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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   4/18/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/18/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   4/18/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/18/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:26 am

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 18-April-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, April 18, 2018, with yours truly RayRat98 here, along with…

RayRen: We started out with a slow morning, then the bottom fell out, intel-wise.

Tony: Gooood morning, TNT! Ray, let’s just tell them all of it! We got some good news, and some great news, and definitely some interesting news!

RayRen: Let’s start off with the CBI’s reference to being ready, not waiting for any laws to be passed.

Tony: I get phone calls and such asking WHY is this or that happening, and what is really going on. Nobody really knows what’s really going on because I just make this shit up so you chumps will continue to donate! The only way to stop me is if I go back to prison.  Help make that happen.  Report me here: Judge's email/phone:  ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov  913-735-2340 DA's email/phone:  Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov   913-551-6730 Everyone knows part of the plan, but nobody knows the whole thing apart from those who are not telling anyone. That happens in secret operations and government jobs: they give out information based on ‘need to know’, or ‘above your pay-grade’. That happens all the time at the top levels of any business or government agency, and that’s why we get different stuff, and why we keep hearing ‘this is happening now” or “it needs this, that or the other thing” and then it will be done. We know the plan was for January, and there have been several times they thought they would be able to do it, and then they couldn’t. Iraq has told us that the monetary reform has been completed, and I believe it because I’ve been tracking this for ten years now. Hold that thought for a second. [looking at text]

Here is the biggest point. I told you to listen to what they say but to watch what they do. Right now, today, regardless of what any other guru tells you, we will tell you what is going on today – whether you believe it or not, like it or not. Yesterday, an article came out and said they were trying to get people to bring in their damaged notes in exchange for smaller denominations. What are the smaller denominations in this situation? On the CBI side, they posted instructions to the banks on what notes to take in (or not); they gave the banks their procedures for turning in ALL of the three-zero notes to exchange for the smaller notes. “This is how you bundle them up, account for them, sign for them, put pthem on the truck, and where you ship them to…” They would not be giving those procedures if this were still months in the future. Everything to do with foreign currency has to be done by 4pm every day, ready to be shipped out by 6pm. These instructions were posted in Arabic, and we had to have them translated. Now, they are starting with the damaged notes, but these same procedures will apply to all three-zero notes in Iraq.

We’ve been bringing you information from Baghdad, Kurdistan, and other countries for ten years now. The information from Kurdistan is always a couple of days ahead of Baghdad, even though Baghdad is the capital. Issuing cards, paying people on the cards, bank changes – that all shows up in Kurdistan first, for whatever reason. That’s been true since the PTR days. We have people sending us information from Baghdad, Kurdistan, and the CBI. The important thing is that we have direct sources, not just reading the articles that are published. Most gurus have someone in Iraq interpreting information from the Iraqi perspective, and that makes sense to me. We also have people in the US in the government, treasury, banks, exchange/call centers. Every now and then we get intel from other sources as well.

Today they put out an article saying people should bring in their damaged notes to exchange for the smaller denominations. I asked them what denominations? My sources says that no one believes the artciles, because they don’t trust the banks. Still, the 500s and 250s appear to be the smaller denominations at this time – those are smaller than the 25,000 notes we are used to, and it gets the 25K notes off the streets. I checked again this morning, and it seems that is what they are doing, exchanging 25K notes for 500s and 250s appear. In Kurdistan they are taking in the three-zero notes, damaged or undamaged, and they are exchanging them for 250 dinar notes and lower denominations, down to fils. This came from people connected at the higher levels.

Today is Wednesday, so this should also be happening in Baghdad on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, that they will be exchanging three-zero notes for the lower denominations. This also gives Kurdistan a window of when to expect the ATMs to go live. They were notified that there will be 24-hour period when the lower denominations will be available from the ATMs.

This morning we heard from our banking sources to “be ready to see some action from 4-20”. I didn’t believe that, because 4-20 is National Marijuana Day, so they are going to to the RV the one day when half the country is very relaxed? However, that is within the window. So, as we understand it, they sent that date to the committee, and of course they already knew the date and time. That date was solidified on Monday. If this information is correct, you can start looking for this on Friday, 20. April.

