) were the ones who would bring this blessing, such as it is, about. We also learned more about her and her 3 ascensions and resultant super powers than we did about the foundation.

Their plan seemed to have all the hallmarks of 3D thought with much talk of business plans and serious oversight of projects. They also made it clear that they were now only dealing with an elite who processed “special” bonds and currencies although they would move on to those having the proper projects at a later date.

At one point they summarily dismissed the idea of a GCR or an RV as a scam perpetrated by the cabal to induce people to sit on their hands and wait for someone else to take care of them (I may be paraphrasing). The fact that they included the GCR and the RV in the same sentence and as being on the same level of impossibility seemed lazy to me and indicated that they had not given much thought to either phenomenon. It seems to me that while it may be difficult to find much verification for the RV outside of Guru type posts and calls, the GCR is predicted by many economists and investment experts as an inevitable result of the shaky dollar, the rise to parity between the West and the East when it comes to the procession of gold and the movement toward gold or asset backed currencies, certainly in the East and probably in the West. This development would almost demand an adjustment of currency values based on in country resources. No longer can the powers that be continue to suppress the value of “sh*t hole” countries as they have done in the past based on military and illusory financial might that they were able to claim at the end of WW2 but can no longer maintain. Consequently the GCR seems to have a claim to reality over the RV although the RV may gain its reality as a natural part of the GCR.

I call this idea of a cabal scam designed to keep people sitting on their hands as BS.For one thing, I don’t believe anyone who has the ability and the wherewithal to contribute significantly has been sitting on their hands. That is just not what those kinds of people do. In addition I think anyone capable of keeping their day job and continuing to live their life have done so. Sure there are many of us who don’t have much choice other than to pray for the blessing so that we too can begin to contribute in a way that we would like. I can think of other possible egregious reasons for creating and perpetrating a scam such as this but the “sitting on the hands” thing is not one of them.

Further, the duo mocked the idea of the RV, pointing out the inevitable inflation such an influx of cash would bring to the economy. They also used the old saw, “If everyone had 10 million dollars would they go to work the next day?” Well, the inflation question has been addressed many times. I guess they are upset because there might be another .001% in the world with a bunch of money. In addition, the realization that much of the so called “work” is performed in order to further fill the pockets of the wealthy and most, if not all, of the truly necessary work will be performed by people, maybe after a much needed vacation, as their service to mankind, along with their sense of belonging and accomplishment etc, etc. should allay fears of a society shut down due to people having too much fun.

No, for these guys it is just better to leave the vast majority of people in poverty, as God must have intended it , rather than to cure the constipation of the current financial system which ties the money up in stocks and off shore bank accounts and huge boats that sit at the dock and vast stores of worthless derivatives and beds full of cash for rolling around in.

Why do so many people live in poverty? The reason is that a relatively small portion of humans have the power and the degree of sociopath-ology to obtain and control most, if not all, of the resources and in general do their best to maintain that control and pass on only the minimum amount required to prevent humanity from waking up to this reality and destroying their well protected apple cart.

This is the same ‘lack’ mentality that has kept us enslaved. The world, or the earth, has the resources to keep everyone in a graceful standard of living if only the powers that be had the intention of serving the whole rather than accumulating psychotic sums of money and stuff for their own use or abuse.

So, while I’m not suggesting that any of this proves an RV exists but it does call into question, at least in my mind, this group’s dismissal of it which amounts to all the lazy reasons you’ve ever heard calling into question the rest of their claims as well.



"Sharing Dis-information" by TM

Thank you dgt for sharing your opinion on disinformation , since it appears that the cabal and their agents will continue with their agenda of...
Pulling our collective attention and therefore our energies from focusing on the Prize.
( I simply choose to thank you for your opinion, allowing me the choice to not waste my Precious Energy on BS)

Energy / Currency

Focus on Your Collective Energies
Knowing Your Perfection
( As a Spark , of Source , Therefore Perfect and Needing Nothing To Improve On Such Perfection)

Energy / Battery
( positive & negatively charged )

Duality / Polarity
( good / bad )

( particle & or waves )
( beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)

Unity Consciousness
( There is no polarity)

So... What is it that you choose to place your
( hint... Choose Unity )

By choosing Unity , IMVHO , You are choosing Source
Therefore no sides
Where is your Attention?
On Source
Allowing Source to govern Our Being
Necessitating no arguments
Simply Being

My Powerful Energies WILL Be On The Completion Of This Program
We Won
Hear The Universe Breath

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