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 "Waiting for the Announcement" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 4/18/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Waiting for the Announcement" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 4/18/18

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 "Waiting for the Announcement" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 4/18/18 Empty "Waiting for the Announcement" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA 4/18/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:19 am


Walkingstick » April 18th, 2018

UN Security Council postpones visit to Iraq

EKB » April 18th, 2018

Is this a Bad Thing to Happen at this Point?

Walkingstick » April 18th, 2018

It matters, not.....

Frank26 » April 18th, 2018


DELTA » April 18th, 2018

EXACTLY X 1000.......

Wisdom » April 18th, 2018

Hope the point is the visit is NOT NEEDED

Tmellraney » April 18th, 2018

Drop the zeros

DELTA » April 18th, 2018


Kingomelez » April 18th, 2018


Bebop » April 18th, 2018

Pay attention folks.
Walkingstick said the visit by the UNSC matters not.
The UNSC was asked not to come by Iraq.
Abadi and the GOI have given full support to Allaq and the CBI.
Allaq has been running around Jordan and Tunisia meeting with the AMF, IMF and all the neighboring CBI governors, not Abadi.
Don't worry about the elections, don't worry about Ramadan.
When Allaq is Ready, we will know because Allaq said "We Are Ready" !!!

Manaolana3 » April 18th, 2018

Per our MCC, Walkingstick, "they have counterfeit policies; they have the means to detect counterfeit of the old and new notes."

Samson » April 18th, 2018

The Central Bank announces how it handles counterfeit banknotes

2018-04-18 at 11:44 (Baghdad time)

The Central Bank announced on Wednesday how to deal with counterfeit banknotes through confiscation, stamping and sending them from banks to it.

The Central Bank said in a statement received by "Mawazin News" that "the counterfeit banknotes when disclosed, they are confiscated and provide the holder support the details of those papers from the trustees of the Fund in the Central Bank and its branches and banks and all branches and the competent authority that has been confiscated."

The statement added that "a special record will be kept from each treasurer showing the number of counterfeit banknotes and their categories and the name of the depositing customer that appeared in his deposits and account number." He explained that "the counterfeit banknotes will be stamped with the stamp of fraud that bears the name of the bank and branch after being confiscated from the bank And sent to the Central Bank under an official letter. " LINK

Militiaman » April 18th, 2018

Think about this one.. iraq is on the right track... Kind words are meant for purpose.. They resonate globally.. Monetary reforms, financial reforms all require levels of security.. imo -mm

Don961 » April 18th, 2018

Trump envoy to "Abadi": Iraq is on the right track

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 03:55


Brett McCork, Iraq 's Trump envoy with Al - Abbadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi stressed on the importance of stability in the region and the prevention of the causes of tension and focus on ending terrorism, while the special envoy of US President Brett McCork said that Iraq is now heading in the right direction

"Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi received on Tuesday the special envoy of US President Brett McCurk and the official of the file of Iraq and Iran affairs in the United States of America Andrew Beck and the US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Seelman," the office of Al-Abbadi said in a statement published by Alsumaria News. During the meeting discussed the relations between the two countries and political developments, security and economic and the stage of construction and reconstruction in Iraq and the situation in the region and eliminate the remaining cells of terrorist gangs

"The insistence of Iraq on the success of the unification of Iraqis towards the goal of reconstruction and provide a climate conducive to investment," stressed Abadi, "the importance of stability in the region and to prevent the causes of tension and focus on ending terrorism "

For his part, said Brett McCork that "the United States believes that Iraq is now moving in the right direction," stressing that "his country's support for Iraq in the stage of reconstruction and construction and strengthen security "

"The United States supports and supports Iraq's position on the need to end remaining pockets of Syria and fortify the Iraqi border from infiltration attempts by terrorists, " McCork link

Samson » April 18th, 2018


17th April, 2018

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday suggested that IMF loans should be paid in gold instead of dollars.

“What I’m saying is that these debts should be in gold. Because at this point the karat of gold is unlike anything else. The world is continually putting us under currency pressure with the dollar,” the Turkish president was quoted as saying by business news site patronlardunyasi in a speech in Istanbul. “We need to save states and nations from this currency pressure.”

The president said Turkey had attracted $180 billion of international investment between 2006 and 2017.

“This despite the 2008 global financial crisis, events unfolding in Iraq and Syria, the uninterrupted attacks we have been subjected to since 2013 and the July 15 coup attempt,” Erdoğan said, referring to the 2016 failed military bid to topple his government.

Erdoğan said investment could have been double, or even triple that number in a more stable time.

The president said Turkey’s past agreements with the IMF had brought it to the point of being placed under what he called political tutelage.

Erdoğan said Turkey had paid $23.5 billion of debt to the IMF. “Do you know what happened after that? They asked us for a loan of 5 billion euros,” he said.

“Who is it that has formed the IMF?” asked Erdoğan. “These states. I made a suggestion at a G20 meeting, I said why not collect money owed in gold? Let’s use another monetary currency.”

The Turkish lira dropped to a new low against the U.S. dollar this month due to concern the government is prioritising economic growth over fighting inflation and that could lead the economy to overheat. LINK

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