I went to the bank today, and there was a memo saying to come back on ‘this day’ and we’ll be ready to exchange you. I’m trying not to put a specific day out there. It is somewhere between this Friday and next Tuesday. I like it because both sides have given me a time frame, and know they don’t talk to each other! At least three different countries and two different states gave us this information this morning, after being quiet all week. So everything is good, we are excited, although I cannot make it happen.

Even Iraq is saying that they are ready, subject to ‘favorable or stable conditions’ as defined by them. They are not saying anything about more laws being passed, or Parliament meeting, or any other possible precondition. I don’t think they can get more suitable conditions than right now. Abadi needs to do this so he can BE re-elected. He needs to do it in time for the economy to show some results before May 12th. It will benefit the whole country to get this done, especially before Ramadan.

The auctions and corruption are the problem. As soon as they do this, they can shut down the auctions, and prevent the politicians who own the banks from benefiting from the auctions. They have a thousand people on their list, and say that they will get them after the election. However, this morning, they arrested someone from 15 years ago! So they start arresting them now, it’s not vital for them to arrest everyone before the RV.

Iraq had a meeting with the US, and both sides are saying “all aboard, we like what you’re doing, and we are telling investors to send money, together with our money”. The US says it is ready to give Iraq the money we promised, and the IMF is also ready to hand over at least part of the promised funds. There are investors in Iraq right now, ready to invest their money as well. Iraq had said they would do what they need to do within 90 days, and now they are giving an actual date. So today is a good day!

This is the information we have been waiting for, including the time frame. I am trying not to be too specific lest I upset the apple cart. Today is Wednesday, and everything we are hearing on both side is that they are ready to do this.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Any word on the protests at the Iraqi Finance Department? It was to start today?
A: It was supposed to start today, but I haven’t heard anything about that.

Q: Methinks Abadi could wait to RV till after elections. That would keep the parties running against him from being well funded. Do you think I could be right?
A: Is that really how he wrote that?! There are funding limits people can use during elections, just like here. Some of the people running for election right now are living in rented houses last year, and this year they have enough money to buy votes and put up propaganda – where did all the money come from? There are limits to campaign contributions. Some have already exceeded that, and they are being excused from the race. It’s supposed to be legal – you cannot buy votes, by law. However, there are still corrupt politicians out there, and they already have the money while their opponents don’t have money.

Ray, in the past I think I remember you have stated that a trust owned home/automobile/boat can be transferred or sold from trust to another trust as long as it is incorporated in the bylaws without being taxed.

A: I don’t think I said anything about not being taxed.
Can the two trust be with the same grantor/trustee?
A: Yes.
Can finances be done the same way?
A: Yes.
Can money flow from trust to trust without being taxed as long as it is written in the trust bylaws?
A: No, I don’t know of any way for money to flow from one trust to another without being taxed.

Q: Can I give 100,000,000 dong to my siblings?
A: I wouldn’t do that, but sure, you can. I think I’d wait until my sibling established their own charity, and then I would donate to that charity, so you would get the tax write-off and they get the benefit.

Q: Are you hearing anything about the ATM machines that are supposedly loaded with lower denoms and their activation?
A: Already addressed that.

Q: What is your opinion of donor adviser funds as a tool in our financial portfolio?
A: They have their place; the drawback is that they are restrictive and you might change your mind. I think foundations are a better, more flexible choice.

Q: How can we get connected to be a part of post RV investment projects that Tony mentioned on a previous call? Will there be a place in the forum set up where we can connect in advance?
Tony: Depending on what happens with my NDA, if that allows me to have public meetings and such, then I will see what we can do. I am not as in touch with this administration, so we’ll have to see what happens. If possible, we will still use this site (www.tntsuperfantastic.com) to keep in touch and let you know what I’m doing, asking questions, and helping people along. However, I don’t want to be responsible for matching people up for projects. I do want to do something special for the top hundred people who give out PIF monies as a reward for doing that. It might be as simple as telling them which banks I use, or companies I think deserve support. My foundation can do what it does, and it can also partner up with other foundations. Even if we aren’t partners, we can still help each other in our cities and communities. It’s an idea, I know I can’t do it by myself, so let’s see how we can help and support each other. I’ll send out a text, and those who can respond will do so… or not.

Q: Any word on the ten trillion Zim notes?
A: Nothing new.

Q: If they are turning in the lower denominations, what does that mean for us?
A: They are turning in the three-zero notes (in Iraq) for the lower denominations, and any time they do that, it’s another step towards revaluation. They are not going to hand out fils for people to hold onto for six months until they do the RV. The only way those lower denoms and coins are useful is if they change the rates; otherwise those notes (in the ATMs) are valueless. The ATMs are ONLY loaded with lower denominations. It only makes sense to do this before the election.

Live questions

470/404 caller: So your info about banking here matches with that from Kurdistan?

RayRen: Yes, they are all saying ‘by the end of the month’. I don’t care what they say; I watch what they do, and they are all preparing for this to happen. There is no information on the 800 numbers, and I don’t think we will get it until it’s time.

240 caller: I want to donate to your PIF projects. Have a blessed day! [Appreciation]

818 caller: They are still allowing Allawi and Maliki to run; if Abadi can cross the finish line, then we can say “what a brain”. [??] I believe that 50 million is the maximum to grant to a trust without a tax event?

RayRen: I believe so, but I haven’t investigated that further. The rates are still basically the same, to the best of my knowledge.

Tony: ithis morning in the mosques, Sadr gave a speech; Maliki cut him off and started talking. Some of Sadr’s people went up to Maliki and hung a noose in front of him. M shut up and sat down again. M is not popular – they are taking down his posters, etc.

MI caller: If I’m in another state, can I still call the 800 numbers.

Tony: As long as you’re in your zone, you should be alright. Once you have the funds, this is what typically happens, and what I don’t want to happen. I was in MLM for years, and I would tell people what to do. I would get 20K per month, and they would get 5K per month because they didn’t duplicate what I did. They then complain that I didn’t explain it right. If I tell you about a business opportunity, like an IPO, then hopefully we all make money. When we make money, Tony is the best thing since sliced bread; if we lose money, it’s all my fault and I’m supposed to give everyone’s money back. So we can alleviate that problem easily: everyone has money, and Tony does business with Tony. WE can talk about it, but nobody is going to be doing business with Tony. If you have a project you want to do, and you invite me, and I like the look of it, that’s different. I don’t have a problem with that, but I don’t need anyone’s help with what I do.

312 caller: Anything more on the potential protests?

Tony: They paid the people 30% before, then another 30% more, and they are still owed 30%; I’m sure they did that to stop them rioting in the streets.

Next caller: Have you heard anything more about exchanges for veterans?

Tony: All I know is that one ofn the bases had a meeting one morning, and explained what veterans can do to exchange through the finance office. Every base will have its own procedure. I don’t know if veterans will get a better rate. I do know they will know before we know, because they have service members coming back from overseas all the time. Veterans may have trouble getting onto the base to exchange, though. It just depends. This has nothing to do with our call, TNT, or the 800 numbers. You were an E-5? You will understand this. An enlisted man went in and talked about exchange, and an officer challenged that information; the finance person waited until the officer left, and reconfirmed the intel. So the information is there; you might just get it after the fact.

NY caller: How do I gt on the call for projects?

Tony: There is no list as such. I am suggesting people do Pay If Forward projects ten days after the RV, and put it on twitter and Facebook so that everyone knows we are doing the right thing by doing PIFs and helping others. We are helping the economy, and we are doing what we said we would do with this blessing.

204 caller: In your opinion, why is the foundation better than a charitable remainder trust for utilizing your money?

RayRen: It’s all about flexibility, because a charitable remainder trust locks you in to the person or charity receiving the money after you kick the bucket. If you change your mind after setting it up, then you are SOL if you fall out with that recipient.

313 caller: As for lower denominations, I have three 25 dinar notes, which I got verified two years ago at the bank.

Tony: We just got this: Apparently one of the major banks is asking for a delay because the other banks didn’t get the procedures and they want to talk about this first. We’ve known about this for ten years, and they have each had a turn at being the foundation or lead bank, so for them to be coming out with this excuse so late in the game is absurd.

310 caller: How do I figure out what district I’m in?

RayRen: Go to bit.ly/800districts.

501 caller: Given the last intel, how do you rank our chances before Tuesday?

Tony: I still think we’re good. I just want you to know how fluid this situation is. Plus, this bank has already been exchanging from years ago, so I don’t think they have anything to cry about. Everything is in motion, and if they are already giving out the lower denoms and fils, they can’t get them back… so they cannot stop the process.

Closing Statement

Please check the Cliff Notes for closing statements.

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